Temperature Of Beer

Temperature Of Beer

I wish to make a formal complaint about the temperature of the draught beer being served at the club.
I understand from John, that we have had a new chiller installed in the cellar, and it is automatic and cannot be regulated.
To serve draught bitter at 6-8 deg C is contrary to all Brewing industry guidelines.
To serve at this temperature removes all the flavour and taste of the beer.
(Thats probably why they serve lager at that temperature)
That temperature also destroys the “head retension” and so the beer is FLAT from start to finish.
The correct temperature should be between 12 & 14 C.
I don’t believe that the thermostat is pre-set and cannot be adjusted, and I recommend that the installer is asked to adjust it.
Several members who drink bitter that I have spoken to agree that the beer is too cold.


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AGC Secretary
September 8, 2015 at 16:50

As you may be aware we suffered a breakdown of the cellar cooler during the hot spell in July. The new cellar cooler is a lot more efficient and has kept the cellar cooler than we are used to. The temperature was set at installation. We have adjusted this ambient temperature to see if this makes a difference and have arranged for Fuller’s to visit and check the other cooling device through which all the beer is distributed to see if the thermostat here requires adjusting or changing. Either of these can cause the ale to be colder than the recommended temperature. I am not sure where the 6-8deg C has come from but we will endeavour to rectify any identified issue as soon as possible.