When will the proposed changes to the course take place?

The proposed changes to the course have all been set out in the ‘Course 10 Year Plan’ along with approximate timescales. The ‘Course 10 Year Plan’ is a road map containing approved and proposed changes which is published on the club website. The plan is reviewed every year in order to identify the projects to be undertaken during the following year, and those to be undertaken in the next 2 to 3 years. Other projects we would like to consider, but do not have time, budget or full approval to undertake are added to the long term (4 to 10 years) project list for each hole. All proposed work, regardless of the time frame it is listed under, will be subject to budget being available, appropriate levels of approval being in place and other factors. Each year we are given a basic budget for development projects. The Greens Committee discuss the work outlined in the plan to consider and makes a recommendation to ManCom for approval.

To read the latest ‘Course 10 Year Plan’ please click here.