Fore Info November 2023


  • Interview: scratch golfer member gives winning tips
  • An update from the Chair: update on upcoming AGM
  • Club Captain News: looking back on a caotains year
  • Ladies Captain and HLG News: more results and successes
  • Rules Quiz Question and Answer: ”ball moving in a bunker”- what to do?
  • Competitions:  key info on Winter Play
  • Juniors: competition results and more
  • Vets update: match results and upcoming events
  • General Managers update: important club info
  • Social: find out about the recent and upcoming events
  • Greens News: the latest on our course and winter plans
  • Winners in the 100 Club: did you win? Need some/more tickets?

This month is the changing of the guard with the AGM and end of this Captains year. Before we welcome in the new Captains, I must pay tribute to Captains Simon, Gunnel, Steve and Oscar. They have given so much time and effort in service of us all. Well done and hope you suffer little PCSD (Post Captain Stress Disorder). It must be difficult to become just an ordinary member again. AGC is a well oiled machine and the crucial ‘cogs’, often unseen that keep us on track, are the committees. We are a business in service of our members and rely on unpaid volunteers to steer the ship. I have only been a member for about 5 years but committee life and editing Fore have given me an insight into how things work and a voice in making it even better. Consider giving something back and joining a committee or helping out as a starter or Marshal. There are also several vacancies coming up as committee chairs. So as I did, chat to David Maskery to find out more. Don’t forget also our great office/bar staff/greenstaff  when you plan your Christmas tipping…

Congratulations this month to Maggie Jones for her hole in one. I did not hear how expensive it was but I am sure husband Ian was supportive if not jealous!

Membership of AGC sometimes leads to something much more important: congratulations to two members that got married last month- Jan Harring and Tony Hutt.

Very finally, a whinge I hear shared across the membership. I recently had to get out of a fairway divot, unfortunately just before start of winter rules. Now, before I get hate email explaining it was the crows that took the divot out, I recently saw a group in front hit massive divots and just walk on. So members don’t always replace divots- let alone properly. Have you ever seen pitch marks on greens? I check on every green and can repair 3 minimum on almost every green. If you expect a great course, please do your bit and call out your mates that forget and look to repair a few yourself. Of course it’s never you that forgets! The green staff do a great job but an unprepared pitch mark takes many weeks to recover and seconds to mend.

Let me know what topics you would like covered in future editions. Oh and let me know what you think…

Enjoy the read.

David Marshall


Interview: Top Golfer Tells All

The journey to scratch golfer and Club Champion: could it be you?

This month I had the opportunity to speak to our current (and multi year) club champion Will Pakenham-Walsh. Many of us dream about winning the club champs, the ultimate club competition. Although I gave up hope of getting to a low single figures handicap after my daughter beat me to it, I know we have a number of members who already made it. I spoke to Will about his journey in golf and winning the big one.

Editor: Welcome Will. Tell us how and when you got into golf?

Will: I got into golf during my time at college. I remember watching one of the majors (I believe it was the Masters) and thought how not only beautiful the course was but how effortless these players make playing the game look. It gave me inspiration to go up to the range and hit some balls. Admittedly 90% of my shots for about 50 yards off target but there was the occasional shot which was exactly how I Intended it. This had me chasing the feeling of hitting those shots more often.

Editor: Did you always aim to get to scratch and was it a hard journey?

Will: It wasn’t necessarily my aim to get down to scratch. It was my aim to reach my optimum potential, whatever that may be. It has been difficult to get down to scratch as the margins are so small, 1 poor drive or lapse in concentration could cost you your entire round.

Editor: What is your advice to other members that would like to get to scratch?

Will: My advice to other members who are looking to get down to scratch is not only spend as much time practicing but practice in the right areas. My wedge play is probably the worst part of my game. But because I spend the majority of my time practicing my chipping, even if I do miss the green with my wedge shots, I have still got a good chance to get up and down. In conclusion, my up and down game is what has got me down to being a scratch handicapper.

Editor: So lets talk now about your playing of the club champs. When did you first compete in it and how did you do?

Will: This is definitely testing my memory! I believe the first time I played in a club championship was back in 2017. I would have been 18 and I think I came 16th overall.

Editor: When did you first win the club champs and what handicap did you have? 

Will: My first club champs win was in 2019. I was off a handicap of 4.

Editor: Many of us have not played with you, but I imagine you play the course differently. I bet you can reach some par 4 greens in one shot?

Will: My way of playing the course changes regularly depending on environmental factors and situational factors. Reaching any of the par 4s in winter in very difficult unless you have a strong wind helping. However when it comes to the summer, I would expect to be hitting 9, 14 and 18 (providing I strike it well)!!

Editor: How do you play hole 17? 

Will: The 17th is the big risk/reward hole on the golf course for me. I have 2 options when I step on the tee box. The conservative option is to hit a 3 iron over the trees in front of you which will the allow you either lay up or maybe tempt you to go for the green with a 3 wood. However, if I am chasing the score, or if I am behind in a match, I may be tempted to hit driver right of the tallest tree. If the shot comes off, it would leave me with a 150 yard shot which should be a guaranteed birdie. Obviously this play is extremely risky and could even lead to a double/triple bogey. As I have said previously in this interview, it very much depends on environmental and situational factors.

Will with 2023 Club Champs Winner, Jenny Myers

Editor: Tell us how you won this years club champs?

Will: So this years club champs was very much and up and down tournament for me. My first round started off extremely poorly when I lost a ball on the 3rd hole and proceeded to triply bogey it. Leaving me 3 over through 3. I then managed to regain my composure and shoot a 3 over round which I was very very happy with considering my start. My second round was more of a grind as I had multiple moments where I made unforced errors with my wedge play. However, I made 2 or 3 clutch putts from 15 feet which allowed me to walk away with pars which kept my round alive. I finished 6 over for the round which could have been much better, but also could have been a lot worse! It went down to a play off as myself and Ash Wilmott  finished tied. After 2 play off holes, I managed to come away with the win. It was an extremely gruelling couple of days but whether I’m playing well or not, it will never change my love for golf.

Editor: Where do you go now with your golf? Maybe play on tour? What are your golf objectives… is it hard to keep to scratch?

Will: My objectives for golf now is to get down as low as my ability will allow me to get. I want to continue to work my way into the + handicaps. I would also like to play in some bigger tournaments around Hampshire next year and really see how I get on. I think overall it is to continue enjoying the sport I have become addicted to for the past 7 years. Okay as many golf courses as I can, enter more tournaments and see where that takes me!

Editor: thanks Will and good luck in next year’s club champs and your golfing future

Will: Cheers David, great chatting to you!

From the Chairman

Annual General Meeting – 24th November 2023

Our Annual General Meeting will be held at the Club in a few weeks.

The good news is that our trial to keep the bar open during the meeting went very well last year so we will again ensure that service is maintained throughout the meeting.

There is less palatable news in that our budgets continue  to be under significant challenge from inflationary pressure, not the least from energy costs. The rate of inflation at the Club does not reflect standard inflationary measures as we are impacted by very different things. A further explanation will be provided at the meeting.

The Club continues to concentrate efforts on the quality of all services and facilities with the course being of great importance. This year, the Club has received many acknowledgements for the quality of our course, our bar & catering service, and the refurbished clubhouse. So, we are heading in a very positive direction which we aspire to continue.

We only have potentially light touches to our rules to discuss, and have a few vacancies to fill for Management Committee roles which are decidedly purely by our members that attend the AGM.

So do join us to set the Club up for the golfing year 2024, and of course to share a drink or two.

Robert White

Chairman of the Management Committee

From the Club Captain

Time flies when you are having fun!

I cannot believe how quickly my Captain’s year has gone. As we head into November with darker afternoons and winter rules there is certainly an end of season feel. With the shortening days the scramble for tee times intensifies after many months of ‘anytime’ golf. Please be considerate when booking.

Time to thank all members of two of our fantastic committees, Competitions and Handicaps and Social. C&H have done an incredible job for us this year.  PLEASE read the C&H update in this issue as it explains the qualifying rules this winter.  The C&H members have managed record numbers of weekly competitions and casual scorecards this year.  As we head into winter, please make life a little easier for them by only submitting cards according to the guidelines.  They have earned a little downtime, so cancelling out non-qualifying cards will not be welcome! Our Social Committee, who don’t get any downtime, headed by Steve Johnson, have arranged endless fabulous events for us this year and there are more to come for 2023, Annual Dinner, Captain’s Drive-in and of course the New Years Eve Party.

Congratulations to those pairs who have made it through to the knockout stage of the Captain/Pro Charity Challenge. Personally, it has been a delight playing with our Club Professional Mark Wood who has readily given his time to fundraising coupled with playing with many members. This competition alone has raised over £800 for Rainbow Trust. Thank you to Mark and all competitors – it will be back next year! And a total final figure for the Captain’s Charity will be announced at the AGM.

One of the most enjoyable ‘tasks’ of captaincy is meeting new members. I have welcomed over 50 into the club this year. All keen and raring to go but its not always easy joining a new golf club so I do appreciate the warm welcome existing members give to our new recruits – it is really important that we keep this up.

I look forward to congratulating our competition winners at the Trophy Presentation Evening on Friday November 17th. All members are welcome to attend the evening.

Unusullay, due to my two years as Vice Captain, I come to the end of full three years on the Captains Committee. In 2023 Gunnel, Steve and Oscar have been a great support, flying the flag for their sections along with balancing the requirements of the whole club.

Finally, I look forward to supporting Richard Lane as he steps in as Club Captain at the end of this month. He doesn’t need any advice from me…apart from take less club at the Drive-in

Simon Freemantle  


Ladies Section

Storm Babet hit the British Isles the 3rd week of October severely affecting the east coast of Scotland.  Hampshire was spared the worst but heavy rain, nevertheless, has disturbed and prevented play! Seasonal competitions are now drawing to a close and Winter Rules  apply from 21st October.

Congratulations to Maggie Jones for a hole-in-one on the 10th hole this month! Well done Maggie!

Congratulations to Jan Harring and Tony Hutt for tying the knot this month!

28th Sept  Golfing work-shop learning about match play and Rules of Golf was run by Marion Bruce, Pat Palmer and Richard Lane was well received by many members. Thank you to all 3 for offering time and effort to share skills and knowledge!

Inter-club Eclectics:  The annual inter-club eclectics ended in September.

27th Sept Nikki White, Gill Freemantle, Jo Young and Caroline Warne played at Bramshaw.

28th Sept Lynne Cowser, Polly Church, Heather Williams and Gunnel played  in the Hayling Centenary Salver. Results varied but the golf was enjoyable!

8th Oct:  North Hants Trophy  ‘semi & final’ was played at Army GC with Alresford narrowingly  losing out in the semi 2:1. Matches were brought to the last putt on the last hole. North Hants won the trophy this year. Well done Ladies for getting to the top matches in a very competitive field.

Also on 8th Oct:  The Mixed Invitation at AGC had a good turnout with players enjoying  beautiful weather and excellent conditions.

10th Oct: The Chestwode Trophy was won on countback by Jane Andrews with Di Peisley 2nd  and Margaret Jones 3rd , all with same 37 points.

12th Oct Ladies vs. Vets Autumn meeting a fiercely fought competition

Ewan handing over the Trophy

A new format was tried and the Ladies prevailed, only the 3rd time in last 10 years!  Well done Ladies.

13th Oct  The Willis PRO/AM Trophy, a mixed invitation competition, was well attended by an excess of 100 players from the county and beyond. A very popular event in the golfing calendar organised and run by Mary Rock and helpers.   Great day.

15th Oct  Alresford Scratch Trophy was fought between Stoneham and North Hants with S being victorious. The next year’s draw was done after tea.

Maple Leaf  & Hayling Trophies started their winter season ‘23/24:

3rd Oct AGC played North Hants (H) with a 3-2 win. A great result to start the season.

16th “   AGC played South Winchester (A) in the Hayling in very hard windy conditions losing 0-4.   26th “   Match against Hartley Witney (A) cancelled due to waterlogged course.

22nd & 24th Oct Daily Mail Foursome: Winners: Polly Church & Gill Freemantle, r/u: Sarah Farthing & Jill England. Well done to all of you.

Do come to the Club Christmas Bazaar on the 14th November! Lots of exciting stalls and products! Bring a friend!

Our AGM is awaiting on 25th November – be part of the committee and captain change-over !


Gunnel Berry

Ladies Captain

Hampshire Ladies Golf

The new HLG Bowmaker (now in it’s 2nd year) was on Tuesday 3rd October at Andover GC.  Well done to Lisa Wu (on the right) and her team’s  2nd place on c/b with 56 pts



HLG Fixtures for 2024
These are now on the website Fixtures 2024
HLG Vacancy
Serving on the HLG Board is a real honour and you too could become a director.  Our very long term Treasurer or Finance Director of HLG is standing down at the AGM.  If you are interested in the role please read more here or ask me and I’ll try to help Have you ever been a club treasurer or worked in finance?
Many thanks
Ann Younger
AGC Delegate, Hampshire Ladies Golf

Competitions and Handicap Committee Report

Winter 23/24

Reminder. The winter projects will have a significant impact on the qualifying status of the course over the coming months, and therefore the ability to run qualifying competitions.  Nevertheless Mark Wood will be arranging a series of winter “Pro’s Stableford” competitions during December, January and early February.

Please keep an eye on the daily updates by the Greenstaff on the course status via the App, giving specific messages as to whether the Courses is qualifying or not, and course signage will be visible on the first tee, clearly stating whether the course is deemed qualifying or not.  If the course is not qualifying, then no General Play rounds will be permissible.

Please remember England Golf stipulate that for scores to be acceptable for handicapping, no more than 2 temporary greens are allowable for 18 hole score and only one temporary green for 9 hole score.  In addition, the course length must not be increased or decreased by more than 100 yards for an 18 hole round or 50 yards for a 9 hole round.

For all competitions the course status posted in the morning is final and will NOT change after that time.  All members must “play the course as they find it” for the rest of the day.

On the occasions that General Play rounds are allowable any General Play scorecards MUST be submitted in the box and will be monitored by the C&H Committee.  Any cards submitted on a day when the course is not qualifying will be deleted.

New Trophy Book

The previous Trophy Book, which was in the Clubhouse, has been updated.  Please look out for the new folder which will shortly be on display.

The folder contains history and format of all our trophy competitions and includes a QR code link to a file where you can display the history of winners.

The contents of the folder will remain draft for a period of consultation and should not be taken as final.  Positive feedback and suggested corrections are welcome.



Gill Freemantle

Chair Competitions & Handicap Committee, Handicap Secretary

Mixed Matches

September saw our final three matches of the season starting on a swelteringly hot Sunday afternoon over at North Hants where our largest contingent of 10 pairs turned out, closely followed by a home match against Royal Winchester and finally a rescheduled match at Alresford against Basingstoke.  Our results were a loss, a win, then a draw.

So, in summary our results over season of 11 matches played, won six, halved twice and came second on three occasions. 

We will put up the dates for next year’s match on Club V1 as soon as they are all confirmed.  In the meantime, if you would like to sign up to play in the mixed matches next year you can do so using the Club V1 app (Club Teams / Mixed Friendly Matches / Apply Now).

Thank you to everyone who signed up this season, to all of you who played and to those who graciously agreed to be drafted in at the last minute.

Les & Liz Thorne

A Look at the Rules


A players ball is found resting against a rake in a bunker. The player carefully removes the rake, but the ball rolls down the slope into the middle of the bunker. Is the player subject to a penalty and should the ball be played as it lies or replaced?


Following a successful greens maintenance week, when 20 tonnes of sand was applied to the greens, the greens cutting heights will now go up to 5mm as we go into November. It will remain at this height throughout the winter. The greenkeeping team have begun monthly spray applications of a penetrant wetting agent along with bio stimulants. This will keep water moving through the green profile and provide a firmer surface. Unfortunately, fairway scarification has been put on hold because of the very wet weather conditions we have experienced recently. We hope to move this job into the early spring.

Woodland management is an ongoing process at AGC and recently this has included the removal of diseased trees and those that pose a safety risk. This has included a large number of trees suffering from Ash Dieback, a disease caused by a fungus Hymenoscyphus fraxineus. Ash Dieback is a challenge nationally and it is expected that we will lose all but a very small percentage of all Ash trees. Hopefully, some of our Ash trees will develop resistance but those that do not will need to be felled.

As noted in the last edition of FORE the construction of the new tenth tee will begin in November. First, the turf will be stripped off the tee. Then we will relocate the irrigation. Following this the team will import and lay down the soil and root zone in stages and then the new turf will be laid. An artificial tee mat will be in place to the right whilst the work is undertaken. In addition to the work on the 10th tee the team will continue the scheduled course maintenance and repair work including the turfing of bare areas and repairing of bunker edges.

The Sports Turf Research Institute (STRI) and The Hampshire Biodiversity Centre (Hampshire County Council) have visited us recently. The STRI reviewed the course and will provide us with a report on the health of our course, particularly our greens. Feedback during the visit indicated concerns about the amount of shade our greens suffer from and the subsequent build-up of organic matter or thatch. Overall ball roll and trueness of greens were consistent! The Hampshire Biodiversity Centre conducted a habitat survey on the ground between the third and seventeenth fairways. They noted that this area is an extremely important example of true chalk down land.

We are into autumn proper now and the unseasonably warm weather appears to be a thing of the past. Since then, we have had much wetter weather and as a result we have had to manage the traffic on the course. As we head into winter there will be more occasions when we must manage traffic resulting in buggy (all sizes and types) and trolley bans. When this happens, we ask members to be patient and understand that such action is necessary on health and safety grounds and or to protect the course.

Finally, can I remind all members that they MUST NOT use the blade/head of their putter to retrieve their ball from the hole. Attachments for the grip end of putters are available and when used properly do not damage the hole.

Derek Myers

Chair Greens

Juniors Section

Hi Everyone! Despite the days becoming shorter and the weather taking a turn for the worse it’s been another very active month in the junior section.
The Hampshire schools golf competition was hosted at Hockley this year on the 25th, with 9 of our Juniors taking part. With 63 junior golfers taking part in the competition in total, it was great to see so many from Alresford in particular, whilst representing their respective schools and colleges.
We also had the biggest turnout of the year at the Lillian Rogerson Trophy on the 23rd, with 16 juniors in total. Congratulations go to James Gillard who won his first competition! However honourable mentions have to be given to Jacob Howells, who posted a gross score of 78, giving him the second place.
With all the competitions we’ve had this year it’ll be great to see everyone at the trophy presentation evening coming up on the 17th November, where the winner of the junior order of merit will be announced amongst everything else.
New to the junior events lineup, we’re running a Junior Winter Eclectic, a format in which the best scores on each hole over a period of multiple rounds are saved to give a final ‘eclectic score’. The competition will run over 6 rounds and take place between the 1st November and the 21st March 2024.
Sign up is active now, just speak to whoever is in the pro shop and they will show you the binder with all the extra information inside with details on how it will work. You can sign up at any time within the period, as long as the 6 rounds are completed by the deadline!
Finally, we have a return match away against Hockley on the 25th November. Huge thank you to Gareth Rees, our junior coordinator, for organising it, amongst everything else he has done for the juniors.
It really does show in how far we have come over this past year.
As always, best wishes, and I’m hoping to see many of you out on the course soon!

Oscar Vaughan

Juniors Captain

Vets Section

It seems just a short while since I wrote my first Vets report but amazingly my year as Vets captain is nearly over. I will not bore you with the many highs and few lows but for sure it has been an honour, and great fun, to have taken on the role. My best wishes to Ewan McGregor who will take over from me after the Vets AGM on 15 November.


The last of the Vets Summer Friendly matches was played against Cowdray Park at the end of October. This was a rescheduled match as “rain stopped play” back in September when we started the original fixture. Unfortunately the good form which we showed in September deserted us and we suffered a 3 games to 4 loss. But overall we had a very successful season of friendlies, not only in terms of results but also on the social side and in building strong relationships with other local clubs. We played a total of 38 matches winning 20, losing 14 and halving 4, an excellent result. We also managed to increase the number of vets involved in the matches and it was good to see many newcomers to the club taking part.

Last month also featured one of the highlights run our calendar being the Vets v Ladies which this year was won by the Ladies. Many congratulations to the Ladies who won by the slim margin of 36 holes to 35, we look forward to another close and enjoyable competition next year.


The Summer Vets competitions have all concluded with winners as follows:

Vets KO Winner: Bob Archer

Vets Over 70’s KO Winner: Peter Kinlochan

Vets Over 80’s Winner: John White

Fred White Foursomes KO Winners: Chris Fuller and Steve Oldham

Congratulations to all winners and hopefully we will see you back defending your trophies next year.

The end of October sees the start of the Winter League matches where we aim to improve on our performance last season. Good luck to manager Bob Archer and his teams going forward. The first match was at home against Corhampton on 30 October and we won by 2.5 games to 1.5, an excellent start to the season. If you would like to represent the Vets please sign up via ClubV1.

The final two events of the Vets Captains year take place in early November, these being the Vets & Partners Dinner on 2 November and the Vets AGM on 15 November. We look forward to a strong participation and good dialogue at the AGM to ensure we are fully aligned with the membership.

Finally I would like to thank the Vets Committee and all those who helped and supported the Vets during the past year including Simon and the CapCom, David Maskery and his team and of course all of the Vets who participated in the matches, competitions and rollups during the year.

Steve Oldham

Vets Captain

General Manager’s Update

PLEASE HELP US – The new carpet should now be in place in the mens changing room – please CLEAN YOUR GOLF SHOES before entering the clubhouse whether you are accessing the changing rooms, office or bar from the patio or main entrance doors.

Similarly, the shoe cleaner can be used rather than just banging your golf shoes to remove grass and mud in the car park.

Wet weather golf attire should not be worn in any of the seated areas in the clubhouse – please change out of your waterproofs or wet golf wear.

Help us keep YOUR clubhouse clean and tidy

CHRISTMAS BAZAAR – Tuesday 14th November

9.00am – 2.00pm

Please come and enjoy this event!

Drop in before or after your round of golf or just come and do some early Christmas shopping


Friends welcome!

There will be a good selection of stalls selling new and nearly new clothes, glass, smoked foods and produce, skin care, children’s books, Christmas cards and wrapping paper, Advent Calendars and small gifts, jewellery, baskets, tablecloths, pottery and flowers. RAFFLE IN AID OF THE RAINBOW TRUS



Any voting member may give notice of his/her intention to propose a resolution at the Annual General Meeting.  Notice of motion for the meeting (other than from the Committee) shall be sent in writing to the General Manager by not later than 21 days preceding the published date of the meeting and must be signed by at least 5 other voting members




Winter is on it’s way- Be Safe on the Golf Course

Rain/Mud/Frost/Ice = slippery golf course, especially grass banks, wooden sleepers and any untreated areas.






If roads are icy in the morning on your way to the club, it is fair to assume that the car park and the paths around the club will be icy too! We do our best to grit and salt these areas but please take care.


FACEBOOK – check out our Facebook page

Make sure you ‘like’ our Facebook page and you will link to it and get the regular pictures and updates on what’s happening ! Share with your friends to help us boost our online and social media profiles


Follow us at


We had another successful quiz hosted by Kit. 14 teams participated and the scoring was very close.

In 1st place was Alan & Jayne Green, Chris & Angie White along with Sue & Hazel

I think they need a bigger jug to put the booze in.

In 2nd place was Steve & Jacqui Hodge, Kaherine & Charlie McLaughlin, Denise & Sue

Charlie looks so excited to eat the chocolates. Andy Nash looks on thinking that was us last year

In 3rd place was John Irving’s team.

Thank you Kit for another great night
Sunday 29th October Texas Scramble
We had a shotgun start at 9am for Halloween Texas Scramble. Every tee was full with 25 groups of making 100 golfers. 
The forecast was wet and it rained heavily just as we all tee’d off. It barely stopped for two hours and the rainfall was moderate to heavy. 
After 10 holes it was decided that the course was unplayable and with some disappointment the consensus was that the competition was called off. The concern was the damage being done to the course and health and safety as at least two people slipped down banks. All entry fees were refunded. 
Later this month we have:

Saturday 11th November: Club Dinner

Reception at 19.00 with carriages by 23.30

Dress Code: Black Tie or Lounge Suit

Entertainment will be music sung by ‘Karyn Vickery’ with 2 x 45-minute sessions with Disco music between and after the sessions. This event is Sold Out
Thats all for this month folks

Steve Johnson

Chair Social

A Look at the Rules


There is no penalty providing the player replaces the ball to its position before the rake was removed. The ball should not be pressed into the sand and if the ball cannot be replaced without it rolling away, then it must be placed at the nearest place where it will stay not nearer the hole. If the player does not replace the ball and plays it as it lies, the player gets two penalty strokes for playing from a wrong place.

Rule 9.4b exception 4
In the case of where the ball will not stay at rest not nearer the hole, the player must take unplayable ball relief either by using stroke and distance for one penalty stroke (Rule 19.2a) or back-on-the-line relief outside the bunker for two penalty strokes (Rule 19.3b).

Thanks to Brian Overton for all these Rules Q and A’s. If you have any rulings questions for Brian he will answer them here in future editions, just email the editor.

Our winners for November 2023

£100  Mel Gates

£50   Bob Moore

£35 Prizewinners

Richard Calton

Chris Thompson

Tineke Ribbink

Terry Glynn

Carol Clark


It’s good news for our winners this month and a first for both Mel and Bob so congratulations to them both for getting the two top prizes.

If you are interested in the affairs of the 100 Club then you will see the financial statement for 2022/23 as part of the papers which will be issued shortly for the club AGM.  A summary will be included in next month’s report.

Join us for as little as £1 per month


So can I join and why should I?  What’s it all about?

Well, anyone who is a member of the golf club, either a playing or non-playing member, is eligible. You don’t have to pay £100, there isn’t a limit of 100 members or even 100 shares, you don’t even have to be 100 years old!

The original concept back in 1987 when the 100 Club was formed was probably aiming for 100 members to take up 100 shares.  However today we currently have 133 members and they have nearly 700 shares between them.  It works a little like a lottery.  The income from share ownership is re-distributed in two ways.  Some is given as winnings in the monthly prize draw and the rest is available to fund a contribution towards items or projects in the golf club that are not within normal budgets.  A good example of such a project is the Honours Boards that are currently being installed in the clubhouse and last year the 100 Club paid for a replacement shoe cleaner.

Without financial assistance the golf club would not necessarily be able to do or replace these things so with help from the 100 Club we all benefit.  So for £1 per month, or more if you wish, you can help fund club ‘extras’ and at the same time maybe win a small cash prize as well.

Not many months left to make 2023 the year that you join

For further information about the 100 Club or for an application form please give me a call or send me an email – Pat Wallis phone 01420 564417 or email  Or you can pick up a form from the Office.

Pat Wallis

Editor: David Marshall


The Editorial Team take no responsibility for incorrect information received from Contributors.