Why are so many trees being cut down, trimmed or thinned out every year?

In the past there has been a policy of planting large numbers of saplings with a view to thinning them out once the best specimens had become established (See FAQ in this section about trees cut down in the past.) However, this has not always been prioritised as part of the maintenance programme. As part of the ongoing 10 year course development plan we have been catching up with some of this outstanding work. It should also be noted that in many cases we have been transplanting trees, such as those moved from the right side of the 1st fairway to the driving range, and to the dip on the 17th to replace the dead hawthorn.
As noted in the FAQ in this section about criteria used to select trees, much of the removal or pruning of trees is being done for the health of tees and greens and other trees.