Why has a large pile of earth/spoil been left between the 6th green and 5th fairway?

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The large pile of earth and spoil between the 6th green and 5th fairway has come from the excavation of the elevated ‘bunker’ that was to the left of the 6th green. Normally any spoil from excavation would be stored to the right side of the driving range, where it has little visual impact to the course. The stored spoil would be used as needed for any mound building or other work which required additional ground material. However, we know we will need this spoil for further work around the 4th, 5th and 6th holes so we have decided to leave it in its current temporary position in order to remove the extra wear to the course that transporting this spoil to and from the driving range area would cause. To reiterate, this spoil heap is only temporary and will not become a permanent spoil storage area on the course.