How often do the pin positions get changed on the greens?

The pin positions are regularly changed on a Tuesday and on a Friday throughout the year. They are also changed for some competitions during the week and over the weekends. Generally, the pins are moved twice a week during the winter and up to a maximum of four times in the summer if there is a competition which requires the pins to be moved between rounds, such as the club championship.
Pin positions are changed for several reasons, the most common being excessive wear around the pin and misshapen or damaged holes. Because the greens at Alresford are small spreading the wear is one of the main priorities of the greens staff. When a pin position is changed the core that is removed is used to fill in the old hole, and this, along with the surrounding worn area, takes time to recover. Consequently the greens staff have to carefully balance ongoing wear with recovering old cores on the green. In the summer months the recovery time for the grass is much quicker, which is why we can sustain more frequent pin movement, but in the winter the recovery time is much slower resulting in more visible old cores and the reduced pin movements. During the winter months, if the weather has been particularly bad and there has been reduced play on the course, the pin positions may only be moved once a week.