Receipt of “In Memory” Gifts

Receipt of “In Memory” Gifts

I think this is for MANCOM.

I understand that as a general rule we don’t like to accept gifts that require a brass plaque/carving to name somebody. I quite agree with that personally.

However should MANCOM be explaining to the membership that gifts that are more “unrestricted” would be welcome.
So for example a member might want to give the club £500 for “something” to be done on their behalf. The Club is then free to decide what to do with it and would generally speaking undertake to spend it on something that is more discretionary and would perhaps enhance a particular area. Having spent the money they can explain to the donor how it was spent. So for example a feature raised flower bed might be installed.
The key difference being the Club decides how to spend the money; no brass plaque and no undertaking that the item will be maintained for ever more.

Having a “no more brass plaques” policy should be communicated to the membership and explained. Then in so doing the door can be left open by saying unrestricted giving is welcome.