Fore Info December 2022


  • Golfing tribute to fallen heros: fitting 11th tee moments
  • An update from the Chair: AGM summary
  • Club and Ladies Captain News: first words from our new crew
  • Rules Quiz Question: embedded ball? What not to do…
  • Competitions:  New Rules for 2023- a must read!
  • Vets update: competition news and upcoming events
  • Social : successful Club Dinner and new events coming soon…
  • Greens News: latest on our course
  • Pro Corner: ever topped it? Get a fix from Mark
  • Winners in the 100 Club: did you win?

I enjoyed the recent ‘Drive In’ and it was good to hear the inimitable Les Thorne introduce our four new captains and put them through their paces. Well done Les! All captains survived and managed to drive their balls towards the 18th green. Simon slightly ‘overclubbed’ but the new clubhouse windows remained intact, probably due to the wonderful draw Simon got on his ball (following a lesson from Mark no doubt). The visitor entering the car park at that time got a perfect view of the ball as it sailed overhead. We always knew Simon was wanting to go big in his captains year!


For those that missed it, I can say the AGM was an excellent opportunity to hear about whats happened and happening at the club. Ideal for our new members. Reflecting on it now, I am convinced we are part of one of the best run and fun golf courses and clubs in the country. Certainly better than all 7 previous clubs where I have been a member.

I hope all members will take extra care on slippery surfaces. Our Stoneham Team Captain, Rosemary Verrall, slipped on a tee bank (not at AGC) recently and is off for several months.

Thanks to all contributors in 2022 for their input to Fore Info. Without you we could not make this mag-e-zine work. As always keep in touch to get your news and stories in future editions. Don’t forget to let me know of your ‘hole in ones’ (with photographic proof) too.

Finally let me thank all readers for their support in 2022 and wish you all a very merry christmas and a prosperous and great golfing 2023!

David Marshall


The 11th hour, on the 11th day of the 11th month………on the 11th Tee

It was meant to be.  As four ‘veteran’ golfers all of whom are military veterans met on the first tee on Friday 11 November, each, quite independently, had it in mind to cease play for that very poignant national moment at 1100.  It was agreed by the four that wherever they were on the golf course at that time, they would stop, bow their heads and REMEMBER.  One had even set an alarm with the suitable theme tune to Top Gun Maverick.

So it was that when Pete Dowse (Navy), Drew Fielden (Army), Stuart Slater (RAF) and Kathryn Fielden (WRAF) came off the tenth green the time was 1055.  Serendipitously they approached the 11th hole, took their drives and then paid their silent respects to those who had ‘fallen’ in conflicts.

Management Corner

Annual General Meeting 2022

Whilst full minutes will be signed off shortly, I am happy to provide a synopsis of the AGM held last week.

The Annual General Meeting of our Club took place on Thursday, 24th November 2022 in the clubhouse and was made quorate by attending members.

The following members were elected to hold office;

David Crawshaw – Chair of Finance

Alan Farrell- Chair of House

Tony Hutt – Chair of Planning and Development

Nigel Pascoe – Lender’s Trustee

Steve Johnson – Chair of Social

Special mention is made of Mark Pyne who stood in a competitive vote for the Chair of House role. Mark has proven to be a dedicated member of our Club and we hope that he will continue to influence through our Committee System.

The following members were validated to continue in office

Robert White – Chair of the Management Committee

Gill Freemantle – Chair of Competitions and Handicaps

Trevor Pearce – Chair of Bar & Catering

Derek Myers – Chair of Greens

Club Captains

The nomination for Richard Lane to become Club Vice Captain was approved and Mark Tiplady handed over the role of Club Captain to Simon Freemantle, after two very successful years spanning tricky covid-affected golfing seasons.

Club Rules

The immense amount of work carried out by Geoff Jenkins and Tony Hutt, supported by Mary Rook was acknowledged by the meeting. In the months leading up to the AGM members had received a draft of the proposed amendments to our Club rules and had feedback their personal viewpoints. Members feedback was then fully reviewed with further amendments made to the initial draft to arrive at final, proposed rule changes which were again distributed prior to the AGM. This process enabled members attending the AGM to vote from an informed base.

The proposal to implement the final version of amended Club rules was carried by the meeting.

Annual Subscriptions

Having completed a line-by-line review of our Club’s accounts the Finance Committee had previously  provided a proposed budget  for Financial Year 2022/23 to the Management Committee, which was subsequently and unanimously approved. The recommended subscription levels from this budget are in excess of 5% which triggered the need for approval by a members vote at the AGM. Full background information about the recommended subscriptions for the golfing year 2023 was provided to members ahead of the AGM.

The proposal to implement the recommended subscriptions was carried by the meeting.

Kit Nielson – Honorary Membership

At a meeting of the Management Committee on 31st August 2022 Kit Nielson was unanimously recommended to receive Honorary Membership of our Club, which then required approval by a members vote at the AGM. Kit was recommended for Honorary Membership having been a loyal member over seven decades, and having been Club Captain in 1988 followed by a spell as Chair of the Greens Committee as our course transformed into the 18 holes we play today. Kit is best known to current members for providing his annual quiz which is now in its 43rd year and a noted event in the Club’s calendar. However, greater than his ‘official roles’ is Kit’s perpetual welcome for anyone new at the Club. Kit has been responsible for welcoming new members to join ‘his’ well-established roll-up and for routinely introducing himself to new faces in the Clubhouse. As a Club we aspire to be the friendliest of Clubs, Kit provides an excellent example for us all to follow.

The proposal to provide Honorary Membership to Kit Nielson was carried by the meeting.

Our accounts for FY 2021/22 were ratified at the meeting. In addition to the financial matters requiring formal votes Chair of Finance Richard Lane presented answers to the written questions provided prior to the meeting, which will also be included in the minutes of the AGM.

As Chairman I provided a report as required by our rules which govern our General Meetings. This report confirmed the very healthy status of our Club and described some of the behavioural issues that we have at the Club. The responsibility for all members to act in a courteous and mindful manner was also reflected in the incoming Captain’s speech which followed his election. It was noted in my report that the Club must work to improve golfing income from visitors, which has been in decline. Members golf is currently, and rightly, prioritised through the Tee Times systems but we need to find space during our quieter afternoons to attract visitors to our Club.

My thanks goes out to all members who act as volunteers at our Club who work so hard to make our Club an amazing place to be. Thank you so much for caring about our Club, it gets into our DNA which appears to be quite contagious.

I look forward to an even better golfing year in 2023.

Robert White


From the Club Captain

There is only one place to start this article and that is to thank Tip for his outstanding contribution to the club over the last two captaincy years. He has become a good friend of mine and has been an excellent Club Captain. We are limited to words for this article so the best thing I can do is shout – THANK YOU TIP!

November is always a busy month at Alresford and this year was no exception. Well done and appreciation to all those who had a hand in the Annual Dinner, Trophy Presentation Evening and the AGM. We really do have a fantastic membership who volunteer so much of their time for the benefit of the club and members.

I really enjoyed the Captain’s Drive-in, apart from the actual drive-in to the 18th! I do hope all members and guests had as much fun as the captains did. Les Thorne and his entourage really had done their homework. Thank you to the Social Committee for yet another great event. The ‘sticks’ raised £733 for Rainbow Trust – thank you to Mary Rook and others that sold them over the preceding few days.

My two years of Vice Captain have flown by, so I intend to enjoy and savour 2023 as much as possible. I want you all to take your golf to a new level of enjoyment and participation. I would like to see even greater numbers be involved in all club competitions and men’s, ladies, and vet’s matches, whether they be friendlies or the more competitive variety. I know Gunnel and Steve will do their best to encourage that in their relevant sections and collectively we will continue to improve further the communication on how to take part in competitions and such matches.

Winter golf is challenging from several aspects. I realise the rush for tee bookings can be frustrating, especially at the weekends but that is preferable to most that queuing on the first tee. Please be considerate to all using the course, go out as a fourball whenever possible and if you cannot make your tee slot, please remove yourself from the booking to give others the chance. I find that I play with more different people in the winter months as we ‘jockey’ for places, so embrace the benefits of AGC membership, play with new people and welcome others into your groups. If you intend to play just 9 holes, please consider going out later so as to give those wanting to play 18 more of a chance to get round in daylight. We cannot change winter daylight hours, but we can be considerate to all our members – weekends or weekdays.

As some of you heard at the AGM, we will trial the use of Course Marshals throughout 2023. They will be there to help rounds of golf by members, guests, societies, and visitors alike and ensure all those that are on our course should be there. If you would more details and perhaps be interested in becoming an AGC Marshal, please chat with me or David Maskery

Simon Freemantle

Club Captain

Ladies Section

It is traditional that the incoming captain writes the December Fore article starting next year’s golfing season.

We start the new golfing year by saying ‘goodbye’ and ‘thank you’ to the past year’s Captains Jan, Tip, Bob and Harriet . We thank them for their amazing dedication and work to keeping us all going through the difficult lockdowns and a closed club house. Thank you to all 4 of you.

As this is going to press, we will be enjoying the AGM’s and investiture of the new captains, Simon, Steve and myself. I feel very honoured and thank you for asking me to be your Ladies Captain in 2023.

News items:

Greatest news this month is Rosie Rooney, qualifying for the Junior European Open in Cadiz, Spain in November. This is a wonderful and great achievement for Rosie and her family. The Ladies at the Alresford Golf Club congratulate and wish Rosie all the very best for her golfing experiences in the future.

Golf Achievements:

2nd Nov: The Legg Bowl , 1st Rd, was played at home against Southwick Park and won by Dorothy Shore/Lesley Martin (silver pair) and Jan Harring/Di Peisley (bronze pair). Well done ladies. Next match is on 9th Dec against Blacknest.

4th Nov & 15th Nov: The Hayling Trophy, run by Marion Bruce played a win on the 4th Nov against Boundary Lakes (A)  but, regrettably, had to be cancelled on the 15th against Boundary Lakes (H) due to unreasonable playing conditions. The match will be rescheduled.

24th Nov: The Maple Leaf competition run by Ann Younger is up and running.  Match against Sunningdale Heath is scheduled for 24th Nov (A).

Cathy Hilton and Liz Hastings won their Daily Mail Foursomes match. They go on for a further knockout match in the spring. We wish them lots of Good Luck!

The Winter Foursomes Knockout matches have started.

The Winter 9hole matches (5 players in each group) are well under way.

Matches Coming Up:

2nd Dec Maple Leaf vs Army (H)

8th Dec. Hayling vs Stoneham (H)

9th   “     Legg Bowl, 2nd Rd vs Blacknest

12th Winter Triple, 1st Rd (A: Lee-on-Solent GC)

Look out for the Spontaneous Roll-Ups on the 20th & 27th December @ 12:30

November Social Events:

10th:  A Club Bazaar, organised by Sarah Worthington, was a great success in the midst of a Mixed Coffee morning. 12 stallholders offered clothes, Xmas momentos, printed sweatshirts, bags and children’s books and toys.  The morning was considered a great success with new ideas for next year. The raffle raised £408 for this year’s Club Charities.

12th: Annual Club Dinner: Ladies Captain and Vice-Captain attended the annual feast served with oysters, champagne and, lamb or venison as main course. Mark Tiplady had supplied a Blackpool friend to entertain us before and after dinner. The party went on until late.

18th: Trophy Evening

26th: Ladies AGM

27th: Drive-in for in-coming Captains, Simon Freemantle, Steve Oldham and I with Sunday lunch

Gunnel Berry

Ladies Captain

Addendum:  The Charity for 2023 was announced as The Rainbow Trust which is a local as well as national charity for over 30 years. It provides helpers and volunteers for families with children who suffer severe life- threatening illness.

Competitions and Handicap Committee Report


I start by thanking my committee for their tireless work throughout the year.  The C&H Committee in 2022 have administered around 130 competitions, processing over 4,000 competition scorecards as well as around 2,000 general play cards.  Thank you team.

Winter 2022/23

Last month’s Fore contained details on competitions during the winter months.  A copy of this article is on display on the notice boards and in the foyer at the Clubhouse.

The C&H Committee really would appreciate your help and only submit general play cards on a day when the course is deemed qualifying – please refer to the daily App notification.

New Rules 2023

You will no doubt have read about rule changes coming into effect on 1st January 2023.  A summary is included above.

No doubt the main change that many will notice is that from 1st January 2023 there will be no requirement for a player to include their course handicap on their score card.   The C&H Committee urge you all to continue with your current good practice of completing all the boxes on the scorecard as this information is vital when conducting an initial check on competition cards.

Gill Freemantle

Chair Competitions & Handicap Committee, Handicap Secretary

A Look at the Rules


A player finds their ball embedded in a dry part of a penalty area. May the player take free relief under rule 16.3 Embedded Ball.

Juniors Section

Welcome to our new Juniors Section Captain, Oscar Vaughan. Here is his short backstory.

Editor: Oscar, tell us a bit about yourself.

Oscar: I am 15 years old. Apart from loving golf, I also captain my football team outside of school, Alresford Town under 16s, and have played for almost 10 years.

My current handicap is 11.2.

Favourite golf course after AGC: Royal St George’s, it was the first major that I went to and I really enjoyed seeing the crazy undulation of the fairways in person, I just think it’s a really beautiful course 

Favourite food:  always changes but right now it’s probably roast beef, but I also love a steak, burger or really anything with a lot of meat 

Ambition as Captain: In my captains year I would love to achieve an increased participation and involvement in the junior section. I want to see more juniors getting involved, and I plan to achieve this by establishing the junior roll ups as a regular, weekly event, as well as organising more matches against other clubs and entering our teams into competitions at other clubs. It would also be great to win a few competitions myself along the way! 

What help do I need from AGC? I’m going to need help organising matches and entering teams to play competitions at other clubs to represent AGC. However, I can also email juniors myself as I have all of their emails, which will help me promote the roll ups and make sure they are informed of the dates and times each week.

Other News:

Congratulations to Rosie Rooney who qualified for the Junior European Open with a Win at The Wiltshire Golf Club. The Final, in association with Sky Sports, was held at Alcaidesa Links in Southern Spain where Rosie came a fantastic 14th! The Junior European Open, first staged in 1993 and now in its 30th year, is widely regarded as the toughest test in junior golf and is the most accessible and keenly contested junior golf tournament in Europe. The 2018 Ladies British Open Champion Georgia Hall was a finalist in 2010. Watch out for the coverage on Sky Sports. Well done Rosie!

Oscar Vaughan

Juniors Captain

Vets Section

Today I should be playing a match in the Mixed Winter Foursomes, however it is yet another wet and miserable morning and good sense prevailed – the match has been postponed. At least the lack of golf has given me the opportunity to start this, my first summary for Fore Info as Vets Captain.

First of all I would like to thank our outgoing Vets Captain, Bob Archer, for his hard work over the past year. The beginning of the year was particularly difficult with the closure of the clubhouse but Bob ensured that the Vets and their guests were suitably wined and dined at local pubs and hotels after our various events until the clubhouse reopened. Well done Bob.

As I write in late November the Winter League matches should be well underway. However the weather intervened and both the home match against Hockley and the away match against South Winchester had to be postponed due to the extreme wet conditions. We did at least manage to complete one match, a home match against Corhampton at the very end of October which resulted in an honourable draw. So there is still much at stake in the Winter League. If you would like to put your name forward to play in one of the upcoming matches please do so via ClubV1.

The Vets AGM Tankard was also affected by the wet weather. Heavy rain the preceding day led to a trolley ban for the competition and this, together with heavy rain just before the start, resulted in fewer players than expected. However two players managed to master the conditions and returned excellent scores, our winner Bob Archer with a superb 40 points closely followed by Chris Fuller with 39 points. The podium was completed by Stuart Slater with a creditable 33 points.

The Vets AGM started immediately after the Tankard competition. We had a good discussion on possible ways to improve the Rollup and the Vets Committee will be considering a way forward shortly.


The next event of note is the Christmas Scramble and Lunch on Wednesday 7th December. The sign up sheet is now posted on the Vets Noticeboard in the Mens Changing rooms and already it looks like the event will be well supported.

Finally, It is with sadness I report that one of the most popular characters and enthusiastic supporters of the Vets Section, Tom McGrath, has recently moved away from the club and the area. On behalf of the Vets section I would like to thank Tom and wish him well for the future.

Steve Oldham

Vets Captain


General Manager’s Update


Welcome to the following new members who have all joined the club during November and December; Andrew Parrott, Alistair Race (5 day ), John Pouter, Sue Poulter and Laurence Morgan (Waiting List). We hope that your time at the club will be a long and enjoyable one for all of you.


Bar opening from 07.30 – 18:00 (11:00 for alcohol sales) – Sunday to Wednesday

Food service ends at 18.00pm on Sunday – Wednesday

Bar opening from 07.30 – 21:00 (11:00 for alcohol sales) – Thursday to Saturday

Food service ends at 20.00pm on Thursday – Saturday


Fancy a game during the week? All members are welcome to come along to the informal ‘club roll-up’ on Wednesday mornings. The usual start time is between 11.00-11.30am all year round but may change subject to any advanced tee reservations. Everyone welcome, meet at the starters hut from approx. 10.45am for allocation of groups. As per the times highlighted for the Ladies and Vets Sections, we politely ask members to show courtesy to those who wish to play in this ‘roll up’ at this time. If you do not wish to play with this group please choose another time if possible.


Please watch out for the sunrise times when making an earlier booking – you must not delay your start and squeeze out ahead of a booking just to catch the first rays of sun.

FACEBOOK – check out our Facebook page

Make sure you ‘like’ our Facebook page and you will link to it and get the regular pictures and updates on what’s happening ! Share with your friends to help us boost our online and social media profiles


Follow us at


All Subscription invoices will be emailed (or posted) during the week beginning 12th December. If you do not receive yours please contact the Office immediately as payment is due on 1st January.

To help us with this we would appreciate the early settlement of invoices and to ease the burden on the Office, please consider paying either online via BACS transfer or to the Office via the telephone.

If you intend not to rejoin – a telephone call or email to let us know is greatly appreciated. Simply to ignore your invoice and subsequent reminders just causes us extra work. You may have told your friends  – but that doesn’t count !

Looking for a way to ease the burden of subscription renewal each year ?

Why not join the ADVANCE SUBSCRIPTIONS SCHEME in 2023 ?

Choose any amount to pay over 10 months towards your subscription bill in 2024. Build up a credit on your account which is offset against your renewal bill due 1st January 2024. Pay as much or as little as you wish. Speak to the Office for more details and to receive an ADVANCE SUBS mandate form.


Come and join Simon and Richard on Boxing Day morning between 9.30-11.00am for a ‘roll-up’ 9 holes. Christmas ‘house guests’ are welcome to join in. You will be allocated a ‘team’ on arrival. Mince pies and Christmas beverages will be available in the clubhouse afterwards. Full details will be posted on the Social Noticeboard shortly


Thank you to everyone who contributed on Presentation evening again this year. With your generosity we raised £289.85 for the BBC Children in Need appeal.

Winter is on it’s way- Be Safe on the Golf Course

Rain/Mud/Frost/Ice = slippery golf course, especially grass banks, wooden sleepers and any untreated areas.






If roads are icy in the morning on your way to the club, it is fair to assume that the car park and the paths around the club will be icy too! We do our best to grit and salt these areas but please take care.

David Maskery

General Manager


Let the party begin…
The Club Dinner was held on Saturday 12th November and a good night was had by all. Tip’s Special Guest singer, Jim Fitzgerald, sang in Legato style followed by members dancing to music late into the evening. 
Jim singing Legato style


I know I have two left feet but shall we dance Sarah?

My lucky night…
‘Race Night’ with Fish ‘n’ Chips and Champagne. (Saturday 10th December)
The evening will consist of 7 races with the opportunity to have personalised race names. The Sign Up sheet is now on the board and is filling up fast so don’t miss out. Races viewed on a High Definition Screen
Evening Timetable
19.30 Introduction & Race 1
19.50 Race 2
20.00 Fish & Chips
20.50 Races 4,5 & 6
22.30 Close
Horse ownership available for £5.00. 
New Years Eve is nearly upon us and we have a great night lined up. 
The cost will be £40 and this covers:
3 course meal with a buffet starter and dessert with a sit down main course.  The poster and sign up sheet is on the notice board. If you have any dietary requirements please see Ben.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate in contacting me
Steve Johnson
Chair of Social

Burns Supper 2023

Saturday 21st January 7.00pm for 7.30pm

As you start to think of what you’re going to do after New Year and are looking for something to brighten up those dreary January nights, what better than an evening out with friends to enjoy a good hearty meal at one of the highlights of the social scene.

Come and enjoy the 29th Burns Supper – a uniquely Scottish experience in good company featuring whisky, haggis, neeps (mashed swede) and tatties, and a light-hearted appreciation of Scotland’s Bard, and of course, the skirl of the bagpipes. I’ve had to drop the “Annual” as we’ve missed out in 2021 and 2022.


This is always a popular event in the social calendar so look out for the sign-up notice that will be posted on the Social Noticeboard on Christmas Eve. The main speakers have been confirmed and will be featured on the notice board.

The cost for the evening will be £32 per person which includes a three-course meal with coffee and a glass of your favourite tipple for the toasts after the meal. A vegetarian option will be available.

Members and guests are all welcome. Dress code is Black Tie or Highland Dress.

Contact George Clelland for further information.

Team Golf

Happy and Healthy Christmas wishes to all our supporters

May you and your families all enjoy the festivities and you achieve great golf next year.

Dates for your diary:-  April 27   Championship first round – all play

May   4    League first round

July  13    League final round

July  20    Championship second round & Presentation Night – all play

Best wishes for the New Year,

John,  Jan, and Jim White

Organisers on behalf of the Social Committee.


I thought the course was playing well last weekend despite the heavy rainfall we have had recently, 207mm falling between 1st November and the 25th.

Even on sunny winter days the green is in shade all day

The green keeping team are cutting greens are being cut at 4.5mm and have fed the greens with a granular fertiliser, including Iron to keep the surfaces as strong and healthy as possible. They have also aerated the greens, a small pencil solid tine (9mm), to let oxygen into the roots and help with drainage. Liquid fertilisers and plant health products are also being applied as and when there is a spray window with no heavy rain or wind.

The course manager, Simon, reports that he has never seen grass grow so strongly in November and in some respects, he is pleased because it has helped the recovery of some of the bare areas around the course we have been trying to repair.


Tees and aprons have performed well all month and the greens team have been able to cut and brush the fairways in the drier periods. Leaves are dropping fast now and so far, the greenies blown them back under the trees until drier conditions will allow them to start clearing them from the course. Hopefully, the drier forecast for next week will come true!


As reported previously one of our winter development projects is to extend the fifth white tee. The greenies have made a good start to this project. They have cleared the site, removed the topsoil, and placed it to one side. They then brought in 120 tonnes of chalk from James White fencing yard to form the base layer of the tee. The chalk will now be left to settle and we will continue the work in January.

Many of you will have noticed that the greenies have begun the more general winter project to improve the condition of the course including bunkers. As noted above this has been helped by the strong grass growth during November. They have also begun the repair and maintenance of bunkers, such as the 7th fairway bunker which they have re modelled with a new turf wall and re shaped the base and bank on the front edge of the bunker. You will also have seen that they have prepared areas such as bunker edges or the ends of paths ready to be returfed in the next week or so, weather permitting.

Finally, when you next play the course on a day like last Friday, in brilliant sunshine, consider how many greens are sitting in the shade. This is now how they will sit until the end of March, so for nearly half the year greens like 10 and 4 do not get any sun light! This in itself makes keeping the greens healthy which can be compounded if we get disease in a green. For example, the 4th green got hit with fusarium late in October, high humidity, temperatures of 20 degrees, full shade with prolonged spells of leaf moisture and you have perfect conditions for disease to develop. Thankfully, the pressure from disease has subsided over the last few weeks with no fresh attacks. Overall, the greens keeping team and I are happy with their condition for this time of the year.

P.S. Simon, Adam, Ben and Mick will represent the club in the Greenkeepers Annual Turkey Trot at Royal Winchester Golf Club on Monday 28th November – here’s wishing them the best of luck!

Derek Myers

Chair Greens Committee

A Look at the Rules


No. The ball must be embedded in the General area which does not include penalty areas or bunkers. You are also not allowed free relief if the ball is embedded in sand in the General area. If it is embedded on the green, then the ball position can be marked, lifted and pitch mark repaired under rule 13.1c(2)

Thanks to Brian Overton for all these Rules Q and A’s. If you have any rulings questions for Brian he will answer them here in future editions, just email the editor.

Pro’s Corner

Stop Topping Your Golf Shots

If you struggle with making good contact with the golf ball then this tip might just be the one that gets you back on track once again. Topping your golf shots is really frustrating but a very easy problem to solve, hope you enjoy the tip.

Watch the video here >> Stop Topping Your Irons and Woods – YouTube

Black Friday Offerings

We have some great bargains in store for you with 30% off Mens Oscar Jacobson and Ladies Rohnisch clothing. We also have some great offers on Taylormade Spider Putters, so next time you are up at the club, please pop into the shop to see all our Black Friday Offers.

Golfbidder Event

We had a great response to our Golf Bidder event that we hosted last Friday at the club. Over £3500.00 was credited to members accounts as they turned their old unused clubs that they had lying around in their garage and sheds into cash. Members accounts have been credited ready for there next purchases in the golf shop.

We will be running another golf bidder event in early Spring of 2023 so if you missed out on the recent one do not worry as we will let you know the date fairly soon.

Christmas Raffle

The Christmas raffle is now in place once again and tickets can be purchased in the Pro Shop at £2 per square. We have some great prizes on offer with the first prize being a Motocaddy S1 electric trolley.

Club Dinner and Presentation Evening

A huge thank you to Mark and Pat Tiplady for our invite to the Club’s Annual Dinner. It was so nice to enjoy a full social event after 2 Years of chaos with Covid and Clubhouse refurbishment. It was nice to experience what AGC is all about in normal times, and we are thrilled to be part of a truly fabulous Golf Club.

The club presentation evening was another great event to be part of. Well done to Gill and the Competitions team for all their hard work that they put into not only this event but for what they do throughout the Year with the running of the Competitions and Handicap work.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank from the bottom of my heart the captains this year for all their support and guidance throughout their time it has been a great pleasure working with Mark, Jan, Bob and Harriet.

Mark I will most certainly miss our Captain/pro challenges on a Thursday it has been a blast playing with you over the last 2 Years and thank you for your support and kindness in settling us in to AGC life.

Welcome New Captains

Welcome Simon, Gunnel, Steve and Oscar on your new Captaincies, I am really looking forward in working with you all and will be more than happy to help and support you in anything that you need from myself or the pro shop team during your special Year.

Simon I am looking forward in playing with you in the captain/pro’s Challenge throughout 2023.

Mark Wood
Head Professional

100 Club

Mike and Esme top of the draw this month

Our winners in the 100 Club prize draw for December 2022

£100    Mike Bryett

£50      Esme Goodacre

£35 Prizewinners

Chris Chapman

Tony Marshall

Nick Male

Gareth Rees

Ray Fisher

Congratulations to all our prize winners this month.  Most people are now choosing to have their winnings paid into their club card account so that’s a little extra to spend in and around the clubhouse. Maybe a chance for a Christmas or New Year treat?  The next draw will take place week beginning 19th December so look out for the result on the noticeboard.

For those who may not have seen the 2021/22 100 Club Financial Report in the recent AGM papers you may be interested to know that the 100 Club provided funds of £4,226 for just one item this year and that was the replacement shoe cleaner.  However substantial funds have now been committed as a contribution towards the honours boards and towards some additional patio furniture.  The sum of £3,526 was paid out in prizes and after allowing for uncleared cheques we will carry forward £10,788 to the new year.

Why not round the year off by joining the 100 Club – you may win a cash prize. 

If you would like to be part of the 100 Club and actively contribute towards future enhancements to our golf club facilities, and have the chance of winning a cash prize each month, then why not join us.  If you are already a member then please encourage your friends or new members to join us too.

The monthly draw will now be for seven cash prizes: £100, £50 and five at £35.

Each share cost £1 per month paid for by monthly standing order and there is no limit to the number you can purchase.  Members generally have between 1 and 10 shares with 5 being the most common holding.

For further information about the 100 Club or for an Application form please give me a call or send me an email – Pat Wallis phone 01420 564417 or email Or you can pick up a form from the Office.

Pat Wallis

Editor: David Marshall


The Editorial Team take no responsibility for incorrect information received from Contributors.