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At the AGM’s we announced this years Club Charity, Transplant Sport. This Charity encourages people of all ages who have had an organ transplant, to get active and into sport as an essential constituent for their overall health and longevity. It helped my Son in Law after his kidney transplant tremendously. If you would like any more info on this, I will be happy to chat about it.

I am looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible at the Ladies Texas Scramble on 12th December. This is always a fun event and will help to get us into the Christmas Spirit. It is a great lead up to Christmas.

For Your Diary

Burns Supper 2018

Saturday 27th January 7.00pm for 7.30pm

As you start to think of what you’re going to do after New Year and are looking for something to brighten up those dreary January nights, what better than an evening out with friends to enjoy a good hearty meal at one of the highlights of the social scene.

See Social Events section for details…

From the Club Captain

My year as Vice Captain flew by and I enjoyed it far more than I was expecting.

My first task must be to thank last year’s Captains; Andrew, Jean and Geoff, who put in a lot of hard work to ensure their year, would be a success, which it truly was. My best wishes for the coming year go to Graham, Vice Captain, Mary and Sue the Ladies Captain and Vice Captain, Chris and Drew for the Men’s Vets and to William Briggs as Junior Captain.

The month started with the ‘Secretary’s Banger’ a new competition with a shotgun start and with prizes for both the individual winner and the team winner. An excellent Carvery afterwards was enjoyed by many and contributed to making it a fun day.

The Club Dinner held on the 11th November was a great success. Chris and Kelly are now into their second year as caterers for the Club and the food prepared by Chef Adam was superb, possibly surpassing last year’s meal! Peter Wardell, the Magician, who performed so well last year, entertained us again with a very slick performance and continued to frustrate those amongst us trying to unravel the trickery. For Gill Fremantle this was her last function as Chair of the Social Committee before she stood down after a very successful tenure. Gill and her team have raised the profile of the social activities within the Club. Thank you, Gill.

The result of the Captain vs Ladies Captains match was a complete reversal from the heavy defeat suffered by the men last year. The Captain and myself, however, did not buck the trend as Jean and Mary cruised to a very easy win.

Thanks to the Ladies and to Andrew, who gave their time to polish the trophies. I was advised by the Ladies that men can also polish, so perhaps a few of us men should help next year! The Trophy evening, as usual, was managed efficiently by George Clelland and Malcolm and Jane Scott ensured the trophies ended up with the rightful winners. Congratulations to all the winners and especially to Will Briggs both the Club and Junior Champion and to the Ladies Champion Kelly Travers.

The AGM, which has been chaired for many years by Mary Rook, went smoothly and quickly. Thank you, Mary.

The Drive-in on Sunday proved to be a very happy day for Mary, Chris, Will and myself. Our thanks go to Chris, Kelly and Adam for providing such an excellent meal and also to Carol Roe and her team for organising a great day. Mary Rook again took on the task of selling the pegs and raised £600 for Transplant Sport – the Captains’ Charity for the coming year. Mary Panter gives more information on this within her Ladies Captain’s article.

Following the Auction of Promises evening, five members hosted a ‘Come Dine with Me’ evening at their homes. Congratulations to Jan White whose superb Pheasant dish gave her the title of best host.

Finally, my thanks to everyone who have given me their advice and have expressed their support for the coming year.

I wish you all a Very Happy Christmas and Good Golfing for 2018.

Brian Wright

Ladies Section

I can’t quite believe a whole year has gone by as Vice Captain and now here I am in the Ladies Captains role in what I believe is the best Golf Club around. I have a very hard act to follow though. Jean has been a brilliant Captain, always being there for every event and helping everyone out. She can be extremely proud of her year, and hopefully will look back at it with great pride. Thank you, Jean.

We have lost 2 of our hardworking committee members, Lyn Travers who was Competition Secretary and Elaine Capp. They both made outstanding contributions to the Section and we will miss them. On the other side, we are fortunate to be able to welcome on Sandra Hooker as Competition Secretary and Gill Freemantle. I am so looking forward to working with them along with the rest of my committee. Also, of course, it goes without saying, I am absolutely thrilled that Sue Masser agreed to be my Vice Captain.

Thank you all for attending the Ladies AGM and then the Captains Drive-In on Sunday. Carol and her team produced a nice show for everyone to learn a little more about us. We won’t mention my “Drive” again this year but suffice to say I haven’t left Sue a hard act to follow!! Also, a big thank you for the many messages of encouragement I have received – what a kind lot you all are!

At the AGM’s we announced this years Club Charity, Transplant Sport. This Charity encourages people of all ages who have had an organ transplant, to get active and into sport as an essential constituent for their overall health and longevity. It helped my Son in Law after his kidney transplant tremendously. If you would like any more info on this, I will be happy to chat about it.

I am looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible at the Ladies Texas Scramble on 12th December. This is always a fun event and will help to get us into the Christmas Spirit. It is a great lead up to Christmas.

Although we are in the midst of winter, we are still a very busy section with lots to look forward to including the Turkey Trot, the first winter triple at Lee on the Solent and the continuation of our 9 hole or Winter Foursomes competitions. The Maple Leaf is under way and I wish all the team the best of luck in this.

Please join us in the last Ladies Roll Up of the year on 19th December – a good way to relax and get some fresh air before all the excitement of Christmas. After Christmas, we are organising the Club Roll Up on New Year’s Day. This starts at 11am – and as one of our New Year’s resolutions will no doubt be ‘Play more golf’ what better day to begin! I can’t wait to see you all there to join in with a hearty bowl of soup and a wee dram to follow!

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Mary Panter

Match Committee Report

Trophy Presentation Evening

All the Club’s trophies on display is an impressive sight. Congratulations to Grant Thorne on being awarded the beautiful Fred Morse Trophy for being the most consistent player in 2017.

Trophy winners and runners-up and Medal and Stableford winners who were unable to attend the Trophy Presentation Evening may collect their glassware memento from the Pro’s Shop; trophy winners who wish to take their trophy home should inquire in the Office. A full list of prize winners is on the main notice board.

CONGU Changes

Many of you are already aware of the changes to the handicapping system which become effective on 1st January 2018. These changes are in anticipation of the proposed introduction of the World Handicapping System. No date has been announced as to when this will happen as the new handicapping system also requires changes to the way courses are assessed and rated, plus all the handicapping software vendors will have a lot of work to do.

The most significant changes for players are:

  • The maximum handicap for both men and women will be 54. There will be a new Category 5 for men (28.5 – 36.4) and a new Category 6 for men and women (36.5 – 54.0). Players will be able to maintain a Competition Handicap in all 6 categories. This means that handicaps will automatically increase above the current limits of 28.0 and 36.0 as a result of scores outside your buffer zone in qualifying competitions or from Supplementary Scores.
  • The restrictions of a maximum of 10 Supplementary Scores per year and no more than 1 per week are removed. This applies only to players in Category 2 through 6; the restrictions for Category 1 players remain.

The CONGU changes are separate from and unrelated to the proposed changes to the Rules of Golf which will be published in the summer of 2018 for implementation from 1st January 2019.

Supplementary Scores

As a consequence of the CONGU changes, from 1st January 2018, we will be implementing a new procedure for submitting Supplementary Scores. Instead of signing in using the Supplementary Score sign-in sheet in the Pro’s Shop or the Ladies Changing Room, all players should sign-in and enter their scores using the PSI terminal in the Entrance Hall.

Before play:

  • Sign-in to the PSI terminal
  • Select ‘Enter an Event’
  • Select ‘Supplementary Score’. Unless there is also a competition running that day, this will be the only option. Note, you cannot play in a competition and submit a Supplementary Score on the same day.
  • When your sign-in for a Supplementary Score is accepted, you should Exit from the system.

After play:

  • Sign-in to the PSI terminal.
  • Select ‘Score Entry’.
  • Select ‘Supplementary Score’.
  • Select the course and tees you used.
  • Enter your gross score for each hole.
  • When you’re sure your scores are correct and match what is on your card, select ‘Accept’ and ‘Exit’ from the system.
  • Place your score card in the Green Box underneath the PSI terminal.

Periodically, generally at least once per week, a member of the Match & Handicap Committee will retrieve the score cards from the Green Box and check them against all the Supplementary Scores which have been submitted and held on the system. If all is in order, your Supplementary Score will be accepted, and your Playing Record and handicap adjusted as appropriate.

George Clelland
Match Secetary

A Look at the Rules


A player drives his ball into a lake in front of the green. He finds the ball in the water, retrieves it and takes a drop in accordance with rule 26-1b. He chips onto the green and putts the ball into the hole. On the way to the next tee, he realises the ball he holed was not his, what is the ruling?

Vets Section

I am writing this the day after the Captains’ drive in and it feels that my year has got off to a very jolly start. Thanks very much to Carol Roe and the social committee for making it such fun – and to Chris Pullinger and his team for an absolutely first rate carvery. Shame about the shot though! Still, even though I was not on the green the vets captain was nevertheless nearest the pin – again.

On a more sombre note most of you will know that we recently lost Jack Moody, a stalwart friend of the club and a personal friend to many of our vets members. Jack’s funeral was going to coincide with our Christmas Texas Scramble so, out of respect, we have moved the scramble and lunch to the following day, Thursday 7th December. I hope that doesn’t inconvenience many people, but I am sure you will realise that many members want to pay their last respects.

It seems a while now since I was installed at the AGM where I thanked Geoff Proctor my predecessor for all his hard work and for inducting me into the mysteries of the captaincy. Luckily for me the committee have all agreed to continue for another year but some would be prepared to hand over to keen newbies next year if there are any volunteers – see me if you are interested. I have been really impressed with the amount of work that goes into the organisation of the matches and tournaments – but don’t let that put you off.

This year we ran 52 weekly roll ups, 48 inter-club matches and 23 vets or seniors tournaments/competitions. That’s a lot of golf and a lot of organisation, so my thanks go to all who have made that possible for last year – and are continuing to do so for my year as captain.

Keeping up the rate of participation in the matches is a priority for me – so next year I plan to adopt the same policy – making sure everyone gets an equal chance of being picked if they volunteer for selection. I want to keep the maximum number of pairs at 7. This season the meal will consist of a choice of two main courses (as a buffet service) and a pudding. The buffet should speed things up and enable us to fit in the pudding (for £13.50, which is very reasonable by the standards of the other clubs we play). The golf course always gets very high praise and we want to be the best there is in all respects so I am sure this will be welcomed.

The Winter League matches have started well with two wins (one at home to Corhampton and one very valuable one away at South Winchester) and a draw against Hockley. Well done to all the players – and keep it up.

Date for the diary: The Vets Invitation will be on the 9th August. Please consider making this a really special day by inviting a friend to play. We have an offer of sponsorship this year so should have some great prizes and excellent catering.

Finally I hope you all have a great year with a lot of fun on and off the course


…from the Secretary

New Members

Welcome to the following new members who have all joined the club starting during November and December so far; Matthew Warne (5 day), Michael Aggiss, Chris Clayton, Phil Norman, Jim Murray, Eddie Bentley and Ian Sutherland (Winter members).

We hope that your time at the club will be a long and enjoyable one for all of you.

May I remind all members that we are welcoming new membership enquiries for all categories? If you know any friends or acquaintances who are thinking of joining a club or changing clubs, please do your best to sell them the benefits of Alresford.

Of particular interest may be our NEW Winter membership. Available from 1st November 2017 until 31st March 2018. You can see from the list of 13 new members above that this is proving extremely popular. We are limiting the initial intake to 30 people so If you know of any members of other clubs who suffer poor playing conditions over the winter – this may be ideal for them – please let them know. The subscription is pro-rata for those joining from December onwards.

  • 7 days a week
  • NO joining fee
  • Eligible to play in competitions and ‘roll up’s’
  • Obtain an official CONGU handicap
  • Utilise the clubhouse and catering with discount card for bar and food purchases
  • Full use of club’s practice facilities, driving range and PAR3 course
  • Bring guests to play on reduced members
    ‘guest rate’
  • Attend social functions

Contact the Office for full details and application form.

Club ‘Roll Up’

Fancy a game in the week? All members are welcome to come along to the ‘club roll-up’ on Wednesday mornings. The usual start time is 11.00am all year – all timings subject to any advanced tee reservations. Keepan eye on the noticeboard and website for any chnages.


Wednesday 6th 11.00am

Wednesday 13th 11.00am

Wednesday 20th 10.30am
(Skool Xmas Golf & Lunch)

Wednesday 27th 11.00am


Wednesday 3rd 11.15am (due to golf society)

Wednesday 10th 11.00am

Wednesday 17th 11.00am

Is anyone interested in a gentle 9 holes, once or twice a week? If 18 holes is getting a little too much but you still wish to take some golfing exercise with a coffee or lunch afterwards please let the Secretary know who will put you in touch with other like-minded members.

Forthcoming events your diary

Saturday 10th December

Sunday 17th December

Tuesday 26th December

Sunday 31st December

Subscription Renewals 2018

We will endeavour to send the majority of subscription renewal notices out to members via email again this year. Please ensure that we have your correct email address and pass this information on to any of your colleague’s if you think they are not receiving the FORE INFO. Any members who we do not have email addresses for will still have these details posted as normal.

Please note change to friday bar closing times

Over the Winter / Spring period the Clubhouse (and Bar) will close on Fridays as per the normal weekday times , unless there is an event or pre-booked function. Below is the current list of dates when the bar will be closed earlier.

Friday 1st December

Friday 8th December

Friday 15th December

Friday 22nd December

Friday 29th December

Friday 5th January

Please check the club website and main noticeboard for changes to these dates.

Sheep on the course

All members are reminded that entry into the sheep enclosure is NOT permitted.

Members with pace makers must stay away from the electric fence.

If a ball is in the sheep enclosure, it MUST NOT be retrieved, and another ball must be substituted and dropped in accordance with Rule 25-1b. If it is known or virtually certain that a ball that has not been found is in the sheep enclosure, the player may take relief , without penalty, as prescribed under Rule 25-1c.

This local rule is not optional – all players must take note.

Golf Club Manners

We go through periods when we receive comments from members and visitors about slow play and divots on the greens. These are two of the three most emotive subjects at all golf clubs – the third being dress codes.

The majority of play on our golf course is by members and generally the times when play is more noticeably slow is on competition days. Whilst the majority of members recognise that these bad traits are displayed by both visitors and members, some members remain blinkered to this and think that they cannot possibly be at fault.

Twitter follow the green staff and see what’s happening on and around the course. @GreenstaffAGC

Once again, I must stress that we can all be guilty of slow play at times. All that we ask is for us all to be able to recognise when this is happening, be appreciative of the effects and stress that these can cause to other golfers and be courteous enough to deal with the situation.

The letter below was received last week from a member and is typical of comments received;

“I played in a 3 ball this week, in the mid week stableford competition, we followed a 4 ball group and the round took 4 hours and 20 minutes to complete.

During the round we waited patiently at every tee while the group ahead cleared the fairway etc, at times there was no need for any delay as we could see the group ahead of them and they were well ahead and there seemed no need to be delayed so much.

At one stage we were teeing off at the 10th with the group ahead on the tee for the 11th, waiting. 

I saw that the group were just stood on the tee making no effort to progress, the group ahead of them were already well past the 2nd big tree on that fairway and walking towards the bunker further up the fairway, approaching the 150 marker.

Noting this, we took our tee shots at the 10th, walked to the green, putted out and then walked to the 11th tee just as the group on that tee started to walk off having taken their tee shots.

We played the hole and walked to the tee of the 11th in the time it took the 4 of them to tee off and only start to leave the tee box, there was no excuse for this delay. They ignored us and at no time offered to allow us to play through.”

That hole is one example of the dreadful hold up that group caused not only us but others who caught up and were now queuing from the 10th.

It is apparent that there is a lack of knowing one`s own ability when mixed with the course conditions and golfers are not keeping up with the group ahead, not just on that day but often.That day was just one of the worst examples.

This slow play can be avoided and will make for a more enjoyable round of golf, not only does it anger members it has also caused grumbles among green fee paying visitors who suffered first hand a few weeks ago when we came up behind them on the course and spoke on a tee whilst waiting.

There is also a reluctance to let people through when distance is lost with the excuse of “there`s just a load of 4 balls ahead” being rolled out as a reason not to allow others to play through.

There may be groups ahead etc but if you have lost ground, you let through and then the matter is for the other groups to deal with as they meet each other along the course.

The ‘’there`s just a load of 4 balls ahead” excuse is NOT acceptable within the etiquette of golf . This is now based on pace of play solely and if you are playing slower than the group behind it is common courtesy to offer the other group behind to ‘play through’. Good manners? By all means play at a pace that suits you and your game (social golf or competitive round) but be aware of others on the course and the impact of your game on theirs.

Pitch marks

This is another age old problem but seems to be a lot worse than it was a few years ago at the club.

On average I repair at least 2 – 3 marks per green during my round, my playing partners similar.

During the above round there were a number of greens that marks were blatantly ignored as they were so obvious and in some respects so close to the hole that players clearly ignored them.

No doubt some of these players and others would moan and groan at the state of the greens if they were not up to scratch.

What can be done to enforce this and ensure players do what is expected to look after the course, I don`t know, but perhaps another reminder needs to be sent out, perhaps ask the green keepers to keep an eye whilst they are working near greens and allow them to challenge those who blatantly ignore the marks they leave?

Surely it is good manners to leave the course as you found it (or at the very least would like to find it !). Repairing pitchmarks and replacing divots is a basic responsibility of all golfers, so please look around the green when walking to your ball and try to repair a pitchmark on every green even if it is not yours.

If you are not quite sure how to repair a pitchmark properly please view this video by copying and pasting this link into your web browser;

Thank you.

David, Melissa and Lynda would like to thank all members for their help and support during the year and wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a healthy New Year.

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Green News

I write this on the day of the Captain’s Drive-in when we had a sharp frost. I expect that this will reduce grass growth and encourage more leaves to fall. Winter is with us! We can expect to see our temporary greens in play some days over the next few months. We have prepared a “Winter Greens Yardage Chart” which shows the reduced yardage for each hole. We hope this will prove useful. Copies available from the Proshop.

Work has commenced on our winter program with the removal of the “volcano” on the 6th and the replacement swale has been formed and turf laid. We originally expected to seed this area and now expect recovery to be earlier. The spoil from this work will be stored in the rough between 4th and 5th fairways until the ground firms up to reduce the damage to the course.

Work will start on the new, reshaped bunkers on 4th and 13th when we are confident of a dry spell. We are hoping to complete this work early 2018, weather permitting.

We do hope to be able to continue with our planned work of improvements in the New Year, especially around the 5th and 8th tees. This will be subject to finance being available.

As part of this year’s winter work programme, the greens staff will be removing a tree between the 11th green and the Ladies tee on the 12th, and will be putting in a path to make access easier and reduce the overcrowding of trees in that area. Additionally, copse clearing work will be carried out in the areas to the left of the 11th fairway, the right-hand side of the 12th fairway and the right-hand side of the 17th tee and fairway.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Very

Happy golfing 2018!

Mark Tiplady

A Look at the Rules


The player incurs no penalty. The ball could only have been exchanged when retrieved from the water hazard and when proceeding under rule 26-1 Relief from water hazards, a player is allowed to lift, clean or replace a ball. Decision 15-1/4    

Thanks once again to our local rules expert, Brian Overton, for setting these fascinating questions

100 Club

The winners of the 100 Club prize draw for December were:

£100 John Goddard

£50 Claire Gould

£32 Bob Smith

£32 David Farr

£32 Philip Cartwright

£32 Ray Grainger

Congratulations to all the winners. A Merry Christmas and a Happy New year to all 100 Club members and thank you for your support. To ensure we meet the deadline for the next issue of Fore Info the next draw will take place on Friday 21st December.

Not a member of the 100 Club?

The objective of the Alresford Golf Club 100 Club is to raise funds for projects and items requiring capital expenditure that will enhance the Golf Course and/or the Clubhouse. Such projects would generally be considered as ‘extras’ and not necessarily be within the Club budget. The 100 Club was launched in 1987 to raise funds to augment the Centenary celebrations of the Golf Club in 1990, but at the request of the members, the 100 Club has continued to raise funds for items such as the Information Board and Clock on the 1st tee and the Automatic External Defibrillator in the Entrance Hall.

If you’re not a member of the 100 Club, you can become one for as little as £1 per month. Shares in the 100 Club are purchased for £1 per month and there is no limit on the number of shares which can be held. In general, most members have between 1 and 5 shares and pay by monthly direct debit, though it’s also possible to pay quarterly or annually. Each share is allocated a number which in entered in the monthly draw. The top prize is £100, with a second prize of £50 and four other prizes of £32. For more information contact George Clelland on 01962735008 or, or call in to the Secretary’s office.

George Clelland

Social Scene

Burns Supper 2018

Saturday 27th January 7.00pm for 7.30pm

As you start to think of what you’re going to do after New Year and are looking for something to brighten up those dreary January nights, what better than an evening out with friends to enjoy a good hearty meal at one of the highlights of the social scene.

Come and enjoy the 26th Annual Burns Supper – a uniquely Scottish experience in good company featuring whisky, haggis, neeps (mashed swede) and tatties, and a light hearted appreciation of Scotland’s Bard, and of course, the skirl of the bagpipes.

This is always a popular event in the social calendar so look out for the sign-up notice that will go up just before Christmas. The cost will be £26 per person and includes a three course meal with coffee and a glass of your favourite tipple for the toasts after the meal. The main speakers are in the process of being confirmed and will be featured on the notice board.

Members and guests are all welcome.

Contact George Clelland for further information.

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