Fore Info March 2020

Management Corner

Clubhouse Development

We move ever closer to being able to make final presentations to members to enable a decision on the Clubhouse. It is very likely that we will propose a two-stage development and have a multi-year plan much like we have an extended plan for Course Development. We have two sources of funds to provide for the capital expenditure required; cash reserves and members loans. We are in the process of delineating and costing each of the two stages of development so that we can provide members with an estimate for both stages of development and a request for members loans to fund stage one, in addition to cash reserves, should members be supportive of the scheme at a SGM. So; more news in March and finally the SGM once we have the costings and plans for each stage.

Bag Tags

Thank you all for ensuring that you proudly display your Bag Tags. It really will be quite an exception to discover any member playing the course without their Membership Tag not attached to their bag; David has tags and stickers in the office should you still be lacking.

Course Rangers & Starters

I attended the 2nd training session for Course Rangers & Starters held by Graham Marshallsay and David Maskery; thank you for arranging a Saturday session so that us working types could take part. The two sessions were very well attended and we now have a cohort of trained, volunteer Rangers & Starters already in place. We hope that the marshalling of our course will improve the enjoyment of our course for the majority, but a small minority may feel aggrieved that we will be checking that full payment has been made before taking to the tee, and that etiquette and pace of play are fulfilled as expected. Many thanks to Graham, David and all my fellow volunteers for getting us underway. Please do see David if you would like to volunteer as a Course Ranger or Starter.

Recruitment of a New Head Professional

As you will be aware Malcom will be retiring on October 31st this year, and so we will be embarking on a recruitment process to replace the irreplaceable. Initially an advertisement will be placed in the relevant PGA publications and will be available on their website too. We plan to offer the role towards the end of June/early July so that the in-coming pro has sufficient time to serve notice on their current role, if needed, and to make arrangements ahead of starting on 1st November. More info will be provided as we go, once ManCom has approved the appointment process.

Course Condition 

We are so fortunate to enjoy year-round golf at Alresford with little disruption. I have noticed an improvement in the presentation of the course this winter enabled by our excellent Course Manager, a committed Greens Committee and, crucially, a full crew of Greens staff. We have operated ‘a man down’ for some time previously as the Course Manager position changed and then we found it difficult to fill the apprentice role. Simon has been in place now for a full calendar year and Dominic, our apprentice, is making an effective contribution to the workload and completing his study courses. Well done to all of those who contribute to the condition of our lovely golf course.


Les Thorne became Chair of the Social Committee in November and immediately provided us with a really entertaining Captains’ Drive In. In the few short months since his appointment, the Club has been really busy socially, through the Christmas and New Year periods with successful and enjoyable events. My lovely wife, Nikki, and I attended the Valentines Dinner at the Club and really enjoyed the evening; dining with Mr & Mrs Pulling in a busy dining room. The quality and value of the food was excellent and would undoubtedly cost 50% more in a restaurant or bistro pub environment. Well done Les, the Social Committee and the Pullingers (not to be confused with the Pullings, but Cheriton School often do). We now look forward to March 7th and Kit’s legendary quiz, now in its 42nd year, remarkable!

Happy golfing and happy socialising!

Rob White

From the Club Captain

Firstly apologies for the very abbreviated report from me last month – this was due to a total computer malfunction and thus a few words sent via my phone.   Thankfully I am now back up and running. 

I am sitting here typing this with sun streaming through the window yet for most of the month the awful weather sadly continued to take ‘centre stage’.  

For the Club the major casualty of Storms Ciara and Dennis was the postponement of the scratch match against the County on Sunday 16 February.  Postponement was particularly disappointing as 2020 is the 50th anniversary of this match.  However if at all possible it will be rescheduled for later in the year and we are currently finalising a date with the County.

Not only did Ciara and Dennis cause the postponement of county match it also led to the complete closure of the course on 16 Feb – something pretty rare in the annals of Alresford Golf Club.

The course reopened on Monday 17 February in time to allow the Juniors to play the TJ Evans, their first competition of

the year, which was won by our Junior Captain Jenny Myers.

We played the annual Club Team Challenge on Sunday 23 February.  Although all 3 squads, Hampshire 7s, Gales Hockley and Stoneham Cup, had some squad members away due to half term, ‘full quotas’ of 12 a side played.  The Gales Hockley squad were victorious (just) from the 7s. 

On 7 February the club filled with some clever people and some not so clever ones (based on my performance that evening I count myself in the latter) for a ‘fun’ pub quiz.  A light supper was served before the quiz, thank you as ever to Chris and Kelly.  The quizmaster on the night was David Maskery who came up with some challenging rounds.  The winners were Kit Neilson, Rob White, Nikki White & Liz Thorne.  

At the quiz halftime on 7 Feb the Charity Parking Space was done.  This year the space belongs to Brian Overton.  Thank you to all who bought tickets allowing £319 to be added to the charity pot. 

As the golfing year and competitions really get going let us hope the weather starts to play ball. 

Mary Rook

Ladies Section

Now that February is behind us, we have much to look forward to. The work on the course is proceeding well though thanks to the weather it may be a while before we get the 13th back. Qualifiers will start again on Tuesdays & Saturdays & apologies to all those trying to get cards in during the Winter months but March is here at last.

Valentines night was well attended & great fun Chris & Kelly conjured up a delicious 5 course meal, with a surprise mango sorbet in the middle, recipe request!

Malcolm’s new golf studio was demonstrated to the Captains & will be an exciting new facility for the Club, well insulated & high tech I strongly recommend you give it a try especially for golf Club selection & a really lovely space to practice.

The lists are now up in the changing room for the Vets & Ladies breeze up on Thurs 2nd April, do sign up it’s fun & the more Ladies that enter the better, also the Spring Meeting on Tues 21st April is a landmark in our calendar. The list is also up for Australian spoons played Sat 28th/Tues 31st March, a foursomes Stableford for handicap 15-40 put your names up & I’m sure you’ll find a partner if you haven’t got one.

The last leg of the Winter Triple at Corhampton was postponed till March & the Mapleleaf at Farnham is still to be played. The Friendly matches start in March & we have 3 home matches, if you haven’t told Di you’d like to play it’s not too late for April onwards. Please consider the Mixed matches, they are up on the main board in the Hall. 

The Club hosts a Ladies coffee morning at the beginning of March, which includes a round of golf, this was sold out within a week, if it’s not the course they come for it’s the coffee & Danish pastry! Last year it was so wet nobody was able to play. 

I have visited Jane Hendry, Jackie Coulson & Jenny Good all recovering from knee & hip replacements, Rosie Hallas has also had a knee Op, Sally Willis has been in Hospital & Jan Harring spent an unexpected visit to A&E during Sunday’s Team challenge game in awful weather. We wish them all a speedy recovery, please join us for the Spring meeting meal if you are still off games.

On a happier note, it is heart warming to see so many newly planted trees around the course & I’m sure we will all enjoy watching them flourish in the future, with so much rain they will be well & truly watered in!

Mal HM 

Match Committee Report

Winter Leagues & Summer Knock-outs

The draws for the knock-out phases of the Winter Mixed and Lombard 4BBB were posted on the notice boards on Monday 24th February. The first round of matches in the knock-out stage must be completed by 29th March for the Lombard and 5th April for the Winter Mixed. 

The draws for all the Summer Knock-outs will be done on Monday 9th March in the Clubhouse and posted on the notice boards and on the website as soon as possible thereafter. 

Please remember that both parties in these draws are equally responsible for arranging the match and make sure you take notice of the closing date for each round. Note that for all knock-out competitions no extensions to the play-by dates will be granted.

Score Cards

As the main playing season starts this month, this is an appropriate time to remind everyone to please complete their competition score cards correctly. You should ensure that your card has the name of the Competition, your Name and Handicap, the Date, your Entry Number, and that you and your marker sign the card. In Foursomes and 4BBB competitions, the names and handicaps of both players must be on the card. Players whose cards are not signed or have no handicap or a higher handicap than that to which the player is entitled will be disqualified.  

Cards for a Supplementary Score should be marked Supplementary Score under Competition and cards for an initial handicap should be marked For Initial Handicap

under Competition. As well as Name and Date, it is essential that these cards also show which set of tees has been used.

Score cards should always be returned regardless of the circumstances. Members who persistently fail to return score cards may be sanctioned.

Famous Grouse

The Famous Grouse Greensomes is scheduled for Sunday 15th March with a Shotgun start at 8:30am; the result and awarding of the prizes will be done in the Clubhouse as soon as possible after all score cards are in. The sign-up sheet is posted in the Men’s Changing Room, and the closing date for entries is Saturday 7th March and the draw for start tees will posted and emailed out on Monday 9th March.  Please note that as this competition has a Shotgun start the course will not open for general play until 1:00pm.

Men’s Invitation

This year the Men’s Invitation has been moved forward in the calendar to Sunday 7th June. In previous years, the Men’s Ladies’ and Vets Invitation events were all within 3-4 weeks of one another, so this is to try and space them about a bit particularly for those members who want to play in more than one invitation. The course should be looking its best in early June so we’re hoping for a great day’s golf on the new date. The sign-up sheet will be posted in mid-April, so now would be a good time to approach potential guests to put the date in their diary.

World Handicapping System

The latest set of “videos” about WHS released by England Golf can be viewed by using the links on the Match Committee section of the Members Area on the Club Website.

George Clelland

A Look at the Rules


A player finds their ball lying on a track crossing the fairway and is unsure if they are allowed free relief.

They tell their marker that they will play the ball as it lies and play a second ball in taking relief from the track in accordance with rule 16.1. They state also that the ball played under rule 16.1 is the ball they want to count if the rules allow.

They then lift the ball from the track and drop it in accordance with the rules and then play.

Then they place another ball where the first ball was on the track and play that ball.

Did the player play a second ball in accordance with the rules?

Vets Section

Will it ever stop raining!

This year’s Wessex Seniors Winter League is almost over. Following a really hard fought away victory at Corhampton on 29th January where three of the four matches finished in our favour on the 18th green, Alresford had the chance to win this year’s WSWL trophy outright with victory in our final match. However, the greatly anticipated home game against Royal Winchester on 13th February was, and you’ve probably guessed it, abandoned after 4 holes due to heavy and persistent rain. What an anti-climax. A big thank you to Course Manager, Simon Justice, who, despite the very wet conditions, enabled the game to at least start on time. The re-arranged fixture will now be played on 5th March. Thanks to Robin Bashford for organising the replay.

The Wednesday morning Vets Roll-Up continues to be popular. Thanks to Gareth Rees, this year’s Vets Vice-Captain, a number of different formats have been introduced eg a Reverse Bowmaker and Team Bogey event, alongside established competitions. With effect from 1st April the entry fee for the Roll-Up will be increased to £2 to make winning more worthwhile, although as some would say (usually those who don’t win very often), it is not about the prize it’s the taking part that is the most important thing. 

The Vets “summer” inter-club matches start shortly with the first home match against Corhampton on Friday 13th March (those who are superstitious should give this game a wide berth!). On a slightly controversial note, I have reinstated Jacket and Tie as the post-match Dress Code for all Vets home games.

I recently attended the launch of the new Golf Studio expertly presented by Malcolm and Jane Scott, and Terry Gosden. This fantastic facility, which for those who don’t know, is housed at the end of the covered practice bays, provides Alresford with a State of the Art teaching and practice facility. The available technology can provide a wealth of information on your golf posture and swing as well as indicating how far and how well (or poorly) you hit the golf ball.

The facility, which will be available to Alresford members shortly, can also be incorporated into golf lessons for a modest additional fee. I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to try the technology.

To my amazement Malcolm described my post shot alignment (see picture) as “superb”. A little on the generous side methinks. 

On a related matter Malcom and I will be hosting a demonstration event by Peter Dawson on Thursday 28th May.

Peter is an ex Ryder Cup player (in 1977) who strongly believes that there are ways that senior golfers can compensate for the loss of strength and flexibility as they mature. The demo event will provide hints and advice on how to achieve this, all done in a highly entertaining manner by one of Britain’s leading senior golfers. Representatives from Wilson Staff will also be in attendance. The demo will be followed by a Q&A session in the Clubhouse over tea and biscuits at which Peter will answer golf-related questions and regale the audience with tales and anecdotes from his time as a top tournament pro. The cost to Alresford Vets for this event will be £30.

In addition, Peter will be signing copies of his book entitled “Now for the Back Nine” which reinforces what he will demonstrate and which will be available to buy on the day (cost £20).

Well the rain has now stopped so I’m off to further perfect my post shot alignment some more!

Happy golfing

Ed Tinley
Vets Captain 2020

…from the Secretary

Welcome to the following new members who have all joined the club starting during late January and February so far; Frank Branagan, Kevin Bristow (7 day), John Silcock (5 day) and Helen Johnson, Robert Foulkes-Jones and Francis Northbrook  (Academy). We hope that your time at the club will be a long and enjoyable one for all of you. You will definitely have benefited from having been able to play here at Alresford during the recent weather when many at other courses have not!

So, having enjoyed your time with us, if you are considering joining us as a full member from April, please dont hesitate to come to the office and talk to me, you will be made very welcome.

To all our full members, please note you are our best salespeople: we need new members and have vacancies in all categories. If you know any friends or acquaintances who are thinking of joining a club, or changing clubs, or have new neighbours who have recently moved to the area, please do your best to sell them the benefits of Alresford Golf Club.


Fancy a game in the week? All members are welcome to come along to the ‘club roll-up’ on Wednesday mornings. The usual start time will be 11.00am all year – all timings subject to any advanced tee reservations. 

Wednesday 4th ~ 11.00am (subject to Vets Capt v Vet V/Capt)
Wednesday 11th ~ 11.00am (mid-week medal)
Wednesday 18th ~ (mid-week stableford)
Wednesday 25th ~ 11.00am


Wednesday 1st ~ 10.45am (golf society)
Wednesday 8th ~ 11.00am (mid-week stableford)
Wednesday 15th ~ 11.00am
Wednesday 22nd ~ 11.00am (mid-week medal)


Saturday 7th March
Kit’s Club Quiz 

Saturday 14th March
Resturant Evening – St.Patrick’s Theme

Sunday 22nd March
Mothering Sunday Luncheon

Friday 27th March
Members ‘meet’n greet’ evening 7.00-8.30pm


The Club are also offering to provide a ‘Sunday Roast’ for 4 on Sundays for just £20!

(except for Mothering Sunday or at any designated formal Sunday luncheons)




8.30am – 10.30am

Please let the Office know if you will be attending.

You can not play on the course until 10am so why not come along and help out?



Saturday 18th April

Tickets on sale from  7th March



“The benefits of regular physical activity on health, longevity and well-being“ easily surpass the effectiveness of any drugs or other medical treatment”. Chief Medical Officer 2009

This will come as no great surprise to you, the members of Alresford Golf Club – a marvellous club for those who enjoy regular exercise. However you may be surprised to hear that you are in a minority. The Department of Health has recommended that we should all take at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise or 75 minutes of vigorous exercise each week. Less than 20% of the population reach this modest target. 

I write a weekly Blog to explain the nature of exercise and the benefits it brings for improving health and for reducing many common ailments. I know that some Alresford members already subscribe to the blog but I would like to spread the word more widely. Its entirely free and I hope that is also entertaining.

To read the Blog just click on:

If you sign up on the blog I will send you each week’s blog automatically

If you are of the Facebook persuasion I have a linked page:

Thank you,

Hugh Bethell

Course Starters & Rangers

As has been previously stated, we are committed to improving the on-course experience for both members and visitors. This includes trying to assist with pace of play issues, course etiquette and dress codes as well as providing additional monitoring of access to the 1st tee for paying guests and visitors.

To this end we will be introducing Course Starters and Rangers from the end of February. We are fortunate in that we have had several members offer their time to assist the club and YOU in volunteering for these roles. It is hoped that all members will show the Course Starter or Ranger consideration and respect whilst they undertake the roles.

The role of a Course Ranger and a Course Starter are different and required at different times both during the week and day.

E.g.  the Course Ranger will be on the course observing pace of play, encouraging and acknowledging golfers, checking and monitoring for gaps in play with a soft checking of bag tags.

The Course Starter provides a welcome at the 1st tee (individuals or societies), a polite check of tags and green fee receipts, advises on course signage, directions etc and is there to control the starting point to the course.

Course Rangers and Starters have now begun. We have slots available if you are willing to help out, generally only 1-2 hours at a time so not too onerous. Full training and briefing will be undertaken before you are ‘let loose’. The more volunteers we have the less each volunteer will have to do.

If you are interested in helping out and assisting us with our service to our guests and visitors, please contact me.

The ‘AGC History’ … … find out more!

Did you know that we have copies of the History of Alresford Golf Club – a fascinating insight into how the club was established and its transition from 9 hole course to the much admired 18 hole course we have today.

It has personal stories from our members, past and present, including memorable photos and much more besides.

An interesting read, available for purchase from the Office for just £10 … … possibly a ‘must have’ for all AGC members !

Could this Grashopper Golf Buggy help your game?

Purchased August 2016 at a cost of £2495

For sale at £1300 (Almost half price!)

  • In excellent condition with battery capacity of 36 holes of golf and trip to and from home in Alresford
  • Alloy ramps also included for transporting by car
  • Owners Manual and full details available  

Tel: 01962 738692

Please Note Change to FRIDAY Bar Closing Times

Over the Winter / Spring period the Clubhouse (and Bar) will close on Fridays as per the normal weekday times, unless there is an event or pre-booked function. However, below is the current list of dates when the bar will be closed earlier.

Friday 21st February; Friday 28th February; Friday 6th March

Please check the club website and main noticeboard for changes to these dates.

Only 29 days to British Summer time !




David Maskery


Check out our Facebook page

Make sure you ‘like’ our Facebook page and you will link to it and get the regular pictures and updates on what’s happening

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Green News

Considering the incessant rain we have had the course is holding up remarkably well and our staff have achieved wonders with the winter development projects.

Whilst I’m sure we are all looking forward to playing the 4th and 13th Greens again please be patient as the new turf needs to firm up before being walked on.

Thankfully the course can still be qualifying with the 4th on a temporary and 17A in use. 

The 5th fairway bunker has gone into work and as expected the liner had completely failed. Apart from the liner being replaced and a minor adjustment to some aspects it won’t fundamentally change. We then hope the new practice swale can be started and completed before we get into Spring. We have decided to put on hold the rest of the 1st Impressions Project for this winter. It’s partly because we have already spent our Winter Development budget but also because they are interlinked. We are trying to avoid things being “half done and left”!

However the Ash Trees around the practice nets will be taken out whilst our tree surgeons are on site in March, Stump Busters are also booked for the same week.

The new saplings have now been planted. It’s 4 field maples down the RHS of the 1st Fairway; 2 beech to the right of the 1st white tee; 1 oak at the 200yd mark on the range; 2 sweet chestnut at the end of the chipping range and 3 oak on the RHS of the 8th.

The attached photo shows Norman Sheen helping with his sponsored tree and you are not too late to “claim one”!

The Greens Committee did review the trees on the 16 th as mentioned in last months article. A display will be placed in the lobby to illustrate which trees are going to be removed and why. The decisions were not taken lightly.

We will be taking out the last oak on the LHS just before the bunker as it’s roots are in the bunker. We will also take out another oak just before it.

On the RHS we have a fabulous oak and beech that are restricted by a distorted oak; a small oak and two holly trees. So we are taking out the latter to allow the former to flourish.

The display will also point out the numerous Ash trees we have on the RHS soon after the Tee. We do have a considerable Ash Dieback problem on the course as illustrated by the action taken on the other side of the road to the Range Hut and Golf Studio.

All our sheep are in fact rams and are, like some of our members, inclined to bark! We have just discovered they have “ring barked” some of the smaller trees inside their pen as shown by the attached picture.

Those trees will probably be lost but action has been taken to defend other trees as the enclosure moved further up the 17th towards the green.

Our “Green Keeper of the Month” is Ben.

We are very lucky to have enjoyed his service for over 15 years now. He does everything and will happily accept all the credit for the Academy Course condition! He lives in Four Marks with his Fiancee and daughter and is able to assist members with their gardens or trees in between the odd round of golf.

Bob Moore

A Look at the Rules



The original ball can be played as it lies or in taking relief. The player may play each ball in any order. The original ball need not be marked when lifted, but it is recommended. Note; The player must state which ball they wish to count, if rules allow, before playing either ball.

Interpretation 20.1c(3)/3

100 Club

The winners of the 100 Club prize draw for March were:

£100      Patricia Frearson

£50        Keith Halls

£32        Ron Beal

£32        Gil Francis

£32        Henk Ribbink

£32        Wynne Tufnell

Congratulations to all our winners this month.  Two months running for Wynne Tufnell but only £32 this time and not the top prize. The next draw will take place week beginning 23 March.

What is the 100 Club?  

The Alresford Golf Club 100 Share Club was started in 1987 to raise extra funds to support and enhance the club Centenary celebrations which took place in 1990. Almost £5,000 was added to the Centenary Fund – a fantastic contribution.  

It proved so popular that members who had joined chose to continue the scheme indefinitely.  The ongoing objective of the 100 Club was then

agreed as being “to provide funds for capital expenditure to enhance the Golf Course and/or Club House”.  This is still very much the objective and projects supported by the 100 Club would generally be considered ‘extras’ and not necessarily within the Golf Club budget. Many items have been purchased over the years with the new rattan patio furniture being the most recent.  In recent years the 100 Club has purchased the drinking fountain on the 4th/15th holes, the finger post signage, the Information Board and Clock at the first tee and the automated Defibrillator in the Entrance Hall.

So, can I join the 100 Club?  

Yes of course. New members are always welcome and so as a Golf Club member you can actively contribute towards future enhancements to the facilities on the Golf Course or Clubhouse whilst having the opportunity to win a monthly cash prize. Or why not increase your existing shareholding for an even better chance of a prize.  Shares can be purchased for £1 per month paid for by Standing Order and there is no limit on the number which can be held – most members have between 1 and 5 shares.  Each share is allocated a number which is entered into the monthly draw with a top prize of £100, with a second prize of £50 and four other prizes of £32. For more information contact Pat Wallis on 01420 564417 or, or call in to the Secretary’s Office.

Pat Wallis


Men’s & Mixed Competitions
8th February – Pro’s Stableford
1stAlan Powell41 points
2ndKevin Lane39
3rdDave Seager39
22nd February – Pro’s Stableford
1stLouis Parker37 points
2ndKarl Evans36
3rdPhil Cartwright36
23rd February – Pro’s Stableford
1stMatt Hill37 points
2ndPeter Whiting32
Ladies’ Competitions
1st & 4th February - Divisional Competition
Div 1Jill England31 points
Div 2Caroline Warne30
Div 3Chris Hall32
15th February - Divisional Competition
Div 1Jill England32 points
Div 2Mal Hope-Mason32
Div 3Annabel Laird29
Junior Competition
17th February – T J Evans Trophy
1stJenny Myers39 points
2ndMillie Jonathan34
3rdAlex Pulling32

Social Committee

First up is the club quiz which is only days away now  on March 7th. This is hosted by our very own Kit Neilson, we have him do the questions as it’s the only way we can stop him winning it. Fish and chips will be available on the night so sign up for food on the social board in the foyer. The quiz will be £2.50 per head to enter (payable on the night)  with a maximum of 6 players in each team, please try and bring the correct money if possible as it does help the organisers. There are questions in this quiz to suit every age group so bring along family and friends.

The next event after that will be one of our music nights at the club and on April 18th where we will be having a night of dancing with A Motown tribute group called Soultown who will entertain us with timeless classics from 60’s onwards. The sign up sheet will go up at 10am on the 7th March so get in there early to avoid disappointment.

Just to confuse us the powers that be have mucked around with the early May bank holiday and put it on a Friday instead of the Monday due to the  VE anniversary, this means that we now have a bank holiday Sunday event which is currently still in the planning stage but will hopefully see a group of past members coming along and enjoying our golf club once again.

There are many events happening in the next couple of months such as themed dinner evenings and an Easter bank holiday golf competition so keep an eye out on the social, caterers, and golf noticeboards.

Les Thorne 

Team Golf 2020 – The 9-Hole Evening Summer League

Welcome to Team Golf  now it its 20th year!

To celebrate, TG 2020 have a new magnificent bowl for the League Champions, kindly crafted and donated by Les Thorne, and I am told it has been named the ‘John White’ Trophy as I started this competition in 2000. How very kind.

Full details are now on the Social Notice Board about TG, so for any members who have not joined in so far, do study the format and, either form a team, or add your name to the ‘available list’, so Captains forming teams can contact you.

These evenings, of just nine holes of stableford betterball matches, are great fun, another good opportunity to meet other members of the club and therefore should be particularly attractive also to newer members.

The entry list will be posted on the 1st April, so past team Catains and future ones, please start thinking about forming your teams.

Please note the first round of the ‘Championship’, when all members of a team participate, is on Thursday 14th May and the second round of the ‘Championship’ at the end of the league matches on Thursday 23rd July, so please keep these days free!

There will be a maximum of 10 teams in the ‘Championship’ and dates to note are:-

  • 1st April   – Team Entry form to be posted
  • 30th April – Entries close
  • 4th May   – Tee times posted for First Round of the ‘Championship’
  • 14th May  – First Round of the ‘Championship’ (all teams to play)
  • 21st May  – First Round of League Matches

Please do join in – it really is great fun!

John White

…the sheep’s write to reply

So long, farewell auf wiedersehen, goodbye!

That’s us nearly done for another year and the green staff have informed us that we are off to pastures new just as all that yummy grass starts growing. 

I would like to take this chance to say thank you to everyone who has looked after us keeping us fed and watered and Dolly would like to say a special thanks to the green keeper with the muscles, even though he has competition from the assistant pro. I don’t know if you knew but we did have some excitement on the course the other night with a stray horse, he was a bit grumpy and definitely didn’t like the banter that he got from all of us, I only said to him “why the long face mate” and he ran off in huff.

Please remember we do hear everything that you say and a hot topic of debate amongst you is the issue of cutting trees down on the course and the ongoing tree maintenance policy at your lovely golf club. Luckily for you we have experts who work out what needs to be done and please remember most of the time you cuss and swear at trees when your ball hits them and then moan when they get cut down, no wonder we all give you that dumb sheep look.

So enjoy your summer and we look forward to coming back next winter … … we believe there is nothing else planned for us, but a ‘happy retirement’ in pastures new!

Editor: Trevor Hodgkinson


The Editorial Team take no responsibility for incorrect information received from Contributors.