Stop use of White Tees in Winter Period

Stop use of White Tees in Winter Period

To assist the recovery of the Competition White Tees I suggest that once all Club Competitions have ceased for the Winter that play is carried out from the Yellow Tees.

This would surely allow more time for the Competition Tees to recover and allow Green Staff more time with other duties during the winter months.

This would hopefully allow for the White Tees to be in a better condition for the start of the Spring Season.


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AGC Secretary
February 26, 2017 at 21:59

Response from the Greens Committee

Thank you for the question. The Greens Staff already find the current Tee Boxes very small and in the long term hope some of them can be increased in size. Taking the White Tee area’s out of play in winter would increase the wear in the other areas. Therefore the Greens Staff prefer the current situation of all areas being used and they move the tee markers as they see fit.