Dress Code & Etiquette

As a member’s Club, all members, visitors and guests are encouraged to adhere to our smart casual dress code which we try to keep in line with current fashions and trends.

We ask that all players use the Clubhouse changing facilities and not the car park.

On the Course

Hats and visors should be appropriate to golf and worn the correct way around. Shirts should be appropriate for golf and may be worn outside of trousers if so designed. Shorts should be tailored and ladies may wear crop trousers.  Socks should be worn at all times.

T-Shirts, beachwear, rugby or football shirts, denim jeans and untailored or combat-style trousers are not allowed, nor beach, sport or cargo-style shorts.

Alresford is proud of its course and the condition in which it is presented throughout the year for members and visitors. We would ask all golfers to exercise good golfing etiquette whilst playing, ensuring that divots are replaced, pitch marks repaired and bunkers raked (please leave rakes in the bunkers).

In The Clubhouse

Clean, tidy and smart casual clothing should be worn at all times in the bar and dining room, head wear is not acceptable. Wet and muddy clothing are not acceptable.

Within the dining room after 7 pm, a change from playing attire is expected and shorts may not be worn, smart dress jeans are permitted. Golf shoes, beach style flip flops and sliders should not be worn.

Mobile phone calls (send or receive) are not permitted in the Clubhouse or on the Course.

Phones may be used in silent mode in the Clubhouse for checking diary entries, competition entry, etc. Free WiFi is available for member and visitor use.