Fore Info November 2021


Here are some of the November highlights:

  • Clubhouse Development: what we have been waiting for!
  • Members with non-golfing special achievements: multi-sports star
  • News of the External Mens Competition Results
  • Our Ladies excelling in competitions around the area
  • Details of the Winter Knockouts and Club V1 and WHS changes
  • Vets results update and upcoming AGM
  • Details of upcoming Rollups
  • Pro Tip from Mark Wood on Scoring from the Rough
  • Updates on the Course
  • Lucky Winners in the 100 Club
  • Tony’s Joke of the Month

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David Marshall


Hole in One

Congratulations to George Skayman and John Bridgen!

George used a 4 iron to ace the 13th hole in an Over 60’s Stableford.




John made his ‘5th Ace’ in a winning club match vs Tidworth with a 9 iron on the 10th.




One of the benefits of a hole in one ‘in a qualifying competition’, is that you join the hole in one club and get a free Boss Watch….. definitely worth aiming for! Ask David Maskery for qualifying rules and how to apply. If you are lucky George may show you his…


Many thanks to all those members that sponsored my  HCP Chasedown which raised £1040 for the Captains Charities.

Finally a big thanks to all Captains as they soon end their captains year- really great work, you can all be proud of! We are all so lucky to have such a committed group of member volunteers that support this ‘members club’.

Management Corner

Clubhouse Development

The Club has completed the approval process in order to place the contract for Phase 1 of the Clubhouse Development Project.

It has been a long, arduous, covid-impacted journey and I am grateful for the incredible amount of work that Sue Masser, Chair of House, has dedicated to this project ably supported by our General Manager.

The approval process required many stages of agreement, keeping to a critical path, including the House Committee, The Finance Committee, the Management Committee, Lenders’ Trustees and finally our Land Trustees. I am grateful to every volunteer member who has dedicated their time and skills to ensuring that we deliver on the Clubhouse. So much of our course and Club is of such a high standard, and now we can start to bring the Clubhouse into that category.

We will provide final plans for information in the foyer, but it is important to note that bringing electrical systems up to date alone will cost in excess of £80,000. In the years that we have spent nothing on the kitchen, the old flat, the windows, the exterior features, the furnishings and fittings the Clubhouse has fallen behind the impression commanded by the rest of our Club. Thankfully we can now fix that.

It is intended that work will start before Christmas, and last approximately six-months. Further details regarding facilities that will be available at the Club whilst the contractors are in place, will be made available in the coming weeks.

We will now move to raise Member’s Loan notes immediately, as previously communicated, to part-fund the project.

Tee Times SGM

On Thursday, 4th November, we will hold the Special General Meeting of the Club to determine the outcome of the Tee Times consultation. The meeting will be held online and members have received their calling notices confirming this date including the various methods to vote. The response to the survey was huge, and we hope that every full member of the Club will vote at the SGM.

Disciplinary Matters

The Club had to adjudicate on two members’ disciplinary cases recently, which is disappointing. Both outcomes have resulted in ‘common-sense’ outcomes and maybe a better understanding of our duties as members and the respect due to fellow members and indeed our staff.

Firstly, it’s disappointing that things progressed to the point of needing to put in place disciplinary measures, secondly; we do have a tried and tested disciplinary process which will be put in place when needed. Our preference, of course, is that we all ‘play nicely’, enjoy the great privilege of being a member of this wonderful Club…and that we respect each other, even though we may not agree with each other. Would you believe, that none of us are perfect…including your Chairman…but let’s hope that we all try a little harder to ensure that our behaviours and etiquette result in disciplinary cases return to being a very rare event.

Robert White

Chair of the Management Committee

Members special non-golfing achievements: ‘Jill’ of all sports

AGC: We’ve Got Talent- Who is she?

This is the third of my reports to uncover special ‘non-golfing’ achievements from our membership. If during a game or over a beer you hear a story about another members’ special non-golfing achievement let me know and I will publish it. Maybe we have past Olympians, World Record holders or someone in the Guinness Book of Records?

Often members are shy to report these things but I hope readers will enjoy hearing about these special people in our midst. Just send me an email or give me a ring.

David Marshall



When I started searching membership for talented individuals in non-golfing ways, I found several sports related stars, such as our Welsh National Hockey Star Simon Cook or Test Cricket Scorer Derek Andrews. Now I have unearthed somebody who excels not just in one sport but many. Added to this she does so in as diverse sports as Yachting, Hockey and Equestrian Sports!

Liz Williams started playing junior hockey for Cornwall and the West and later played in the winning team in the 2018 Over 45 National Championships. Her yachting prowess saw her as part of a winning crew in Cowes Week 2014 and the Round the Island Race in 2016. She is also an accomplished horsewoman and held an amateur jockey license to race point to point. Liz recently took up Cricket…… one to watch for our Hampshire selectors!


From the Club Captain

Men’s friendly Matches

The truncated 2021 season finished with a very wet and abandoned match at Ryde on Saturday 2nd October.

Of the 17 matches against other clubs, 9 survived the early season Covid cancellations. Alresford won 3, lost 3 and halved 3. Thank you to the 43 different players that took part, every match was oversubscribed with Members wishing to represent Alresford. We also had several new members taking the opportunity to get involved, both home and away – great to see and I think we had at least one new member at every match.

The fixture list for 2022 is almost finalised and along with the 17 Club matches there are matches versus Hampshire Juniors and Men’s teams, and another against Hampshire Schools.  We are the only club in Hampshire to hold all three of these prestigious fixtures.  Our “pre-season friendly” with the county Men’s team will be the 50th playing of the event, overdue by 2 years!

Running the matches using ClubV1 has proved very popular with those taking part and is certainly easier to manage. The 2022 fixtures will be available on ClubV1 at the turn of the year and an update will be issued at that time.  Grateful thanks to Vice Captain Simon for his innovative and diligent work ensuring that the season was enjoyable and successful.

Men’s Competition Team Matches

The Gales Hockley was a Covid casualty, and we look forward to this resuming in 2022.

Our “Scratch” team enjoyed a quite successful year in the Annodata (played 3, won 2, lost 1), County 7’s (played 4, won 3, lost 1) and the Elite Amateur Golf League (played 4, won 2, lost 2).  Captain and organiser Jim White and Grant Thorne both played in all 10 and Gary Mugford 9.  New member James Banks played regularly along with Will Packenham-Wash, Ashley Wilmott, Sean Yeates, Richard Prescott, Dave Fox, Trevor Pearce, Marcus Kail, Derek Myers, Josh Evans, Tom Beecher and Tom Warden.  Well done everyone!


Daily Mail Foursomes

Tony Stanton and I were proud to represent the club in the last 16 of this competition, held at Slaley Hall Hotel and Golf Resort in Northumberland. We didn’t progress to the quarter finals, beaten by a pair from Springwater GC in Notts.  We did have a very enjoyable 3 rounds before the final day was washed out.  The semi-finalists will reconvene in Spring 2022 for the finals of the 2020 event!  Thank you for all the messages of support and we will try to go further next time!!  Tony is a remarkable golfer.  He first shot his age with a 63, aged 63, 16 years ago!  He says it’s getting easier!  Real honour for me to be his partner.

Tee Bookings

The survey results have been published and the SGM will be held on 4th November by Zoom.  Thank you to all who took part, with special thanks to the Consulting Group of volunteers.  You represented the members well.  I do hope that the proposal gets a strong majority in favour so that we can move forward on this difficult matter.  Please ensure that you vote, either by joining the Zoom meeting, or by proxy. 

The Captains Committee will always refer to the survey and opinions expressed during the consultation period when setting the system.  I don’t expect that we will satisfy everyone, but we will be doing our very best to reflect the views gathered.

Here’s to a good month of winter rules golf!

Happy golfing!


Ladies Section

I was privileged to attend a Committee Meeting and the Final of the Alresford Ladies Scratch Competition at Alresford, competently organised by our capable team of Lynne Cowser, Jane Scott, Mandy Overton and Sandra Hooker who regularly updated me on all events. The elegant glass bowl was won by Stoneham, for the first time with Hockley the runners up.  After tea the league for 2023 was drawn. Two Clubs, Romsey and Meon Valley have withdrawn from the tournament to be replaced by North Hants and Corhampton. Sadly Sandra has resigned from the Committee with Elaine Capp taking her place. It is a great competition and I congratulate and thank this Committee for all their hard work and dedication to this unique competition.

I was gutted to hear Alresford is losing a popular, valuable and long serving member, not to mention our best Lady player, Becky Scott, who is leaving us to join Stoneham. We wish her all the best in her new venture and know that she will be successful wherever she goes. We shall miss her. Lucky Stoneham, their gain is our loss.

Alresford Ladies have had a number of successes during the past month. Liz Williams won the best gross in her division in HLGC at North Hants. Our team of Polly Church, Sue Masser, Lynne Cowser and Lynne Duncan achieved 4 th at the Hayling Island Eclectic whilst another team of Karen Fox, Sally Reid, Caroline Warne and Jo Youngs won their first round knockout in the Legg Bowl by 2 holes. The team and venue were capably organised by Linda Wager.

From L to R: Jan Harring, Linda Wager, Gunnel Berry, Di Peisley, Mal Hope-Mason, Elaine Sutherland, Lynne Duncan, Gill Freemantle, Caroline Warne, Polly Church and Sarah Staines.

The Vets and Ladies match turned out to be a fun tussle sabotaged on both sides, by a couple of Billy Bunters and a very devious and rebellious Lady Captain, resulting in the match being declared void.

Past Captain’s Day organised by Mal Hope-Mason was great fun and won by Jean Coveyduck closely followed by Lynne Cowser and Jane Scott.

The Alresford Ladies Pro Am ran like clockwork thanks to Sally Willis and her dedicated team where Jean Dalton’s team were victorious. Sadly Sally announced her retirement as organiser and instigator after a devoted 20 years. This popular and oversubscribed event shall continue in Mary Rook’s capable hands. No doubt Sally shall be persuaded to help as it won’t be the same event without her smiling face. Sally’s care and attention to every detail is unsurpassed.

Our Ladies managed to raise a staggering £709 for Breast Cancer with our cake stalls and medal fees. Grateful thanks to everyone who generously supported us by baking, buying, donating and manning the stall.

The results of the Ladies Summer Knockouts are as follows: congratulations to all!

Esme Norris —      Winner Kim Johnson.       Runner Up Gunnel Berry

Evelyn Laming  —  Winner Pat Palmer.          Runner Up Allena Doley

Committee Cup  — Winner Kim Johnson.      Runner Up Linda Wager

My Committee joined by Mal Hope-Mason enjoyed a lovely round of golf at Cowdray Park followed by tea earlier this week. Caroline Warne was the star of the day.

I would like to thank Ray Panter for all his dedication and hard work over the past years as Chairman of the Finance Committee.  His diligent and excellent care of the Club’s Finances is going to be an extremely hard act to follow. Now enjoy your golf, Ray and leave the painstaking hours of pouring over spread sheets to others.

Anyone who can’t attend the Zoom SGM on the 4th November please make sure you collect your form to vote by proxy, for or against the rule change, at the office.

A grateful thanks to my  hardworking Committee and all members who supported me over the past year. Also I would like to thank Ann Younger for her excellent work as our HLGA representative and Lynne Cowser for her help with the junior golfers.  I wish Jan, Gunnel and all their team a happy, fulfilling and prosperous 2022 hopefully free from COVID.


Ladies Captain

Match Committee Report

Winter Leagues

The draws for the Winter Mixed Foursomes and the Lombard 4BBB Winter Leagues have been posted on the noticeboards in the Entrance Hall and Men’s Changing rooms respectively. A copy has also been emailed to one member of each team. If you’re in one of the teams for these competitions and haven’t received a copy of your draw, then please contact your playing partner in the first instance.

As we have yet to find a way to run this format of competition within Club Systems, all teams will have to remember to post their scores on the notices using the old-fashioned method of pen or pencil … legibly please.

Club System & WHS Changes

On the 14th October, Club Systems made several changes to their competition software. One of these changes is that once a competition has started it is not possible to change its status from qualifying to non-qualifying or vice-versa. We have yet to determine how much of an impact this might have on any competitions over the winter months. Other changes were …

  • Casual Play scores are now called General Pay scores both in Club Systems and in the England Golf App.
  • Sign-in for competitions and General Play scores is now labelled Sign-in/Pre-Registration. This is to emphasise that you must sign-in before you play.
  • After sign-in there is now a message re-emphasising what we’ve been pushing for a long time now. You must return a completed scorecard under all circumstances. In addition, we require you to enter your score on the system. There are no exceptions to this.

Final Report

This is my last report as Chair of the Match & Handicap Committee. I’ve been on the Match Committee since 2011 and been Chair for the past 6, so it’s now time to move on and go back to just playing golf. The past 2 years have been particularly difficult with various Covid-19 restrictions and then the transition to WHS has not exactly been plain sailing. The major change to the Rules of Golf in 2019, by comparison, was a bit of a breeze.

However, despite what some may think about the upheaval of WHS, the handicapping system has been constantly changing throughout the time I’ve been involved, and it’s my own belief that the move to WHS has not only brought the UK into line with the rest of the world, but it is a much fairer and more equitable system than we had before.

I’d like to thank everyone who has served on the Match & Handicap Committee for their hard work and support over the years. In 2012, the Committee managed 55 men’s and mixed competitions, this year the total is 102, and neither figure includes Ladies competitions which have also increased. The Club could not offer that number of competitions without the unstinting and year-round support of the members who volunteer their time to do the work.

I wish the new Chair and the rest of the Committee all the very best for the future and I promise to fill in my scorecard correctly.

George Clelland

Chair, Match and Competitions Committee

A Look at the Rules


A player searches for their ball believing it is stuck in a tree. They shake the tree and the ball drops by their feet. Is the player subject to penalty and what are their options for proceeding?

Vets Section

When the reminder of the closing date for copy to Novembers Fore arrived in my inbox from our Editor it was, with a degree of sadness, the realisation  that only a few weeks of the year as Vets Captain remained and this would be my final contribution to Fore.  After a busy September the month of October has been somewhat quieter. We welcomed another new member, Keith Furness, to the Section bringing our number to 140. The highest it has been for a couple of years.  The last two matches of the summer friendlies saw a heavy defeat at Cowdray Park going down 71/2 – 1/2 but we bounced back a couple of days later to score a good win at Hartley Wintney 5 – 2  and finish the season on a high note. A big thank you to the 47 members of the Section who have played in the matches during the year.

Bagman of the Year 2021: Wynne Tufnell


The Wednesday Roll Ups continues to be well supported with 20 + members regularly joining in. The role of Bagman is pivotal in the smooth running of these mornings and the title of Bagman of the Year being much coveted. Wynne Tufnell’s persistent efforts to win the title for the second time paid off in this years event managing to regain the crown he won in the inaugural event in 2013. His 41 points being 3 points clear of runner up Tony Freeman.

The final of the Fred White Foursome saw a close contest between the pairing of Derek Andrews and Geoff Jenkins against Terry Lane and Keith Turner. Keith and Terry were 3 up at the turn only to be pulled back to all square going down the 18th but managed to hold on as their opponents  putt for the half, and to take the match to the 19th, slipped past the hole. Well done to Keith & Terry.

There now only remains one competition to play, that being the AGM Tankard which takes place on Wednesday 17th November and will be followed immediately after by the AGM itself. If any Member of the section has any proposals they wish to bring forward to the AGM please contact our Secretary, Graham Lumb by the 8th November.

The Vets & Partners Dinner at The Bell Hotel in Alresford on the 21st of the month was a great success. Enjoyed by 62 diners in a convivial atmosphere the evening seemed to flow smoothly, always a good sign. Thanks to all for their positive feedback and for making it a special evening and to The Bell Hotel for providing an excellent meal.

The last 12 months have passed really quickly and its hard to believe the time to hand over to our Vice Captain Bob Archer is now only a couple of weeks away.  I have really enjoyed the role and it has been an honour and a privilege to be Vets Captain. I owe a big thank you to our Committee for their support, especially to Bob and to a number of Past Captains who have encouraged me with wise advice. I am sure you will join with me and wish Bob all the very best for the next 12 months.

Gareth Rees

Vets Captain

General Manager’s Update


Welcome to the following new members who have all joined the club during October and November ; Mrs Patricia Palmer, Wayne Greyling, Digby Cooper, Nadine Rodgers, Geoffrey Bond, Richard and Judy Wright, Hugh Mackay and John Coulson (Temporary) and Max Hill (Junior)

We hope that your time at the club will be a long and enjoyable one for all of you.


Fancy a game during the week? All members are welcome to come along to the informal ‘club roll-up’ on Wednesday mornings. The usual start time is between 11.00-11.30am all year round but may change subject to any advanced tee reservations. Everyone welcome, meet at the starters hut from approx. 10.45am for allocation of groups. As per the times highlighted for the Ladies and Vets Sections, we politely ask members to show courtesy to those who wish to play in this ‘roll up’ at this time. If you do not wish to play with this group please choose another time if possible.


Wednesday 3rd Nov  ~ 11.00am

Wednesday 10th Nov ~ 11.00am (midweek stableford)

Wednesday 17th Nov ~ 11.00am

Wednesday 24th Nov ~ 11.00am


Members are still being caught out by only referring to the Club Diary Icon on Club V1 app.

Please remember that the Club Diary icon within the Club V1 app, only shows upcoming competitions. It does not link with our google calendar and so reflect the full club dairy with any tee reservations for matches or golf societies.

If you wish to access this via the Club V1 app , use the Club website icon / Homepage / Menu / Events

Alternatively check the noticeboards outside the Pro-Shop and on the 1st tee – both of these show two weeks of any tee restrictions.

Winter is on it’s way- Be Safe on the Golf Course

Rain/Mud/Frost/Ice = slippery golf course, especially grass banks, wooden sleepers and any untreated areas.






If roads are icy in the morning on your way to the club, it is fair to assume that the car park and the paths around the club will be icy too! We do our best to grit and salt these areas but please take care.

FACEBOOK – check out our Facebook page

Make sure you ‘like’ our Facebook page and you will link to it and get the regular pictures and updates on what’s happening ! Share with your friends to help us boost our online and social media profiles


Follow us at

Look after your bunkers.

[kad_youtube url=”” ]MEMBERS SPECIAL OFFER

Sarah Dunkley ~ Soft Tissue Therapist

07710 587605

  • Aches and pain in neck, shoulder , back and hips
  • Muscle tendon injuries e.g. rotator cuff, ITB
  • Overuse injuries e.g. RSI or planer fasciitis
  • Headaches
  • De-stress and self-care

Massage can be hugely beneficial for people who are active and looking to maintain their joint and muscle functioning, golf is a sport that requires lots of rotation, coordination and strength, and I can work with members of Alresford Golf Club to increase their range of movement and target any areas they feel are limiting their swing/ performance.

Get £20 discount on massages when you email and quote Golf20, so you pay the discounted rate of £45/hour. As an added extra, I am also offering a free 30 minute taster if you’d like to find out more before you commit.’

David Maskery

General Manager


Pro- Corner



Even the most accurate players on the European Tour miss the fairways on at least 25 percent of their tee shots. That means it is essential to hit good approach shots out of the rough. Knowing how the ball is going to come out based on the lie is key. Also making a few simple adjustments in your setup and swing to make sure you catch it clean and pure will enable you to get to the green from the rough.


Knowing how the ball is going to come out of the rough is based on a couple of things, first look at how much grass is behind it. Is the ball nestled down or is it sat up (this is a flyer lie), if you catch too much grass before the ball, it will come off the club hot and spin less. The reason is that the grass interferes with the grooves on the clubface, the grooves create spin which you need to control your distance. When you get no spin, you will experience those shots that fly longer through the air and run out when they land. The ball might not always react this way, but you should be aware of the potential for a flyer. If there isn’t a lot of grass, you can expect a much more typical ball flight, but it will still spin less than a shot from. the fairway or first cut.


First things first pick a club based on how you are seeing the lie and the shot you are faced with. If there’s nothing in front of the green like our 3rd hole at Alresford, I will choose a club that will land short of the green and run on. By knowing the rough will create less backspin on my ball this will be my strategy instead of trying to land on the green. When I set up to the ball, I play the ball from the centre of my stance as this will create the necessary downward angle of attack ensuring I catch as much of the ball—and as little of the grass—as possible.


Another key for taking less grass is getting your golf swing steeper than normal. Swinging more steeper will ensure that you catch the ball solid, and the easiest way to create that steeper angle of attack is by putting more weight forward at address (towards the target). If you pre-set your weight onto your target side at address, it will naturally make your swing steeper without having to do anything else.


There’s one more key thing that I do when playing the shot which helps me make solid contact each time, I stay down through impact. The instinct when playing this shot is to stand up on it through impact as you are trying to force the shot. Trying to use your body to help lift the ball will cause you to catch too much grass which can result in either a fat or thinned golf shot. Try this swing technique next time you are playing from the rough. Set up with the ball in the centre of your stance with your weight favouring your target side and the shaft of the club leaning forward. Now make a swing where you feel like you’re punching down on the ball with an abbreviated follow-through – and enjoy the success.


I am always filming new video tips and popping them over on my YouTube channel which is completely free to subscribe to. You can find my channel here –

Greens News

We had some feedback from a walker regarding an “exchange of words” with some golfers. Whilst those golfers might not have been members can I simply appeal for everyone to be as nice as possible. It’s a dual responsibility to each other but there has to be more onus on us as the regulars and the launcher of the ball. It’s far simpler to make an apology if necessary and get on with your round.

The Arborists Report is back and is extremely helpful. The majority of it covers Ash but it has also identified some unhealthy trees such as those wonky holly trees on the RHS after the 11th Tee. It will be used to help define what Colin Luff accomplishes this winter when he makes his annual visit with his team. Some of you will have seen that our boundaries have been “flailed” in an effort to reduce the overhang. If that means your ball now goes out of bounds tough!!!

One of the items the Greens Committee will talk about next week is the presence of Hazel on the course. This followed some feedback from a new member, with dare I say, a fresh pair of eyes. No promises but my rhetorical question is “would you chose to plant Hazel”?

Our thanks to the Finance Committee for keeping our machinery current. The Greens Iron has been replaced and can be seen whizzing around. Also our two oldest mowers will be replaced early next year as their leases come to an end. We use the newest mowers on the Greens before rolling them over to Tees and Aprons. Consequently the hydraulic leak on the 7th Green was unexpected and really a freak accident. When this happens a special chemical is applied that attempts to “eat” the hydraulic fluid to stop the plant ingesting it. However as up to 15 litres of fluid was spilt on the Green when the hydraulic pipe burst it will probably need some TLC for the rest of the winter.

The slight lull between grass cutting and leaf blowing was used to prepare for the winter development projects. Chalk was extracted from the side of the range area and the 3 year old leaf mould was moved to make top soil. Both will be used when the 5th white tee is enlarged for example.

Greens have switched over now from wetting agents to retain the water to a penetrant to move the water through the profile. They are also getting granular feeds and liquid tonics of iron and turf hardeners. Cutting height will come up to 5mm in early November.

Some general maintenance has been done to worn out bunker edges and the new turf should be going in as I write. The fairways had a good rake and brush to remove thatch being done in Spring and Autumn. The sheep enclosure is established between the 4th and 5th ready for our winter rough cutters so brush up on the Local Rule on the noticeboard. We didn’t get the hoped for “murmuration” of starlings so their nesting boxes have all been situated on the LHS of the 18th. In contrast the gas powered gun seems to be doing a good job of scaring the corvids away in the field, it’s timed to operate mornings and evenings when the birds are more active.

The Chipping Dome backwall has been replaced now and the Academy Course is in great shape so do give it a go sometime.

Happy Golfing!

Bob Moore

Chair, Greens Committee

Can you spot the 7th member of staff?


A Look at the Rules


No penalty as they were fairly searching for their ball. They must replace the ball in the tree estimating it’s original position or proceed with a one stoke penalty under unplayable ball rule by dropping the ball within two club lengths not nearer the hole of the spot directly under the estimated original position in the tree or by playing again under stroke & distance from where the previous stroke was made.

If you would like to find out more about the rules, there is a wonderful rules section on the R&A website  where you can also find these exceptions. Just download the R&A app (Rules of Golf) from the app store. 

Thanks to Brian Overton for all these Rules Q and A’s.

100 Club

The winners of the 100 Club prize draw for October 2021 were:

£100    Roger Corkhill

£50      Elaine Spreadbury

£32      Terry Foreman

£32      Laurie Clark

£32      Drew Fielden

£32      Robin Good

Congratulations go to all our winners this month.  Roger has been lucky in the draw again this month, so well done.  Next month’s draw will take place during week beginning 22 November.

If you would like to be part of the 100 Club and actively contribute towards future enhancements to our facilities, for example the Starters Hut on the 1st Tee, and have the chance of winning a cash prize each month then why not join us.

The 100 Club was started back in 1987 and continues today with the objective to provide funds for projects or items which would enhance the Golf Course and/or Club House and generally be considered as extras and not necessarily within the Golf Club budget.

The monthly draw is for six cash prizes: £100, £50 and four at £32.

There are currently 124 members and an annual prize fund of £3,336.  You can join in for as little as £1 per month paid for by monthly standing order and there is no limit to the number of shares you can purchase.  Members generally have between 1 and 10 shares with 5 being the most common holding.  So over a 12 month period for as little as £12 you have the opportunity to share that prize fund.

For further information about the 100 Club and its history please refer to this section in previous editions of FORE Info.  Application forms can be obtained from the Secretary’s office or from me –  Pat Wallis phone 01420 564417 or email

Pat Wallis

Funny Endings: Joke of the Month

“How are you getting on with your new clubs?” asked the golfer to a friend on entering the bar. “Fine replied the friend. “They put twenty yards on my slice”.


Thanks to Tony Hutt for contributing this months joke and Quote of the Month.

We are looking for golf related, clean, seriously funny humour suitable for all members. Send your contributions to the Editor (David Marshall) at

If we use your joke or cartoon, I will buy you a drink in the bar.

Quote of the Month

“It’s good sportsmanship to not pick up a lost ball while it is still rolling” Mark Twain

Editor: David Marshall


The Editorial Team take no responsibility for incorrect information received from Contributors.