Website Design Consolidation Underway

As you may have noticed, the appearance of the website has changed. Currently this will only be visible on desktop computers, mobiles and tablets will not see a significant difference at this stage. Over the next day or so the mobile version of the site will be updated to share a common theme with the desktop version.

The objective is to make the website more consistent across all views, whilst at the same time increasing readability and offering a more eye-catching home page. A secondary objective is to reduce complexity and make maintenance easier.

Because of an issue discovered late in testing, the site is not being cached at present – it will therefore appear somewhat slower than usual. Work to identify the cause is ongoing and will normally be tested out of popular viewing times.

Update – Saturday 23rd April
The mobile version now uses the same theme as the desktop site. Only the menu is different – the switch to a mobile style of menu happens based on the width of the browser you are viewing with (actually at 960 pixels).

The issue affecting caching has been resolved with our hosting company. The site should now be running quickly – note that member-only pages are not cached and will always appear slower.