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  • Club Diary

    In the past the club web page has provided download links to drop the Club Diary and Events into ones smartphone. These nolonger jump out – Could some edit the site to either make these links more obvious or re establish if removed.

  • White holes

    Wondering if the top inch of soil of the holes could be sprayed with white paint? Would add a classy touch and appearance to the course. David has replied to this via email. Issues with the Member Comments section of the website meant that he wasn’t notified until today 24 August 2022. Apologies

  • Vet’s tee reservations

    Once again it was nigh on impossible for members to book a slot on the morning of the 10th August, due to the preferential slots given to the Vet’s. This practise is extremely unfair to the vast majority of members who would like a mid week game on a Wednesday morning.

  • Lack of Transparency as at 22 March 2019

    Subject: Lack of Transparency as at 22 March 2019 Message: Why are the minutes of committee and sub-committee meetings so out of date generally on the club website? The most out of date are: Captain’s Committee 30 July 2018 Finance Sub-committee 3 August 2018 Bar & Catering Sub-committee 17 October 2018 House Sub-committee 24 October…

  • markers

    Subject: markers Message: I love the course at Alresford ,I think it would be even better if it had 100 yard marker discs, most courses have them, best regards Gerry Collard  

  • Slow play

    Subject: Slow play Message: Would the committee consider a trial run for say one month of no four balls before 10.00. Say twice a week, one midweek and one on competition days at the weekend. I believe this would become very popular

  • Insurance

    Subject: Insurance Message: As part of our membership fee we pay for Insurance. How do the members know the details of the Insurance Cover provided? Providing a summary with our renewal pack and/or on the website then enables us to decide if we need additional cover dependent on our circumstances.

  • Practise Area

    Subject: Practise Area Message: As we now have several ‘swales’ around the course, can one of the underused bunkers on the practise area be changed to a swale.

  • Members email addressd

    Subject: Members email addressd Message: Is it possible for members email and phone numbers to be held online somewhere to aid contacting.

  • Stop use of White Tees in Winter Period

    Subject: Stop use of White Tees in Winter Period Message: To assist the recovery of the Competition White Tees I suggest that once all Club Competitions have ceased for the Winter that play is carried out from the Yellow Tees. This would surely allow more time for the Competition Tees to recover and allow Green…

  • 3rd Tee

    Subject: 3rd Tee Message: Now we have a bell on the 1st, can we consider moving the steps by the 1st tee to the 3rd tee, so that we protect players just over the hill. As the tee is below fairway level, the steps will help keep play moving safely. Many thanks, Jim

  • minutes of meetings

    Subject: minutes of meetings Message: Back in January 2015, a member requested that copies of minutes to be posted quicker. You gave a reply giving reasons why they are not. What the members actually would like is action taken to improve the way minutes are posted. They are currently way out of date, and there…

  • Curly’s Barn

    Subject: Curly’s Barn Message: May I suggest a sign be placed on the front right corner of Curly’s Barn asking players to leave the green to the left and go around the barn? The problems: a) waiting to play while players walk to their clubs already parked at the 13th tee delays play b) as…

  • Temperature Of Beer

    Subject: Temperature Of Beer Message: I wish to make a formal complaint about the temperature of the draught beer being served at the club. I understand from John, that we have had a new chiller installed in the cellar, and it is automatic and cannot be regulated. To serve draught bitter at 6-8 deg C…

  • Website: Members’ Area – Minutes of meetings

    Subject: Website: Members’ Area – Minutes of meetings Message: I suggest that a reliable method of uploading minutes of committee meetings onto the website is introduced as the existing system has not been working for several months. As of yesterday (5th January) the most recent minutes on the website were: MANCOM 30 June Captain 27…

  • Trolley ban information

      Subject: Trolley ban information Message: Saturday saw our first heavy frost of the winter and, as expected, there was a trolley ban. I would like to suggest that a sign is placed on the grass in front of the webcam so that members can see, minute by minute, whether the trolley ban has been…

  • This years captain

      Subject: This years captain Message: Can I just say how good looking, intelligent and sophisticated this years captain has been!!!!!