Website: Members’ Area – Minutes of meetings

Website: Members’ Area – Minutes of meetings

I suggest that a reliable method of uploading minutes of committee meetings onto the website is introduced as the existing system has not been working for several months. As of yesterday (5th January) the most recent minutes on the website were:

MANCOM 30 June
Captain 27 May
Finance 22 April
P & D 26 June
Green 25 July
House 24 April
Bar 14 May

Surely the members deserve better than this?

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Club Secretary
January 8, 2015 at 14:28

The latest minutes have now been uploaded and we apologise for this lapse.
There is however always a delay between minutes being added to the site which can be due to
the time between committee meetings and the subsequent approval of the minutes, the time often
taken for the committee to produce minutes and at times omitting to forward copies to the Secretary.
Members are always welcome to ask for the latest hard copies of committee minutes directly from the
Secretary should they wish to check something specific discussed at committee.