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Firstly welcome to all the new members- AGC was a great choice! If you need a golfing partner, put your name on the noticeboards. There is plenty in Fore Info to get you up to speed on what’s happening around the club. The new Lady Members are invited to a New Member Evening on April 7th organised by the Ladies Section. More details shortly.

Lots to read about all sections this month. Also an interview with our new Ladies Captain, Sandra Hooker as well as the many upcoming competitions and signups not to miss. It’s great to read we are trialling a Mens Order of Merit for our low handicap men members too.

Read about the next Social events such as the exciting upcoming bingo and music nights and ensure you sign up.

Although the club is doing much for the Captains Charity it’s great to see a member, Adrian Cobb going the extra mile or actually 250 km/month to fundraise. Why don’t you sponsor him- read below.

Thanks to allele our readers. With well over 1000 website hits to Fore Info last month its good that all contributors hard work is not going to waste…

Finally you can always access this Newsletter directly from the AGC website/About section. It is usually there from the 3rd of every month. So you don’t need to hunt David Maskery’s email each month!! No excuse for not reading it…

Enjoy the read.

David Marshall



AGC Member goes all out for the Captains Charity

What started as keeping fit in 2019 to run 100km a month continue into 2020 until lockdown arrived allowing only an hour exercise a day for essential trades.  A week then became 50 days, then 100 consecutive days (running up to 300km per month) then a calendar year, quickly followed by 500 days, then 1,000 days at 250km/month. It turned into a personal challenge, as I continue to run each day still completing 250km per month with 1,500 days in sight.  I have been waiting for the right opportunity to raise money for a worthwhile cause and with the Captain’s Charity at Alresford Golf club being for Cardiac Rehab based at Alton (Having a close friend die of a heart attack some years ago) I feel the time is right and feel you can make a difference. Please consider a gift because the charity has no NHS funding and is dedicated to helping improve Heart Health, fitness, and wellbeing of individuals with or at risk of developing heart disease. Services they offer range from cardiac rehab to retain/improve fitness, prevention of heart disease, cancer rehabilitation and falls prevention by helping maintain strength, balance, and coordination to reduce falls and help people live more independently.Go to the link below to gift.

Running for 1500 consecutive days for Cardiac Rehab – Cardiac Rehab (


Adrian Cobb 

Your gift will get to work in the right way to add years to life and more importantly to add life to years- to lengthen the all-important health span.


Interview with our new Ladies Captain: Sandra Hooker

This month I took time to get to know Sandra Hooker and hear about some of her ideas for the Ladies and our club.

Editor: Many of us would like to find out more about our new Ladies Captain. Tell us more about your background (personal, work, hobbies etc)

Sandra: Born in Cheshire, my father was in the army and as a family we moved around the world, attending 9 schools in the process. Finally settling in Lichfield Staffordshire, I went to secretarial college in Birmingham.  My working background has always been secretarial, administration and as a personal secretary, my main employers were Marstons Brewery and Pirelli Tyres. I got married in 1970 and hobbies then were skiing and rallying, we had a fully kitted out rally car and winter weekends would find me navigating my way though tiny welsh lanes, a bit tricky at times as I get car sick!!

Editor: I see you are a proficient golfer with 16 handicap. Have you been playing long? When did you join AGC? What are your golfing aspirations?

Sandra: It was whilst working for Pirelli in 1982 that I joined their golf society’s group lessons, I got totally hooked, and although my father was 4 handicap at the time, he had never encouraged my sister or myself to play but we both ended up joining him at Whittington Heath Golf Club.  I was single by this time and had moved to Marstons Brewery and spent every lunchtime hitting golf balls on their football field. I think the real reason I took to golf was I didn’t have to run after the ball, or get hot and sweaty. You could say I was all the gear no idea!!

Without doubt the practise did pay off as I managed to get down to 7 handicap and obtained my 2nd team county colours for Staffordshire.  I have been lucky enough to play some lovely courses and met nice people along the way, my claim to fame was beating Rachel Heyhoe Flint in a scratch match.

With husband Mike and Grandson Eli

In 1987, I was fortunate to meet Mike on a golf holiday in Brora on the north east coast of Scotland, we were married in 1991and I moved from the Midlands to Sussex and worked in London. Since the London days Mike’s job has taken us around the country, Suffolk, Norfolk and then back to Scotland where it all started. I inherited 2 lovely girls and now we have 4 grandaughters and 4 great grandsons.

Due to family illness and having retired we took the decision to move closer to Mike’s family and in 2014 bought the house in Alresford. We applied to join the golf club and were interviewed by Les Thorne so please take any complaints to Les!

Golfing aspirations – if I can stay in division 1 for a few more years that would be great, but otherwise continue to be as enthusiastic about golf as I was 40 years ago.

Editor: What made you want to become Captain or was it sprung on you? Arm twisted? How did you convince Mike?

Sandra: I know everyone will find this hard to believe but I am quite shy and the thought of public speaking really terrifies me, so that and working full time I have always had an excuse not to take on the role, but I have been grateful to other ladies who have been prepared to be Captain and when I was invited by Gunnel to be her Vice Captain I thought it was now or never. We all know golf clubs do not run themselves, so it is vitally important that we have members who are prepared to help behind the scenes and be on committees.  It is a big decision because of the impact it has on your family’s personal life for nearly two years, Mike has been amazing, without his support I could not do this job.

Editor: Every new captain brings a new perspective and aspiration. What is yours?

Sandra: Alresford is already in a good position but we know there are challenges ahead for the club, particularly the water issue.  We need a strong membership behind us to achieve our goals.

Thanks Sandra and I wish you well for a busy but successful year…


Favourite movie: Pretty Woman

Favourite food: Italian

Favourite holiday destination: Scotland in the summer, Spain in the winter

Favourite course: Royal Dornoch

My favourite club:  a 40 year old ‘Bronty Chipper’.

Favourite golfer:  Henrik Stenson

What annoys you most? Paying for car parking

What is one thing about yourself that no member knows? It took me years to learn to ride a bike.

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Message from the Chair

Hi Everyone

I write this following a full day England Golf Seminar on ‘A Blueprint for Good Governance, insight and guidance to build a successful future for your golf club’ that I attended at Kingswood Golf Club in Surrey with our General Manager David Maskery and  Club Captain Richard Lane. There were 83 attendees representing 50 golf clubs across the Southern region.

It was an insightful day with sessions on the benefits of good governance and what that means for golf clubs. Some of the key takeaways I had from the day were.

  • There is no ‘one size fits all’ model; it is important that the correct balance is applied for your specific club.
  • Good governance helps to establish a purpose and values which underpin all that we do.
  • Develop a positive culture with accountability and transparency at its core.
  • Build a financially and administratively secure club which allows us to stay ahead of the curve and be more adaptable to change.
  • Promotes an accessible and inclusive club
  • Creates a more engaged and better-informed membership with clear lines of communication.

What was clear during the day was that the golf clubs attending varied greatly in terms of their governance and structure; what I took great pride in representing AGC was that whilst we are certainly not perfect; we are governed very well through the hard work of all our staff; partners, committee members, volunteers and you, our members. There were several times during the day when Richard, David & I were smiling when we could proudly say; yes, as a club we do this!

Anyhow enough on this topic for now, but I look forward to engaging with our members further as we continue to strive to improve the management and governance of our fantastic club.

Other things to report

Your sub committees continue to work hard on behalf of our club and I encourage you to read the updates provided in our Fore Info Magazine as that provides members with an update of what is going on in your club.

Our next ManCom meeting is Monday 18th March so I look forward to providing more updates in our April issue of Fore.

Here’s hoping for a dry and warmer March!

Alan Farrell

Chair of the Management Committee

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From the Club Captain

Our first friendly was the 51st against Hampshire originally started by David Harrison OBE off scratch. A good day all round, although we lost 7-3 with creditable performance and special mention to Grant Thorne/Ben Ludlam, Gavin Jones/ James Banks and Ben Unsworth/Steve Brown who won their respective matches.

Those who have not played in the Pro Stableford through the winter gentle reminder with competitions now underway. If you have spent most of the winter giving putts you need to ensure you are now putting out in medal rounds and if you can score points in Stableford competition. It is not acceptable to give putts you are cheating yourself and the rest of the competitors playing in the competition.

Pace of play is also raising its head again as you would expect its always someone else. It reminds me of a car breaking in the middle of the motorway and then everyone else backing up. If you are teeing off with out waiting maybe worth looking behind, it could be you holding up the whole course. Marshalls will be out and about to support but ultimately it down to us as individuals to be more aware and give consideration to others.

Charity- Cardiac Rehab

A big thank you to the ladies section and in particular Jane Macrae and Tricia Palmer for putting on a great Bridge Event with 88 participants at the club raising £2,300 for the captain’s charity a very enjoyable afternoon had by all.

Events coming up

The Pro/Captain challenge will start in April. This year it will be 4 ball better-ball match play stableford (add both your scores up on each hole. team with most points wins hole) All winners will be invited to a final day in early October to decide the overall winner. Sandra and Ewan are both available for some dates when I have other commitments so, please look out for the Poster in the notice board in the hallway early March.

Finally, one for the diary Men’s Invitation on Sunday 9th June more details to follow.

Richard Lane

Club Captain

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Ladies Section

Once again the weather has got the better of our golf, but when the sun does come out it has some real warmth and there are definite signs of spring.

We had a very good turn out for the roll-up on 6th February, thanks Sarah for doing all the organising. Winners Sigi Hill, Judy Wright, Heather Williams and Jeanne Renshaw 48 points,  2nd Allena Doley, Tonny Maxwell, Ann Younger and Louise Morton 44 points..


The Hayling Trophy team have played South Winchester and Stoneham home and away, great wins at home keeps us in with a chance. Maple Leaf’s match at Sherfield Oaks has been cancelled twice due to the course being closed. Good luck teams for the final games in March.

Maple Leaf Team: Caddies at the back, Ann Younger, Jo Youngs, Rosemary Verrall, and Mary Rook. Players sitting : Jacqui Sanger, Pat Voak, Ann Gunn, Helen Marchant and Linda Sexton.

We hosted the 2nd leg of the Winter Triple in reasonable conditions, the day was closely fought with scores of Alresford 102, Corhampton 102 and Lee on Solent 85.  We go into the final leg at Corhampton 4 points behind, but we have taken the trophy before at Corhampton and I am sure we can again.

The signup is on the board for the annual Ladies and Vets Breeze up March 21st, it’s a good day where you are partnered with a vet not playing against them!

Sadly Mrs H M (Babs) Neilson, sadly passed away aged 99, she was Ladies Captain in 1996, both her husband Bertie and son Kit have been past Captains at Alresford, a real family affair.

Last but not least a huge thank you to everyone involved in our first Captain’s Charity Bridge afternoon, we had 96 people playing, with members donations and raffle raising over £2000.

Next month golf really begins with the start of the friendly matches and the return of qualifying competitions. Good luck everyone and remember we do this for pleasure. 

Sandra Hooker

Competitions and Handicap Committee Report


Sunday 10th March 2024

Open to male 7-day, Intermediate and junior members with a current Handicap Index who have played in at least 6 qualifying competitions since 11th March 2023.

Sunday 10th March 2024

Entry £3 per person

Competition Booking will open @ 9pm on Thursday 29th February 2024.

No Casual Tee Bookings between 07:06 and 13:51 hours will be permissible on this day*

Competition booking will be open to pairs and individuals.  If you do not have a partner but wish to play, sign up individually and a player may join you.

Players will still be required to sign into the competition before commencing play and enter their score after their round.

This is now possible through HowDidIDo or via PSI terminal located in the Foyer.

Format: Greensomes Medal

You and your partner both drive from the tee. You then select the best ball and play alternate shots with it until holed out.

As prizes are bottles of “Grouse”, juniors cannot win whisky and will receive golf balls.

Handicap Allowance = 60% of lower + 40% of higher Course Handicap

*Any unused tee times will be released 48 hours prior to the competition of casual play but only for 2 balls for pace of play on the course



Maximum Combined Handicap Index = 72.0

Handicap Allowance = 50% of combined Course Handicap (rounded)

Open to 5 and 7 day lady members

Sunday 10th March 2024

Entry £2 per person

Competition Booking will open at 9pm on Thursday 29th February 2024

No Casual Tee Bookings between 07:06 and 13:51 hours will be permissible on this day*

Competition booking will be open to pairs and individuals.  If you do not have a partner but wish to play, sign up individually and a player may join you.

Alternate Competition Day:

Tuesday 12th March 2024

Tee bookings in the usual way

Casual play will be allowed on the course on this day

Format: Foursomes Stableford

The aggregate winners of the Sunday and Tuesday competition will represent Alresford Golf Club at the Regional Final to take place at Hockley Golf Club on 28th August 2024

If you do not have a playing partner but wish to play, please email

Players will still be required to sign into the competition before commencing play and enter their score after their round. 

This is now possible through HowDidIDo or via PSI terminal located in the Foyer.

*Any unused tee times will be released 48 hours prior to the competition of casual play but only for 2 balls for pace of play on the course

Dear (7 day men and ladies)

Once again, the men’s Famous Grouse competition and ladies’ Centenary Foursomes competitions will be held on a nominated “Foursome” day on Sunday 10th March 2024.

Tee bookings between 07:06 and 13:51 on this day will only be for players wishing to take part in either of these competitions and therefore the tee booking procedure will differ slightly (see below). Any unused tee times will be released 48 hours prior to the competition for casual play but only for 2 balls for pace of play on the course

Both competitions will be open for booking from 9pm on Thursday 29th February 2024.  Note:  Competition Booking does not have a countdown timer.  Players may “book” individually, or as a pair.  Players who do not have a partner but wish to play may add their name to a tee booking and await another member to join them.  The booking system has improved from last and marking pairs are now able to be booked at the same time.

How to access tee bookings for Bookable Competitions (different from normal):

Through the Club V1 App,


>Next 5 Bookable Competitions (show all)

>Either “Famous Grouse” or “Ladies Centenary Foursomes”

>Down arrow

>Tee sheet

…If booking for a Pair

>Select a tee time (“available”)

>Book (Your details will appear in Player 1, to add chose a playing partner you will need to confirm)

>Confirm (“once your booking is confirmed you will be able to add another)

>Add player

>type name


…Bookings as an Individual

>Select a tee time (“available”)

>Book (Your details will appear in Player 1, to add chose a playing partner you will need to confirm)

>Confirm (“once your booking is confirmed you will be able to add another)


…Adding your name to an existing booked individual

>Select individual’s name


All Players will still be required to sign into the competitions before commencing play and enter their score after their round. This can now be done via HowDidIDo or via the PSI terminal.  Entry fees will be taken on booking a tee time.

The Ladies Centenary Foursomes is an alternate day competition and is also scheduled for Tuesday 12th March 2024. Those wishing to play on the Tuesday should book a tee in the usual way (from 9pm on Saturday 2nd March).  Please be aware that casual play will be permissible on the course on this day and this may impact upon your ‘pace of play’.  Any lady who wishes to play on this day who does not have a partner should contact Sarah Staines, Ladies Competition Secretary, by email

Queries relating to the Men’s Famous Grouse competition should be sent to:

Queries relating to the Ladies Centenary Foursomes competition should be sent to:



22nd & 23rd March  – Men

23rd & 26th March – Ladies

All entry monies from these competition are donated to the RNLI charity



Friday 29th March & Sunday 30th March 2024

Our first major of the year – Linnets Cup, 36 holes mixed medal.

To allow priority for 7 day members who wish to play in the 36 hole competition over this bank holiday weekend.  Round 1 (Good Friday) will be open via “bookable competitions”, 14 days prior at 9pm on Friday 15th March 2024.   Round 2 will be open via “bookable competitions”, 14 days prior at 9pm on Saturday 16th March 2024.  Unused tee slots will be released 48 hours before the competition.

Mens Order of Merit

Full details of the new trial for 2024 of an Order of Merit competition have now been advertised and entry is open (via “live competitions). To enter players need to have a Handicap Index of 13.0 or less at the time of entry (deadline 10pm 28th March 2024).  Players must compete in a set number of competitions for which points will be awarded.


Summer Knockouts

Rotherham: Mixed Foursomes Knockout

Wessex: Men’s Singles Knockout

Ross: Men’s (Over 50s) Singles Knockout

Entries Close on 24th March 2024


Club Championship

29th & 30th June 2024

Look out for full details and entry criteria for this year’s Club Championship.  This year, ALL competitors must have competed in 6 qualifying competitions in preceding 12 months of which 3 MUST have been at Alresford Golf Club.  In addition players with a Handicap Index of 13.1 or above will have to played in at least one qualifying competition:

This year’s qualifying competitions are:

Saturday 4th May 2024        (Men’s Medal)

Saturday 25th May               (Jubilee Cup Round 1 OR Mixed Medal)

Saturday 1st June               (Men’s Medal)

Gill Freemantle

Chair Competitions & Handicap Committee, Handicap Secretary

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Mixed Matches

Thank you to everyone that has signed up over the last few weeks.  It won’t be long before we can post the details for our first match of the season, away at Tylney Park on Sunday 21st April. Notifications will come through to you by email from the Club V1 system.
We are pleased to announce a new fixture that has been added to the diary on Sunday 25th August at Alresford for 6 pairs against Salisbury and South Wilts Golf Club, hopefully the first of many and now showing on Club V1 if you’re free.

Here below is the complete Mixed Match schedule for the 2024 season:

Tylney Park                        Away                     Sunday 21st April at 1:00pm

Petersfield                         Home                   Sunday 5th May at 12:00pm

Corhampton                      Home                  Friday 10th May at 2:30pm

Hockley                               Away                   Thursday 30th May at 1:00pm

Cowdray Park                    Home                  Monday 10th June at 12.00pm

Rowlands Castle              Home                   Sunday 14th July at 1.00pm

Bramley                             Away                     Friday 19th July at 1.00pm

Hayling                               Away                    Sunday 28th July at 12.30pm

Salisbury&South Wilts    Home                   Sunday 25th August at 2.00pm

North Hants                      Home                   Sunday 1st September at 1.00pm

RWGC                                 Away                    Friday 13th September at 2.00pm

Basingstoke                       Away                    Friday 27th September at 1.00pm

Please note that the times maybe subject to minor changes & the Hockley match is away – not home as per diary.

Til next time, best wishes

Liz and Les Thorne

A Look at the Rules


A player is given hand written A4 putting green maps showing the slopes on the greens. May the player use these during the round?


We are fast approaching the new golf season and last month we continued our preparation with our February Course Maintenance Week. The work carried out during these weeks has a significant impact on the playability and health of the greens over the next 6 or so months.

Following advice from the Sports Turf Research Institute (STRI) we have started a three year programme to drill each of our greens to a depth of 300mm (12”) to create hundreds of drainage channels through the profile of each green. The holes are then filled with a blend of kiln dried sand and a porous ceramic material. Once the contractor finished the drill and fill process the greens team then brushed and rolled each green.

Overall, 11 tonnes of the blended kiln dried sand and porous ceramic material was used, and the process took approximately 2 hours per green. This year we have completed this process on greens 7, 8, 10, 11, 13, 14, 17 and the front of 12. The remaining greens will be drilled and filled with the blend over the next two winters. This year they have been deep tined to 175mm (7”) and sand dressed.

Watch the amazing machine in action-click here..

Following the tining or drilling the greens received nutrition in the form of a granular fertilizer to aid recovery post maintenance. The team also applied iron, turf hardeners and a penetrant which will help water through the profile. This month all the greens will receive a light aeration, top dressing and a granular feed plus normal nutrition application.

The Tees also had an application of granular fertiliser, and the fairways and aprons have had liquid Iron applied to them. Overall, the sward remains healthy and strong. Through March the tees and aprons will be treated with a granular feed followed by over seeding where needed. Remedial works to the 7th tee area, where the mat has been, will also be completed. The fairways will receive a brush scarification and granular fertiliser application whilst the areas of rough not managed by our sheep will be cut and collected.

Anyone who has been on the course over the past month, or who follow the club on social media (club Facebook post on February 6), will know that we have removed a number of trees that were diseased or a safety risk. We are in the process of tidying up after this work.

Our winter projects are on schedule and, weather permitting, will be back in play for the beginning of the season. The tenth tee is bedding in and has been rotary cut, seeded and top dressed. We will continue to top dress this month. Please keep off this area until it is opened for play. There is still important work to be done to the echelon of bunkers on the fourth hole. We need to seed and top dress around the turf edges before applying fertiliser to the areas of rye grass to aid recovery. Mid-March we will add sand to the bunkers and begin to compact them ready for play on the 28th March (weather and conditions permitting).

In addition to the winter projects part of the 6th tee medal area has been re turfed due to bird damage and the 6th greenside bunker has been renovated (left and front edge) to address sand erosion. A new turf wall has been put in and the bunker edge turfed using material left over from the 4th bunker project.

Derek Myers

Chair Greens

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Juniors Section

Hello everyone, the golf season is up and running.
For the juniors, we had our first competition of the year The TJ Evans Trophy. James Gilliard took the win with 38 points followed by Henry Reilly with 37. It was great to have such a good turnout and I hope everyone enjoyed the day.
A few matches are coming soon at Hockley and Liphook (the date for Liphook is to be confirmed). We need a couple more players for the Hockley match on the 4th April, so please let Gareth or myself know if you would like to play.
The Corhampton Junior Open is on the 8th of April and we are hoping to have at least 4 juniors play, so if you have any questions about it don’t hesitate to ask.
Keep the Eclectic entries coming in!
Elaine Capp and Gareth have been working on the Junior Section of the website which has been completed. It’s looking great and has all the key information if you need it.
I hope to see you all out playing soon.


Rosie Rooney

Juniors Captain

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Vets Section

The month of February saw the lull before the “summer” storm of, tournaments, knockouts, and 40 Summer Friendly matches. Our summer season of tournaments kicks off on March 6th with the Vets’ Captain v Vets’ Vice Captain. This is closely followed on 21st by the ‘Vet’s and Ladies Breeze Up’ and also throughout March we play the first three of our Summer Friendly Matches. So a bit more to report next month!

February saw the culmination of our winter league fixtures. We won the home match against Royal Winchester GC, 3.5 to 0.5; away at Salisbury and South Wiltshire on the stunningly picturesque Cathedral Course, we lost on the last putt 2.5 to 1.5, and finally the rescheduled match away to South Winchester was a draw. Not winning the trophy this year means that we have not been at our very best.  However, Bob Archer, this year’s retiring winter league captain, has done a great job in the role. He hands the reins over to Steve Oldham.

The Wednesday morning Roll Ups like January’s have been hit by some atrocious weather. Consequently, twice this month the competition has had to be cancelled. Last week was one when, due to torrential rain, Course Status for that morning read No Buggies, No Trollies, 6 temporary greens! Bagman on the day Drew Fielden, was not deterred by the understandably poor turn out and organised the complete spring cleaning of the Starter’s Hut; inside and out. On the fine days the turnout has been a very healthy in the 20 plus range, leaving little room to get everyone away within our allotted hour.

The Vets’ section membership currently numbers 112, which puts us course to achieve our 2024 target of 150.

I am, as Captain of The Vets’ proud, to report The Club’s 2023 Captain/Pro Charity Challenge final is being played out between two teams of Vets’.

The two teams are Mike Garten and Ed Tinley versus Colin Verrall and David Marshall seen here lined up on the 1st before setting off to fight it out in a 4BBB decider.

The match is a fitting way to report the end of last summer’s Vets’ season and, the report of the result, (you’ll have to wait) will be a fitting way to start this year’s Vets’ summer season.

Ewan McGregor

Ewan McGregor 

Vets Captain

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General Manager’s Update


Welcome to those new members who have joined (or rejoined) the club in February; David Thomas and Peter Allen (7 day), Alan Marshall (5 day), Sam Longman, James Barton, Craig Williams, Marcus Kail, Henry Glanfield (Intermediate), Sam Duncan, Max de Laszlo, Silas Kendall and Guy Phillips (Juniors). We hope that you will enjoy your time with us.


We hope that you are enjoying your membership and have been able to get either on to the course or at least the practice facilities despite the poor weather so far this year? We recognise that it can be difficult to establish a playing routine and find new playing partners at a new club. You may still need to submit cards for your allocation of a new handicap and need the help of established members to play with and mark your cards.

If so, all New members (and any existing members) seeking casual playing partners are invited to utilise our ‘MAKE CONTACT NOTICE’ on the Changing Room Noticeboards. Add your names (left side for new members) and for existing members prepared to help or support (add your name to the right side). New members are then invited to contact the existing member with a suggested day/time to play.

For those new members who play COMPETITIVE GOLF, please be aware of the Terms and Conditions of entry to club competitions found on the website in the Members Area / Competition Committee page.

For example to be eligible for prizes for Men’s Board Competitions you should have played in at least 6 qualifying competitions, (Home or Away but not General play) in the 12 months prior to the closing date for entry to the competition.

All members are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the General Terms of Competition at the start of the season to avoid any last minute panic as closing dates for competitions begin to loom!


Fancy a game during the week? All members are welcome to come along to the informal ‘club roll-up’ on Wednesday mornings. There is a tee reservation between 11.00-12.00 – members wishing to take part should meet at the starters hut from approx. 10.45am for allocation of groups. As per the times highlighted for the Ladies and Vets Sections, we politely ask members to show courtesy to those who wish to play in this ‘roll up’ at this time. If you do not wish to play with this group please choose another time if possible. If there continues to be a limited use of this time , then the Captains Committee will review the tee allocation.


You will have noticed that the tee booking system now shows tee times after 12.03 (weekdays) and 14.00 (weekends). You cannot book into these tee times but as we get into the season they will show you any matches or golf societies that have reserved times so you do not have to refer to another calendar of events.

There have been several examples recently of ‘members behaving badly’ and not showing an awareness of how their actions impact upon others. We are a member’s club and so would expect members to treat others how they would like to be treated – with consideration.

Please be aware of the following;

  1. Saturday and Sunday’s mornings are prime times – if you are a two-ball, you are encouraged to take the opportunity to pair up with other two-balls to complete the fourball slots. Failure to do so restricts and limits others from playing in 3 or 4 balls. Please do not be surprised or offended if you are asked to join up. This not only helps newer members get a game and find potential playing partners but maximises the number of members able to be on the course.
  2. If you do ‘pair up’, it is courteous to contact the first name on the tee sheet to advise that you have done so.
  3. As the knockout season starts – members are encouraged not to arrange two-ball knockout matches for Saturday mornings unless absolutely necessary.
  4. Please arrange who within your group  is to make your regular booking. Please do not have a situation whereby all four of you try to book different times. For other members to see the same names 2 or even 3 times on the tee sheet at different times creates animosity and resentment. If you do find yourself on the start sheet multiple times – you must remove yourself as a matter of urgency to allow others to take start times.
  5. If you book and subsequently miss your tee time, you do not have the right to start immediately you get to the tee, particularly if the teetimes are full. Similarly, you can not cut in on the 10th tee at anytime if players have left the 9th tee.
  6. Please do not play ‘heads down’ golf. Be aware of what is going on around you, both in front and behind. If the game behind you is playing a foursomes match, they will be playing faster and so it is likely that you will need to let them play through. If you lose ground on the game in front of you, either speed up or again let the game behind you play through. How would you feel if you are the game being held up? Don’t wait to be asked to allow a group to play through, it shows good manners to have shown awareness and to wave through. If your group is waved through you must accept and play though.
  7. Our Starters and Marshalls will be out and about again – please ensure that you have the correct bag tag and year sticker.


The new till system should now be up and running as of 1st March and you will have received a detailed email last week explaining the changes and what to do regarding the transferring of any balances from your gold membership card.

Transfer of balances

After listening to feedback from members, any members with balances of less than £150 and who do not wish to leave the balance on their gold golf membership card should contact the Office by 17th March. These balances (leaving £25 for comp. entry, pro-shop spend etc ) will be transferred to the bar profile on 19th March  as a ‘one off’ transfer.


Monday 22nd April at Alresford Golf Club

Max. Handicap Index 24.0

This is the first fixture in the Hampshire Seniors OOM with both scratch and handicap prizes. A series of seven events played over some of the best courses in the region. As with all Hampshire OOM’s, any Hampshire Player who enters an event on the list is automatically placed into the season long competition- play well and good luck. Lets try to have a good seniors representation as we are hosting this event.


Teams of 4 – any combination

Enter as a team or individuals to make up teams.

‘Sign Up’ on the manual tee sheet (Social noticeboard)

£4pp entry will be taken from your gold membership card after the closing date on Thursday 21st March 


The MASTERS takes place again at Augusta National 11-14 April 2024..

We will be running THE MASTERS CHARITY SWEEPSTAKE once again to give you all some added excitement over the four days.

The entry fee is £3. The winner will receive 40% of the pot, the runner up 20%, and third place will receive 10% and fourth place 5% with 25% going to the Captains Charity.

Entry will be via the Club V1 app – watch out for the entry information towards the end of March when the final entry list is confirmed. We had 102 entrants last year and Charlotte Johnson won with a fantastic 95 points.

FACEBOOK – check out our Facebook page

Make sure you ‘like’ our Facebook page and you will link to it and get the regular pictures and updates on what’s happening ! Share with your friends to help us boost our online and social media profiles.


INSTAGRAM Follow our brand-new Official Instagram page.

Expect to see media content of our picturesque course, golfing competitions, fun social events, and lots more.

Make sure to follow @alresfordgolf and stay tuned for new post updates on our page.


David Maskery

General Manager

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I am pleased to report that our refreshed Committee is settling into the swing of all things social at AGC and are bringing up excellent new ideas and fresh suggestions for our events calendar. This includes our first ever Bingo night on 23 March which promises to be a lot of fun! Come along and try your luck! A great band is also lined up for our May music night, so watch this space for more details.
Last month, Ben’s Brain Buster quiz saw a full club house of 12 teams tackle 10 rounds of mind stretching questions. Tasty tapas snacks fuelled collective brain power and half way scores were very close with one point between 1st and 2nd places and two teams tying in second. However, tactical joker play led to clear winners with a 5 point lead!
In 3rd place were the Dobbers with 74, 2nd place was bagged by 6 Of The Best with 78.5 and 1st place was taken again by last month’s quiz winners First XI with 83.5. This was out of a possible 120 points so it wasn’t an easy win!

Finally in the prizes line up, the Birdie Brains, who held up the lower end of the points table on the night, were awarded a surprise bar credit in new till system in force from March.

6 of the Best

6 Of The Best team were:
Caroline and Barry Warne
Jane Macrae
Nick Paterson
David and Polly Paterson

First XI team were:
Andy Nash
Michelle GG
Nigel Slater
Jeremy Sturges
Pete and Martine Allen

First XI

TEAM GOLF is back after the annual winter lay-off! 

The FUN and SOCIAL 9 hole Summer evening competition is now open for business with spaces for new and old(er) members

Full details, including format and timings are on the club website – CLICK HERE – and on the Club SOCIAL noticeboard in the clubhouse.


  1. TEAM GOLF Entries opened on 29th Feb and will close on 21st March
  2. TEAM GOLF begins on 18th April with The CHAMPIONSHIP Round 1 and ends on 18th July with The CHAMPIONSHIP Round 2 and the Prizegiving Evening

In addition, the organisers, John & Jim White will be at the club 5pm-6pm on Thursday 7th March to answer any questions and potentially find you a team, if you’d like to play.

John, Jim and Jan White, organisers on behalf of the Social committee 

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Pro’s Corner

Pros Stablefords
Pro Stablefords have now finished for the season, thanks to all who entered over the winter and we hope you enjoyed them. All results are available in the proshop and all monies are on your shop accounts.
Junior coaching
Mark Smith has recommenced the junior coaching again and it is great to see some familiar faces and some new faces too.
Sunday sessions run 9-10 am for older more experienced junior golfers and
Wednesday sessions 4.30-5.30pm for 6-10 year olds and younger juniors.
Masters Sweepstake 
The spring is coming which can only mean one thing the Masters is imminent!
Masters sweepstake coming soon,
£10 per ticket- pop into the shop for more details
Tip of the month: how to avoid fatting your pitch shots
See the video by clicking below
Mark Wood and the Pro Shop Team

A Look at the Rules


The player may use hand written putting green maps but they must be written by the player or their caddie. Also the scale must be no larger than 1:480 which would mean most Alresford greens would be shown about 2” (5cm) dia. Using a magnifying glass is also not permitted. The use of course guides are permitted providing they meet the scale limit.
See Interpretation 4.3a/1

Thanks to Brian Overton for all these Rules Q and A’s. If you have any rulings questions for Brian he will answer them here in future editions, just email the editor.

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Our winners for March 2024

£100   Tony Marshall

£50   Kathryn Fielden

£35 Prizewinners

Ray Grainger

Alan Farrell

Nick Male

Clare Monkhouse

Simon Freemantle

Congratulations to all our prize winners this month.  Due to the impending change to our use of the current gold bar card the winners will be contacted in due course about the payment options for their prize money.  At the time of writing there is no information available.  Watch this space…….

If you’re not already a member of the 100 Club then why not

join us for as little as £1 per month


Can I join and why should I?  What’s it all about?

Well, anyone who is a member of the golf club, either a playing or non-playing member, is eligible. You don’t have to pay £100, there isn’t a limit of 100 members or even 100 shares, you don’t even have to be 100 years old!

The original concept back in 1987 when the 100 Club was formed was probably aiming for 100 members to take up 100 shares.  However today we currently have 138 members and they have over 730 shares between them.  It works a little like a lottery.  The income from share ownership is re-distributed in two ways.  Some is given as winnings in the monthly prize draw and the rest is available to fund a contribution towards items or projects in the golf club that are not within normal budgets.  The Honours Boards are a good example of how the 100 Club can help the golf club.

Without financial assistance the golf club would not necessarily be able to do or replace these things so with help from the 100 Club we all benefit.  So for £1 per month, or more if you wish, you can help fund club ‘extras’ and at the same time maybe win a small cash prize as well.

For further information about the 100 Club or for an application form please give me a call or send me an email – Pat Wallis phone 01420 564417 or email  Or you can pick up a form from the Office.

Pat Wallis

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Editor: David Marshall


The Editorial Team take no responsibility for incorrect information received from Contributors.