Fore Info March 2022


Here are some of the March Issue highlights:

  • New accolade for Malcolm Scott
  • Editors Interview with our Course Manager: Simon Justice
  • Clubhouse Development progress
  • Upcoming Fixtures
  • Tee Booking Changes and New Ball Chute Policy
  • Ladies Results and Team news
  • Rules Quiz Question: embedded ball under a bush?
  • Plans for return to Competition Play
  • Details on  Famous Grouse/Ladies Centenary Competitions
  • Vets Winter League: another winning result
  • Divot Party plans
  • Team Golf update: get ready to sign up
  • Pro Tip from Mark Wood on ‘Playing well from different bunker situations’ 
  • Greens News: after the storms and birds…
  • Winners in the 100 Club: could it be you?
  • Joke of the Month

Please send me any questions for our Club Captain, Tip as I prepare for interviewing him next month. As always jokes, cartoons course photos and great Quotes gratefully received. In fact reach out with ideas to improve Fore Info or call to discuss.

I have just read Hugh Bethell’s book – “Get off the Couch, Before it’s too Late!” mentioned last month. A good read that will shock you into action. Off to get my gym membership now!

David Marshall



As some of you may be aware Mark and Mandy Wood were scammed by four individuals who entered the Pro Shop just before Christmas and got away with £2,600 worth of goods.

Unfortunately neither the bank nor their insurance company are prepared to meet this loss.

It has therefore been proposed that we hold a raffle to help recover some of this loss.

A sum of £5 minimum per ticket  is requested for your entry into this raffle but you may enter as many times as you like. The prize will be a two hour coaching session with Mark, kindly donated by a lady member who wishes to remain anonymous.

Payment should be made in the office, via your bank or gold club card.

The closing date will be 15th March and the draw will take place shortly thereafter.



Mark Tiplady – Club Captain

Bob Archer – Vets Captain           

Jan Harring – Ladies Captain

New President of the PGA of Hampshire: Malcolm Scott

Past/Present Presidents: David Harrison and Malcolm Scott

Alresford member, David Harrison having enjoyed the position of President of the PGA in Hampshire for 41 years was pleased to pass the baton over to Malcolm Scott (AGC member and former Alresford Pro) at the recent AGM of the Association.

David has a wealth of golfing knowledge which over the years has been a great support to the Association. David, whilst also County Junior Delegate was instrumental in introducing the Hampshire Junior Pro-Am, which has been a great success and enjoyed over many years by Assistant Professionals and their teams of 3 junior golfers. The Junior Pro-Am has been sponsored by the Patrons of Hampshire Golf, who celebrate their 50th Anniversary in 2023.

Malcolm has been involved with the PGA in Hampshire for many years, having served on their Committee for the last 35, including holding the position of both Treasurer and Chairman.

For 28 years, Malcolm ensured that Alresford’s Pro-Am was a key fixture in the PGA in Hampshire calendar, as it brought both the local PGA and Alresford members together to enjoy this popular event.

Malcolm is proud to be given this honour and looks forward to his continued support for the PGA in Hampshire

With his wife Jane recently elected as President of Hampshire Ladies, this is a remarkable family and a great AGC recognition.


Our Eagle on the course: Simon Justice in the interview hotseat

Whenever and with whoever I play, when they learn I am on ‘Greens’, I receive lots of ‘input’ on our course. In my interview this month I am putting some of your ideas or concerns to Simon Justice, our Course Manager.

Editor: So Simon, lets start by learning more about you and your experience

Simon: Yes David, I was born in Winchester and my first job at 16 was on a ‘work experience’  at Royal Winchester Golf Club (RWGC). My uncle was head greenkeeper at that time, so I had golf in the family. After a short time I went on a YTS program, whilst working full time at RWGC. I passed all my greenkeeping and management exams (Level1-3) and became deputy head greenkeeper by the time I was 20. In 2002 I decided to move to AGC as deputy head greenkeeper for more of a challenge. After 9 years I needed a new role and moved to Wellow GC as Head Greenkeeper. Although it is a lesser club, I enjoyed helping develop the course and managing the team. In 2019 the opening came up back at AGC and I took on the Head Greenkeeper/Course Manager role. It really helped that I knew the course so well and a lot of the team.

I am married with 2 kids and enjoy my dog Buddy (working Cocker Spaniel), golfing and snooker.

Editor: What are your biggest challenges at the moment?

Simon: David, as you know having worked in this industry, we are limited by a lack of some key chemical products that we used to have. Many of our best products are no longer available or only in less effective formulations often with shorter control of diseases or insects. This means we need to spend more time spraying and with weather conditions changing, often don’t have the time window to spray when we need to. The crow damage we see is a direct outcome of this lesser chafer grub/cranefly larva control.

My job is all about managing the team of 5 greenkeepers and some part timers (junior members) which keeps me on my toes. We have been able to buy in fertiliser stocks but the huge energy cost increases, will mean massive fertiliser rises later this year.

Winter time has historically been used for bigger change projects as the greenkeeping staff have more time. However it is not the best time to be planting grass or moving heavy equipment  around. It’s a compromise to avoid interruption of play in the summer months.

Editor: There is a lot being done at present on the Winter Projects? As a member what advantages will they see?

Simon:  The larger (and flatter) tees we are building will help us spread the wear and tear around to improve playability. You see how just using the small ladies tee on 11, how bad it gets. The 11th, 12th and ladies 3rd will all be better.

Members will also enjoy the more pleasing look to 13 from the tee and better bunkering (less prone to flooding, better sand).

Editor: I hear a lot of complaints that we are cutting down too many trees.

Simon: The golf course is built on chalk downland but we are trying to manage a parkland course. There is a contradiction in what trees we have and what grows best here. That means we are having to deal not only with diseased trees (ash die back is just one!), dangerous trees (falling branches etc) but also poorly trees that do not have the right subsoil to survive (oaks to right of 1st). We do not make the decision alone but rely on the recommendation of an expert arborist, what’s best for member safety and the future health of the course and trees that remain. We have a great many trees that are a key feature of our course but as they become mature some do shade many of our greens causing severe disease (eg 3 and 11). By removing some we help others grow better, allowing light and better access to soil moisture.

Editor: The greens are often considered to be our jewels? How do they rate in your view?

Simon: I would say they are an 8 or 9 out of 10. In the winter they do get disease but we try to minimise the disease and eradicate for a more true roll in spring/summer. We are now using new biostimulants to enhance root development and help them better resist disease.

Editor: Bunkers are very hard to get right but there seems to be a lot of difference between them at AGC?

Simon: We do have several different bunker types, of differing ages and types of sand. As we update the course we are moving to a finer sand and better substructure to improve drainage and playability.

Editor: We have seen people on horseback using the wayfarers walk in particular across the 8th. Are horses permitted to use the walk as the walking route across that fairway is getting quite worn and churned up by the horses?

Simon: Yes horses are allowed on the wayfarers walk, although few use it. We could consider temporary fencing to channel the path a few yards away from the muddiest part but this would be dangerous for horses.

Editor: We are a little confused on the etiquette when the temporary green restrictions are lifted. eg when the note goes out on ClubV1 can players move the flags themselves or should this be done by the green keepers?

Simon: Great question and one we will add to the FAQ section of our Greens Section on our website. During the week (Monday-Friday) we have greenkeepers on site so we move the flags ourselves and members should in general not replace flags unless requested by a member of the greenkeeping staff. At weekends the rule is different. The Pro or a member of the Pro Shop (once temporaries are officially opened on the app/website) will go to the first tee and 10th tee and inform a playing group to change the flags as they play the following 9 holes.

Editor: A member asked us to provide “divot bags” on 1st tee with a box of sand/grass seed mix, so any member who wishes to, while waiting for his partner to play can fill in his own divot or any other they find. We may need another box on 10th so there is a chance to refill the bag. Could this be considered?

Simon: This has been discussed in the past. Certainly I would welcome more divots being replaced. We do twice weekly repair divots and have our annual divot day. However many members seem to overlook this and crows/rooks do have a habit of lifting replaced divots in their search for food. We see very little usage of our divot mix on tees, so I am not sure how bags would be any different.

Editor: A nice touch that I have seen elsewhere, is for the practice net is to have the floor sloped, so that when the golfer hits his ball it returns to the player. Would that be possible here?

Simon: This is a new trend but unfortunately this idea comes too late to change our newly installed nets. Our (recoil) nets are made such that a well struck ball should roll back toward the user. We will bear this in mind next time we install new nets.

Editor: What would you like to change to the course if you had more funds?

Simon: The top courses treat green aprons and tees with the same fungicide program as they do on greens. The result is a more manicured effect but at a very large cost and time needed, given the large extra area to be sprayed. We currently only systematically treat greens.

Secondly we do have a few pieces of machinery that are aging and I would like to see them replaced before it costs us excessive amounts to maintain/mend.

Editor: There has been a lot of heavy equipment churning up some paths and fairways. Could that have been avoided?

Simon: We did the work in winter to avoid disruption but with wet weather there was some temporary damage. Rather than always driving the same path, we did decide to spread the wear across more areas to enhance recovery. I am convinced by late spring you will not see where these vehicles have been. The course does not have surfaced/paved roads across it for moving heavy loads. This may be something to look at in the Greens Committee but it comes with big costs

Editor: What are your aspirations for the Course?

Simon: I would like to keep the excellent reputation that AGC course has. With the new tees and bunkering being done we are on the right track to enhance it further. Larger teeing areas will help to spread wear and in turn accommodate more golf. The new bunkers are what I call sealed units from any outside contamination, so the base is laid down and the wall is built on the base stopping any stones or soil from mixing with the sand, also we will have less maintenance to do because of this. On the whole Bunkers and Tees are the only thing we can improve on, building bigger greens would be great but the cost implications will be huge!

Quickfire Q and A

Favourite Course? Heritage course at the London club as I’ve played it.

Your biggest golfing achievement? Getting a hole in one on Academy 6, now 7 at Alresford, ok only a pitch but I’ll take it!

Favourite holiday destination? Maldives

Favourite Food? Cheesecake, for my sins

Favourite drink after a round? Lager, Moretti or San Miguel

Favourite Movie? Crocodile Dundee

If you had only one thing to take on a desert island what would it be and why? My wife, not only for the cooking, the company as well!

Present RoleCourse Manager, Alresford Golf Club since 2019
Marital statusMarried, Wife Kelly
Children Finley (14), Megan (11)
HobbiesGolf, Snooker (Winchester League)
Golf Handicap13.7


Simon (and dog buddy) with his team Daniel Jeffries, Dominic Say, Ben Goodyear, Mick Goodyear, Adam Brimson


Management Corner


At the midway point; Phase 1 of the Clubhouse Development continues largely on schedule despite some challenges requiring close management by the House Committee and our contractor, Ascia. The works are also largely to the anticipated budget, with progress payments being made as advised by our professional advisers.

Without getting too far ahead; Ascia will hand over a ‘fully completed build’ once they have finished the contracted works. There will be no ‘piecemeal opening’ of specific areas of the Clubhouse, but just one handover of the completed works in full.

Once ‘handed over’ the Club can then begin to establish the services to be delivered from the Clubhouse and prepare for customers.

Bar & Catering

The Club has advertised for our next franchisee to provide bar and catering services from the improved Clubhouse.

As part of the re-development the living accommodation that the Club used to provide for the franchisee has been removed to make room for; contemporary kitchen facilities, staff rest area, Course Manager’s office, staff toilet and an 18-person meeting room. Previously; the Club required the franchisee to live in the small flat within our Clubhouse, which significantly restricted the types of people and family groups that could manage to live at the Club and undertake the franchise. Having now opened the franchise to a wider field of caterers, the Club has received significant interest in the opportunity to run our bar and catering facilities.


Shortlisting from the many applicants will now take place followed by interviews, and the ultimate appointment being confirmed around the end of March/mid-April.

Loan Notes

The Club paused the take-up of loan notes pending a review of our cashflow forecast by the Finance Committee led by Richard Lane. The Club has already raised £472,000 of the £500,000 we initially made available in 2% Loan Notes.

At our most recent Management Committee meeting the Club decided to offer the final £28,000 of  2% loan notes to members. We are aware that some members would like to increase the amount of Loan Notes that they initially took-up, and some members have been waiting to see ‘how things went’. So do contact David Maskery, General Manager, if you want to grab the last opportunity.


Many of us have been surprised by the surge in inflation driven by multi-faceted issues. The Club increased 2022 subscriptions within the Club rules, by the agreed measure of inflation using August 2021 as the reference point. It is evident that inflation may well be double that number within this calendar year. There is a significant impact on the Club’s expenses, but we continue to be well-managed and will continue to monitor that impact.

Robert White

Chairman of the Management Committee.

From the Club Captain

Inevitable that following a very dry January, February added variety!  It was so disappointing that the 50thplaying of our prestigious “Pre-Season friendly” with the Hampshire County team will now take place in the 53rd year!  Cancelled by a storm in 2020, Covid in 2021, storm Eunice completed the unwelcome hat trick this year.  David Harrison created this fixture when he was County Captain 52 years ago and I really hope we can do this 50th playing justice next year when our clubhouse will be worthy of the event.  We look forward to the upcoming match with the County Juniors on the 6th of March.

This month is the real start of our friendly fixture season.  Simon and I are really pleased to see so many members making themselves available for these fixtures.  It seems that Club V1 does provide good support for team matches.

The course became “qualifying” again on Monday 21st February and official club competitions are up and running.  Mark’s “Pro’s Stablefords” have proved a welcome winter addition.  Thank you to the Competitions and Handicap Committee volunteers for their support.  We also welcome the Famous Grouse Greensomes and Ladies Centenary Foursomes playing on the same day, Sunday 13th March.  This will avoid pace of play issues previously experienced.  Always popular events

Pace of play

We have been aware of some issues recently.

Please be aware of the pace of play of groups ahead and behind you.  If the group behind is being held up, it is likely that everyone behind them is also frustrated.  Please invite quicker groups through.  If invited through, please accept the invitation to enable the field to progress.


Tee Bookings Update

We have reviewed the tee bookings and member feedback.  We have increased the booking window by 2 hours at weekends. Thank you for your feedback!  I have received emails and verbal comments with views in favour of this as well as against.  I do welcome all feedback as it does help CapCom to gauge opinions and preferences.

Members have politely waited in queues waiting their turn at the tee.  The main complaint has been the inability to leave the queue to practice chipping or putting,  warm-up nets/range etc.  To alleviate this we have introduced a ball chute with the following protocols.

Outside of times when either the tee booking system is in operation or the 1st tee is reserved for a club match, competition or golf society, priority on the 1st tee is determined on a ‘first come first served’ basis by placing a ball in the ball chute.

  • All players in the 2/3/4 ball must be ready to play and at the ball chute when the ball is placed in the chute.
  • An individual cannot place multiple balls for multiple groups.
  • The ball in the chute should have a player’s initial or unique identifying mark on it.
    • Players are not obliged to stay around the chute. They may avail themselves of any facility at the Club. However, it is all players’ responsibility to be ready and prepared to tee off when their ball is next in line. If the players are not ready the ball may be moved and placed at the back of the queue by players who already have a ball in the chute.
    • No other interference of balls in the chute will be permitted except with the approval of groups who already have balls in the chute.
    • Please be courteous to your fellow members and observe the rules.

Captains Charity Trip on Monday 2nd May to Friday 6th May.  

We now only have one unfilled place at the time of writing. Let me know asap.  Please do not hesitate to ask me for more information.

Finally, huge congratulations to Malcolm Scott on his appointment as President of the Hampshire PGA.  Malcolm succeeds David Harrison after 41 years in the post.

Onwards and upwards.

Mark Tiplady

Club Captain

Ladies Section

As we say ‘farewell ‘ to February and look back on the month it seems to have been dominated by wet and windy weather that also included Storm Eunice. The golf course suffered some problems from fallen branches from the Tichborne Estate, particularly alongside the fourth hole and fifteenth holes. Fortunately there was little damage done and compared to others we were lucky.

However ‘Eunice’ did cause some problems with our schedule of matches, some of which have been postponed until March.

One match did take place and we were delighted to record a win for the Maple Leaf team, captained by Marion Bruce on 22 February against Blacknest. One of our matches that had to be postponed was the last round of the Winter Triple at Corhampton and this will now take place on Thurday 10 March. We wish the team, captained by Gunnel Berry, every success.

The winter roll-ups on a Tuesday have taken place and have been well supported.They are now finished for this year.

As we enter March the course is now a qualifying course and we start our Stablefords, Medals and Board competitions. There will be no more fun roll-ups and the tee times in the hour between 0900 and 1000 will now show on V1 and will be open to all. However it is hoped that the tee times within this hour will be used by ladies taking part in the various competitions and that casual play may take place outside of these times.

The lists are now up in the Pro Shop for the Ladies v Vets ‘Breeze Up’ on Thursday, 24th May and it is hoped we will have a good turn out of ladies to take on the gentlemen… We also have a Lady Captain v Stoneham Captain match on Monday, 28th March and that list is also on that board. Please sign up, whatever your handicap, you will be very welcome.

As we go into March let’s hope the worst of the winter weather is behind us and we can all look forward to some good golf in good company.

Jan Harring

Ladies Captain


Competitions and Handicap Committee Report

Return of Competition Play

As we are now entering qualifying competitions and General Play Scores, please remember the following:

All cards for initial handicap and General Play cards should be placed in the green box in the Pro Shop.

  • All men’s and mixed competition cards should be placed in the wooden box in the Pro Shop
  • All ladies’ competition cards should be placed in the wooden box in the Ladies changing room.
  • After the Clubhouse/Pro Shop is closed ALL scorecards should be returned in the metal post box located by the main doors.

You must sign into the competition before commencing play, enter your score using either the PSI in the Pro Shop or your mobile device.  Don’t forget to sign and return your scorecard and clearly identify your marker.



Sunday 13th June 2022

Following last year’s feedback from members regarding differing speeds of play, the men’s Famous Grouse (Greensomes) and Ladies Centenary Foursomes competitions have now been scheduled to take place on the same day, Sunday 13th March 2022.  This should help the competition pace of play for the day.

Tee bookings between 07:51 and 13:51 on this day will only be for players wishing to take part in either of these competitions and therefore the tee booking procedure will differ slightly (see below).

Both competitions will be open for booking from 9pm on Thursday 3rd March 2022.  Note:  Competition Booking does not have a countdown timer.  Players may “book” individually, or as a pair.  Players who do not have a partner but wish to play may add their name to a tee booking and await another member to join them.  The booking system does not currently allow you to book your marking/playing pair (although an awaited Club Systems update may allow this).

How to access tee bookings for Bookable Competitions (different from normal):

Through the Club V1 App,


>Next 5 Bookable Competitions

>Either “Famous Grouse” or “Ladies Centenary Foursomes”

>Down arrow

>Tee sheet

…If booking for a Pair

>Select a tee time (“available”)

Book Me In >“Book and Edit Team”

Your details will appear in Player 1, add your partner’s name to player 2


…Bookings as an Individual

>Select a tee time (“available”)

“Book Me In” >“Book and Edit Team”

Your details will appear in Player 1, leave player 2 bank


…Adding your name to an existing booked individual

>Select individual’s name


All Players will still be required to sign into the competitions before commencing play and enter their score after their round.  THIS CAN ONLY BE DONE ON THE PSI TERMINAL LOCATED IN THE PRO SHOP.  Entry fees will be taken on sign in.

The Ladies Centenary Foursomes is an alternate day competition and is also scheduled for Tuesday 15th March 2022.  Those wishing to play on the Tuesday should book a tee in the usual way (from 9pm on Saturday 5th March).  Please be aware that casual play will be permissible on the course on this day and this may impact upon your ‘pace of play’.  Any lady who wishes to play on this day who does not have a partner should contact Sarah Staines, Ladies Competition Secretary, by email

Queries relating to the Men’s Famous Grouse competition should be sent to:

Queries relating to the Ladies Centenary Foursomes competition should be sent to:

Gill Freemantle

Chair Competitions & Handicap Committee, Handicap Secretary


Mixed Matches

The mixed match season will be starting in April with the first match away at Tylney Park on 24th April. The list of matches is on the noticeboard in the locker rooms. There will be a sign-up sheet for all the matches in the locker rooms from early March. There will also be the opportunity to signal availability for the matches on the club V1 system.

If you are unable to get to the club to sign up or access the club V1 system you can ask the office to add you to the lists or contact Marion or Alan Bruce. The sign up sheets close 3 to 4 weeks before a match.

There are 11 matches planned this year with a balance of home and away games. The first 3 are:

Tynley Park      Away     Sunday 24th April at 12.00pm

Petersfield        Home     Sunday 8th May at 1.00pm

Corhampton     Home     Friday 13th May at 2.00pm

Any club member with a CONGU handicap is welcome to sign up to play. All the matches are played in a friendly manner and everyone is welcome, no matter what their handicap. It is hoped that members who haven’t played before will join in and sign up for the opportunity to play mixed golf both at home and on some very enjoyable away courses. Playing partners are drawn as part of team selection.

The match teams will be communicated by email whilst the club house is closed. Team members are requested to play in team colours of white shirts and navy jumpers.

A decision has been made that Five Day members may play in the weekend matches if we are unable to field a team from the Seven Day members. Green fees will not be required.

Mixed matches are normally followed by a meal. Once the club house re-opens we expect to continue with a smart/casual dress code for meals after our home games.

For more information or any queries please contact Marion or Alan Bruce.

A Look at the Rules


A player finds their ball in an unplayable lie under a bush in the general area. On further inspection, the ball is found to be embedded. Can the player get free relief using the embedded ball rule 16.3b?

Vets Section

As I write this month’s article the wind from storm Eunice is howling round my house and the poor birds are hanging on to the feeders for sheer life.

This month’s roll-up has been a great success with a good turnout of numbers. As the weather hopefully gets better, we will have even more playing.

The Captain v Vice Captain Competition entry is looking good with 40 members registered so far. If you have not put your name down, please do so. It is open to paid up Vets members only.

Thanks to Ewan McGregor, he has managed to organise a meal afterwards at The Cricketers.

We are also approaching the Vets v Ladies breeze up, so sign up now. This sheet is up in the Pro Shop.

The winter league matches have finished with our last game away to Salisbury and South Wilts and I am happy to report that we came away with 4.0 win, this giving us the league title for the second year running.

I would like to thank Ed Tinley for his work organising the matches and all the players that took part during the winter. I am very proud to be Vets Captain at this time.

We are now only three weeks away from the start of the Summer Matches starting with the first one home to Corhampton on March 11th. The sign-up sheets are up in the changing room for the first four matches, all at home.

It would be nice to see some new faces this year plus of course all the old ones too.

To be selected for the matches you must be a paid-up member of the Vets Section.

If you are not sure if you have paid, please contact me or Ken Coburn and we can let you know.

With the club shut I have been able to organise after match food at the Flowerpots in Cheriton for two of the four home matches . Hopefully the other two will be sorted soon.


Bob Archer

Vets Captain

General Manager’s Update


Following the renewal period, we now have a limited number of vacancies for playing membership. We have already received several enquiries which we will now begin to process, but if any members are aware of any potential members who are interested or thinking of joining, please let them know we are currently accepting applications.


Fancy a game during the week? All members are welcome to come along to the informal ‘club roll-up’ on Wednesday mornings. There is a tee reservation between 11.00-12.00 – members wishing to take part should  meet at the starters hut from approx. 10.45am for allocation of groups. As per the times highlighted for the Ladies and Vets Sections, we politely ask members to show courtesy to those who wish to play in this ‘roll up’ at this time. If you do not wish to play with this group please choose another time if possible. If there continues to be a limited use of this time , then the Captains Committee will review the tee allocation.


Trophies have been engraved and returned (most of them !) and so are available to collect from the office if you wish to display at home? Please give us a min. of 24hrs advance notice of when you wish to collect as we have to locate them from several storage boxes and are not immediately accessible.


Would you like to be the welcoming face of the club to visiting societies?

The Golf Society season starts in earnest during April and I am looking for some’ local’ volunteers to offer to ‘start’ societies from the 1sttee. Most societies have between 45-90 minutes of reserved times.

Full training and information provided – friendly and welcoming demeanour preferred.

If you are interested, can spare the odd hour or so during the week and would like to assist please contact me in the Office.

FACEBOOK – check out our Facebook page

Make sure you ‘like’ our Facebook page and you will link to it and get the regular pictures and updates on what’s happening ! Share with your friends to help us boost our online and social media profiles


Follow us at






Have you finished all your box sets, read all your holiday books  and now looking for something to occupy your time?

Did you know that we have copies of the History of Alresford Golf Club available for purchase from the Office at a cost of £10.

This is a fascinating insight into how the club was established and its transition from 9 hole course to the 18 hole course we have today. There are stories and memories from members past and present as well as photos.  It’s a great coffee table book


The MASTERS takes place again at Augusta National 7-10 April.

We will shortly be running THE MASTERS CHARITY SWEEPSTAKE once again to give you all some added excitement over the four days.

The entry fee is £3. The winner will receive 40% of the pot, the runner[1]up 20%, and third place will receive 10% and fourth place 5% with 25% going to the Captains Charity.

Entry will be via the Club V1 app – watch out for the entry information towards the end of March. We had 125 entrants last year and Norman Sheen won with a very credible 49 points.


David Maskery

General Manager



The Social Committee are in the process of preparing their plans with the new Clubhouse in mind. We expect to advise members soon.
However we would ask all members who are interested in making a difference at the Club, to come forward and join the Social Committee. Even if you are available only for a short period you will be welcome.
We want all groups within the Club represented and would particularly encourage new members and both Social and Social Extra members to join us. 
Please give it a try even if it means only joining for the rest of 2022.
Contact Mike Battisson at
Thank you
Mike Battisson
Chair of Social

Team Golf

Spring is now upon us, so plans are afoot for the 22nd season for our ever-popular and successful, Team Golf (TG) summer 9 hole evening better ball stableford competition.

This is a great opportunity for new (and established) members to mix and meet other members, as every week a pair from one team plays another team’s pair in the ‘TG League’ during the summer, culminating in the Grand Finals Evening when everyone plays for the ‘Championship’.

The Rules and Format of the competition will be posted on the Alresford GC website under ‘TEAM GOLF 2022’ for all members to view, plus fixtures and results, in due course.

Briefly, each team consists of 6 players from all club categories, with all players having to play a minimum of two evenings / matches throughout the summer. As well as League points available, there is a prize each week for the best team stableford score.

Captains will no doubt be forming their teams during March ready for the entry date of April 1st (no joke), so if you’ve not yet been approached and would like to play, or even make up your own team, please email John White and mark it ‘TG available’.

It is likely, but to be confirmed, that we will utilise space at The Cricketers after golf until the clubhouse is re-opened. As well as an opportunity to socialise with others, results and the weekly prizes will be announced and awarded.

It really is the most fun you can have with a bag of sticks and some balls, so do join in!

Any queries contact :
John White 01962 732283 or Jim White 07956-953324
Joint Organisers on behalf of the Social Committee.

Pro- Corner: Play better from the bunker


Even the most accurate players on the European Tour miss the greens and end up in the greenside bunkers which can be very challenging to say the least. The key secret here is to make a couple of minor tweaks in your set up and swing will have you escaping the sand like the pro’s.

Here is the video and explaining how to play these shots [kad_youtube url=”″ ]


The Plugged Lie/Fried Egg bunker shot is more a mental battle than physical when faced with this shot as your emotions are telling you that this is almost an impossible shot but guess what….. it really isn’t. Look at how to play these shots below [kad_youtube url=”” ]



Dry sand bunker shots are the easiest of the lot as the ball is sitting nicely on top of the sand and plenty of sand to go through to play these shots successfully. Look at how to play these shots in thew video below

[kad_youtube url=”” ]NEW PRODUCTS IN STORE

We now have all the new and latest products from Callaway, Taylormade and Ping in store so if you are interested in trying out the new products in a custom fitting session then please reach out to book in a session with me.


Dates for your diary, we have arranged for the following companies to come and do a custom fitting day at Alresford Golf Club. There are only a few spaces available on each day so if you are interested in attending one of our fitting events then please let us know as soon as possible.

Taylormade – WEDNESDAY, APRIL 27, 2022 from 11:00AM – 03:00PM

Ping – Tuesday 24th May – 11am-3pm

Callaway – June – TBC

Best wishes

Mark, Mandy and the team


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Greens News

Not surprisingly most of the green keepers’ work in the last week has been clearing up after the storms. Thankfully, because of our tree management work, we did not have any large trees or branches fall just a lot of small branches and general debris. The most significant damage was to the tree and hedge line, outside the course fence, beside the bridleway that runs up the side of the 4th hole.  The estate helped us to clear the bridleway and make safe the leaning hazel by the 4th green. More generally, we continue to manage our tree stock to ensure the health of the golf course and the safety of staff and golfers. The Tree Surgeon has worked periodically on the course, with our green keepers, since December and his work is complete for now.  Recently, he has removed several ash trees suffering from dieback, the deadwood from otherwise healthy trees plus the removal of unhealthy specimens. Stump grinding is scheduled to take place shortly


The damage, most significantly to the 4th fairway, caused by birds feeding on chafer grubs continues to challenge us. The measures we can take to address this are more limited than in previous times. The gas gun does deter the birds, but we are limited in when we can use it. Rope bangers also helped but increasingly we are unable to use them either. Overall, the greens are doing well. However, there is fusarium present on the sand-based greens, and this will be removed and plugged in due course.

The greens were treated last month to try to stop any further outbreaks. The greens have also had a solid tine aeration back filled with sand. This should address the compaction of greens caused by the footfall of golfers and the aeration will allow air into the profile. In addition, the holes and sand will help with drainage and smooth out the surfaces. Going forward cutting height for greens is 5mm and holes will be changed twice weekly. We hope, conditions permitting, to bring the 7th green back into play this month.

General bunker maintenance including, checking sand depth, and addressing any issues caused by sand displacement is ongoing. In addition, the 13th and 17th bunkers have now been turfed. Sand will be added to the bunkers once the turf has rooted. Conditions permitting, we anticipate bringing them into play next month. We intend to reconstruct the face of the 5th greenside bunker shortly; the bank has become unstable because of sand splash build up. All the winter improvement projects scheduled for this year are nearing completion.

At this time of year fairways are mown when conditions allow. Holes 9,11 and 12 are the muddiest mostly because of a combination of worm casts and general wear. Tees and aprons are being mown weekly. Tees have been heavily divotted, a fertiliser has been applied to encourage growth and eradicate the moss present within the sward. Finally, the sheep continue to play their part in managing our downland rough and we now await the spring to see what wildflowers will come out of the ground and provide colour to the course.

  • Derek Myers

Chair, Greens Committe


A Look at the Rules


No. Rule 16.3a states that there is no relief “When interference by anything other than the ball being embedded makes the stroke clearly unreasonable (for example, when a player is unable to make a stroke because of where the ball lies in a bush)”.

Note; free relief is also not allowed if the ball is embedded in sand in the general area that is not cut to fairway height or less.

If you would like to find out more about the rules, there is a wonderful rules section on the R&A website  where you can also find these exceptions. Just download the R&A app (Rules of Golf) from the app store. 

Thanks to Brian Overton for all these Rules Q and A’s.

100 Club

Jess and George our winners this month

See who else has won prizes in the 100 Club prize draw for February 2022

£100    Jess Miles

£50      George Skayman

£32  Prizewinners 

Peter Wallis

Barry Norgate

Sarah Staines

Drew Fielden

Congratulations to our prize winners this month.  Yet again the ladies are not well represented – sorry ladies maybe next month…..

Why not make 2022 the year you join the 100 Club.

If you would like to be part of the 100 Club and actively contribute towards future enhancements to our golf club facilities, and have the chance of winning a cash prize each month, then why not join us.  If you are already a member then please encourage your friends or new members to join us too.

The monthly draw is for six cash prizes: £100, £50 and four at £32.

Each share cost £1 per month paid for by monthly standing order and there is no limit to the number you can purchase.  Members generally have between 1 and 10 shares with 5 being the most common holding.

For further information about the 100 Club or for an Application form please give me a call or send me an email – Pat Wallis phone 01420 564417 or email Or you can pick up a form from the Office.

Pat Wallis

Joke of the Month

“For some time, my wife’s had this ridiculous idea that I’m playing too much golf. Actually, it came to a head at about 1130 last night. She suddenly shouted at me: ‘Golf, Golf, Golf. All you ever think about is bloody golf!’ And I’ll be honest, it frightened the life out of me. I mean, you don’t expect to meet somebody on the 14th green at that time of night.”


Thanks to Chris Chapman for the joke this month, although Ronnie Corbett first told it.

Quote of the Month

Golf is the closest game to the game we call ‘life’. You get bad breaks from good shots; you get good breaks from bad shots- but you have to play the ball where it lies. Bobby Jones

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