Fore Info November 2017

Management Corner

Halfway Refreshments

It seems that the summer halfway house was appreciated by weekend ‘early starters’ and the Management Committee has approved an extension of the trial.

Winter opening times will be 0930 – 1500 on both Saturdays and Sundays and there should be a few additions to the menu. There has not been a problem with any litter on the course and thanks are due to all users of this service for their cooperation in this regard.

From the Club Captain

For my last Fore Info input of my Captaincy, I must start with two bits of catch-up.  Firstly, I have at last managed to get together with Jess Miles to present the Captain’s Day Trophy – see below; and secondly, I have been reminded ad nauseam that I omitted to name the winners of the team competition on Captain’s Day and this was Richard Lane, Keith Turner, Gary Mugford and Darren Boreham – congratulations all.

Jess Miles receiving his trophy

Congratulations to Lyn Travers and Brian Overton for winning the Cock and Hen Trophy on 1st October.

The annual fixture against Hampshire Schools Association was played by a team of four ladies and eight men on 15th October and resulted in a win for the Schools team.  The fixture started more than 20 years ago when an AGC Past Captain, Brian Bellamy was Headmaster of Perrins School and team manager of the Hampshire Schools team and David Harrison was President.  Frank Hayward succeeded David as President a couple of years ago and Mark Wheeler took over as team manager.  Without these gentlemen’s enthusiasm, I understand the Association would almost certainly ceased to exist.  Exist it does, evidenced by the enthusiasm and ability of the players today, who should be proud to know that one of their predecessors in our event was none other than Justin Rose!

Despite the valiant attempts of Kevin and Terry Lane with 30 points and Josh and Karl Evans with 32 points, they were not good enough to beat our now three times champions Jenny and Derek Myers who had 33 points in the Harry May Trophy on 22nd October – congratulations to them both.

The Ladies Assistants Pro-Am took place on 20th October and fielded a total of 108 players – congratulations to the Ladies who organised it, particularly Sally Willis who has been involved with the event since time immemorial!

Our caterers, Pullinger Leisure in the guise of Chris and Kelly, with Adam in support, have completed a year’s service with the club and I congratulate them on an outstanding year. This year’s Club Dinner promises to be the highlight of the year, so if you haven’t signed up yet, you may miss out!

The Auction of Promises held on 21st October was a resounding success thanks to the generosity of the many donors and to the excellence of the Social Committee under the baton of Gill Freemantle. Jim White and Rob White’s presentation was meticulously prepared and drew people into bidding with great aplomb. All the while, Gill sat calmly in the background when most of us would have been running around like headless chickens! The final figure of funds raised during the evening awaits the calculation of various expenses but is expected to be about £10,000. A magnificent achievement. Congratulations to the Social Committee who were all on duty that night and particular thanks to Gill, Jim and Rob.

Forthcoming events

Secretary’s Banger 5th November

Vets Golf and AGM 8th November

Club Dinner 11th November

Captain V Ladies Captain 12th November
Should be fun after the Club Dinner!

Trophy Presentation Evening 17th November
Attend if you can to congratulate our better golfers of the year.

AGM 24th November

Captains Drive-in 26th November

In signing off, I would like to thank all club members for their support during my year and the staff for putting up with my lack of knowledge on a range of matters that have cropped up. Without this support the task would have been less enjoyable and I know you will not fail to help Brian Wright in the same way.

Andrew Frearson
Club Captain

Ladies Section

The deadline for Fore has been a pivotal date in my diary each month and I can’t quite believe this is the last one on my watch. The year has gone so quickly and it has been an immense privilege to represent the Ladies’ Section for the past 12 months. I could not have done it without the amazing support of my committee, past captains and so many members of the Section who have always responded to requests for advice and help when the need arose.

I’m sorry Linda that I couldn’t maintain your success from last year versus the Vets. It was pretty brutal, everyone off the yellow tees and men’s card, despite the extra 4 shots they “generously allowed us”. However, it was played in good spirits and I leave the format for the return match next year for the Ladies’ Section to carefully consider!

We had an excellent end of season friendly match v Worldham away, winning 3½ and ½. It was an extraordinarily eerie day as the tail end of Hurricane Ophelia turned the sky a dark, murky grey. The winds were very strong as well so I think we were greatly relieved to get in safely and away from some rather threatening looking trees. How fortunate we are that our Greens Committee and staff had the foresight to identify and fell diseased trees and make others safe before the autumn gales took hold.

Our Legg Bowl Team, Lyn Cowser, Linda Wager, Gill Freemantle and Sarah Densham had an outstanding win v Southwick Park, 3 up and 6 up, and now go on to play either Hamptworth or Blacknest in the next round. Many congratulations to them.

The Ladies’ Pro-Am Day was, once again, hugely popular and brilliantly run by Sally Willis with her team of helpers. There were 27 Assistant Pros with 81 ladies from 35 different clubs in their teams. I know that many return year after year for this event.

Following her excellent performance in the Alresford Cup, Jenny Myers went on to win the Hampshire Schools Girls U16s Championship, held at Cams Hall on 16th October, with a gross 96. She also won the Best Nett of the day with 66. She then followed this up by winning the Dorothy Hayward Salver the following week at the Hampshire Girls’ Autumn Meeting at Meon Valley with 38 points. In between she managed to win the Harry May Two Generations Trophy at home with her father, Derek. Well done Jenny – a real purple patch.

Derek and Jenny

The ladies’ produce stall raised an amazing £600 for Breast Cancer this month. A big thank you to all who brought in cakes, biscuits, preserves and lavender bags (a new initiative this year) to help make this such a success. Also to everyone who supported the event by buying produce or making donations.

I know I leave the Section in the capable hands of Mary Panter who comes with so much more AGC background knowledge than I will ever have. The next report will come from her and I wish her and her excellent team a most successful year to come.

Jean Coveyduck
Ladies Captain

Match Committee Report

Trophy Presentation Evening

The Trophy Presentation Evening will be on Friday 17th November. If you’ve forgotten which medals, Stablefords and trophies you’ve won this season, there are lists of the medal and Stableford winners, and the winners and runners-up of the board and trophy competitions displayed in the changing rooms. This is the only occasion when all the Club’s trophies and honours are on display, so I would encourage all members to attend not only to see the wonderful display but also to support and acknowledge the accomplishments of the winners. Obviously, award ceremonies work best when the recipients are present, so I make a special request to the winners of our trophies that they make every effort to attend.

Winter Leagues

The draw for the league stage of the Winter Mixed Foursomes and the Lombard 4BBB has been posted on the notice boards. All league matches must be completed by Sunday 4th February, after which the draw for the knock-out stage will be made.

Winter Eclectic

The Men’s Winter Eclectic will start later this month. As in previous years, the entry fee will be £5 and sign-up will be in the Pro’s Shop.

Some Reminders

All the temporary greens either are marked by a white circle on an area of the fairway or by a ‘Lift & Drop’ sign on a cut area off the fairway. Temporary greens marked as such are classed as putting greens.

If your ball lies on a temporary green when it is not the green in use for the hole being played, you must lift and drop the ball, without penalty, within one club of the nearest point of relief not nearer the hole you are playing to. It’s also a good idea to avoid walking across the temporary greens unnecessarily and to take trolleys around them as you would a normal green.

We have a Local Rule which defines the sheep enclosure as Ground Under Repair from which entry into and play from is prohibited. If your ball is known to be in the sheep enclosure or it is virtually certain that a ball that hasn’t been found is in the sheep enclosure then you must substitute another ball and drop it, without penalty, within one club length of the nearest point of relief from the point at which the ball crossed the boundary of the sheep enclosure and not nearer the hole. Relief may also be taken from surrounding fence to the sheep enclosure.

Preferred Lies are now in operation. A ball lying on the fairway, or a part of the course which is closely mown may be lifted, cleaned and placed within 6 inches of its original position not nearer the hole. The original position of the ball must be marked before the ball is lifted; using the club head of the club you happen to be holding is not acceptable. Preferred lies does not apply to any area of course which is not closely mown, for example on the 4th hole, the area between the end of the fairway and the fringe surrounding the green.

George Clelland

A Look at the Rules

Question. In stroke play, a player finds his ball under a bush. He backs into the bush to take a stance but breaks a branch improving his area of intended swing. At the same time, he accidentally moves his ball with his foot. What is ruling?

Vets Section


The last of our inter club ‘summer’ matches have been played with the final match being at Cowdray Park on 8th October. Prior to this match we enjoyed a very good £8 breakfast, and after the game a round of drinks and the results of the match (which we lost 5 to 3). The dress code was golf gear throughout the day. Cowdray Park will follow this format next year when we visit them.

Of the 39 ‘summer” matches we played during the year we won 15, halved 4 and lost 20. The emphasis on these 39 games was to enjoy our golf and have fun, and pick teams that gave everybody a fair share of games rather than just pick the most competitive players to win matches.

Some 60 people played in these matches, or around 45% of our paid up membership of 133. The majority of the participants in these matches played less than 15 games during 2017, in a similar pattern to what happened last year.

Number of Games PlayedNumber of Players
0 to 1550
16 to 309
31 to 401

Vets and Partners Dinner

This year’s annual dinner was enjoyed by 78 people, and after the dinner I was pleased to hear many positive comments about the food and the convivial atmosphere.

Next years Programme

We have dropped Avington from our fixtures list for next year, and they will be replaced by a “home and away” match with Hamptworth Golf Club. This means that next year we will have the opportunity to play in 40 matches during the “summer“ season.

During 2017 just over half of the Clubs we played changed their dress code to smart casual, and I would not be surprised to see this trend continue next year.


Finally, just a reminder to us all that the Vets AGM will be held on Wednesday 8th November at 2pm.

Geoff Procter
Vets Captain

Mixed Matches

Mixed Matches

As we finish off the season with our last match at home against Weybrook Park may I thank all of the fifty club members who have played in these matches this year, some at very short notice, and your support is very much appreciated.

We started the season with a home match against Tylney Park and have played eleven matches in total.  We have had some wins and one or two losses but all the matches have been played in good spirit and hopefully much enjoyed by those who took part.

This year we departed from our traditional two course meal after the game and now have coffee before the match, a one course meal and coffee afterwards.  This new format has been well received.  We have also dispensed with the need for more formal wear after the matches and now ask players for smart/casual avoiding the need for men to wear jacket and tie which, in the summer months, seemed a bit unnecessary.

These changes have been well received by visiting teams, some of whom have adopted a similar format.

If anyone has any thoughts or suggestions on how we may improve the format or anything else please let me know so that it may be discussed prior to next year’s matches.

And if you have not played in the mixed matches, please consider putting your name down next year when the lists go on the board in the foyer.  You do not need to have a playing partner and anyone with a handicap is very welcome to join in.

Jan Harring

…from the Secretary

New Members

Welcome to the following new members who have all joined the club starting during October:  Taz Taylor (7 day), Elaine Sutherland (Academy), Keith Ganter, Ewan McGregor and Francesca Barnes ( Winter Members), George Duncan and James Warne (Juniors). We hope that your time at the club will be a long and enjoyable one for all of you. We hope that you will enjoy using the club and its facilities and are able to participate in the many social events and competitions we have over the summer.

May I remind all members that we are welcoming new membership enquiries for all categories? If you know any friends or acquaintances who are thinking of joining a club or changing clubs, please do your best to sell them the benefits of Alresford.

Winter Membership 2017/18

Following the success of this scheme last year, we will be offering this membership category once again. Available from 1st November 2017 until 31st March 2018. and limited to a maximum of 30 people. If you know of any members of other clubs who suffer poor playing conditions over the winter – this may be ideal for them – please let them know.

  • 7 days a week
  • NO joining fee
  • Eligible to play in competitions and ‘roll up’s’
  • Obtain an official CONGU handicap
  • Utilise the clubhouse and catering with discount card for bar and food purchases
  • Full use of club’s practice facilities, driving range and PAR3 course
  • Bring guests to play on reduced members ‘guest rate’
  • Attend social functions
  • Contact the Office for full details and application form.

Club ‘Roll Up’

Fancy a game in the week? All members are welcome to come along to the ‘club roll-up’ on Wednesday mornings. The usual start time is 11am all year round – timings subject to any advanced tee reservations.


Wednesday 1st 11.00am

Wednesday 8th 11.00am

Wednesday 15th 11.00am

Wednesday 22nd 11.00am

Wednesday 29th 11.00am


Wednesday 6th 11.00am

(TBC – Vets Xmas Golf and Lunch)

Wednesday 13th 11.00am

Wednesday 20th 10.30am

Wednesday 27th 11.00am

Health and safety on the course

Winter means poor weather and deteriorating conditions. Please consider your personal safety at all times especially when using paths around the clubhouse , up the slope towards the 1st tee and practice ground, any steps or walking on slopes / banks in wet weather and when the ground underfoot is wet or icy.

Frost Policy – Greens

When a surface frost or deep ground frost is present, flags will be removed from the affected greens by the greens staff and temporary greens will be used.  Flags will only be returned onto main greens when the surface frost has cleared and any deeper ground frost has thawed from the deepest roots (around 6 inches).

Temporary greens will be prepared well in advance of possible use to present a reasonable surface on occasions when the main greens are out of commission.

Practising on the course

The Club Bye-Laws clearly state that ;

‘The playing of multiple shots on or from tees, greens, fairways and bunkers on the course is prohibited at all times’.

This clearly constitutes practising on the course.

We have had several examples over the past weeks when golfers have been observed with several balls , chipping to a single green. There has also been evidence of multiple shots being played to greens from the fairway – a neatly spaced row of divots all within a 12-18’’ area.

Members are reminded that this is NOT acceptable practice. We are lucky to have some of the best practice facilities in the county – please conduct your practice in these areas and not on the course.

Twitter follow the green staff and see what’s happening on and around the course. @GreenstaffAGC

Trophy Presentation Evening
Friday 17th November 7.30pm
All trophy winners AND other club members are invited to come along to the Club Trophy presentations. Please make every effort to attend and collect your trophy. A list will be displayed showing which trophies are to be presented on the night. Please confirm (or not) your attendance.

Diary 2018

If your contact details are incorrect in the diary, or you have moved this year, please make sure the Office has your correct details in time for inclusion in the 2018 diary and the AGM / Subscription notices.

Forthcoming Events

Saturday 11th November
Club Dinner

Sunday  26th November
Captains ‘Drive-In’ & Sunday Carvery

Saturday 9th December
Xmas Quiz Of Sport & Supper

Sunday 18th December
Xmas Sunday Carvery & Pro Shop Draw

Monday 26th December
Pro V Captain Challenge

Saturday 31st December
New Year Eve Dinner Dance

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Friday 24th November at 7.45pm. The draft minutes of the 2016 AGM can be viewed on the club website or we can provide copies via the Office.

Please note that your calling notice and meeting agenda / accounts booklet will be sent via email this year. There will be a small number of printed booklets available at the meeting and for those for whom we do not have email addresses.

Subscription Renewals 2018

We will endeavour to send the majority of subscription renewal notices out to members via email again this year. Please ensure that we have your correct email address and pass this information on to any of your colleague’s if you think they are not receiving the FORE INFO. Any members who we do not have email addresses for will still have these details posted as normal.

Course in General

There are two levels of restriction that will apply to the course in general.

Trolley Restriction. Obviously this will apply to trolleys and buggies.

Buggy Restriction (buggies include single-seater vehicles).

A trolley and buggy restriction will predominately apply where there is surface frost present.  In these circumstances, the situation will be reviewed periodically and if the appropriate conditions are met (ie when the frost melts), the restriction may be lifted.

Buggy restrictions will apply when the ground itself is frozen for both course protection and safety reasons.  In this instance, it is unlikely that a restriction imposed in the morning will be lifted, except in exceptional circumstances.

Please note change to Friday bar closing times

Over the Winter / Spring period the Clubhouse (and Bar) will close on Fridays as per the normal weekday times, unless there is an event or pre-booked function. Below is the current list of dates when the bar will be closed earlier.

Friday 3rd November

Friday 1st December

Friday 8th  December

Friday 15th December

Friday 22nd December

Please check the club website and main noticeboard for changes to these dates.

Green News

Well here we are already!  Winter rules, sheep munching through our beloved rough and leaves turning beautifully before falling over our fairways and greens.  This mild and wet autumn means that the soil temperature is still high, and grass is still growing.  So, with cutting grass and clearing leaves, another busy time for our greenkeepers.

As mentioned last month, the team is working to remove silver moss (by plugging) from affected greens.  The ‘drill and fill’ was successful and the treated greens are recovering well.

The soil piles on the range are being tidied up with topsoil being prepared for construction.  The 2-year-old leaves are being moved from the 12th to the range.

You may have noticed further improvements to the paths.  Our equivalent of painting the Forth Bridge.

I am pleased to say that the damage caused by rooks is reduced at this time and we have been able to manage this by “bang”.  For clarity, we will only use dead rooks when the damage and cost make this necessary.

Last month I advised that we needed to fell 2 dangerous trees.  Sadly, we also noticed the fine-looking Ash, close to the Yew on the left-hand side of the 18th fairway, was in a perilous state and this was also taken down.  Although this tree had been damaged by a swarm of insects, the main worry was the roots which were rotten through.

We will be starting our winter work program this month and will as ever try to keep the course playable and minimise disruption to play.

Happy golfing!

Mark Tiplady

A Look at the Rules

Answer. The player incurs a two shot penalty. One shot penalty for accidentally moving his ball, rule 18-2 and a two shot penalty for improving his intended area of swing, rule 13-2. However, as the player incurred the penalties as a result of the same act, only the greater penalty is applied. Decision 1-4/15

Thanks once again to our local rules expert, Brian Overton, for setting these fascinating questions

100 Club

The winners of the 100 Club prize draw for November were:

£100 Ken Coburn

£50 Chris Brandon-Trye

£32 Ken Richmond

£32 Harold Young

£32 Ashley Wright

£32 Rita Robinson

Congratulations to the winners. The December draw will take place in the week beginning 20th November.

You will receive a statement of the 100 Club’s finances included in the notice for the Club AGM.  We have paid out £2945 in prizes this year. Although installed last year, the cost of the finger posts appears in this year’s statement.

It would be appreciated if prize winners could cash their cheques promptly as the value of uncleared cheques is steadily increasing. However, we have quite a healthy balance in the bank which allows us to support most projects as and when they arise. Decisions on what we spend our money are taken by our trustees, Robin Good and David Farr, and will be communicated through the Fore Info.

Not a member of the 100 Club?

If you’re not a member of the 100 Club, you can become one for as little as £1 per month. Shares in the 100 Club are purchased for £1 per month and there is no limit on the number of shares which can be held. In general, most members have between 1 and 5 shares and pay by monthly direct debit, though it’s also possible to pay quarterly or annually. Each share is allocated a number which is entered in the monthly draw. The top prize is £100, with a second prize of £50 and four other prizes of £32. For more information contact George Clelland on 01962735008 or, or call in to the Secretary’s office.

George Clelland

Social Scene


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