PowaKaddy Sales

We stock a wide range of current PowaKaddy items – Trolleys, Bags and Accessories

Our stock and pricing pages are in the process of being updated and will be available in a few days. In the meantime, please ring us to discuss your requirements – 01962 733998.


At Scott’s Golf we service and repair any model of PowaKaddy and Hillbilly terrain (post Jan 2008) trolleys. Having been a service centre for PowaKaddy since 1996 we have built up a comprehensive stock of spare parts on all models and obtained a significant knowledge of their workings. PowaKaddy’s service engineers at Sittingborne are only a phone call or email away if needed. Testing of batteries and chargers is free.  To enable us to test a battery it must be fully charged – we then discharge the battery. The amount of time it takes to fully discharge (usually up to 40mins) indicates the battery’s capacity.
This test is standard with a full service, which schedule includes: –

  • Clean and grease front wheel bearings and spindle
  • Clean front wheel assembly
  • Clean both drive wheels and clutches
  • Check axle blocks for wear and grease ends of drive shafts
  • Check motor and gearbox mountings for any movement
  • Check motor brushes
  • Check frame stability (broken rivets and loose fittings)
  • Check all wiring for damage
  • Check potentiometer and rocker switch for any wear (Also EDF button on Sport and EBS On braking model)
  • Output test – wheels held down 40 Amps
  • Check both wheel clutches for damage and slippage
  • Freewheel wheels up test below 3.5 Amps
  • Battery running test at least 40 minutes for healthy battery
  • Check charger output
  • Check trolley drives straight within tolerances)

Cost of full service £35.00

Book a time to have your PowaKaddy or Hillbilly serviced at Scott’s Golf – 01962 733998. A service takes up to an hour – meanwhile you can have a coffee or enjoy a nice lunch in the clubhouse. Perhaps you might like to work on your game on our extensive short game facilities or full golf range.

Whichever, come and relax with us at Alresford.
Trolley Servicing in Pro Shop Workshop