Fore Info May 2023

Greenstaff working at dawn on the 10th for us all....


  • County success for AGC
  • An update on Honorary Membership: sub team feedback
  • Club and Ladies Captain News: more sporting success
  • Rules Quiz Question and Answer: be careful when you drop from GUR…
  • Competitions:  key dates for Club Champs qualifying
  • Mixed Matches: great start, sign up to be part of it too
  • Juniors: upcoming roll ups and upcoming competitions
  • Vets update: competition news and upcoming events
  • General Managers update: lots of key info. Make the most of Courtesy Rounds
  • Social : catchup on the successful past and exciting future events
  • Team Golf: first results from the season kickoff
  • Greens News: key update on winter projects and course conditioning
  • Winners in the 100 Club: did you win? Need some/more tickets?

I know most members find the size of Fore Info daunting. What I suggest is you try each month to look into a new section that you don’t normally read. You may be surprised. For example help promote the club to potential junior members: sign friends family kids to GIRLS ROCKS. More below in Junior section.

If you want to sign someone up or just find out more contact Gareth Rees at or phone the pro shop 01962 733988. Gareth and others have put a lot of work into getting this for AGC and we need more kids.

Also in this edition read about the recent  ‘Fore Info Team Challenge’, our ryder cup style event and see some of the amazing costumes.

Important information: Swale on 1st in use…

We need more Course Marshals and Starters. Even if you cannot give regular time we still can accommodate you. Ask David Maskery for available slots in the coming months.

The club benefits greatly from the 100 Club. Are you a member? If not find out below how you can contribute to your club and be part of the monthly draw! Don’t delay.

Finally congratulations to George Skayman for his ace on the 6th with a 5 wood. Unfortunately I was not in the bar, again. According to the picture, maybe he used a putter, certainly George not to be used to remove the ball from the hole please!

Enjoy the read, keep in touch.


David Marshall


More County Success for our Ladies

Our Jill England and Liz Hastings won Best Nett with a 76 at the Hampshire Ladies Golf Foursomes Championship in tough conditions at Corhampton recently. Kelly Travers and Jenny Myers were runners up with gross score of 88 just one behind champions Kerry Smith and Diane Oram. Well done ladies, making AGC very proud.

Ann Younger

AGC Delegate

Hampshire Ladies Golf

Management Corner: Honorary Membership

The Member Consultation Group comprising Nick Duncan, Les Thorne, Lynne Cowser, Elaine Capp and Robert Doley has been busy talking with numbers of members about Honorary Membership, gaining a detailed understanding of current attitudes to this award. Research into the subject has also extended beyond AGC, talking in detail with several other local clubs about their policies and processes.

In particular the Group has been keen to learn from members their attitude to the criteria for making such an award, both mandatory and optional, and particularly important how the nomination and approval processes should be structured.

Many members have been keen to offer their views on the subject, and we now have an emerging impression of how to advance our strategic thinking on this subject.

The Group is meeting again in May to fine tune its conclusions, and will present detailed recommendations to the Management Commitment for their meeting at the end of the month.

Nick Duncan

On behalf of  ‘Honorary Membership’ Consultation Group

From the Club Captain

The course is waking up!

As we move away from winter rules, we can look forward to the golf season warming up, hopefully in more ways than one. A big thank you to those members who are came out early for divot filling and those who are here late covering greens in an attempt to keep the rook damage away from the greens.

Congratulations to Steve Pratt for winning Linnets, the two-day ‘Alresford Major’ over the Easter weekend, with a combined medal score of 137, just pipping Kelly Travers into 2nd place.

I would like to thank the Vets and Ladies sections for juggling recent intra club events mindful of the fact that many more of our members now have the ability to play golf midweek. Their reorganising ensured more tee times were available to the wider membership than in previous years. This is a fine balancing act where we respect the tradition of certain events, keeping the ‘personality’ of our members club but recognise the dynamics of our membership is changing – at quite a rapid pace.

Following the Management Committee’s request to the Captains Committee (CapCom) to consider alternatives that would allow greater and more efficient use of unused tee times, Capcom have recommended we enter a trial period where any unused midweek 4-ball tee booking slots can be taken by visitors at any time during the tee time allocation. However, these slots can only be booked within a maximum 72hrs (3 days) notice, giving members ample opportunity to book their golf. Furthermore, members guests can now play before the 10:30am with the same 72hrs notice. Both of these bookings can be done through the Pro Shop or office – not via ClubV1. We will monitor the usage over the coming months.

Members who play between midday and 2pm will be aware we conducted a month-long survey in February on whether tee bookings should be extended to 2pm midweek as it is at the weekends. The results suggest 65% would like the Open Tees to continue from midday. So no change to our current tee booking format.

As you see from our General Manager’s notes below, we continue to have a healthy flow of new members over all categories. I would like to stress to existing members to be welcoming should you have a new face join your playing group. Some will need initial General Play rounds to get their golf handicaps off the ground. Please do your bit to help.

Finally, our course marshals have been in action now buggies are allowed back on the course after the very wet March. I have received super upbeat feedback on this initiative, from both members and visiting societies. I particularly appreciate the positive attitude from our members as I’m sure the marshals do to. More volunteers are required, so if you attended the training, please add your name to the online schedule. If you missed the training but now appreciate, and can add to the great benefit of marshals, let David know you would like to join in. The more the merrier and remember to support those who support you.

Simon Freemantle


Ladies Section

April  started the golf season very nicely. We had 3 major tournaments starting and finishing. Lots of things has been happening! The course continues to be the envy of visitors despite us complaining of muddy fairways here and there. The saplings around the 5th green are looking nice and one hardly notices the birch trees gone!

7th Apr Kelly Travers shot a round of 67 on the 1st day of the Linnet’s Round competition. Fantastic!

10 Apr Spring Texas Scramble –  Easter Monday

Due to very unfortunate weather conditions, only 67 players out of 102 signed up turned up to face the rain and winds. However, the sun came out sooner than expected and some of us had a dry ‘scramble’ . Great support for the raffle with 2  generous fruit bowl donations from Andy Axton and other prizes raised £440.00 for our Charity, the Rainbow Trust. Another £60.00 was raised through sale of clothing goods  for the ladies. Thank you to Heather Williams, Jenny Steiner, Jenny Torbett, Jackie Sanger, Sandra Hooker and Kathryn MacLaughlin  for help and organisation for a smooth running and enjoyable day.

17 Apr Stoneham vs Ladies Captain Team

Ladies Captain’s Team brought home a win 4.5 – 1.5 . We wish the Stoneham team every good luck in the forthcoming season with Team Captain Rosemary Verrall at the helm .

18 Apr Spring Meeting

66 ladies played 18 holes Medal round and 8 ladies played a 9hole Stableford in the 2023 Spring Meeting. The weather held up nicely with the odd shower. We enjoyed a delicious sit down lunch together.

Winners: 1st Div: Jenny Steiner, 2nd Div: Jane Macrae 3rd Div: Gunnel Berry

Best Gross: Div 1: Sue Poulter; Div2&3; Lesley Martin

9hole Stableford winner: Penny Lamonby

Prizes given out to winners in:

  • The Winter Foursomes: Lynne Cowser/Jane Macrae
  • Ladies Winter League respectively in their groups as:

Jenny Steiner & Liz Hasstings (Shared win), Sarah Scott, Marion Bruce, Kathryn Maclaughlin, Jane Macrae, Pat Voak, Ann Younger.

Inter-club Competitions:

Legg Bowl – final at Dudsbury on 19th Apr. Caroline Warne, Mel Gates, Esme Goodacre and Jane Hendry  just lost with a narrow margin and became runners up for 2023. Very well done to the team and team Captain Jan Harring.

MapleLeaf  –  semi-final  played at Farnham on 11th Apr with a narrow loss to Windlesham. Team:  Ann Gunn, Maggie Jones, Louise Morton, Pat Voak and Judy Wright. Well done to the team and team captain Ann Younger.

North Hants Trophy –1st leg was played with a 3- 0 win. Team: Sarah Farthing, Jenny Meyers and Rosie Rooney. Well done to the team and team captain Polly Church.

23rd Apr – 1st Mixed Golf vs Tylney Park. The Mixed Friendly Matches got off to a great start with a win for Alresford enjoying a delicious meal afterwards.

27th April – Start of Team Golf throughout the summer on Thursday evenings.

New Members Recruitment

16th April – approximately 25 new, and potentially new,  members stretching back 2 yrs, attended a reception at the club to welcome them to the AGC. Win and canapés were served with Simon Freemantle giving a welcome speech to the gathering including a ‘thank you’ to all captains, vice captains and head of committees for attending. It was deemed a great success and with a handful of people signing up for membership on the day.

New Lady Member: Lois Pope, previously Liphook, from 1st May.

Captain Attended:

– Caribbean Cruise Party 15th Apr

– Committee meetings of, Greens and Capcom this month.

– Captain’s ‘Chair’ –  1 attendance

Other:  27th Apr Annual Divot Party organised by Green’s

You do find the ball in the most strange places!

Jo Youngs finding her ball on the 18th hole, inside the blue pipe, day after play!

Gunnel Berry

Ladies Captain

Competitions and Handicap Committee Report


As a reminder a Live Clubhouse leaderboard for each competition is always available through HowDidIDo on the day.  Once the competition is closed by a Committee member the “snapshot” results are automatically published to the Member Hub.  If a member is looking for the complete results, together with the additional comments provided by the Committee (including reasons for disqualification), then these can be found via HowDidIDo:

From the main menu, select “Home Club”, from here there are 2 tiles available “Ladies Results” or “Men’s Results.  Mixed results are available under either of these 2 tiles.  Scroll to locate the competition and select to find the detailed results and comments.

Competition Entry Fees/Prize Payments

Some competitions breakeven, some make a loss on some make a profit after prize payments have been made.  This income is spent on updating Honours Boards and purchase of glassware mementos.  Whilst the Clubhouse has undergone refurbishment there has not been any expenditure on updating the Honours Boards and during this period, this income has been set aside for the purchase of new competition honours boards.  Funds for 2023 will also be used for the purchase of the new Honours Boards within the current project timescales.

The C&H Committee is very conscious that with increased membership and therefore competition entries that the current prize structure needs review and a small working group has been set up to review the current structure to ensure that there is a balance of prize payments for all levels of handicaps any recommendations will be implemented for 2024.

Reminder – Marker

A polite reminder from the C&H Committee for all players to clearly identify their marker on their scorecard – a signature is not always eligible!  Many thanks

Club Championship

24th & 25th June 2023

All 7 day members should now have received Terms of Competition and Entry details for our Club Championship.  This document together with the Club Championship Policy are available on the Club’s website.

Places for the Championship are limited, and it is important that all players, regardless of handicap, register their intent to play in the Championship prior to the closing date (30th May).  Please note that men with a handicap index of 13.1 or above (on 30th May) will need to play in at least one qualifying event.

Saturday 20th May – Men’s Medal

Saturday 3rd June – Men’s Medal

Saturday 10th June – Laming Cup

Men’s Invitation

11th June 2023

Entry for the Men’s Invitation on 11th June 2023 is now open.

The format of the competition will be AM: (12 holes) Greensomes, followed by PM: (18 holes) 4BBB.  Entry Cost is £72 per pair and includes coffee on arrival, lunch and 2 course dinner and prizes.

Entry is open to 7 day members and their guest with a WHS Handicap, guests without a WHS Handicap are welcome to enter but will not be eligible for main prizes.

Please enter via the Member’s Hub, [bookable competitions] “Men’s Invitation 2023 SIGN UP only”.  The entry fee will be charged at the time of booking via credit/debit card.

Gill Freemantle

Chair Competitions & Handicap Committee, Handicap Secretary


Off to a flying start with a win at home against Tylney Park on 23rd April, 8 pairs went off with instructions on the match format of extended or American Greensomes, hopefully not too much confusion ensued, some of us were interrupted by the Governments ‘Emergency Broadcast’ whilst others waited in anticipation of the 3pm alert which failed to materialise. Anyway, we all made it round before the heavens opened so thank you team for our 6 1/2 to 1 1/2 result.
Next stop away to Petersfield on the 7th May, the matches are ‘friendlies’ however it has been brought to our attention that there is a silverware platter M.I.A. from our Burns Night Supper……
If you fancy putting yourself forward for the mixed matches, please either sign up via Club V1 or the manual sign up sheets on the notice board.  We haven’t picked teams yet for the home match against Hockley on 31st May, Cowdray Park away on 12th June & Rowlands Castle away on 16th July so you still have time.
Need more information or have any questions please let us know
Les & Liz Thorne

A Look at the Rules


A player finds their ball in an area in the middle of the fairway marked GUR. They find the nearest point of relief and drop their ball within two club lengths and play their next shot to the green. A fellow competitor informs them that they should have dropped the ball within one club length. How should the player proceed?

a,       The player should redrop a ball in the correct area and gets one penalty stroke.

b,       Th e player should redrop a ball in the correct area and gets two penalty strokes.

c,        The player should continue play with the ball played from the wrong place and gets one penalty stroke.

d,       The player should continue play with the ball played from the wrong place and gets two penalty strokes.

Juniors Section

Hi everyone, I hope you are all well.
It’s been great seeing so many out on the course this month as it continues to get warmer. We had the Peter Gregory Salver on the 6th which was a great success and I hope everyone had a lot of fun. (Editors Note: your understated Junior Captain won it!).
If you missed it then don’t worry, there’s a lot more junior competitions to come this year and I’m looking forward to all of them.
To come this month, the Harry May two generations Trophy is being held on Sunday 21st May. This is a pairs foursome competition, and one member must be from Alresford Golf Club. The relationship must include a junior, together with a parent, step parent, grandparent or a step grandparent.
Rollup dates for this month are as follows, with first tee remaining at 2pm:
-Saturday 6th May

-Sunday 14th May

-Saturday 20th May

-Sunday 28th May 

Also, a 6 week course starts on Wednesday 3rd May, with sessions every Wednesday up to and including the 7th June. This first course is for 5-11 year old girls and each coaching session will run for 1 hour from 4:30-5:30. The total cost for the 6 week course is £40 and all equipment will be provided.
A second course is also available, but for 12-18 year old girls. This will start with a free taster session on the 14th June followed by 6 coaching sessions, starting from the 21st June and will last for 6 weeks up to and including the 26th July. This course too will cost £40 and all equipment will be provided. All sessions will run weekly every Wednesday from 4:30-5:30.
Anyone who is interested in joining this programme can enrol by visiting:
I’m looking forward to seeing everyone out there this month!

Oscar Vaughan

Juniors Captain

Vets Section

Once again the weather had an adverse impact on our weekly rollups but there was one bright spot, in the first rollup in April George Skayman had a Hole-in-One on the 6’th hole, well done George! George, well known for his playing of the flugelhorn at club events, is not a stranger to having holes-in-one and the latest was number four in his golfing career. His previous hole-in-one on the 13th in 2021 occurred in a Qualifying Competition and he received a Boss watch for his efforts, this time he simply received the congratulations of his rollup colleagues and a bar bill.


The Team about to take on Rowlands Castle. The two missing from the photo were of course practicing!

The golfing season seems barely to have started but already we have played eight of our summer friendly matches. Since the last edition of Fore Info we have played Corhamption (H) 4/3 Win, Waterlooville (H) 4/3 Win, Sandford Springs (A) 3.5/2.5 Win, Lee on the Solent (H) 3.5 each Draw, Stoneham (H) 4.5/1.5 Win, Farnham Sands (A) 4.5/3.5 Win and Rowlands Castle (A) 2.5/4.5 Loss. By now we should have played nine matches but the last match in April away at Hockley was abandoned due to a thunderstorm. Roll on summer…..

So our current record is 4 wins, 2 losses and 1 draws, a very creditable performance. Probably the best result was the win at Farnham Sands where the Farnham Captain mentioned that they hardly ever lose at home, well done Ed Tinley (Match Captain) and team. The return match at Alresford in August should be interesting with Farnham out for revenge. The win against Sandford Springs was also noteworthy considering the age advantage of their team – the minimum qualification age for their “Seniors” is just 55 years of age!

May is another busy month in the vets calendar with matches against the Army, Bramshaw, Barton on Sea and more. We play some great courses and have a good time with likeminded Vets/Seniors from other clubs. If you would like to play with us in the summer friendly matches please sign up for selection either on ClubV1 or the Vets Noticeboard.

Vets Captain

Steve Oldham

General Manager’s Update


Welcome to the following members who have all joined us since 1st April; Oscar O’Herihy, Tim Browning, John Mucklow, Nicholas Western,  (7 day), Jake Wadey, Oliver Whitlock, Eliot Blakeley, Charlie Dean, Jack Godfrey and Mark Kenyon (Intermediate), Billy Grimes, William Terry, Kyle Davey ( Student), Alistair Pendlebury, Stanley Jackson, Michael Stanton and Mrs Kerry Coleman ( Academy) and William Kendall, Leo Langlands-Pearce, Jasper Richardson and Connor Mills ( Junior).

Welcome to Alresford and we hope you enjoy your time at the club.


Fancy a game during the week? All members are welcome to come along to the informal ‘club roll-up’ on Wednesday mornings. There is a tee reservation between 11.00-12.00 – members wishing to take part should meet at the starters hut from approx. 10.45am for allocation of groups. As per the times highlighted for the Ladies and Vets Sections, we politely ask members to show courtesy to those who wish to play in this ‘roll up’ at this time. If you do not wish to play with this group please choose another time if possible. If there continues to be a limited use of this time, then the Captains Committee will review the tee allocation.


Our Course Marshall & Starters programme has now begun. Course Marshalls along with our Starters, will be Club Ambassadors and will be used at times when we anticipate the course being busy (competition and non-competition days) as well as for golf societies.

Marshalling on busy days is one of the most important duties to be performed on the golf course. Marshalls are there to help make the members and visitors experience a more positive one. Whilst they can not make you play any better, they can help with making your round more enjoyable. The Marshall will try to assist you in speeding up your play if they believe you are delaying the groups behind. They will give you the opportunity to do so before requesting that you allow a group to ‘play thru’.

Starters are there to enhance the experience for visiting golfers and ensure a smooth transition between members bookings and visitor play and vice versa. Please do not try and squeeze out ahead of the golf society in the reserved times and respect the ‘gap’ at the end of the society.

We have a ‘real time’ calendar of dates and times when we require Starters or Marshalls. So even if your availability is ad hoc , if you can assist please speak to the General Manager.


These are provided to offer golf on specific occasions when we host county or Open competitions. These differ from the Weekly Reciprocals in that they are usually at ‘networked clubs’ and not on our normal day to day reciprocal rota. This is why they are limited in number.

All requests for these rounds should be made to the Office in advance providing the name of club , day of courtesy and all players. Unlike previous years we will ballot for allocation. Members may apply for or play in a maximum of 3 such rounds. The closing date for requests to be registered to the Office, will be one calendar month prior. i.e. if the courtesy is on the 18th May, the closing date for registering interest is 18th April. The successful request will then be notified.

This year’s Courtesy list will be displayed on the Main Noticeboard outside of the changing rooms.


We will be welcoming back visitors to our Seniors Open on Friday 2nd June.

Unlike our other Open Competitions, we do encourage our own members to enter this event. This is so we can pair up any visitors new to the course with an Alresford member to ‘host’ them and show them around the course. It is always very well received.

This year Alresford members will not be eligible for the overall trophy however there are separate AGC and visitor’s prizes . If any member wishes to participate, they are very welcome to do so at £28.00 per head and will include lunch and prizes. Please contact the office for an application form.           


The new County Card App is now LIVE at Alresford.

It is only available to those members to which Alresford is their HOME club. If Alresford is your AWAY club , then you must download the App from your HOME club link when it becomes live. This may be later in the year dependant upon subscription renewal date.

The app replaces the old ‘hard cards’ that went to subscribers. If anyone does not have access to an app/suitable phone, please let me know . We will inform the County and they will provide a card.

Members who used to pay their annual County Card fee by Standing order – please cancel this now. If anybody has renewed their card via their original standing order within the last 6months, contact the County Office who will offer a pro-rata refund or give you the option of transferring any credit to the County Junior Development Fund.

The card gives beneficial rates to over 1300 courses in England and normally offers a discount  on green fees between 20-50%.

Instructions to Download;

  • To download the County Card App, using your smart phone go to the relevant

App store and enter igCounty in the search bar, once found, download.

  • Once you have downloaded the app and opened it you will be asked if you want to

allow igCounty to use your location, if you select ‘yes’ when it displays the clubs it

will include the distance from your location in miles.

  • The next screen you will see is the ‘County Selection’ page. Scroll down and select

‘Hampshire, Isle of Wight & Channel Islands’ and click the ‘Save’ button at the

bottom of the page.

  • When you click on the Clubs icon on the bottom of the app it will provide a list all

affiliated clubs in Hampshire, Isle of Wight and Channel Islands.

  • IMPORTANT TO NOTE this is a list of all Hampshire, Isle of Wight and

Channel Islands Clubs and not those necessarily taking part in the County Card

Scheme. These can be found by visiting our website under the heading ‘County


  • Having clicked the ‘Save’ button you will be taken to the home page.
  • The home page provides details on:

County News – provides details of current news from Hampshire Golf news

which again you can click onto for more information.

  • Course Handicap Calculator – provides the facility to enter your handicap index

and a course’s Slope Rating to see your Course Handicap.

  • To activate your County Card, on the bottom select ‘County Card’ in the righthand corner and click, ‘Continue’.
  • Enter all details as requested, turn the ‘Enable’ switch on and click ‘Activate Card’.
  • Your County Card is now ready for use. The County Card scheme will run for 12 months

FACEBOOK – check out our Facebook page

Make sure you ‘like’ our Facebook page and you will link to it and get the regular pictures and updates on what’s happening ! Share with your friends to help us boost our online and social media profiles


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Saturday 15th April
The members stepped aboard Ocean Liner ‘SS Freemantle’ for our Caribbean Cruise Night.
We were entertained by singer Rachel Hockley followed by a disco which we danced the night away. It was nice to get so much great feedback.
Fore Info Team Challenge
FLTR (Editor), Winners the Six Nations (Mike Bryett, Barry Norgate, Brian McCormick, Phil McCormick, Jess Miles (Captain). (Paul Kettley not in photo)
Once again we had a good turnout and fun social event around this ryder cup style event over 36 holes. This year we played matchplay, a format most seem to prefer.
Winners who received the coveted Trophy and wine/balls prizes was Team ‘Six Nations’. Runners up were RAGS.

Best turned out team prizes went to the ‘Coronation Chickens’. Close runner up was ‘the Charlies’.

Best turned out team winners: Coronation Chickens (Gareth Rees, Jan Harring, Tony Hutt (Captain), Sandra Hooker, Richard Lane and (Flown away) Harvey Vaughan

Thanks to the greenkeeping staff for presenting the course so well and Ben and the barstaff for looking after us so well on the 2 days of competition with a lovely BBQ on May 1st.

Best kitted out runners up: ‘The Charlies’ (Simon Buckenham, Rob Gates, Liz Hesse, Mel Gregory Pulling (Captain) and Jacqueline Sanger
Upcoming events
Saturday 20th May 
Midwich Dawn are returning. The band that christened the refurbished clubhouse are back by popular demand.
The band will start at 19.30 and the option of food will be available as shown on the poster
Ticket Price will be £20.00 per person with the food option
Ticket Price no food £10.00 per person
Sign up sheet and poster on the notice board
Steve Johnson
Chair of Social


Welcome to another season of TG and especially to the new competitors. The Leagues is now underway with a total of 14 teams this year, the absolute maximum number.  We are pleased that teams all include genuine juniors this year, which has not always been the case.

Oh for some fine weather!  Another wet soggy evening tested players somewhat, however in spite of this some good scores were achieved with Graham Arkley and Finton Cobb representing The Cobblers  scoring the highest with 21 points both getting a birdies on the 4th and 9th respectively, so win a sleeve of golf balls each.   A close second was Bob Gates and Sigi Hill with 20 points playing for The Tweets.  There was one particular potentially needle match match between last years League winners Pappa Morth and Last years ‘Championship winners The Cobblers with the latter winning by a large margin! A successful start to the TG season was achieved with everyone in a most cheerful mood especially when they had dried out! Players and supporters then enjoyed a tasty supper supplied by Ben and his team.                                                                                                    

Members are welcome to join quite a number who will be dining every Thursday evening now until the end of July.   

John,  Jan, and Jim White

Organisers on behalf of the Social Committee.


As I write this on St Georges Day (Happy St Georges Day!) I note that temperatures today should reach a high of 14 degrees and should fall no lower than 5 degrees. Hopefully, this is the beginning of consistently warmer temperatures and good growing conditions! To say the weather has been mixed so far is an understatement, we only had 4mm of rain in February but had a whopping 147mm in March!

There has also been some wind which has caused small pieces of deadwood to fall from the trees this is nothing major but last weekend we lost a tree on our boundary by the thirteenth green. It had toppled over into the lane taking a fibre cable with it. Fortunately, we were able to call on our preferred tree surgeon who was able to deal with it immediately. He will be returning to the course before the end of April to remove a Beech tree which is no longer safe because of significant decay. We have monitored the tree for a number of years carrying out remedial work to prolong its life to this point.

With the warmer temperatures our course is starting to wake up from what seems like a long winter. Interestingly, our greens are always the last area to come together. This is because they hold lower soil temperatures, than other parts of the course, until day and night temperatures become more consistent. Greens will now get a liquid feed fortnightly and wetting agent and bio stimulants in between to keep them healthy. The greens on the third, tenth, eleventh and twelfth have had an extra input of granular fertiliser this recently to try and get them moving. In addition, aeration has been carried out in the form of a pencil solid tine. Top dressings will follow as the greens start to wake up. We have seen leather jacket activity recently and we are calling out for volunteers to lay the tarpaulins to try and bring them out (see members updates). We have also sprayed the insecticide on the greens this week to try to treat them.

The greens staff are undertaking our regular maintenance of our bunkers. The revet faces have been brushed and tidied on fourth, thirteenth and seventeenth holes and sand has redistributed. The greens staff will, from now on, check the sand depths against our standard as part of the daily routine.

Our tees and aprons are recovering well after a granular base feed, bare patches from winter play have been aerated over seeded and top dressed. A monthly liquid feed coupled with wetting agent will be applied moving forward. Our fairways are filling in well as the granular fertiliser starts to activate growth, footpath areas on 8,12 and 17 have been aerated over seeded and top dressed. We continue to repair the damage caused by rooks feeding on pests such as leather jackets rook damage with soil and seed and we will appreciate the help of members on the divot day to further address this – please give us your time there will be refreshment afterwards (see members update for details). Moving forward we will use an iron and urea-based nitrogen to keep the grass healthy. Hopefully, we will get a balance of warmth and showers through the summer months.

If you have not seen David Attenborough’s “Wild Isles” programme on the BBC I can recommend it. I found the episode on our native grasslands particularly interesting, it emphasised to me how carefully we need to balance the management of our native grassland with our woodland. We are a chalk downland (grassland) course with some pockets of mature woodland. The greens staff have now cut down all long rough areas and now some re shaping will be carried out to bring the long rough out to bunkers and enhance the downland look as the grass start to grow. We should now start to see the emergence of some wildflowers coming through.

The 2022/23 winter projects are nearing completion. The fifth tee has now been cylinder mown at a height of 15mm and will be kept at this height for a week before we go to a 10mm cut with a top dressing. Conditions permitting the tee should be open mid may. The green side swale on the first hole is now open to play. The shorter mown area will be an extension to the apron but for the time being will be cut with the fairway mower and will receive top dressing to blend it in. It will, however, be some time before it has the playability of the sixteenth swale for example. The greens staff will continue to make good bare areas, and this should pick up when we get consistent growing temperatures. We will also fertilise these areas.

Derek Myers

Chair of Greens

A Look at the Rules


d,       The player should continue play with the ball played from the
wrong place and gets two penalty strokes.

The player should only correct the mistake if there is a serious
breach. In this case both balls would be played from the fairway
the same distance from the hole, so there is no serious breach.
If the player was unsure of weather there was a serious breach,
the player should play two balls, the one played from the wrong
place and the ball re-dropped. They should then request that the
Committee decide on the score for the hole. See Rule 14.7b

Thanks to Brian Overton for all these Rules Q and A’s. If you have any rulings questions for Brian he will answer them here in future editions, just email the editor.

Pro’s Corner

All the new spring/summer stock has been steadily arriving over the last few months and with the warm weather coming in (fingers crossed) now is the time to update your summer staples.

Please remember that we price match with American Golf and Clubhouse Golf and we have Polo shirts starting from as little as £24.99.  We stock many of the leading brands, but with Foremost we have access to many more.

Did you know that we have the best stock of ladieswear this side of Silvermere- we offer clothing from Rohnisch, JRB, Swing Out Sister, Pure, Tail, FJ, Glen muir and a wide selection of ladies shoes.

End Of Line Sale

We have a few end of line Mens and Ladies Footjoy Shoes available in store at a heavily reduced price, please pop in and have a look at what we have to offer.

Girl Golf Rocks

Liam Spencer our Assistant Head Professional led up the New Girl Golf Rocks taster sessions on Wednesday ably assisted by Harriet Riches, Jenny Myers, Jill England, Liz Hastings and Gareth Rees.

The first block of six are aimed at younger golfers aged 5 to 11 running every Wednesday at 4.30-5.30pm from 3rd May – 7th June.  The cost is £40 for the six weeks, no experience necessary , no equipment needed, just wear comfy clothes and trainers and join the fun.

The second block of sessions for golfers aged 12-18 running every Wednesday at 4.30- 5.30pm from 21 June – 26 July.

Spaces are still available for more information or to book your place go to

2 Steps For Faster Golf Clubhead Speed – To Maximize Your Distance

In this video Mark goes through 2 easy steps for gaining faster clubhead speed, in this easy to follow video you will unlock the power within your swing gaining you faster clubhead speed and maximizeing your distance.

Mark Wood

Head Professional

100 Club

Are you a lucky winner this month?

Our winners in the 100 Club prize draw for May 2023

£100    Norman Sheen

£50   John Goodacre

£35 Prizewinners

Philip Cartwright

Jean Coveyduck

Keith Turner

Annie Beal

Ken Richmond

Congratulations to all our winners in the May draw.  John has been lucky again this month but of course with a completely different number.  Maybe you will be lucky next month.

Calling all our new golf club members

If you have recently joined the golf club then how about making 2023 the year that you join the 100 Club.  You will be actively contributing towards future enhancements to our golf club facilities and have the chance of winning a cash prize each month.

To know more about the 100 Club, how it began and what the funds are used for then please give me a call or email – details below. For those who already belong then please encourage your fellow golfers to join us too.

The monthly draw is for seven cash prizes: £100, £50 and five at £35.

Each share cost £1 per month paid for by monthly standing order and there is no limit to the number you can purchase.  Members generally have between 1 and 10 shares with 5 being the most common holding.

For further information about the 100 Club or for an application form please give me a call or send me an email – Pat Wallis phone 01420 564417 or email  Or you can pick up a form from the Office.

Pat Wallis

Editor: David Marshall


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