Fore Info September 2020

Management Corner

Clubhouse Development Update-Survey Results

In 2019, the Club surveyed its playing members to ascertain specific preferences in relation to potential improvement and development of our Clubhouse, with 302 playing members responding. Working from those preferences the Management Committee held a selection process in order to appoint a professional architect to provide designs for the Clubhouse which met the aspirations revealed by the original survey.

In response to the impact of Covid-19; progress on the Clubhouse Development Project was subsequently paused, in line with so many other elements at our Club.

The Management Committee has stabilised the financial status of the Club, despite the loss of income due to Covid-19, and has been delighted by the significant boost to membership this year, bringing confidence in the budget for the financial year 2020/21. The Club also holds significant cash reserves.

As part of the Club’s extensive, democratic ethos as a ‘members’ club’ it was decided to re-survey members to quantify the appetite to continue with the Clubhouse Development Project and to quantify potential participation in a voluntary members’ loan scheme. This survey closed on 30th August 2020 having attracted 352 participants.

  • The results show 81.9% in favour of continuing with the Clubhouse Development Project and 18.1% against.
  • The results show that 135 members would consider making voluntary loans to Club totalling a minimum of £935,000

The Management Committee accepts the result of the survey as; in favour of continuing with the Clubhouse Development.

Next Steps

  • The Management Committee will now plan for a phased redevelopment of the Clubhouse managing both risks and opportunities.
  • Final plans and costings will be worked-up.
  • A Special General Meeting will be called once we have final plans and costs to enable each individual member to cast an informed vote, for or against, at the Special General Meeting when this is possible bearing in mind current restrictions. 
  • The Finance Committee will consider affordability of any development scheme, but it is unlikely that the Club would seek voluntary loans at the generous level pledged by members due to affordability of repayments over a five-year period.
  • The minimum level of voluntary members’ loans will be reconsidered to enable more members to participate in the spirit of ‘crowd funding’ in support of their Club.

Thank you to everyone that participated in the both surveys related to the Clubhouse Development project in support of the Club’s democratic processes.

Bar & Catering

Chris Pullinger has already issued an ‘all member’ notice informing of his intention to not seek renewal of the catering franchise and to leave the Club on the anticipated termination date as set out in the existing contract. The Club had been in discussion with Chris, through the Chair of Bar and Catering, to agree a new contract and potentially manage the bar as well, however mutual efforts failed to deliver that new contract. We wish Chris, Kelly and their family continued success and happiness in their next venture and assure them of a warm welcome at the Club at all times.

Chris has very kindly offered to assist the Club in the appointment of the next catering franchisee; however, the Club is considering whether a straight like-for-like replacement would be possible at this time. Therefore, Trevor Pearce – Chair of Bar and Catering will be developing proposals for the Management Committee. More news on this in the coming weeks.

First Impressions Project

Bob Moore – Chair of Greens has presented to both the Management Committee and the Finance Committee to gain approval and funding to implement the ‘First Impressions Project’ which enhances the presentation of our Club from leaving the car park to playing the first hole.

I am delighted that Bob’s hard work has resulted in approval to deliver the project which is also being supported financially by the 100 club.

Head Pro – Transition

Mark Wood is working well with Sue, Tip and David in advance of joining the Club on 1st November following Malcolm’s retirement on October 31st. As Stanley has left the Club only Terry will now transfer to the new Head Pro so we will enjoy some continuity.

It is hoped that Mark’s wife Mandy will also join the new team; which replicates the very successful husband and wife team provided by Malcolm and Jane over so many years. We hope to see Mandy spending some time at the Club in October to aid the smooth transition in November.

Tee Times and Social Distancing

The Club continues to operate within the confines of central guidance from Government and golfing regulators. The Club is constantly on alert for any changes that can enable a full return to normal golfing and social conditions. For the time being; tee times have to prevail, but we will remain alert to the opportunities to get back to normal as soon as this is possible.

Good luck to all those participating in the Club Championships!


Robert White

Chairman of the Management Committee

Reminder: New Member Referral Scheme

We continue to be active attracting new members to the club, though some may be wondering why this should remain a priority given the recent growth in membership already achieved so far this year.

Simply put we cannot put the brakes on now as we know that each year members resign from the club, for many reasons, not least age, health, or simply moving away from the area.  

So we cannot stand still…


The scheme we have in place is aimed at benefitting ALL of our current members 



… … and that’s for every referral you make!!!

The basis of the scheme:

  • Referral – Introduce a new member to the club this year, joining as an ‘INTRODUCTORY MEMBER’, and paying just a (7 day) pro-rata fee for the remainder of the year; but with some limited playing restrictions, notably Tuesday mornings; Wednesday mornings and Saturday mornings. 
  • Benefits to Both – On payment of the full member joining fee in January the introducing Member then receives a 15% discount off their own subscription, and the new member a 5% off their subscription.
  • Scope – Multiple introductions are permitted, though the scheme will be capped at 20 new members joining in January from current membership referral. So early introductions are to be advised. The scheme will be operable to end of December 2020.

Terms & conditions apply – Please contact the Office for full information

From the Club Captain

Golf continues apace both competition and friendly and for much of the month in good golfing weather.  Congratulations to all who have done well and commiserations to those who have not had such a successful time – as I am wont to say “this is why we are amateurs”!

Captain’s Day is on Sunday 13 September and is open to all members.  Exceptionally for 1 day only, play is in teams of 4.  Anyone ‘signing in’ is taking part.  Teams can be Men, Ladies or Mixed.  If you need assistance to find a team contact the office and we will help.

Also, good luck to all playing in the Club Championships over the weekend of 5 & 6 September.

Continue to keep safe!

Mary Rook

Ladies Section

August has seemed like an ‘endless summer’ – beginning with a ‘heat wave’ and ending with ‘floods’!

We started the month with Dorothy Coombs 90th Birthday Celebration; Many of us had memorable connections with Dorothy, a popular past Ladies Captain. Mary organised a special ‘tea party’ with as many ladies as ‘social distancing’ would allow. The ladies in Bronze Division will be competing in the Club Championship this weekend for Dorothy’s Shield which she donated during her Captaincy.

Kelly produced a fabulous cake, which Chris had made, meanwhile the putting green behind us resembled a crop circle!

Polly Church arranged for a few new ladies to play on Sunday afternoon, we are doing our best to meet and play with as many new Ladies as possible. Without our roll-ups and the usual get together on Tuesdays, this has been a difficult year to meet and integrate.

Congratulations to our following winners :

  • The Winter Foursomes was won by Wendy Pidduck and Caroline Warne
  • The Winter Foursomes Plate was won by Charlotte Marsh and Jane McCrae (played ironically in temps of over 30*)
  • The Summer Salver was won by Jane McCrae with 40 points (Charlotte Marsh had 41points, but she hadn’t completed the necessary number of qualifying rounds). Second and third respectively were Cynthia Mariner with 39 points and Gunnel Berry with 37 points.

Well done to all 4 Ladies who had excellent scores!

The Senior Ladies Championship

Played over two non-consecutive days was won by Sue Masser with a net 138 (two excellent rounds of 69). Lynne Duncan was a close second with a net 142. Di Peisley won the first round and cut her handicap with net 65; Pat Voak won best second round with net 74. Pat Palmer just missed out on a win and we all add a very big thanks to Liz Thorne for her admirable work starting us off. (Liz has had some success herself this year coming 3rd in the Mackershaw Trophy).

Mandy Overton achieved the lowest gross score with 79 in the Stratton Bates medal. These Mixed Competitions at the weekend are proving very popular with a considerable entry, so well done to all our ladies.

The Monro Spencer Bowl, is a silver rose bowl, and well worth winning. This should have been played on Tuesday/Saturday, but Tuesday dawned bright and extremely windy, ‘Storm Francis’, no less. The conditions for the Saturday were also testing, but 27 Ladies took part: Sarah Thorne won with 73, 2nd was Becky Scott with 73, and 3rd was Sue Masser with 74.

This weekend will be the Club Championship with a record amount of players participating over two days. Unfortunately, due to limitations on participant numbers, not everyone will be able to play.

The following Sunday is Mary Rook’s Captain’s Day with teams of 4, allowing more of us to participate. If you haven’t already made up a team please contact Mary or David Maskery who will help put people together.

Please sign up with for the Autumn Meeting on 29th September if you haven’t already done so. Thanks.

Mal H-M 

Match Committee Report

Club Championships

The entry for both the Men’s and Ladies’ Championships has been oversubscribed. For the Men, priority is given to Category 1 and 2 players, with the remainder of the 66 places allocated to the Category 3 and 4 players in the order that they sign-in for the competition. For the Ladies, all 33 places are allocated in exact handicap order. In all cases the handicap used will be that current on 31st August. All players must have returned scores from at least 6 qualifying competitions in the previous 12 months which is 1st September 2019 to 30th August 2020. 

The allocation of playing groups and tee-times will be made on Tuesday 1st September and will be emailed to all competitors. You will not have to book tee times for either the Saturday or the Sunday as the course will be closed for casual play until 3:30pm on both days. Those players who do not make the cut to play in the Championships will be notified separately by email. If there are withdrawals on Wednesday or Thursday then those places will be filled by the next players who were on the list.

Once the last group has handed in their cards on the Saturday, the Men’s and Ladies’ competition organisers will compile the scores for Round 1. The Men’s and Ladies’ playing groups will be revised separately based on the gross scores from Round 1. The order of play for Round 2 will be in descending order of Round 1 scores. This start sheet will be emailed to all competitors on Saturday evening. It will be the responsibility of each player to know their start time on Sunday morning. The first start time for Round 2 will be 08:00.

On each day of the competition, players should register and collect their score cards from the Scorer’s Table in the Dining Room.  Entry to the Men’s Championship sweepstake will be available in the Pro’s Shop. Within 5 minutes of completion of each round, players should return their cards to the Scorer’s Table and ensure they have agreed with the scorer that the card is correct before leaving.

Given the format of the Championship, players who fail to turn up for the 2nd round will cause significant disruption to the running of the competition. Consequently, and based on our experience of other 2 day competitions, we are making it a condition of competition that unless a player has a valid medical or other significant reason for being unable to play the 2nd round, he/she will be excluded from all competitions, and knock-outs until 1st October.

Supplementary Scores

A reminder that registering for a Supplementary Score is like signing-in for a competition. If you fail to enter your score and return your card on the day you play, it will be treated as a Nil Return.

problems – 29th August

There were intermittent problems with sign-in for the competitions on Saturday 29th August. This was a UK wide problem with Club Systems. I’d like to remind everyone that the software we use for competitions, handicaps, etc, is driven by servers in a cloud managed by Club Systems and outwith the control of the Club. Occasionally we do make mistakes in the setup of competitions, but this is relatively rare as we tend to copy the definition of one type of competition to another. Generally, major problems with the Club Systems servers are also uncommon, but over the past few months there has been a large number of changes to the software because of the need to mobile sign-in and score entry, plus Club Systems are also working on the final stages of WHS which is a significant piece of work.

World Handicapping System (WHS)

The switch over to the World Handicapping System is on track for 2nd November. This web on the England Golf website is updated weekly with new information on various aspects of the new system. We expect that in the next few weeks, the Members’ App will display an indication of what information in your playing record your Handicap Index will be based on.

You will find links to more information on WHS on the Match & Handicap Committee page in the Member’s Area of the Club Website.


George Clelland

A Look at the Rules


A players ball lies on the fairway and a large branch then falls covering the ball.

The branch is too large to move.

Is the player entitled to free relief?

Vets Section

The rain came just in time to soften and green up the course for the 2020 Vets Championship and make it, in my view, a better test of golf. Thanks to the heavens for this and to the 54 players who turned out in relatively benign conditions for two medal rounds on consecutive Mondays. 

Both Gross and Net competitions proved to be closely fought affairs. Neil Dalton, a new member this year playing off a handicap of 13, managed to bag the top spot in the Gross competition and become Vets Champion Golfer for 2020 with an aggregate score of 157. So, many congratulations Neil and well played. Neil’s score edged out fellow newbie, Robert Doley by one shot with last year’s Vets Captain, Drew Fielden, taking third spot with 160.

In the Net competition, the convincing winner was Glen Phur, with two terrific rounds of 63. Well done Glen. A big reduction in handicap is surely coming your way. Neil Dalton (131) and Ray Coleshill (134) were second and third respectively.

Covid permitting, the winners will receive their trophies at the Vets AGM in November.

Aside from the Vets Championship, little other Vets specific golf has taken place in the last few weeks. However, congratulations to the following Vets for their success in other Club events during August:

  • David Marshall – second with 42pts in the Alresford Show Trophy.
  • Tony Smyth – winner of the Over 60’s medal with a net 64 on count back from fellow Vet Peter Armitage.

And lastly, 

  • David Nightingale – with 41pts the winner of the Cornhill Trophy. David is a former Club Captain and will be taking part in the Over 80’s Championship in September. I was fortunate enough to be drawn with David in the second round of the Vets Championship. He played beautifully. Every drive went straight down the middle.  His success in the Cornhill proves emphatically that you don’t have to hit the ball miles to play and score well. Well done David, you are a credit and inspiration to us mature golfers.

Finally, I hope to be presented with the long awaited Wessex Seniors Winter League Trophy at Corhampton GC on the 7th September. You may recall Alresford Vets won this back in March, just before the lockdown was imposed. It will be nice to get our hands on the Trophy at last for only the second time since the competition began. My thanks to Robin Bashford, yet again, for a job well done. Robin will be relinquishing the AGC Coordinator role in September. Keith Turner has kindly agreed to take over as Coordinator.

Enjoy your golf and continue to stay safe!

Ed Tinley

…from the Secretary

Welcome A huge welcome to all the following new members who have joined us in July. Thank you and we look forward to seeing you all participating in all the golfing events and opportunities we have at the club – whenever they are able to resume!

We hope you will all enjoy your time with us for many years to come.

Jayson Langley, Hugh Brown, Peter Flynn and Chris Benning (7 day), Mike Bryett (re-joining), Gordon Cooper (5 day), Ady Cobb, Billy Lovegrove, Lawrence Batchelor, Graham Arkley and Melanie Gregory-Pulling (Introductory), Edward Lane, Joscelyn Roupell, Steve Busby, Kate Causton, Phil Fearnley, Ben Powell and Michael Jehan(Academy), Chloe Lane (Junior), Benedict Davies, Lee Grant, Matthew Staley and Josef Baird (Social Extra).

It is incumbent upon us all to welcome new members and make them feel part of the club as quickly as possible. Please ‘sign up’ with people you may not be familiar with and, similarly, welcome any ‘newbies’ who may ‘sign up’ with you. If any member is willing to pair up with a new member(s) for a game – please let me know and I will facilitate.

Bar and Catering Services

Bar and Catering services are now open and available but with some restrictions and limited opening times. Please support these services whenever possible.

  • The bar will stay open until 9.00pm Wednesdays-Saturdays and 8.30pm Sunday – Tuesday. Once again we will monitor sales and reduce hours back again if felt appropriate.
  • The Kitchen will be open for pre-golf breakfast from 10.00am on Saturday and Sunday – MUST be booked in advance to Chris Pullinger text or call 07834 199327 by before 6.00pm on a Friday.
  • Don’t forget the Halfway House service is available at weekends. 



Please rake the bunker if you have been in it !

There is no local rule for preferred lies anymore!

FACEBOOK – check out our Facebook page

Make sure you ‘like’ our Facebook page and you will link to it and get the regular pictures and updates on what’s happening ! Share with your friends to help us boost our online and social media profiles


Follow us at


The aim is for our golf to return back to ‘as near to normal’ as we can, subject of course to the Government and governing body stipulations and you will begin to notice small golf societies appear on the tee sheet from now on.

Despite the increased traffic around the club and relaxation of some restrictions, we must continue to demonstrate that we are doing our best to keep you and the staff safe whilst at the club.

At times it is easy to forget the virus is still with us and are NOT back to normal!

Please do not show complacency around the club – abide by the social distancing guidelines, wash your hands frequently and DO NOT come to the club if you have any of the virus symptoms.

If anyone does end up being tested and has confirmation of the virus – you must inform us for ‘track and trace’.


Would all trophy winners please return their trophies to the club.

Whilst we are currently unsure about any presentation evening, they all need to be returned so they can be engraved in readiness.

All Trophies must be returned to the Office by Friday 9th October. Every year we are left with a few unhappy members who either do not have an engraved trophy or a trophy at all, where previous winners have forgotten to return their silverware in time.


Lost & Found

We have had 2 small purses handed in to the office and Pro-Shop over the last month.

Neither has any identification inside but are quite distinctive and possibly of sentimental value?

If you have lost one please enquire.

Have you downloaded the Club V1 App onto your smartphone?

To download the app please visit the App Store (Apple) or Play Store (Android) and search for ClubV1 Members Hub. The app is completely free. If you wish to download the Club app to your laptop or home computer use the web link below, creating a HDIDO registration as above and saving onto your desktop.

One of the key benefits of the app is that it will provide a secure access to members contact information. However, members must edit / confirm their details and privacy settings to enable other members to be able to access their contact details. Within the Members area you will also be able to view:

  • Course Status
  • Live Competition Leaderboard
  • Club News
  • Competition Results
  • Bar Balance and Receipts
  • Members List
  • Edit your personal details and privacy settings (You must ‘opt in’ for other members to be able to view your contact details)
  • Club Diary

Please inform the club if you wish your name to be not visible to other members. We fully expect changes and guidelines to playing access. It is therefore important that members are able to keep up to date with course availability and any notifications. The App is an easy way for us to send out information. 


David Maskery

Green News

What an interesting month it has been.

All Greens went onto Temporaries briefly to allow the Greens Maintenance to complete faster; all bunkers went GUR one day because of torrential rain during the night, but on the positive side the bins are back! 

The photo’s show that the Greens were hit with everything and the guys did really well finishing within 3 days.

Initially all the Greens showed the circles where the hollow tines of sand and seed lay but within 6 days the 9th, for example, was completely green again! 

We had the help of a contractor to remove the cores which just so happened to fall off the trailer onto the Academy Course along with some grass seed.

After some rain, hey presto and the 8th Academy Green is taking shape!

Now contrary to popular belief Greens doesn’t decide what goes in the Pin during CV19. It was a Mancom decision to revert to the pipe offcuts.

Benches; ball washers and water fountains are regularly agonised over, but, as I write, it’s felt they can’t come back into usage.

1st Impressions has been updated and a working budget provided by Fincom from 1st October.

The latest explanation will be laminated and posted inside the current Starters Hut and on the Greens Page. The project has been able to move ahead partly through the generosity of The 100 Club who have very kindly agreed to sponsor the new Starters Hut. That became the hardest issue to decide on but it was decided that we needed something and that it ought to impress.

Needless to say I know very little about the technicalities of course maintenance! So the following is direct from Simon our Course Manager.

Hopefully by the end of this week (22nd Aug) we will have had an inch of rain which will do wonders for the course and in turn green it all up for Club Championships.

Warm days and warm nights together have pushed the soil temperatures up to the highest ever recorded on site here.

I can look back on records to 2002 when we take readings at 6am and the highest I can find is 22, this last week we have had readings of 27 and consistently above 24.

I am really pleased with how the greens have recovered from maintenance week; we have had some great seed germination after a pretty intense renovation. We now sit with wetter more humid conditions which has thrown out some other issues in the form of summer or brown patch. This is evident on greens 5, 12 and 13 possibly linked to their location with trees and hedgerows enhancing shade and dampness to increase the problem. Greens have had another feed and light aeration today (19th) and once the wind kicks in at the end of the week the surfaces will dry out and the patch will start to disappear.

Tees and Aprons have also been fed with growth regulator applied to slow down the clippings. The bare patches we are left with after the heat have basically been cooked by the hot sun enhanced by thatch build up and watering. The solution is obviously thatch removal and over seeding to encourage new grass which will be ongoing through September. Large areas on Fairways are the same but hoping for some natural recovery and a good Autumn brush and rake to bring them back.

Mown rough hasn’t grown too much over the last two months but this rain will kick it into touch along with other outfield areas.

Bunkers have been edged and fly mowed, sand levels will be adjusted over the coming weeks with hedges and paths being tidied as well.

Irrigation finally breathes a sigh of relief and is resting for the time being!!

New academy green 8 has been installed and seeded and given these weather conditions seed is showing through already, some more bank work to be completed on Green 1a and 8.

Plan for the greens is to start speeding them up through the next week, if the forecast is kind my target speed for the championships is 10.5 but hoping to get them there at least a week before. I will also be hand cutting them from the 1st September.

Simon Justice, Course Manager

Finally, can I point out to the nearly 100 new members, that within the members section of the AGC Website is a Greens Page.

Please, check out our ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ in particular where we explain, for example, that our green speeds are only target speeds. We also explain how and when they are measured, so do take a look.

Good luck to all those taking part in the forthcoming Club Championship!


Bob Moore
Chair of Greens Committee

A Look at the Rules



A player is not allowed to restore worsened conditions when altered
by a natural object or natural forces.

See Interpretation 8.1d(2)/1

100 Club

The winners of the 100 Club prize draw for September were:

£100      Carol Clark

£50       Jane Hendry

£32       John Goodacre

£32       Gil Francis

£32       Neil Pidduck

£32       Chris Thompson

Congratulations to our winners this month.  This is second time lucky this year for both Carol and Jane with the top two prizes so enjoy your winnings ladies! Next month’s draw will take place week beginning 21 September so look out for the results on the Secretary’s board in the entrance hall.

New members welcomed….. 

Why not join the 100 Club?  As a Golf Club member you can actively contribute towards future enhancements to our facilities whilst having a chance of winning a cash prize each month.

The 100 Club was launched in 1988 to raise funds to help support the cost of the centenary celebrations in 1990 with members buying a £1 share which was entered into a bi-monthly cash prize draw.  It proved very popular and successfully raised almost £5,000 for the Centenary Fund.  At members request it has continued and grown over the years. 

The objective is to raise funds for projects or items requiring capital expenditure which will enhance the Golf Course and/or Club House. These would generally be considered as extras and not necessarily within the Club budget.  Over the years many items have been purchased or contributions made towards the cost – notably the shoe and trolley cleaner, the information board and clock on the 1st tee, the Starters Hut and several sets of patio furniture including the new rattan furniture last year.

The draw is monthly and there are cash prizes to be won: £100, £50 and four at £32.

How do I join?

If you would like to join and enjoy the chance of winning a cash prize each month then it is very easy. Each share cost £1 per month paid for by monthly standing order and there is no limit on the number you can purchase.  Members generally have between 1 and 10 shares with 5 being the most common holding.

The list of prizewinners is posted on the Secretary’s noticeboard in the entrance hall and of course in this section every month.

Application forms can be obtained from the Secretary’s office or from me –  Pat Wallis phone 01420 564417 or email


Pat Wallis


Vet’s Championships
17th August – Round 1 (Gross)
1stRobert Doley74
2ndCharlie Mclaughlin77
3rdDrew Fielden78
4thLes Widdicombe80
17th August – Round 1 (Nett)
1stGlenn Phur63
2ndDrew Fielden66
3rdDavid Marshall66
4thRay Coleshill66
24th August – Round 2 (Gross)
1stNeil Dalton77
2ndJonathan Scott79
3rdBrian Overton80
4thMike Wooding81
24th August – Round 2 (Nett)
1stGlen Phurr63
2ndNeil Dalton64
3rdMike Wooding64
4thAmedee Mieville64
Overall Gross
1stNeil Dalton80+77 = 157
2ndRobert Doley74+84 = 158
3rdDrew Fielden78+82 = 160
4thLes Widdicombe80+83 = 163
Overall Nett
1stGlen Phurr63+63 = 126
2ndNeil Dalton67+64 = 131
3rdRay Coleshill66+68 = 134
4thMike Wooding71+64 = 135
Men’s & Mixed Competitions
27th July – Over 60’s Stableford
1stGareth Rees39 points
2ndDerrick Speed37
3rdTony Smyth37
4thDean Thomas36
1st August - Mrs Stratton-Bates Medal
1stPaul Wager64 Nett
71 Lowest Gross Men
2ndBrian Overton65
3rdMike Wooding65
4thDan Pulling65
---Mandy Overton79 Lowest Gross Ladies
2nd August – Men’s Stableford
Division 1
1stJess Miles40 points
2ndDavid Stokes38
3rdTom Warden38
Division 2
1stGeoff Colwill41
2ndPaul Bell38
3rdJames Forrest38
4thAdrian Leese37
8th August – Mackershaw Trophy
1stTrevor Pearce42 points
2ndAndrew Thorne40
3rdLiz Thorne40
4thRob White39
9th August – Men’s Medal
1stPaul Bell62 nett
2ndAndrew Axton64
3rdTim Forster67
4thPeter Gunn68
10th August – Over 60’s Medal
1stJim Bulloch65 nett
2ndGeoff Jenkins66
3rdGeorge Skayman68
4thDavid Marshall69
12th August – Mid-week Stableford
Division 1
1stStuart Smith43 points
2ndMark Ogden39
3rdMike Skinner39
Division 2
1stMalcolm Hoar39 points
2ndDavid Reid39
3rdGeorge Clelland39
15th August – Cornhill Trophy
1stDavid Nightingale41 points
2ndJim Bulloch41
3rdMark Pyne40
4thStuart Binfield40
16th August – Mixed Medal
1stNick Austin64 nett
2ndSuzie Batty66
3rdMark Jones67
4thGeoff Colwill67
22nd August – Alresford Show Trophy
1stChris Stevens44 points
2ndDavid Marshall42
3rdLiz Williams40
4thStephen Morgan39
23rd August – Men’s Stableford
1stMark Barter45 points
2ndPaul Robson41
3rdLaurie Tucker41
4thAndrew Axton40
Ladies' Competitions
10th August – Summer Salver
1stJane MacRae40 points
R/UCynthia Mariner39
15th August - Silver Salver
1stBecky Scott68 nett
Best GrossMandy Overton80
18th & 20th August – Senior Ladies Championship
1stSue Masser69+69 = 138 nett
R/ULynne Duncan70+72 = 142
Best Nett Round 1Di Peisley65
Best Nett Round 2Pat Voak74
27th July – Junior Championships
1stJenny Myers64+66 = 130 nett
2ndBailey Riches71+63 = 134
3rdAlex Pulling63+71 = 134
27th July – John Holmes Trophy
1stDan Pulling44 points
2ndJenny Myers43
3rdMillie Jonathan43
10th August – John Phipps Memorial
1stHarriet Riches42 points
2ndBailey Riches36
24th August – Peter Gregory Salver
1stBailey Riches43 points
2ndJenny Myers40
3rdHarvey Vaughan38

Editor: Trevor Hodgkinson


The Editorial Team take no responsibility for incorrect information received from Contributors.