Website has been “Refreshed”

As detailed in the June eBulletin, this website has now been updated with a new home page design, as suggested by the marketing committee.

The new webcam is “live” — images are taken every minute — so you can always get a near current view of what’s happening on the 18th and the weather conditions at the club.

These changes are intended to make it easier for new visitors (hopefully prospective members and societies) to find their way around. It also promotes a more modern image for the club.

Comments (positive or not) are welcome. Email via or grab me in the clubhouse.

Ron Beal

For additional info, the logo – or “brand icon” in marketing speak – used in the header image is new and was produced as part of the branding package recently commisioned. Some of you may already have noticed its use on the new club flag (not the ones on the greens but the somewhat larger dark blue one on the big white flagpole by the clubhouse). Also used for the club name and the “enjoyable golf and a great deal more” strapline in the slider, is a specific font that accompanies the new logo – “Friz Quadrata”. Friz Quadrata was designed by Swiss designer Ernst Friz in 1978 and is an unusual design with curved stroke endings and lowercase letters with bowls that do not close.