We all want to be better…
How about hitting the next ball better?


Our PGA professionals share between them many years of experience in teaching the game of golf and believe that inside every golfer is the opportunity to play better golf. Our team of Mark and Terry are able to tailor a programme designed specifically for you. We take into account your previous golf experience, your current skill level and the time you have available to develop a package that helps you to improve your game. Call in next time and see how we can help you.

Short Game Lessons

70% of golf is played within 100 yards of the green at whatever level you play. The ability to reduce the number of shots around the green will help you to not only improve your score but increase your enjoyment and satisfaction of your round. We are extremely proud of our short game facilities and have confidence that you, with the help of our professionals, can become a better player around the green.

Course Management

Learn how to play a variety of different shots and let our professionals help guide you to a better game. Golf is more than just a technical game, the decisions you make can determine a good or a bad round. Player led and coach supported, if you struggle to take your practice to the course, then this could be the solution for you.


Mark Wood – Head PGA Professional

Terry Gosden – Senior PGA Professional
Level 3 PGA Coach
Class AAT Golf Professional

Club Repair and Custom Fitting Expert
DBS Certified

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