Fore Info April 2019

Management Corner

The Membership has now received a further consultative update on progress with our plans for clubhouse development,  and from the ad hoc / word-of-mouth response received since this latest communication, there remains very broad member assent and approval for what we are planning.

Our vision for the next ‘milestone’ is to produce a number of architectural visual ideas and options, alongside which would be developed some very initial ‘ballpark’ cost projections.


A small sub-group has been formed to develop this to the next stage.

Members would then be consulted further on the design options, trading off for each how far they go in addressing their own aspirations for improvement against a range of projected costs. Only then will we gain a real sense of acceptable ‘cost benefits’ supported by the membership.

We now await the sub-group’s recommendation and timetable for initial architect engagement. 



Nick Duncan

Chair, Planning and Development Committee

From the Club Captain

We hosted the Hampshire County Juniors against the Men on 3rd March in very blustery conditions. It was a joy to watch the athletic swings of my opponents – Jamie Markwick and Aman Uddin (who also play for the County senior team) – both have obtained scholarships and are off to the USA later this year to study business and of course play golf! My very best wishes to them. For the record we lost the match 4 1/2-1/2.

The first Mens Friendly match of the season was hosted by Alton, this is a very long standing fixture, I was unable to play but I’m told that we received a very warm welcome despite the wet and windy conditions, and we did the honourable thing by losing 3 1/2-1 1/2. Our 2nd match against Royal Winchester was played at home and in much better weather and we managed to win 3-1. My thanks to Mary Rook who has taken on the match manager role for the Mens Friendly matches. To all you men out there please make an effort to play in at least one match this year, they are fun, you get to meet members from other clubs (who always tell us how lucky we are to have such a great course to play on) and, potentially play other courses at very little cost.

The following weekend the 43rd edition of Kit Neilson’s annual Club Quiz was enjoyed by 58 club members and guests. My mantra for the quiz is “It’s not about winning it’s about taking part” I can happily report that my team took part! My thanks to Kit for setting the questions and to Jan White and Sarah (my darling wife!) of the Social Committee for their work on the night in ensuring that the quiz ran smoothly.

Your Social Committee members work very hard to arrange a broad variety of events for your enjoyment, the next event on the 13th April is a murder mystery evening based on two TV series –  Allo Allo and Dad’s Army – it’s sure to be great fun and you can dress up as one of the characters (no Nazis please) if you wish which should add to the enjoyment – don’t panic Captain Mainwaring! There are still a few tables available, come along if you can, every category of Club membership can attend these social events, we are One Club.

When you play golf you should always expect the unexpected, well no one expected the sight ofnewly born lambs on the course on 23rd March not least the farmer who wasn’t aware that the ewe was in lamb!Two potential new members for the Secretary to sign up!


The more observant amongst you will have seen 2 very smart new signs appear on the course. The first as you approach the path to the first tee is to highlight the new starting procedure. The use of the bell is primarily to regulate the spacing between matches to avoid overcrowding on the course, please follow the advice on the sign.

The new sign on the 10th tee is to clarify starting on the 10th when players are on the 9th.  The final line on that sign about priority on the 1st tee for players commencing their round on the 10th is still a trial and under review by my committee, any permanent changes will require a rule change at the AGM in November. My committee have have discussing more general issues around Pace of Play and you can expect some communications about this within the next few weeks, we are working to increase your enjoyment of the game and not to be prescriptive just for the sake of it.

Our club charity this year is the UK Sepsis Trust, we have already had a few events where money has been raised and these have been very low key. On 2nd June my wife Sarah and I will be undertaking a 100 mile sportive cycle ride to raise money for the UK Sepsis Trust and jointly for Breast Cancer Care. You can specify whether you wish to support one or both charities. The ride is part of the Tour of Cambridgeshire, a UCI (the international cycling body) sanctioned event which will also feature professional cyclists in their own races as part of the event. Here is my bicycle and the jersey that I will be wearing, this will be on display in the foyer in due course for you to look at along with sponsor forms and, you can also donate online via Virgin Money Giving if you wish – more details to follow. You will notice that it is a folding bicycle, now some have already commented that I won’t be cycling too far before I get on a bus! To set the record straight, the whole event is held on closed roads so no chance of a bus, taxi or other motorised transport available! – 100 miles is a long way on 16 inch wheels.

Finally, I must congratulate our greens staff on how well the course is looking, they are paying the same level of attention and care to the academy course and it is looking in splendid condition – well done everyone.


Graham Marshallsay

Ladies Section

March has been extremely busy as we start our golf in earnest for 2019. 

Everyone is fitting in the last few matches of the 9 hole Winter Leagues – why do we always leave them to the wire?  The Esme Norris Knockout rounds have also commenced and the draws are up for the Rotherham and the Company Cup.  We’ve played qualifying stablefords and medals and there have already been some good scores.  

We held our Coffee Morning on the 12th March which was sadly a complete wash out – lets hope that isn’t a sign of what the weather is going to do in my year!  The Captains Charity Tomballa was trialled and proved very popular – knowing that whatever happens you will at least win a golf ball is a good sell.  Thank you to everyone who helped and supported on the day.

The Committee met with some of our Lady Winter Members to gain valuable feedback on their time with us.  You will be delighted to hear that there was high praise both for the welcome and the course condition so thank you everyone for giving such a favourable impression.  I’m delighted to say that Ann Younger and Jane Macrae have joined us converting their winter membership to full membership – we are very pleased to have you with us ladies.

Mark Tiplady (Chair of Greens) and Simon Justice (Head Greenkeeper) came to the Ladies Committee Meeting and talked to us about the course and answered the many questions we put to them.  Did you know there is a Frequently Asked Questions Section on the club website?  Just go to  You will need your password as it is in the Members Area.

As the month has progressed there have been some extremely windy days – we played the last leg of the Winter Triple in punishing wind (and quite a bit of rain for the first nine holes) at Corhampton and I’m afraid it didn’t suit us – the ladies from Lee-on-the Solent triumphed – I think it says a lot for the conditions they must play in down on the south coast! The next day nine of us went to Weybrook Park for what should have been a practice round but the wind was – if anything – even stronger than the day before and there was less protection – I don’t think we learned a lot!  The final match took place last week and we believe we came second in our league so a huge thank you to Gill, the team members and the caddies for a great campaign.  April sees the start of our Stoneham campaign so good luck ladies.

The Friendly matches have begun – the first was against Hockley at home and was played in excellent spirit – it felt entirely right that the overall result was a half.

I hope you all enjoy the Australian Spoons foursomes competition which we have re-introduced this year to be played on the 6th and/or 9th March – you can play on either or both days and if you play twice you may try again with a different partner – the best scoring pair overall from the two days will be entered into the final at Basingstoke Golf Club on the 4th July.

Don’t forget to sign up for the Easter Bank Holiday Monday Flag Competition – I played in this for the first time last year and really enjoyed the format.  The list is up in the foyer on the mixed golf board.  Finally the Spring Meeting list closes on the 15th April so make sure you enter before then.  You can put your name up without having two people to play with and others will join you.

Let’s hope we don’t have too many April showers and I wish you all a Happy Easter when it comes!

Best wishes

Sue Masser

Match Committee Report

R&A 9-hole Championship 

This year we are again participating in the R&A 9-hole Championship. We will have a qualifying competition on Friday 26th April and the leading two players will be entered as a pair to England Golf who will offer the chance to play in the Final to the 9 leading pairs in the country based on their combined Stableford points.

  • The Final will involve 42 amateur golfers including 18 (9 pairs) from England and will be played on the morning of Saturday 13h July at Royal Portrush.
  • The Final will be played over the first 2 and the last 7 holes of The Open Championship course.
  • Players must have a CONGU competition handicap and the maximum handicap for men is 28.4c and 36.4c for women.
  • Only one player of the pair can be under the age of 18.
  • The Final will be contested by Stableford with placings determined by team net aggregate scores. This will be a qualifying competition for handicap purposes.
  • The Final will be preceded by a dinner at Royal Portrush on the evening of Friday 12th July.
  • All finalists’ travel to and from Royal Portrush and accommodation costs for the night of Friday 12th July will be paid for by the R&A.
  • Immediately after play on Saturday there will be a closing lunch and presentation of prizes.

9-Hole Championship Qualifier

Our qualifier for the 9-Hole Championship will be on Friday 26th April. We have chosen a Friday so that 5-day members can also participate. The pair put forward to England Golf will be the leading two players who meet the entry criteria defined by the R&A. 

  • Our qualifying competition is open to all members with a CONGU competition handicap.
  • Sign-in will be done using the terminal in the Entrance Hall only. There will not be a sign-in sheet in the Pro’s Shop.
  • Sign-in for the competition will be available 1 week in advance of the competition date. (You can sign-in for the competition anytime from 20th April.)
  • The entry fee will be £1.50. 
  • The entry fee should be placed in an envelope with your name on the outside and ‘posted’ into the Office.
  • On completion of your round, please enter your score into the terminal in the Entrance Hall. Score Entry will be available until 9:30pm on the day of the competition,
  • You can only enter your score if you have previously signed-in. Sign-in and Score Entry are date and time-stamped. If there is too small an interval between the two time-stamps, your score may be discarded.

Please note that this is a change to the diary where the date for this competition is given as 14th June.
We’ve had to change the date as the R&A have brought forward the closing date for entries. 

Lifeboat Stableford

Thank you to everyone who played in the Lifeboat Stablefords on 22nd/23rd  March as we raised £348 for the RNLI.

Preferred Lies (Winter Rules)

England Golf has authorised an extension of the Preferred Lies period beyond 31st March due to the heavy rainfall during March. It is most likely that for us this extension will be no more than 1 or 2 weeks, so please be aware that Preferred Lies will be withdrawn at some point during the month of April. Look out for the Winter Rules signs being removed. When Preferred Lies are not in operation and you are not taking relief, the penalty for lifting your ball is one stroke.


George Clelland

A Look at the Rules


A player plays from the teeing area and in making the stroke, the ball falls off the tee and lies on the grass in the teeing area. The player picks up the ball and re-tees it and hits the ball up the fairway.
How many strokes has the player made?

Screen Shot 2019-03-30 at 09.50.11

Vets Section

Spring has certainly sprung for the Vets Section! We have enjoyed a month full of matches, well attended Wednesday morning roll-ups and an excellent season starter with the Vets captain versus vice captain match. Over 40 players turned out for this match which traditionally has been won by the vice captain’s team. A new trend started last year continued into 2019 with the captain’s team (of course randomly selected) running out the clear winners. However, just to prove a point, the vice captain and his partner Wynne Tufnell gave the captain and his partner a sound drubbing. A huge thank you to Wynne for organising another great day’s golf with a convivial lunch to follow.

On the match front the results say it all: 4 matches played: 4 matches won! A great warm up to the summer ahead. These matches are of course “friendlies” and played in a really good spirit; an opportunity to play and meet with other clubs and enjoy some fun golf and a pleasant lunch. But it’s still nice to win!

It has to be said that to date these have all been home games and the outcome may be different faced with away courses. Only 35 more matches to come this year!

Don’t forget Vets that these matches are open to all who subscribe their £10 to the Vets section and have a competition handicap; so please don’t be shy in volunteering to play.

We look forward to next week’s Vets and Ladies Breeze Up (4 April) with 27 mixed pairs monopolising the course for much of the morning and the clubhouse later.

If you are interested in playing in seniors opens at other clubs, watch the Vets notice board for details and make your own arrangements.

Drew Fielden

…from the Secretary

Welcome to the following new members who have all joined the club starting during January and February so far ; Paul Kennett (Country), Nick Davidson, Jean Leah, Ian Shanks, Garreth Duncan (Academy), James Loudon and William Perkins (Juniors).

We hope that all our Winter members enjoyed their time with us and if you have not decided to upgrade this year, will consider re-joining again next November? If you are still undecided please come and speak to us in the Office and remember that you are entitled to a credit on your joining fee. Welcome to Jane Macrae and Ann Younger who have upgraded from their Winter Membership.

We hope that your time at the club will be a long and enjoyable one for all of you.

Remember – YOU, our members are our best salespeople. We need new members and have vacancies in all categories? If you know any friends or acquaintances who are thinking of joining a club or changing clubs, or have new neighbours who have recently moved to the area, please do your best to sell them the benefits of Alresford Golf Club.  

Members ‘Meet & Greet’ evening

The Captains invite all new members (including Winter members and HPLS) as well as existing members to join them on

Friday 6th April 7.00 – 8.30pm for drinks and nibbles.

Please rsvp to the office if you intend to come along.

Partners welcome.


Fancy a game in the week? All members are welcome to come along to the ‘club roll-up’ on Wednesday mornings. The usual start time is 11am all year round but may change subject to any advanced tee reservations. Everyone welcome.

Wednesday 3rd ~ 10.30am (Skool Golf & Dinner)
Wednesday 10th ~ 11.00am (mid-week stableford)
Wednesday 17th ~ 11.00am
Wednesday 24th ~11.00am

Wednesday 1st ~ 11.00am
Wednesday 8th ~ 11.00am
Wednesday 15th ~ 11.00am
Wednesday 22nd ~11.00am




£30 per head

This is a light hearted, interactive Murder Mystery Dinner Show – come in themed dress (1940’s, vintage, TV character or detectives etc). Limited ticket spaces – don’t miss out so book your space today. See Social Noticeboard for details and ‘sign up’ sheet.

Saturday 13th April
– Limited tickets , don’t miss out !
Sunday 21st April
Sunday 19th May
SPRING TEXAS SCRAMBLE (Shotgun start 8.30am)
Friday 24th May


9.00 – 11.00AM



Are you a good player, a good golfer, or both ?

Good players have low handicaps, usually hit the ball a mile, and occasionally post very low scores. Good golfers fill divots, repair ball marks, and practice good etiquette each and every time they are on the course.

Calling through

The terms “play through” and “playing through” refer to the act of a faster group of golfers on a golf course being invited to or allowed to pass a slower group – for the faster group to get ahead of the slower group.

If you’re holding up traffic, let the players behind you pass, whether they are men, ladies or juniors , 1, 2 3 or 4 balls .The golden rule is if the group behind you could play faster then let them through. ‘But its not a race’ I hear you say. You are correct, so if someone wants to play faster – let them and then enjoy your game without worrying who is behind you. Its poor etiquette and bad manners to spoil their game . Faster golfers always deserve the right of way.

If there’s a hole open ahead of you and your group is on the green, with golfers standing, arms-crossed, in the fairway behind you — the golf equivalent of flashing the full headlights – then there is a problem developing. Be aware of what is going on around you. If this happens once, it might be an aberration. If it happens a second time, guess what? You’re the problem. Proper etiquette requires you to step aside.

There’s a good chance this will happen on a par-3, where slowdowns are most common. The process here is easy: “Wave them up while you get to the green, let them putt while you are planning your putts, then let them go to the next tee first.”

If they catch you on the tee box of a par-4 or par-5, let them tee off right after you have hit, then let them move down the hole with you but at some point let them go ahead.

Pace of play and etiquette are interrelated. Most golfers understand this. Sadly, a few do not. They refuse to let folks through, or ignore what is happening around them and then moan if another player questions them.

Why, is sometimes hard to say, though it often boils down to ego or entitlement, or, most likely, a little bit of both. It’s never too early in a round to do the right thing (if your foursome’s on the 1st tee, and a single ambles up, let the single go). But is it ever too late? The 16th tee is a reasonable cut off, unless the group behind you is shattering a land-speed record. Though the rules of etiquette do not require it, you’re wise to let them through or at the least make the offer whenever they catch you, even as late as the 18th tee.

Good thing is, when it comes to waving through, two fundamental rules should cover all scenarios: apply common courtesy and common sense.

FACEBOOK – check out our Facebook page

Make sure you ‘like’ our Facebook page and you will link to it and get the regular pictures and updates on what’s happening !

Twitter follow the green staff and see what’s happening on and around the course. @GreenstaffAGC


Following the temporary suspension of reciprocals over the winter period , I am pleased to inform members that these will resume at all our reciprocal clubs as of 1st April.

There is one slight change in that it will now cost £10pp to play at Yeovil GC

These clubs will accept a maximum of one fourball per week from us to play their course for no fee   (unless otherwise stated). This is always subject to availability and course conditions. Bookings can be booked a maximum of 14 days in advance and should be made through our Office and NOT directly.

  • WATERLOOVILLE G.C., HAMPSHIRE (Mondays-Fridays only)
  • LEE-ON-THE-SOLENT G.C., HAMPSHIRE (Mondays-Fridays only)
  • TIDWORTH GARRISON G.C., WILTSHIRE (Mondays- Fridays only)
  • YEOVIL G.C., SOMERSET (Mondays-Fridays only , £10pp)
  • BRAMLEY G.C., SURREY (Mondays-Fridays only)
  • RUSHMORE G.C., WILTSHIRE (2 fourballs per week permitted, £10pp  w/day or £20pp w/end)
  • SALISBURY & S. WILTS. G.C., WILTSHIRE (Mondays – Fridays , only after 12.30pm on Weds. & Fri.)
  • ROWLANDS CASTLE G.C., HAMPSHIRE (Mondays-Fridays only)
  • HIGH POST G.C., WILTSHIRE (Mondays-Fridays only , after 11am)
  • CHOBHAM G.C., SURREY (Mondays-Fridays only)
  • EL PARAISO G.C., MALAGA, SPAIN (Monday-Sundays, special green fee rate)

We are proud and delighted to announce that we have secured a ‘reciprocal agreement’ with EL PARAISO GOLF CLUB, near Estepona, Málaga, Spain. Alresford GC members can enjoy preferential rates all year round when booking on line by using an exclusive Alresford members code.

El Paraiso is one of the most established courses on the Costa del Sol. Set out in the peaceful El Paraiso valley with the backdrop of the majestic ‘La Concha’ mountain to the north and the sparkling Mediterranean to the south, El Paraiso has a real members club feel to it and you can be sure of a warm welcome. Lush fairways are punctuated by meandering streams, flanked by palm trees and an abundance of exotic fauna, including oleander, jacaranda and mimosas. Lakes provide a home for waterbirds and the golf balls of the unwary! It is an enjoyable test of golf for both the low and high handicapper. Good practice facilities, very reasonable Pro-Shop and excellent restaurant – all come highly recommended.

125 CLUB

Following the success of the reciprocal arrangements with other clubs celebrating their 125th anniversary last year, this scheme has been extended. Please check with the office or website for the complete list of participating clubs and arrangements.

Alresford GC App

You will have no doubt noticed that the fixtures diary no longer contains members contact details. This was due to the changes in the GDPR laws. As part of our effort of providing an enhanced range of member information and communication, we are pleased to inform you that the new member’s app is now live and available.

To download the app please visit the App Store (Apple) or Play Store (Android) and search for ClubV1 Members Hub. The app is completely free. If you wish to download the Club app to your laptop or home computer use the web link below, creating a HDIDO registration as above and saving onto your desktop.

You will need to register before you can use the app. The app will direct you through the HowDidIDo Passport registration process.  If you are already a HDIDO user, you will not need to re-register, simply use the same login details.

In order to verify that you are a registered member of Alresford GC you will be prompted to verify your membership. You may need some or all of the following information:

Registered Email Address (needs to match the one held at the club)

Registered Address

You will be sent an email to confirm the validity of your email address. Once you have registered you will be able to login.

One of the key benefits of the app is that it will provide a secure access to members contact information. However, members must edit / confirm their details and privacy settings to enable other members to be able to access their contact details. If you do not do this, others will not be able to view your details.

Within the Members area you will also be able to view:

• Course Status

• Live Competition Leaderboard

• Club News

• Competition Results

• Bar Balance and Receipts

• Members List

• Edit your personal details and privacy settings (You must ‘opt in’ for other members to be able to view your contact details)

• Club Diary

Please inform the club if you wish your name to be not visible to other members.

We will begin to utilise these additional features over the coming weeks and months. The green staff are already using the COURSE STATUS feature and this will provide daily notifications.

We hope you find this easy to complete and please contact the Club in the event you do have any challenges with this.


Entries are welcome from Alresford members to this successful annual event.

Each year our Vets are allocated to single entries to help ‘show them around’ the course and make them feel welcome on the day. We receive many positive comments because of this. Alresford members entry fee is reduced by £10 to ONLY £25 which includes a 2 c luncheon and prizes.

Separate prizes for Alresford members and visitors (1st, 2nd and 3rd places plus NP’s).

Entry sheets available from the Office.






David Maskrey

Green News

There is certainly the feel that spring is here with lots of trees starting to bud and the whole golf course coming to life.

The daffodil bulbs to the right of the 12th green are doing very well and some have also been planted on the bank front left of the 10th tee and down the side of the 16th tee path. 

The sheep yet again have done a great job and are due to be taken off site soon.  Further signs of spring are the 2 lambs that were born last weekend!

Greens are now being cut at 4mm and will stay at this height until we get some better growing conditions and to aid with the recovery of disease scars.

We are seeing other issues on the surfaces relating to pest damage beneath the surface. 

Simon has measured root depth on a number of greens and found shallow rooting problems with two causes. 

Nematodes are eating away at the roots and there are symptoms of stress to the plant going back to the unusually hot summer last year.

There is a very long explanation as to what a nematode is but in short, we are dealing with a plant parasite which only feed on living tissues or grass roots. To combat this, we need to correct the soil biology and get the balance right of some nematodes by decreasing their population to a manageable state. Greens have been slit tined and sarell rolled with applications of seaweed and iron. The small aerator and roller will be used in the 1st week of April along with some fertiliser and sand to get the greens going.

Tees and Aprons have really benefitted from a feed with great cover and colour and winter play damage growing out very quickly, hardstand paths have been weeded and some edgings will be replaced.  Topping material will be added where needed. Tee stones have been lowered and presented for summer play. Cutting heights are now at 10mm.

Fairways are now being cut at 15mm which is summer height.  There are still some areas which need to fill in and fertiliser is in stock ready to go out to help them along the road to recovery.  

The divot party is booked for Thursday 25th from 9:00 until 11:00.  This has been very successful in the past, helping to make our fairways exceptional.  Please make a note in your diary!

The academy course has turned a corner and the greens are looking better for a shorter cut with some subtle reshaping.  We will have a worthwhile ‘hole 19’ available should it be required in the future.

Outfield areas are starting to tickle away growth wise and are being cut as and when needed. Surrounds and tee banks will also be fertilised to help them recover and provide steady growth for 3 to 4 months.

Irrigation is all up and running we will be testing the system shortly and have already repaired a couple of leaks on sprinkler heads.  Tree work is almost completed, and Colin will be back for a day or so to finish of dead wooding a couple of trees between 9 and 18.  Bunkers have all been edged and we will be checking sand depths and adding sand in the coming weeks.  GUR restrictions on bunker surrounds is lifted and all areas are in play.

Two new information signs have been installed on the 1st and 10th tees with a new hardstand area on the 10th installed.  Some concern for safety has been raised on the 1st tee hence the reason for the roped off area by the start hut.  We will replace this with flower troughs shortly.  A new container has been delivered and sited in the bottom yard area and will be used for clubhouse storage.

Tees and Aprons are being divot filled on a regular basis and are holding up well after a lot of play. Fertiliser for these areas is in stock and will be applied when the next rainfall is due.

Mark Tiplady

A Look at the Rules


Two, Under the new rule 6.2, A player may tee the ball or place the ball anywhere in the teeing area when the ball is in the teeing area.


R and A

100 Club

The winners of the 100 Club prize draw for April were:

£100 Gareth Rees

£50 Claire Gould

£32 Jane Hendry

£32 Tinneke Ribbink

£32 Norman Sheen

£32 David Pain

Congratulations to this month’s winners. The next draw will take place in the week beginning 22nd April 2019.

New purchase

The latest purchase by the 100 Club is the new furniture on the patio. Hopefully members will have been able to make good use of this to enjoy our recent spell of good weather and round off a pleasant game of golf.

Not a member of the 100 Club?

The objective of the Alresford Golf Club 100 Club is to raise funds for projects and items requiring capital expenditure that will enhance the Golf Course and/or the Clubhouse.  Such projects would generally be considered ‘extras’ and not necessarily be within the Club budget.  The 100 Club was launched in 1987 to raise funds to augment the Centenary celebrations of the Golf Club in 1990, but at the request of the members, the 100 Club has continued to raise funds for items such as the Information Board and Clock on the 1st tee and the Automatic External Defibrillator in the Entrance Hall.

If you’re not a member of the 100 Club, you can become one for as little as £1 per month.  Shares in the 100 Club are purchased for £1 per month and there is no limit on the number of shares which can be held.  In general, most members have between 1 and 5 shares and pay by monthly direct debit, though it’s also possible to pay quarterly or annually.  Each share is allocated a number which is entered in the monthly draw.  The top prize is £100, with a second prize of £50 and four other prizes of £32.  For more information contact Pat Wallis on 01420 564417 or, or call in to the Secretary’s Office.

Pat Wallis


Men’s & Mixed Competitions
2nd March – Men's Stableford
Division 1
1stRoy Partridge41 points
2ndWill Pakenham-Walsh41
3rdMartin Cornforth39
Division 2
1stSteve Morgan39 points
2ndDavid Forrest37
3rdDan Pulling36
4thDavid Derrick36
4th March – Over 60's Stableford
1stMichael Clarkson42 points
2ndBen Green40
3rdDennis Jones39
4thMark Tiplady36
9th March – Men's Stableford
Division 1
1stChris White35 points
2ndScot Johnson35
3rdPaul Batty33
Division 2
1stJim Bulloch37 points
2ndChris Reilly36
3rdMike Pigott35
10th March – Famous Grouse Greensomes
1stIan Cantrill & Mike Pigott63.2 net
2ndGrant Thorne & Josh Evans68.2
3rdTrevor Richardson & Jim Bulloch 68.8
13th March – Mid-Week Stableford
1stChris Reilly39 points
2ndPeter Morgan39
3rdGlen Kreffer36
4thDavid Mason35
16th March – Men's Medal
1stPhil Gurd69 net
2ndScot Johnston69
3rdChris White70
22nd March – Lifeboat Stableford
1stGlen Kreffer38 points
2ndLouis Parker38
3rdMartin Chudley37
Ladies’ Competitions
March Stableford - 2nd/5th March
Div 1Linda Wager33 points
Div 2Jo Youngs36 points
Div 3Jean Coveyduck36 points
March Medal & Lifeboat Charity Day - 16th/19th March
Div 1Sarah Densham73 net
Div 2Gill Freemantle72 net
Div 3Jennifer Clelland73 net
Winter Triple 3rd Leg 14th March @ Corhampton
AlresfordAggregate - 276
CorhamptonAggregate - 278
Lee-on-the-SolentAggregate - 284
Overall winners - Lee-on-the-Solent
Maple Leaf Trophy
Alresford v Weybrook Park (Away)Lost 3 and 2
Daily Mail Foursomes
Alresford v South Winchester (Away)Lost 3 and 2
Friendly Matches
Alresford v Hockley (Home)Halved
18th February - T J Evans Trophy
1stBailey Riches33 points
2ndJames Parry32
3rdJenny Myers30

Mixed Matches

Our first match of the season is on Sunday, 14th April at home against Tylney Park. First tee at 12 30pm. The list asking for volunteers for this match has been posted and we have had a really good response so thank you to all those who responded. The team list is on the Mixed Match board in the foyer.

The list for our second match at home against Petersfield has also been posted and very well supported and the team list will be posted soon.

A full list of all our mixed match fixtures is also on the board in the foyer. Volunteer lists for subsequent matches will be posted periodically. Any member with a CONGU handicap is welcome to play. It is very much hoped that more members will avail themselves of the opportunity to play mixed golf both at home and on some good away courses. All the matches are played in a very friendly manner and everyone is welcome, no matter what their handicap. An e-mail will be sent to all those chosen to play and the team list will be posted on the board.

A decision has been made that Five Day members may play in the weekend matches if we are unable to field a team from amongst the Seven Day members. There will be a column on the volunteer sheet for Five Day members to sign up. No green fees will be payable. It is hoped that Five Day Members will take advantage of this opportunity to play at the weekend, both at home and away, if required.

Again this year we will be continuing with a smart/casual dress code for our match meals at home and it seems likely that other clubs are also going down this path. There will be no need for gentlemen to wear jacket and tie, unless they so wish. We are also looking at the possibility of serving brunch prior to some of our home matches, instead of having a meal afterwards. Any feedback on this (no pun intended!) would be welcome.

For more information or any queries please contact Jan Harring (07980474448).



This format for 9 holes played on Thursday evenings is great fun and starts on 2nd of May.  For those members who have not been previously involved, you are only committed to a minimum of four evenings, ending on July 11th.

The Format and full details are on the Social Notice board or on line in the members section.

Do join a team or form your own; the entry list is now on the Social Notice board and closes on April 21st or when full with 10 teams.

It is a great chance to meet other members and make new friends, so at least sign in on the availability list to help those forming a team.

Any queries contact  John White  01962 732283 or

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