minutes of meetings

minutes of meetings

Back in January 2015, a member requested that copies of minutes to be posted quicker. You gave a reply giving reasons why they are not. What the members actually would like is action taken to improve the way minutes are posted. They are currently way out of date, and there is obviously no mechanism in place to insure they are posted in a timely manor. Could you please bring this topic up at mancom, so it may be addressed and maybe responsibility placed on the chair of each committee to ensure that they are posted within say two weeks of being approved.


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AGC Secretary
October 14, 2015 at 16:14

Thank you for your comment.
I will raise this on-going problem at the next MANCOM and as you suggest seek to give the Chair of each sub-committee the task of forwarding the copy of the approved minutes to the webmaster for uploading. This may speed up the process. I would add however that if a member wishes to see the latest copy of minutes from any sub-committee they only have to ask the Secretary . If they are not available it will then be apparent that the minutes have not been released yet.