Fore Info June 2023


  • PGA success for AGC: Malcolm honoured
  • An update from the Chair:
  • Club Captain News: Captains trip report back and Ladies success
  • Ladies Captain News: another Hampshire successful month for AGC
  • Rules Quiz Question and Answer: penalty or no penalty?
  • Competitions:  key info for the Club Champs
  • Mixed Matches: great start, sign up to be part of it too
  • Juniors: upcoming roll ups and competitions
  • Vets update: competition news and upcoming events
  • General Managers update: lots of key info.
  • Social: another great Midwich Evening
  • Team Golf: more results and great scores
  • Greens News: key update on course progress into peak season
  • Winners in the 100 Club: did you win? Need some/more tickets?

Another packed edition for you all. Again our ladies excelled in Hampshire Golf. Well done! Many of us were lucky enough to have chosen the Captains Trip to St Mellion. Although I am a relative newcomer to the trips, this one was especially enjoyable. Great weather and a superb course played a key role but our Captain pulled out all the stops. Don’t miss out next year!

Like me I hope you are enjoying the course, now in prime condition ready for the upcoming Club Champs. This prestigious event needs help from volunteers so if you have some time on June 24/25th, please contact Gill Freemantle.

The club benefits greatly from the 100 Club. This month, I was a winner for the first time! If you like me never seem to win, just remain patient, or buy more shares. Are you a member? If not find out below how you can contribute to your club and be part of the monthly draw! Don’t delay.

Finally congratulations to Sandra Hooker and David Forrest for their hole-in-ones.

Enjoy the read, let me know what you like to read about…

David Marshall


Another PGA Success for Malcolm

National PGA Honorary Membership has been granted to Malcolm Scott for his commitment to the Association and the game of golf since obtaining his PGA qualifications in 1977.   Malcolm is very grateful to the South Region Committee for submitting this proposal to the PGA Executive Committee.

Malcolm comments “This was totally unexpected and a wonderful surprise.  A great accolade, I’m very proud.

For many years now, I have found that if you give to the game of golf, the rewards are immense.  I have had a super career with Alresford Golf Club and PGA Hampshire”.

During his 40 years as Alresford’s Head Professional, Malcolm was instrumental in helping Alresford move from a 9 to 18 hole course and was the driving force behind our practice facilities, including the academy course.  A great facility for Alresford members and coaching staff to use today.

For 27 years, Malcolm ran a very successful 50 team Pro-Am event at Alresford, which was enjoyed by many Professional and amateur golfers.

Back in October 2020 when Malcolm retired, he was also given Honorary Membership of PGA Hampshire in recognition of his commitment to many aspects of golf within the County, which included being a respected County Coach for both the girls and boys for some 24 years.

Congratulations Malcolm.

From the Chair

Clubhouse Development

It seems such a long time ago that we took the first steps to redevelop our bar, lounge and kitchen areas. The Kitchen@ continue to provide extensive hours of service way beyond that Club’s previous offering which is resulting in more people using the clubhouse more often.

We had promised to provide final costs on the build to members which we can now formulate. There are two contractual retention periods left, however the final costs will not increase from this point, so we can report to you on the maximum final costs.

At the Management Committee meeting last evening we agreed that this will be included in Fore Info next month.

Administration and Governance Review

The Administration and Governance review was presented at the Management Committee on 30th May 2023 and carried in full. A full action list is now being delivered including the need to adjust the sub-committee structure as the Bar & Catering Committee has very little work given that we now have a contract in place with The Kitchen@ to deliver those services. We need to ensure that members have effective channels for feedback and suggestions, but we also need to adapt as things change.

Course Emergency

Our Greenkeeping team provided outstanding playing conditions for the Jubilee Cup weekend only to find that the main irrigation pump, and then its back up pump, failed on Tuesday 30th May. To complicate matters, our course manager Simon Justice was on leave. We have to thank the entire greenkeeping team for going the extra mile to get essential water onto the course and especially Adam who was working right through to 8pm to identify replacement pumps and have them fitted this week. Amazing work!

Water Usage and Storage

By 2030 the Club will face restrictions on its use of our bore hole water and mains water. In effect this is likely to result in the need to build a reservoir, or more than one reservoir, to store water. As an indication, if the reservoir was one metre deep it may be about the size of a football pitch; so, this is a very large project.

The Management Committee will now put in place arrangements to plan this project and find the correct solutions for the Club and ways of funding the project. Whilst restrictions may come into force in 2030, we will plan to be ahead of the curve and complete the project in good time thus securing the course for future generations.

Robert White

Chairman of the Management Committee

From the Club Captain

Cornwall in sunshine, a super place to be.

I must start with a massive thank you to all those who attended my Captain’s Trip. Four days of golf at St Mellion in Cornwall with the sun shining and 88 golfers truly put to the test made for a great adventure.

With a total of 92 guests, we pretty much took over the hotel, who should be complimented on every aspect of service and a golf professional team who left no stone unturned to ensure we all had a great time.

I chose the venue as it had two picturesque and testing courses. Not built for the long hitters but for those (not me!) able to surgically plot their way around. The winning team, over three days of competition, certainly deserve our respect in their ability to score so well. Keith Halls, Richard Carlton, Jeff Ellington and Nick Austin each played their part in topping the league of 22 teams – well done. There were many fine displays of great golf but the real winner was Rainbow Trust.

Thanks to the generosity of those there and significant donations on our return means we have raised £5,000 for the Captains’ Charity. Gill and I are grateful for the thanks for hard work we put into the planning and organisation of the event but we consider that time well spent when we reflect on the funds raised. A heartfelt thank you to you all.

Back here at Alresford then season really is getting into full swing. With the extra May bank holiday (which of course was damp!) we held our first ever Greenkeepers Revenge…it certainly lived up to it’s name!

As the course and tee times get busier, please remember to send a text or email should you join another playing group. You are not asking to join them, it is your right to play as a member, but it is polite to give them notice to look out for an extra player; this is applicable to both new and long-standing members. On the subject of new members, I would like to thank those who have made our 2023 intake welcome. I have received great feedback from those who joined in recent years regarding the friendliness of our club. You should be proud, long may this continue.

The Captains’ Charity Day will soon be with us on June 4th. Gunnel, Steve, Oscar and I have done our best to ensure it will be a balance of a golfing test, fun and an opportunity for the whole club to make a difference to challenged families in our area through Rainbow Trust. Please support the day in any way you can.

Good luck in all the upcoming competitions.

Simon Freemantle



Ladies Section

‘May’ has been a most rewarding month for Ladies section of the AGC  thanks to a series of successes by our members.

Liz Hastings and Jill England won the Foursomes Championship at Corhampton with Kelly Travers and Jenny Meyers coming 2nd with only 1 point behind the winners in their category.

County Week at Shanklin & Sandown GC at the beginning of the month saw Jane Macrae getting a  first in the Div 2 and Jane Andrews finishing 6th. Karen Fox reached the semi-final and Elaine Capp reached the quarter final. Rosie Rooney just lost in the quarter final in her section.

Sandra Hooker hit a ‘Hole in 1’ (!) on the 13th hole  when most of us were struggling with Jack Nicklaus Course in Cornwall.  We understand  ‘ Pimms’ was the name of the day to celebrate! Well done Sandra!

The 7 strong team playing at Wellow Golf Club Ladies Spring Rally finished a respectful 4th with 14 clubs participating.

Rosemary Verrall lead the 1st Stoneham Cup match to a 5:2 win as did Sally Reid were her team winning 4:1 in the 1st Annodata competition on 3rd May.

Lynne Cowser played in the EG Senior (60+)  Ladies’ Amateur Championships at Stoneham and just lost out at the end to a +1 HCI player. This is a tremendous feat and congratulations to Lynne!

Lynne also organises  Alresford Scratch; 1st match played and just lost out to North Hants. Next match is due on 28th May.

We enjoyed our local 2 day ‘Ryder Cup’  during the 1st May Bank Holiday with  an enjoyable BBQ albeit intermingled with rainy showers.

The well organised Captains Charity Trip to St. Mellion Golf Course in Cornwall was enjoyed by 88 players and 4 non-players. A ‘big’ thank you goes to Gill and Simon Freemantle for their very hard work to make it such a successful trip away for all of us. The weather was brilliant which cheered us all the windy paths up and down looking for balls in and out of shrubs and waterways! Great Trip.

The Ladies Open at AGC re-opened on the 25th May after a 3yr gap. 64 ladies from 25 different clubs representing 6 counties enjoyed (!)  playing our course in great sunshine with a generous buffet afterwards. The winners of the Open represented Farnham. Thank you to organisers Caroline Warne and Jane Andrews with helpers to make it such a successful event. Onwards for 2024 season next May!

Looking forward into May we notice:

28th May New Members Golf and Tea. Organiser Jane Andrews

29th May – ‘Flag’ social games. Organiser Social Committee

30th May Mary Andersson Trophy

Thursdays: Team golf. Organised by John, Jim and Jan White

Friendly Matches: Played with Blackmoor, & Tylney Park . Organised by Sandra Hooker, Vice-Captain

Mixed Matches: Played with Petersfield, Corhampton & Hockley on the 31st.   Organised by Liz & Les Thorne

Thank you to all who helped this month to organise and run events smoothly and efficiently. Thank you to Ann Younger our HGL delegate for keeping us informed of England Golf and Hampshire Ladies Golf news. The latest initiative is ‘Women on Par’ which encourages ladies to take up golf for fitness and social engagements. We are looking into suitability for application in our club.

I attended Committee meetings for Greens, Ladies section and Mancom this month but regrettably did not attend the social event on the 20th May, Midwich Dawn music evening.



Gunnel Berry

Ladies Captain

Competitions and Handicap Committee Report

Club Championship

24th & 25th June 2023

Registration for entry has now closed.

The allocation of preliminary playing groups and tee-times will be made week commencing 13th June and once this process has been completed, this will appear live on the Members Hub.  Final tee times published week commencing 19th June (this is after the final handicap qualifying event prior to Championship weekend) and competitors will then receive an email of their start time for Round 1 on Saturday 24th June. You will not have to book tee times on for either Saturday 24th or Sunday 25th and the course will be closed for casual play until at least 3:30pm on both days. If a player has not been allocated a place they will be notified separately.

On Saturday 24th, once the last group has handed in their cards the competition organisers will compile the results for Round 1 and this will determine the playing groups on Sunday 25th.  The order of play for Round 2 will be in descending order of Round 1 gross scores. This start sheet will be emailed to all competitors on Saturday evening. It will be the responsibility of each player to know their start time on Sunday morning. The first start time for both Round 1 and Round 2 will be 08:00am.

On each day of the competition, players should register and collect their score cards from the Scorer’s Table which will be located in the Clubhouse.  Within 5 minutes of completion of each round, players should return their cards to the Scorer’s Table and ensure they have agreed with the scorer that the card is correct before leaving.

Given the format of the Championship, players who fail to participate in the 2nd round will cause significant disruption to the running of the competition. Consequently, and based on our experience of other 2-day competitions, we are making it a condition of competition that unless a player notifies the Committee on return of their Round 1 scorecard that they will be unable to play in Round 2, he/she will be excluded from all competitions, and knock-outs until 1st August 2023.

Entry to the Championship sweepstake (both men and ladies) will be available in the Pro’s Shop.  An optional 2’s Club will also be running.

To allow for the preparation for the Club Championship, General Play rounds will be suspended from Wednesday 14th June to Sunday 25th June 2023.

If you are not playing in the Club Championship the C&H Committee would very much welcome volunteers (ball spotting and marshals etc.), if you are able to give a few hours of your time over the weekend, please contact me on thanks.


Men’s 4BBB Competition Saturday 17th June 2023

The Men’s 4BBB Competition on Saturday 17th June will no longer be a drawn event as stated in the Club diary.  Player’s should book tee times in the usual way on Wednesday 7th June.

Gill Freemantle

Chair Competitions & Handicap Committee, Handicap Secretary


The Mixed Match season is in full swing. We were runners up at Petersfield and had a win against Corhampton (thanks to Marion Bruce for looking after the team on the day).
Still plenty of matches this season if you fancy giving mixed golf a go –  next stop Hockley at home on Wednesday 31st May.
Les & Liz Thorne

A Look at the Rules


A player hits their ball into a penalty area. They search it but cannot find
it. They estimate the position where the ball last crossed into the penalty
area, drop another ball within two club lengths, not nearer the hole and play their next shot.
A fellow competitor then finds the original ball 10 yards further back from the green. How should the player proceed and are they subject to a penalty?

Juniors Section

We have been lucky enough to take part in a couple of matches this month, playing junior teams from Hockley and Corhampton.

We played Hockley on Saturday 6th, we lost overall but the weather was not in anyone’s favour!  Big thanks and well done to the team – Tobias Cobb, Jacob Howells, Ralf Bottomley, Oscar Rooney and Charlie Konig for playing well and persevering through the consistent rain.

The sun came out for the Corhampton match on the 20th, and pleased to say we won overall – again a brilliant afternoon round the course with the team – thanks to Tobias Cobb, Jacob Howells, Ralf Bottomley, Harriot Riches and Harvey Vaughan.  We also debuted our team shirts during this match, a big thank you to Mark Wood and the club for providing them, we all really enjoyed wearing them whilst representing the club!

Next up is the 2nd round of Green Jackets on Saturday 27th at home against North Hants and the Juniors are fielding two teams in the Hampshire Patrons Pro Am at Sandford Sorings on the 31st May. More on these in next months update!

The first Girls Golf Rocks course is half way through and proving a great success with the 2nd course for 12 to 18yr olds starting on the 14th June and there are still a few spaces left.

Junior Roll ups throughout June as follows, 2pm at the first tee – looking forward to seeing you there:

  • Saturday 3rd June
  • Sunday 11th June
  • Saturday 17th June
  • Sunday 25th June


Oscar Vaughan

Juniors Captain

Vets Section

At last the weather has improved and we have enjoyed fine conditions in our rollups and matches both home and away. The Rollups have been well supported and it is good to see new members joining the group and taking money from the old hands, congratulations to Tim Browning, Robert Stone, Stephen Price and John Mucklow.

We have played seven Summer Friendly Matches in the last month with results as follows:

The Army, Home, Win 4.5:1.5

Rowlands Castle, Home, Win 4:3

Salisbury & South Wilts, Home, Win 4:2

Petersfield, Away, Win 4:2

Romsey, Home, Win 3.5:2.5

Barton on Sea, Away, Loss 1:5

Bramshaw, Away, Loss 0:6

The best team performance was against Petersfield where the opposition claimed this to be only their second home loss in three years. The best performance by a pair was in the match against Romsey where Graham Lumb and Tim Browning were 2 down before winning eight consecutive holes and closing out the match with a 6/5 win. The lowlight was the 0:6 whitewash by Bramshaw but in mitigation I would add this was played on the Forest course and I am told that Bramshaw never lose on the Forest Course. We await the return match at home with interest.

Our overall record in the Summer Friendlies is still very good but suffered with the losses at the end of the month. We have now played fifteen matches, won ten, lost four and halved one.

It is good to see new Vets playing in the matches, if you would like to join us just sign up on ClubV1, the Noticeboard or simply email me.

Below: The team about to take on Bramshaw at the Forest course, smiling in anticipation of a close match!


Vets Captain

Steve Oldham

General Manager’s Update

New Members

Welcome to the following members who have all joined us since 1st May; Paul Ellis, Paul Norgate, Martin Cole ( 7 day), Stephen Price, Lois Pope, Anthony McAlister, (5 day),Max Morgan -Giles , Andrew Maxwell, Liam Hinchcliffe (Intermediates), Ben Walsh, Jaylan Crockett, James Dunn, Michael Walter and Joe Wheeler (Students) and Max Wedderburn ( Junior)

Welcome to Alresford and we hope you enjoy your time at the club.


Do you have some spare time once or twice a month ? We are looking to bolster our Course Marshall Team over the summer months particularly in the afternoons – full training given.

Our Course Marshall & Starters programme has now begun. Course Marshalls along with our Starters, will be Club Ambassadors and will be used at times when we anticipate the course being busy (competition and non-competition days) as well as for golf societies.

We have a ‘real time’ calendar of dates and times when Marshalls are required so you can select convenient times in advance.If you are interested please speak to the General Manager


The new County Card App is now LIVE at Alresford.

It is only available to those members to which Alresford is their HOME club. If Alresford is your AWAY club , then you must download the App from your HOME club link when it becomes live. This may be later in the year dependant upon subscription renewal date.

The app replaces the old ‘hard cards’ that went to subscribers. If anyone does not have access to an app/suitable phone, please let me know . We will inform the County and they will provide a card.

Members who used to pay their annual County Card fee by Standing order – please cancel this now. If anybody has renewed their card via their original standing order within the last 6months, contact the County Office who will offer a pro-rata refund or give you the option of transferring any credit to the County Junior Development Fund.

The card gives beneficial rates to over 1300 courses in England and normally offers a discount  on green fees between 20-50%.

Instructions to Download;

  • To download the County Card App, using your smart phone go to the relevant App store and enter igCounty in the search bar, once found, download.
  • Once you have downloaded the app and opened it you will be asked if you want to allow igCounty to use your location, if you select ‘yes’ when it displays the clubs it will include the distance from your location in miles.
  • The next screen you will see is the ‘County Selection’ page. Scroll down and select ‘Hampshire, Isle of Wight & Channel Islands’ and click the ‘Save’ button at the bottom of the page.
  • When you click on the Clubs icon on the bottom of the app it will provide a list all affiliated clubs in Hampshire, Isle of Wight and Channel Islands.
  • IMPORTANT TO NOTE this is a list of all Hampshire, Isle of Wight and Channel Islands Clubs and not those necessarily taking part in the County Card Scheme. These can be found by visiting our website under the heading ‘County Card’
  • Having clicked the ‘Save’ button you will be taken to the home page.
  • The home page provides details on: County News – provides details of current news from Hampshire Golf news which again you can click onto for more information.
  • Course Handicap Calculator – provides the facility to enter your handicap index and a course’s Slope Rating to see your Course Handicap.
  • To activate your County Card, on the bottom select ‘County Card’ in the righthand corner and click, ‘Continue’.
  • Enter all details as requested, turn the ‘Enable’ switch on and click ‘Activate Card’.
  • Your County Card is now ready for use. The County Card scheme will run for 12 month

GIRLS GOLF ROCKS – Do you know anybody who may be interested?

The programme is open to all so If you have daughters, granddaughters, nieces, friends or neighbours who may wish to take advantage of this excellent opportunity we look forward to welcoming both you and them at the free Taster session.

Spaces are limited and should be made directly via   and not the Pro-Shop.

12 to 18 yr olds


Lesson 1 Wednesday 21st June 4.30 to 5.30pm

Then every Wednesday between 4.30 and 5.30 up to and inc. 26th July.

The cost will be £40 per girl to include all sessions and each player will receive a a certificate of participation, a GGR polo shirt, water bottle and draw string bag

DAWN PATROL (Druids Cup) – Sunday 18th June

Tee times from 05:27 – 06:39

Book now via Club V1 ‘Bookable competitions’

Breakfast included in the £13 entry fee.

David Maskery

General Manager

FACEBOOK – check out our Facebook page

Make sure you ‘like’ our Facebook page and you will link to it and get the regular pictures and updates on what’s happening ! Share with your friends to help us boost our online and social media profiles


Follow us at


Saturday 20th May – THE BOYS WERE BACK IN TOWN
Midwich Dawn, the band that christened the refurbished clubhouse, were back and did not disappoint us.
The band started at 20.00 and went all the way through to 23.30, keeping most of us dancing.
Upcoming Events
There will be a quiz in July. Date to be confirmed. An email will be sent out by David with full details shortly.
Garreth Duncan will be our quizmaster.
Steve Johnson
Chair of Social


The fourteen teams competing in Team Golf this year are at last playing in more seasonal weather and have now completed five rounds with a number of close matches.

Top of the League is Ady Cobb’s team ‘The Cobblers’, unbeaten and with 13 points, closely followed by two new teams this year, only a point behind, namely Lady Captain Gunnel Berry’s team ‘Spicy Smörgåsboard’ and Alicia Hardy’s team ‘Jabba the Putt’. All three Cobbs were out this week in the same match and no surprise that honours were even. Oh yes, and Steve J played too – see pic!

All Results are in the TEAM GOLF section of the club website and on the Social noticeboard, including Team results, League Positions, Birdies, Best Pair each week and a summary of wins, losses and the two ties we have had!

Congratulations particularly this week, go to David Forrest on scoring a HOLE IN ONE on the sixth hole, giving him 5 points (!) however, this was still not enough as he and his partner were beaten by Mark Pyne and Nikki White 24 – 23, the highest scoring game of the season – maybe ever in TG!

It has been very encouraging to see so many people staying afterwards and supporting the winners (and losers) each week, so a REMINDER that on Thursday evenings catering is available until 8pm for anyone who would like to join in the FUN!

We look forward to next week’s ‘Half-Term Double-Header’ as Team Golf is on Tuesday and Thursday at 5pm to ensure we complete our League in time for Finals Day in July.

John,  Jan, and Jim White

Organisers on behalf of the Social Committee.


As I’m writing this contribution to FORE the second round of the Jubilee Cup is underway and I hope all entrants enjoy the course as much as I did yesterday. The good growing conditions of the past month or so has seen the course come back well following the punishment it took over the winter and early spring. We are beginning to see our course at its most challenging and at its best. As a chalk downland course, the seasons play a major part in how our course plays and looks. The grass is growing now, the rough is coming up and most of us are finding the rough to be the hazard it should be on a downland course. For the next couple of months there will be no more “worldies” from the rough and all of us mere mortals will be able to do is try to hack it back on the fairway.

Those of you who have played the course over the past month will have seen that we have allowed the rough to grow up on the back of the fairway bunkers, this is more in keeping with downland courses (like heather on the back of bunkers on heathland courses) and ties the bunker into the surrounding landscape.

The team are mowing the “cut” rough weekly at present because the warmth and moisture in the ground have created ideal growing conditions.

The greens are steadily improving and were running well yesterday. Earlier in the month they were slow because the meadow grass was going through its seeding cycle. This is now complete, and they are rolling out well. The greens mowing height is 3.5mm and ball roll speeds are starting to head towards 9.5 feet (we had 10 on Friday). However, please note we play this game on grass so be prepared for more seeding events as the other grass types seed and as the grass stresses given different weather patterns. The team will continue to work hard to minimise the effect of this, but we all know you can’t beat mother nature! Recently the team have aerated the greens, with 8mm solid tines, to oxygenate the profile and help with root growth. They have also applied a light top dressing, early in May, and another top dressing will be applied early June in preparation for The Club Championships on the 24th and 25th June.

In addition to the top dressing, the greens have also had nutrition in the form of nitrogen, calcium and magnesium plus applications of a wetting agent and bio stimulants coupled with growth regulator to keep the seed heads at bay. As the sun warms up, we are losing up to 5mm of water in evaporation from green surfaces a day and the team are already watering overnight and, in some areas, daily hand watering. Damage caused by leather jackets and the subsequent actions of rooks, crows, etc continues to challenge the greenkeeping team. There was significant damage on some of the greens at the end of April. Volunteers have supported the greens team in placing tarpaulin on some of the worst affected greens at night, including the 2nd green from which a good number of grubs were subsequently removed. The team then applied an insecticide on the greens and coupled with a wetting agent, this and the rain that followed (Simon watches several weather forecasts closely) brought out more of the grubs and they were removed successfully on several greens.

I’ve written before about the importance of developing a deeper root zone on the greens to ensure good health and playability. Simon and the team have been working hard on this and we are beginning to see the benefits of this with root depths on all greens improved and some almost doubled. This is particularly positive news because over the winter you tend to lose depth. The average across all greens was 5.14cm six months ago, it is now 6.63cm an increase of 29%. On our sand-based greens there was an average increase of 22%, compared to 15% on our fen soil greens and 47% on our soil-based greens.

We have received some feedback on sand depth in bunkers. This is something the team continue to work on, checking the depths and moving sand around where necessary on a weekly basis. It is incumbent on all players who enter a bunker to rake them on exit. When doing so please try to ensure that your raking does not contribute to inconsistent sand depth.

The tees and aprons are looking good, but they are also starting to dry out in places! We have applied nutrition to these areas every 3 weeks.  The team have treated the fairways for weeds and have also applied growth regulator to slow growth down and help keep them tidy. A wetting agent has also been applied to the fairways, this will help to conserve water and slow the drying process.

The greens team have continued with the maintenance of “course furniture” including benches and the yardage posts which have been sanded and oiled.

Finally, Simon and the team hope you enjoyed the “Greenkeepers Revenge” and have asked to pass on their thanks for the contribution players made to the staff party fund. Feedback has been positive with entrants “enjoying” the tricky pins and obstacles around the course.

Derek Myers

Chair of Greens

A Look at the Rules


As the player followed the rules by estimating where the ball last crossed into the penalty area using their best judgement, the player should proceed with the ball played with no penalty.

Thanks to Brian Overton for all these Rules Q and A’s. If you have any rulings questions for Brian he will answer them here in future editions, just email the editor.

100 Club

Keith and Chris are our lucky winners this month

Winners in the 100 Club prize draw for June 2023

£100    Keith Monkhouse

£50   Chris Chapman

£35 Prizewinners

Chris Thompson

David Marshall

Linda Wager

Brian Young

George Skayman

Congratulations to all our winners in the June draw. Linda is our sole representative for the ladies this month but no doubt our Editor will be pleased to see his name on the winners list!  Will you be lucky next month?

Summer Stableford and Evening Meal – Friday 28 July

Time is fast approaching for our annual stableford competition and evening meal so watch out for the poster and sign-up sheet on the noticeboard.  The competition is only open to 100 Club members so it’s a great opportunity to take part in social golf during the day and meet other 100 Club members and partners for the meal in the evening.

Calling all our new golf club members

Join the 100 Club today and take part in the Summer Stableford in July

If you have recently joined the golf club then how about making 2023 the year that you join the 100 Club.  You will then be eligible to play in the Summer Stableford and to come along for a sociable meal in the evening. As a 100 Club shareholder you will be actively contributing towards future enhancements to our golf club facilities and have the chance of winning a cash prize each month. 

To know more about the 100 Club, how it began and what the funds are used for then please give me a call or email – details below.

For those who already belong then please encourage your fellow golfers to join us too.

The monthly draw is for seven cash prizes: £100, £50 and five at £35.

Each share cost £1 per month paid for by monthly standing order and there is no limit to the number you can purchase.  Members generally have between 1 and 10 shares with 5 being the most common holding.

For further information about the 100 Club or for an application form please give me a call or send me an email – Pat Wallis phone 01420 564417 or email  Or you can pick up a form from the Office.

Pat Wallis

Editor: David Marshall


The Editorial Team take no responsibility for incorrect information received from Contributors.