Fore Info November 2019

Management Corner

Clubhouse Development

You’ve waited long enough!

Many of you will by now have viewed the presentation boards in the clubhouse, or via the website, and share in the excitement of what we are hoping to bring to the club, going forward. Your review, comment, and (hopefully) ultimate support is very much appreciated.

For those still waiting for an opportunity to review the proposed designs, layouts and content, the presentation also provides summary background to the following:

  • How we reached this point
  • Why the development is so important for the future of the club
  • How we propose to pay for it
  • How members can engage, and offer their comments and thoughts 

The only final point to reprise is the timetable, in so far that we intend holding open the consultation period as long as possible (close to three weeks), allowing us time to analyse feedback, prepare presentations and take a final go/no go decision at a planned EGM/SGM. Two weeks’ notice of this meeting will be given, normal club rules for proxy voting applying.

Social Media

A sub-group of the PD Committee has been formed to evaluate the scope and opportunity for developing further the club’s social media activities, with the following specific objectives:

  • Limit of the club’s intent (platforms and priorities)
  • Target audiences (rank order)
  • Communication objectives (such as desired / expected shift in AGC brand perceptions, brand awareness, enquiry generation etc)
  • How measured
  • Who responsible going forward (management, maintenance and control)

Suffice to say we will report further as developments occur.

Nick Duncan

Chair, Planning and Development Committee

From the Club Captain

We were promised a radical review of our clubhouse and ‘wow’ that’s exactly what the Clubhouse Sub-group have delivered! Their designs are on display in the foyer. Take a look when you are next in the clubhouse and please provide your feedback on what has been suggested.

Once the feedback is complete we will be in a position to have an SGM for members to determine how we should proceed. Let’s all move forward together as One Club and provide a first class clubhouse to compliment our first class course!

The 2019 season concluded on the 5th October with a Mens Friendly Match against Ryde Pirates. This particular match was established in 1987 when Malcolm Scott, our Head Professional, was assisting Ryde with some ideas for a new course layout; Steve Brandon, an Alresford member, made the ‘Malcolm Scott Challenge Trophy‘, which was first awarded in1993. This time, Alresford ran out winners by 5 and 1/2 to 1/2 – your Club Captain and Club Head Professional provided the ‘honourable half‘!

The VOX Beatles evening, organised by our Social Committee, on 12th October was supported by 93 members who enjoyed a fantastic evening of nostalgic music, it’s been some time since I’ve seen the dance floor so full, the clubhouse was rocking!

The Social Committee experimented with a table layout of smaller tables of 4-6 which proved to be very successful and I’m sure one that will be repeated, where appropriate, in the future. Well done everyone involved in the organisation of the evening, but particular thanks to Marion Bruce and Mike Battison.

Rooster Overton is Henpecked!

That’s the newspaper headline following the Cock and Hen Trophy on 20th October, when Brian Overton’s ‘2-year reign’ as ‘Cock and Hen’ Champion (with different Lady partners) was brought to an end by his wife, Mandy Overton, and her male partner Glenn Phur. Brian and his lady partner, Jackie Coulson, were runners up.

Step forward “Westy”, whoever you might be, and claim this month’s Found Ball – you know you want to be reunited with it!

There have been some tremendous results from our Juniors:
– Marcus Kail
recently won the Junior Championship with a superb gross 73 – well done Marcus!
Our Junior Girls, Rosie Rooney and Amelia Aikenhead, also did exceptionallly well recently – see Sue Masser’s section for details – well done Rosie and Amelia!

The Trophy Presentation Evening is on 15th November. If you haven’t won a trophy this season, remember (always thinking positively), you could well do in the future, so why not come along and give your vocal support to all this years trophy winners! You will also be able to buy raffle tickets with a number of 4 ball vouchers as prizes.

This is my last Fore Info article as your Club Captain before I hand over the Captaincy to Mary Rook at the AGM on the 29th November.

It has been a pleasure to represent all members of Alresford Golf Club and it has, of course, been a great honour. Thankyou for your support and for making it such a memorable year for me!


Graham Marshallsay

Ladies Section

Well this is it, my last Fore Info! 

Over the past few weeks I’ve been asked many times whether I am looking forward to the end and if I’ve enjoyed being Ladies Captain. 

Yes I have really enjoyed my year and am so glad I said ‘yes’ to Mary Panter for the fifth time of asking! 

I would not have swapped this past year for anything – yes I am looking forward to the end but mainly because I am finally going to have a holiday with my family!  

Before I talk about the past month, can I make ‘a plea to you all‘ to take the opportunity to consider the drawings of the Clubhouse which are currently pinned up in the foyer. I do believe that the proposals on display will make a great difference to both ourselves and to our visitors. Comments can be made up until the 9th November so do take the opportunity to have your say.

At the end of September, the Alresford Cup took place at Alresford. This is a Junior Girls Trophy  competed for by girls from Hampshire, Berkshire, Dorset, Kent, Middlesex, Surrey, Sussex and Wiltshire.  It was an inspirational day for all who took part whether playing or helping and congratulations to Middlesex who won the trophy this year.  

I am delighted that our Junior Girls continue to do well and win prizes. Last month we heard that Rosie Rooney won the Summer Knockout Trophy beating Cara Patient at Corhampton. Yesterday we learned that Amelia Aikenhead had won the La Moye Trophy for the greatest improvement from the Last Autumn Meeting to this one, coming down 18.7 in the 12 month period, which is an amazing achievement. Here is a photo of Amelia and Rosie with their trophies.

Our Autumn Meeting took place on the 1st October and thanks to an almighty downpour was reduced to 9 holes.  The back nine was obviously a lot easier than the front nine as there was a difference of 8pts between the winning scores!   We had a good lunch though and everyone enjoyed the day. Luckily the weather held up for the annual Vets v Ladies needle match two days later – sadly we couldn’t manage a win but once again everyone who took part enjoyed the day and my thanks go to Wynne Tufnell for organising this for his final time.

The Alresford Scratch Trophy final was an extremely close affair and very exciting for all involved.  Hockley beat Stoneham with the final putt in the final match on the 18th – for a minute we all thought we would be watching a sudden death match go down the 1st.  What a great day – enjoyed by everyone involved, showing our wonderful course off to the two visiting teams.  Thanks again to Lynne Cowser and her committee for organising this event.

Sally Willis organised her 18th Ladies and Assistants Pro Am last Friday – well done Sally who together with her team organised a special day for all those who took part.  The weather (topic of the month) pretty much behaved until everyone was inside eating curry – at which point it looked like someone had got out several fire hoses and was streaming water over the clubhouse – then came the hail, thunder and lightning!

Our last two friendly matches were also sabotaged by the weather however the Worldham Match has been rearranged in November so fingers crossed that we can play on the new date.

On the 1st of November we welcome new Winter Members to our fold for the coming months – at the time of writing twelve ladies have signed up and we all hope you enjoy joining in with the Alresford Ladies. 

I’m very much looking forward to The Club Dinner on the 2nd November – Dorset meets Poland for a slap up feast by Chris Pullinger who has been tested by our demands with regards to the menu – all to be accompanied by a jazz band.  Then we have the Coffee Morning on the 5th November – please come along and support the stalls and do some early Christmas shopping – there are several new stalls this year.

We have Trophy Presentation Evening on the 15th November so don’t forget to come along and pick up those pieces of silverware you have won this year – and even if you haven’t please support those who have.

So from now on it’s a series of lasts.  Last Ladies Committee, Capcom and Mancom and then the AGM on the 23rd November at 10am.  Thank you again to everyone who has supported me in whatever way this year and especially my Committee – I am truly grateful – you have made it so easy for me to enjoy my year.  I would also like to congratulate Graham Marshallsay on his year as Club Captain – Graham you have been fantastic to work with and a tremendous support to me.  Well done too to Drew Feilden and James Parry outgoing Vets Captain and Junior Captain respectively.

It finally remains for me to wish Mal Hope Mason good luck. I hope you have as good a year as Ladies Captain as I have – the Ladies Section of Fore Info is now in your hands and before long you will be wearing that blue jacket!

Signing off,



Match Committee Report

Trophy Presentation Evening

The Trophy Presentation Evening will be on Friday 15th November. If you’ve forgotten which medals, Stablefords and trophies you’ve won this season, there are lists of the medal and Stableford winners, and the winners and runners-up of the board and trophy competitions displayed in the changing rooms.

This is the only occasion when all the Club’s trophies and honours are on display, so I would encourage all members to attend not only to see the wonderful display but also to support and acknowledge the accomplishments of the winners and runners-up.

Obviously, award ceremonies work best when the recipients are present, so I make a special request to the winners of our trophies, and the runners-up, that they make every effort to attend. 

Winter Leagues

The draw for the league stage of the Winter Mixed Foursomes and the Lombard 4BBB has been posted on the notice boards. All league matches must be completed by Sunday 23rd February, after which the draw for the knock-out stage will be made.

Turkey Trots

The Match Committee has decided that this year, if the weather conditions are forecast to be favourable, the Turkey Trots for the Men on 7th/8th December will be qualifying competitions.

World Handicapping System

As intimated in last month’s edition, the implementation of the new handicapping system has been delayed to 2nd November 2020.

However, the slope ratings for courses in the UK have been released and can be viewed on the USGA’s National Course Rating Database (

Our entry with accompanying definitions is:

Club Name Course Name City State
Alresford Golf Club (1000313) Alresford Golf Club (1000313) – Alresford Alresford GB-HAM
Tee Name USGA Course Rating (18) Slope Rating (18) Bogey Rating (18) Gender
White 68.9 116 90.4 M
Yellow 67.7 114 88.9 M
Yellow Women 73.6 127 103.4 F
Red – 2018 71.5 122 100.3 F

Scratch Golfer

Is one who can play to a Course Handicap™ of zero on any and all rated golf courses. He (she) can hit tee shots an average of 250 (210) yards and reach a 470 (400)-yard hole in two shots. 

Bogey Golfer

Is one with a Course Handicap of 20 (24). He (she) can hit tee shots an average of 200 (150) yards and can reach a 370 (280)-yard hole in two shots. 

USGA Course Rating™

The USGA® mark that indicates the evaluation of the playing difficulty of a course for scratch golfers. It is based on yardage and other obstacles to the extent that they affect the scoring difficulty of the scratch golfer. Example: 68.5 (Note – this is equivalent to Standard Scratch)

Slope Rating®

The USGA mark that indicates the measurement of the relative difficulty for the bogey golfer compared to the Course Rating. Slope Rating is computed from the difference between the Bogey Rating and the Course Rating. The lowest Slope Rating is 55 and the highest is 155. Example: 125 

Bogey Rating

The one number every golfer whose handicap is greater than scratch should check before deciding which tees to play. This rating is the evaluation of the playing difficulty of a course for the bogey golfer. It is based on yardage, effective playing length and other obstacles to the extent that affect the scoring ability of the bogey golfer. To determine this number, other than from looking at the database, the bogey golfer should take the Slope Rating®, divide it by the set factor (5.381 for men, and 4.24 for women) and add that to the Course Rating. The result is a target score for the bogey golfer and is a truer yardstick of the challenge that lies ahead for the particular set of tees. Example: 96.3 – which predicts the bogey golfer’s average of his ten best (out of twenty) scores would be approximately 96.3 from this particular set of tees. 

George Clelland

A Look at the Rules


A players ball lies under a branch which has broken off from a tree.

The branch is too heavy for the player alone to move.


May the player break off the part of the branch interfering with play?

Vets Section

The Vets 2019 season is nearly over: the Vets’ AGM on 6 November will mark the formal closure of what has been a busy and successful golfing year.

The last of the summer friendly matches were held against Cowdray Park with a win at home, followed immediately by a close but losing match away to conclude our 39 fixtures: recording 20 wins and 8 halved matches.

A huge thank you to all those 58 Vets who took part in one or more of these matches this year.

I omitted last month to report the result of the Over 80s Championship held in early September. Congratulations to John White the winner and to David Nightingale and Michael Day, respectively second and third.

The Vets Secretary Trophy (1 round medal and 1 stableford) was won by Gareth Rees; runner-up was Ian Hewlett on count back from Geoff Jenkins. The trophy, now retitled “The Joe Kitchen Trophy”, in memory of, and to mark Joe’s huge contribution to Vets golf, will be presented at the AGM by his son Phil and daughter Liz.

Geoff Jenkins maintained his good form by winning the Vets Bagman Trophy for the second time in 5 years.

One of the year’s highlights was the Vets vs Ladies match on 3rd October. 44 golfers joined battle in an American Greensomes format with close results in nearly all of the matches. The Vets managed to maintain their successful run

in this most enjoyable club event, winning 7 and 1/2 to 3 and 1/2.

The photo records the trophy presentation between the two captains. The ladies will no doubt be out for revenge next year!

68 Vets and partners sat down to an excellent ‘end of season dinner‘ on 24 October, Chris and Kelly and their team looked after us really well as did the bar staff. Now in its 20th year, this is still a very popular and much enjoyed occasion.

Finally, as my own year draws to its conclusion, a most sincere thanks to all members of the Vets Section for their help and support this last year and in particular to the Vets committee members who have done so much to ensure the continuing success (and enjoyment!) of Vets golf at Alresford.

I would like to add a ‘very special thank you‘ to Wynne Tufnellretiring after 5 hugely successful years as our Competitions Secretary, for his dedication and commitment to the Vets Section.

My very best wishes also to Ed Tinley as he takes over as the Vets Captain and my thanks to him for his outstanding contribution this last year; Vets golf could not be in better hands!

Drew Fielden

…from the Secretary

Welcome to the following new members who have all joined the club starting during October / November so far; Ann Gunn, Elaine Sutherland, Alison Love and Jonathan Moore who have all upgraded to 5 or 7 day playing membership from Academy. 

Our popular Winter Membership is available once again this coming year from 1st November to 31st March and we can now welcome the following new winter members ; Annabel Brennan, Andrew Brown, David Buckland, Nick Callaway, Andrew Gywnne, Peter Wyllie-Harris, Ian White, Peter Cant, Peter Davidson, Stephen Duncan, Lee Feast, Jason Goldring, Gary Killick, Louise Morton, Jane Payne, Vanessa Eastwood-Howlett, Martin Simmonds , Alan Wright and Alan Smith.  And finally, welcome back some winter members from last year ; Gill Stubbs, Dorothy Shore, Lene Rasmussen, Jill Penn, Jackie Skinner, Sarah Scott, Janice Hounsham and Jill England. We hope that your time at the club will be a long and enjoyable one for all of you Remember – YOU, our members, are our best salespeople. We need new members and have vacancies in all categories? If you know any friends or acquaintances who are thinking of joining a club or changing clubs or have new neighbours who have recently moved to the area, please do your best to sell them the benefits of Alresford Golf Club. 


Fancy a game in the week? All members are welcome to come along to the ‘Club Roll-Up’ on Wednesday mornings. The usual start time is 11am all year round but may change subject to any advanced tee reservations. Everyone welcome. Meet on the 1st tee 10-15mins beforehand.


Wednesday 6th ~ 11.00am (Vets AGM Trophy)
Wednesday 13th ~ 11.15am (golf society)
Wednesday 20th ~ 11.00am (mid-week stableford)
Wednesday 27th ~ 11.00am 


Wednesday 4th ~ 11.00am
Wednesday 11th ~ 11.45am (golf society)
Wednesday 18th ~ 10.00am (golf society)
Wednesday 25th ~ NO ROLL UP



Wednesday 6th   VETS SECTION AGM, 2.00pm
Saturday 23rd      LADIES SECTION AGM, 10.00am
Friday 29th           CLUB AGM, 7.45pm


Sunday 1st           CAPTAIN’S ‘DRIVE IN’, 12.30pm
Friday 13th           SOCIAL CHRISTMAS QUIZ NIGHT, 7.00pm
Sunday 15th         Christmas Sunday Carvery & Pro Draw


  • RAIN / MUD / FROST / ICE = slippery golf course, especially grass banks, wooden sleepers and any untreated areas
  • PLEASE TAKE CARE and keep to the paths whenever possible
  • DO NOT walk on slopes
  • DO NOT take your trolleys across the sides of slopes and banks
  • PLEASE adhere to any traffic management signage on the course
  • KEEP BUGGIES and TROLLEYS away from the edges of greens and tees

If the roads are icy in the morning on your way to the club – it is fair to assume that the car park and the paths around the club will be icy too! We do our best to grit and salt these areas but … … please take care!


The kitchen will be closed on Monday 25th November for it’s annual ‘deep clean’, reopening at 1pm on Tuesday 26th November.

The ‘deep clean’ allows us to meet insurance requirements meaning that an external specialist company carries out a thorough cleanse of our extraction system and main cooking equipment.

As before, freshly prepared sandwiches will be available on a ‘first come, first served’ basis from the bar.


Whilst thankfully damage to cars (members and visitors) is relatively rare, we have had a couple of such incidents recently, including a large scratch on the Secretary’s car, probably from a golf bag!

I would ask members to report any such ‘accidents’ witnessed, including any knocking of cars with golf bags and trolleys, and challenge any culprits seen doing this to report the incident themselves.

Whilst it is fully appreciated that members are not the only users of the car park, we are a members club and should expect a certain level of courtesy.


As we are now into the winter period, members are politely reminded that the wearing of golf shoes (with or without spikes) in the bar and dining areas of the clubhouse is NOT permitted. 

Please note there is an air shoe-cleaner (adjacent to the nearest practice putting green) which should be used at ALL times to clean grass and debris from golf shoes before entering the clubhouse to go through to the changing rooms.

Please help us keep the clubhouse clean and tidy.


The addition of the Clubhouse Development Plans to the members area of the Club Website has led to unprecedented access levels, although there are some of you who are forgetting how to access this area.

We have a generic entry to the members area; Username: alresford-golf, Password: boniface

Apart from the clubhouse plans, this area also contains club rules, policy documents and minutes from the Management Committee and Sub-Committees so you can keep up to date with what is going on and what is being discussed.

The CLUB V1 App is downloadable onto your iphone (Apple or Android).  To download the app please visit the App Store (Apple) or Play Store (Android) and search for ClubV1 Members Hub. The app is completely free. If you wish to download the Club app to your laptop or home computer use the web link below, creating a HDIDO registration as above and saving onto your desktop.

You will need to register before you can use the app. The app will direct you through the HowDidIDo Passport registration process.  If you are already a HDIDO user, you will not need to re-register, simply use the same login details.

In order to verify that you are a registered member of Alresford GC you will be prompted to verify your membership. You may need some or all of the following information:

Registered Email Address (needs to match the one held at the club)

Registered Address

You will be sent an email to confirm the validity of your email address. Once you have registered you will be able to login.

One of the key benefits of the app is that it will provide a secure access to members contact information.

However, members must edit / confirm their details and privacy settings to enable other members to be able to access their contact details. If you do not do this, others will not be able to view your details.

Within the Members area you will also be able to view:

Course Status ( i.e. temporary greens , maintenance , closed for fog etc.)

Live Competition Leaderboard

Club News

Competition Results

Bar Balance and Receipts

Members List

• Edit your personal details and privacy settings (You must ‘opt in’ for other members to be able to view your contact details)

Club Competition Diary. You must use the website diary for a detailed list of tee restrictions.

Please inform the club if you wish your name to be not visible to other members.

The green staff are already using the COURSE STATUS feature and this will provide useful daily notifications over the coming winter months.

We hope you find this easy to complete, but please contact the Club if you do have any challenges with this.


David Maskery





FACEBOOK – check out our Facebook page

Make sure you ‘like’ our Facebook page and you will link to it and get the regular pictures and updates on what’s happening !

Twitter follow the green staff and see what’s happening on and around the course. @GreenstaffAGC

Green News

November and the remarkable weather continues!  This is great news for golfers but somewhat confusing for nature.  Leaves are falling while grass is still growing.  Rooks are feasting and destroying large areas of the course. 

This was how the November report began last year

This year is very different!  In September we recorded 5 inches of rain and so far in October (22nd) we have had 143 mm so getting close to another 6 inches of rain.  The course is holding up well though.  Rook damage has significantly reduced.  Legislation on chemicals was relaxed for certain sports earlier this year and we treated the areas of concern.  The chemicals are very expensive but remain good value as the cost of repairs is heavy on both materials and labour.   You may have noticed that some of our new turf had yellowed.  This was again due to the damp, humid conditions.  This freshly cut turf started to heat up and the lads got it out on the course quickly.  It will recover.

Drill and fill works have been completed. 10 tonnes of sand/backfill   

material used to fill the holes. Greens completed were 4, 7, 10, 11, 12, 16 and 17. NB: only parts of the 12th were done to use the material up.  This work is needed to improve airflow and drainage/water movement issues and improve root growth. 

The other greens are being deep tined and rolled to get some oxygen into the soil profile. Some disease is present, and we are taking a preventative route to try and stop it, another fungicide will be sprayed next week if the damp weather continues.

Greens have been fertilised to strengthen plant and aid in preventing the fusarium. 

Overall the greens are looking a good colour and are now being cut at 5mm.

You will see hand mowers being used on the greens through the winter which will further improve their appearance.  

Tees and Aprons have been fertilised with a 3-month controlled release product and are coping well and looking a good colour.  

Fairways continue to green up after drying out towards the end of the summer. A fairway scarifier/brush has been purchased and will be used to aerate the fairways at some point during the winter. 

Rough is growing well with the sheep doing their bit in the long roughs. The pen has been moved and they can still be found between the 5th and 6th holes. 

Irrigation system has been drained and shut down for the winter.  Worn areas around bunkers and tees have been turfed and fertilised.  Leaves are beginning to drop so the blowers and leaf collectors will soon be out in force. 

We have been aware for some time of the threat of Ash Dieback.  Some of our Ash trees are in decline around the course with many showing poor health and weaknesses. Some have been selected to be removed as they are deemed not safe.  We are planning to introduce new trees to the course.    

Winter project works are due to start week beginning 4th November on the 13th hole.  

Happy golfing! 


Mark Tiplady

A Look at the Rules



See interpretation 15.1a/2

100 Club

The winners of the 100 Club prize draw for November were:

£100 Mike Hooker

£50 Bob Smith

£32 Simon Wills

£32 Tim Chandler

£32 Jess Miles

£32 Tonny Maxwell

Congratulations to all our winners this month.  The next draw will take place week beginning 18 November 2019 – look for the result on the Secretary’s notice board. 

You will shortly receive a statement of the 100 Club’s finances in your Club AGM papers.  We have paid out £3,543 in prizes this year.  The only item paid for by the 100 Club has been the new patio furniture at a cost of £6,294.  Membership has risen steadily, and we have a healthy balance in the bank which will allow us to consider new projects as and when they arise.

What is the 100 Club?  

The Alresford Golf Club 100 Share Club was started in 1987 to raise extra funds to support and enhance the club Centenary celebrations which took place in 1990. Almost £5,000 was added to the Centenary Fund – a fantastic contribution.

It proved so popular that members who had joined chose to continue the scheme indefinitely.  The ongoing objective of the 100 Club was then agreed as being “to provide funds for capital expenditure to enhance the Golf Course and/or Club House”.  This is still very much the objective and projects supported by the 100 Club would generally be considered ‘extras’ and not necessarily within the Golf Club budget.

Many items have been purchased over the years with the new rattan patio furniture being the most recent.  In recent years the 100 Club has purchased the drinking fountain on the 4th/15th holes, the finger post signage, the Information Board and Clock at the first tee and the automated Defibrillator in the Entrance Hall.

So, can I join the 100 Club?

Yes of course. New members are always welcome and so as a Golf Club member you can actively contribute towards future enhancements to the facilities on the Golf Course or Clubhouse whilst having the opportunity to win a monthly cash prize. Or why not increase your existing shareholding for an even better chance of a prize.  Shares can be purchased for £1 per month paid for by Standing Order and there is no limit on the number which can be held – most members have between 1 and 5 shares.  Each share is allocated a number which is entered into the monthly draw with a top prize of £100, with a second prize of £50 and four other prizes of £32. For more information contact Pat Wallis on 01420 564417 or, or call in to the Secretary’s Office.

Pat Wallis


Men’s & Mixed Competitions
27th & 30th September – Vets’ Secretary’s Trophy
1stGareth Rees70-37=33
2ndIan Hewlett74-40=34
3rdGeoff Jenkins68-34=34
28th September – Wilkinson Trophy
1stNeil Gandy64 net
(Lowest Gross )
2ndTim O’Connor66
3rdScot Johnston66
4th October – Over 60’s Medal
1stDavid Mason68 net
2ndTony Stanton68
3rdTony Freeman68
6th October – Men’s Medal
1stNeil Flowers63 net
2ndWill Pakenham-Walsh67
3rdNick Austin 68
9th October – Midweek Medal
1stLee Phillips66 net
2ndChris Stephens68
3rdRay Coleshill69
12th October – Men’s Stableford
1stWill Pakenham-Walsh36 pts
2ndTaz Taylor35
19th October – 125 Medal (Stableford)
1stGrant Thorne41 pts
2ndRob Gates40
3rdGlenn Phur38
4thDan Pulling 38
20th October – Cock & Hen Better Ball
1stGlenn Phur & Mandy Overton45 pts
2ndBrian Overton & Jackie Coulson42
23rd October – Midweek Stableford
Division 1
1stTorquil Jack38 pts
2ndDave Fox37
3rdPaul Arber37
Division 2
1stMark Pyne43 pts
2ndTony Freeman43
3rdEwan McGregor39
26th & 27th October – Centenary Cup
1stNeil Gandy35+36=71 pts
2ndJosh Evans37+32=69
3rdTrevor Richardson32+36=68
4thKevin Lane32+36=68
Best 1st RoundAshley Wilmott35 pts
Best 2nd RoundMartin Cornforth36
26th October – Saturday Only Stableford
Abandonednot enough entries
27th October – Sunday Only Stableford
1stMandy Overton39 pts
2ndPaul Wager 37
3rdCharlie McLaughlin37
Ladies’ Competitions
Autumn Meeting (Reduced to 9 holes)
Front NineKathryn McLaughlin, Lyn De Mestre & Charlotte Marsh34 pts
Back NineAnn Younger, Catherine Carberry & Carol Exton42 pts
October Stableford
Div 1Lesley Martin40 pts
Div 2Di Peisley36 pts
Div 3Jean Coveyduck28 pts
Chetwode Trophy
1stWendy Pidduck38 pts
2ndMandy Overton38 pts
3rdKaren Fox35 pts
Breast Cancer Medal
Div 1Mandy Overtonnet 69
Div 2Cynthia Marinernet 73
Div 3AN Othernet 77
Maple Leaf Trophy
v WindleshamAwayLost 4-1

Editor: Trevor Hodgkinson


The Editorial Team take no responsibility for incorrect information received from Contributors.