Fore Info July 2021


Here are some of the July highlights:

  • Latest news on the Clubhouse Development
  • Insight into the Vets with a Gareth Rees, Vets Captain interview
  • Club Championship Results
  • Updates on the Course and some future plans
  • Results from our Team Matches
  • Update on Upcoming Social Events
  • Lucky Winners in the 100 Club
  • Pro Tip from Mark Wood on honing your Short Game


I hope you enjoy the read.

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David Marshall


Congratulations to Scot Johnson who last month shot an albatross 2 on the 7th. Even more amazing was that he used a brand new rescue club bought from Mark Wood and made it with the first strike of the club. I am sure Mark will use this in his promotion- but no guarantee! Scot seems to like the 7th, as he shot another albatross there a few years ago. Can anyone better that?



Management Corner

Clubhouse Development

The Club has received planning permission for the intended Clubhouse Development Project; there are some conditions that we need to confirm; which is in hand. However, planning approval was received within 10-days of the target schedule.

Next steps will be to conclude completion of a tender specification and building regulations requirements. Our budget for the Clubhouse Development project has been calculated within the last 18-months using industry costings. We will now go out to tender to ascertain the best value for money and the actual budget required for a build to complete within the next 9 to 10 months.

Once we have the final costs understood, we will confirm both the amount of the Club’s cash reserves to be used for the project and the members’ loan notes that will need to be raised. Obviously there is a full governance process to follow for both funding methods for the project.

Exciting times ahead!

Land Lease

Our Land Trustees and General Manager have been working hard over the past year to negotiate the extension of the land leased from the Tichborne Estate. Terms have been agreed for a 25-year lease and we await the documentation to sign off.

Bar and Catering Service

In my most important role at the Club, as an ordinary member, I have been so impressed with the efforts of Bar & Catering staff to meet our needs in difficult times. Many new staff members have joined and I have witnessed first-hand, how members in general have welcomed the effort made to provide table service both indoors and out. Table service for drinks and ordering snacks has become established due to the pandemic restrictions, and I am really grateful to our bar and catering staff for their enthusiastic service.

Club Championship & Course

What an absolute pleasure it was to play the course as a hopeful competitor in the Club Championship last weekend. As Chairman; I take time to gain a reasonable insight into the inherent issues and benefits of our course, especially the differing sub-soils and grasses that make up our 18 greens. This enables me to fully appreciate the extra effort and planning required by our Greens Team to deliver consistent surfaces over the season, and last weekend in particular at the upper end of our target greens speeds.

Our course has really benefitted from planned developments that reach back to Harry’s time as Chair of Greens with further implementation under Tip and Bob. With such a dedicated team led by Simon Justice we can all enjoy course conditions that are the envy of competitor courses. It’s been such a tough year for greens with; alternating dry and wet weather spells, leatherjackets and rooks, and grass varieties seeding at the wrong time for our golfing calendar.

Well done to all, it’s such a shame I do not currently have golfing ability to match the high standard of the Course.

Tee Times

As previously stated many times, once the need for mandated pre-booked Tee Times subside as part of lockdown easing, the Club will move to traditional roll-up golf without pre-booked Tee Times.

Covid has resulted in quite a long experiment of the use of Tee Times at our Club and I am aware of multiple good and bad reviews. To enable a full and compliant dialogue to take place on the matter of Tee Times, the Management Committee and the Captains Committee have agreed to undertake consultation on the matter with golfing members. This will initially be led by Tip and a working party reporting into the Captains Committee.

Once the consultation has been launched, we need to hear your personal views on how you think Tee Times has worked out and also your views on traditional roll-up golf.

Ultimately, we envisage that any change to our traditional roll-up golf would need to be voted upon at a General Meeting of the Club. Much more information to follow in the coming weeks, but just a ‘heads-up’ for now that consultation is coming.

Rob White

Chairman of the Management Committee

A View inside our Largest Club Section…

Gareth Rees, Vets Captain in the interview hotseat

Although many of you know Gareth is our Vets Captain, few probably know exactly what he gets up to. What follows is the fourth of my editorial interviews to uncover more beyond the role and the person! I uncover his back story as he shares his aspirations for the Vets Section and the club.

So Gareth I hear you won the Captains Drive in! Did you use a 3 iron?

No David just my trusty 7 iron. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed that, particularly as the other Captains all missed the green by quite large margins and they are all better golfers than I.

Winning Captain…

I can hear from the accent that you are not Alresford born and bred. Tell us about yourself and your family and career.

Although I was born in Cardiff I was only a baby when my parents moved to Liverpool and that was were I was educated, met and married Sue. Our two children were both born there and we lived on the Wirral until moving to Alresford in 1989. The move was for work as I had been offered a position as a River Pilot in the Port of Southampton. We didn’t have much time to be house hunting due to the distances involved and an urgency to find a school for the children. We came across Alresford and quickly realised that this would be a good place to start with as there was only the one school and with new houses being built at the time, we hoped it would be easier to integrate into the community. This proved to be correct and here we still are, 3 houses and 32 years later. I worked as a River Pilot until retiring at the end of 2018.

How long have you been playing golf?

I had a couple of attempts at playing as a teenager but  didn’t really start in earnest until 1990. I seem to recall it was quite difficult to become a member of a golf club. You usually needed a handicap and that was difficult to get if you were not a member of a golf club. Waiting lists were long and municipal courses few and far between.

Fortunately a couple of my colleagues took the game up and we used to play at the pay & play courses that were springing up around that time. I joined Alresford as a 5 day member in 1992 when it went to an 18 hole course. 

Firstly tell us what you see as the role of the Vets Captain ?

I think there are several important functions to fulfil, but I see the main role as ensuring the smooth running of the Vets Section. I can’t do that alone and am very fortunate in having the help and support of an excellent Committee. We have summer matches with 20 other clubs plus an Invitation event in the summer so there is also very much an Ambassadorial role in representing the Club. I also feel it important to promote the Section within the Club and if necessary protect it.

Present RoleVets Captain, Alresford Golf Club 2020/21
Last JobRiver Pilot
Married Wife Sue
Children2 + 4 Grandchildren
HobbiesWalking, cooking.
Golf Handicap18

What are some of the best things about the role?

Talking with other members of the Section to get their views on how we can do things differently or make things easier and better. Ian Hewlett touching his forelock when he sees me!

What are the biggest challenges you have faced so far as Captain?

To make sure we get a team out for every match and we all turn up at the right course at the right time.

What annoys you most ?

Members who think they are too good a golfer to play with the Vets.

What would you like to change if you could?

The view that Vets drink only red wine and take 5 hrs to play a round, need a 3 iron to hit a ball 120yds and clog up the course.

Tee bookings are contentious. Would you bring back tee bookings permanently?

Although I have played at Alresford for a long time without a booking system,  I do think a booking system has strong merits. You know when you are going to start and more importantly you know when you are going to finish. A round of golf appears to flow much better.  My experience is that with 9 minute intervals, the number of times you are held up during a round appears to be a lot less.  Having been starter a few times over the last 12 months I can appreciate the various views that members have and hope we can come to a compromise to satisfy players needs.

What are your aspirations for the Vets Section?

Getting acceptance within the Club that we are an important, active and vibrant Section. In summer home matches alone while advertising the Club and the course, we entertain 250+ players from other Clubs, purchase circa 500 meals through the caterer and consume the appropriate amount of drinks from the Bar. Added to that there are consumables taken after casual play during the week.  It doesn’t take much to appreciate the contribution we make on and off the course.

Quickfire Q and A

Your biggest golfing achievement?

Surviving a round without losing a ball

Favourite holiday destination

The Dodecanese islands

Favourite Food?

Roast beef with all the trimmings

Favourite drink after a round?

Ginger Beer Shandy to begin with.

Favourite Movie?

Shawshank Redemption

Favourite Car?

Ferrari 250 GTO – I should never have sold it

If you had only one thing to take on a desert island what would it be and why? (there is enough food, water).

A 2000 piece jigsaw. I find jigsaws very relaxing, time passes by and you can do them over and over again while exercising the brain.


From the Club Captain

June is always a busy month in the world of golf and Alresford in particular.  More than 200 members enjoyed lovely weather on our Captains’ Charity Day.  26 teams of 4 took part in the morning and afternoon competitions.  The winning team in the morning was Trevor Pearce, Neil Flowers, Tim Chandler and David King.  The afternoon winners were Liz Williams, Tony Hastings, Gavin Jones and Suzie Batty.

The real winners were our charities with £4001 raised on the day.  This included funds raised by Mary Rook for the long overdue Captains’ Drive-in.  Thank you all for your support.

The Ross and Wessex KO’s are going ahead as are some team matches.

Marion and Alan Bruce continue to manage the mixed team.  Latest results v Hockley at home won 5½-2½, and at Cowdray, lost 5½-2½.  All played in good spirit, and we are managing social distanced dining.

Thanks to Jim White for organising the Scratch League. Here are the latest results and upcoming fixtures. Those keen to play contact Jim.

The club championships were held over the weekend of 26th & 27th June.  The course was in outstanding condition.  Simon and his team managed to get the greens up to speed despite the torrential rain of the previous weekend.  Congratulations to all who took part.

Di covers the Ladies results in her report below, so this is the story of the Men’s Championships and John Holmes Trophy

New member James Banks had a great 2nd day with a gross 73 taking him into 3rd place.  Tom Beecher and Will Packenham-Walsh had a great battle in the final group with Will coming out on top and is our Champion Golfer for the second time.

The net competition for the John Holmes Trophy was another closely fought affair.  Mike Pigott came 4th with Tom 3rd, James 2nd.  Rounds of 71 & 67 gave Gary Mugford the trophy by one shot. Full prize winner details in Match Committee Section below.

Tee bookings

Captains Committee (CapCom) have agreed to form a working party to gather member views and preferences.  This working party will be representative of all demography and consist of members who can listen to views without debate or putting their own personal preferences forward.

CapCom will review all feedback (from working party as well as all emails received) and make recommendations to ManCom.  Any final decision will be made by the members at an SGM.

Happy golfing!


Ladies Section

Although June has been a month of ups and downs our Alresford Ladies are on a high winning the first North Hants Trophy Match at Cams Hall, the first round of the Knights Cup against Highcliffe at home and the second round of Annodata at South Winchester, in extreme inclement conditions. In the two Stoneham matches, one away at Sandford Springs and the highlight against Cams Hall at home where the team won seven nil , two players progressing to the first again, Kathryn McLaughlin winning on the nineteenth and Pat Palmer on the 21st. Our Magnificent Seven chosen by our Stoneham Captain, Jan Harring were well supported by their caddies. Congratulations to all.
The Captain’s Charity Day was a wonderful success raising £4,100 for our charities. Although rather challenging for the Ladies who had to play off the yellow tees, everyone seemed happy and relaxed with The Captain’s Drive well attended, organised by Mary Rook and commentated by Les Thorne.
It was with great regret that I accepted the sudden resignation from my Vice-Captain, Cathy Hilton due to family commitments and with the sudden change in circumstances felt it impossible to carry on. I wish Peter and Cathy all the best in their new ventures and hope they won’t desert us completely.

Past Captains are an incredible support offering help and expert advice in all circumstances. Amongst many, three need special mention. Mary Rook who immediately offered to help with the Friendly Matches and Sue Masser and Mary Panter who immediately took over all the arrangements and organisation for the Ladies Invitation.
Jan Harring is a super star agreeing to become ViceCaptain which is not an easy thing to take on halfway through the year. I can’t begin to thank all who have been so supportive over the past few months.
Although cloudy and sometimes drizzly, some stalwart members braved the Dawn Patrol followed by a hearty breakfast produced by Steve which was much appreciated. Les Thorne was the winner obviously managing to wake up earlier than some of us.
How wonderful it was to enjoy fine weather throughout the Championship weekend. The course was in excellent condition thanks to Simon and the Greens Staff and although difficult everyone seemed to enjoy the experience of playing the course in prime condition.

Congratulations to Becky Scott, our Ladies Champion, Jenny Myers, Debbie Wills, Jane Scott , Mandy Overton, Linda Wager, Sarah Densham and Liz Williams and all the other Ladies who took part and a huge thankyou to all who worked so hard to make the weekend such a huge success. Full prize winner details in Match Committee Section below.

The Ladies Invitation, was a fun day, brilliantly organised by Guardian Angels, Sue and Mary and their team of excellent helpers, Jan, Lesley, Polly, Lynne, Marlene and Mo. My thanks to everyone at the Club who work tirelessly to keep things running smoothly.


Di Peisley

Match Committee Report

Match & Handicap Committee Survey

Possibly many of you will have forgotten about the Survey which was available in April. After the Survey closed, we had some technical issues in extracting the results into a usable form, but these have finally been resolved and the complete results package is available in the Match & Handicap Committee section of the Club website. Thank you to the 267 members who gave us their views on a range of issues. We will analyse the results and take these into consideration for our plans going forward.

Some highlights …

  • 267 respondents (45% of playing members), 81% of respondents are 7-day members
  • More pairs/team competitions … Better Ball, Greensomes, Foursomes, Texas Scrambles
  • A small majority 9% in favour of more drawn competitions.
  • Significant majority (73%) for return of Club Roll-up.
  • 50/50 split on whether roll-up scores should be pre-registered for handicap.
  • Significant minority (47%) for introduction of handicap restrictions on some or all competitions.
  • Although several comments advocated more mixed competitions, the Yes/No question on more mixed pairs was 57% to 43% against.

Club Championships

Full details of all the winners and runners-up are below. The organisation and management of the competitions are very much a team effort from the Match & Handicap Committee, the Office Staff, and Pro-Shop Staff, past captains Keith Monkhouse, Terry Glynn, Andrew Frearson, David Nightingale, Jean Coveyduck, Mary Rook and Les Thorne, plus a number of volunteers including Jess Miles, Caroline Warne, Paul Wager, and Tony Collins  … a total of nearly 30 people. Without their support and involvement events like the Championships would be impossible to run.

Upcoming Events

The re-scheduled Harry May – Two Generations will be on Sunday 1st August. This foursomes Stableford competition is open to both 5 and 7 day members; 5 day members are not expected to pay a green fee. The relationship between the players must be parent, grandparent, step-parent or step-grandparent with child, or grandchild. One of the players must be a current Alresford member. If one of the pair does not have a handicap, then while they are welcome to play, they are not eligible to win the trophy although they are eligible to win a prize. Booking for the competition will open in the week beginning 5th July.

Two weeks later, on Sunday 15th August will be the Husbands & Wives Foursomes Stableford. Full details of the arrangements will be worked out over the next few weeks as we know more about what will be possible re-catering etc at that time. We’ll post a notice in the Entrance Hall and booking for the competition should open by mid July.

A little further out, the Mixed Invitation is planned for Sunday 5th September. Again, more details will follow later, but in the meantime get in touch your potential male/female playing partner to invite them to our wonderful course.

Match & Handicap Committee

I’d like to thank Ian Jones, who has decided to step down from the Committee, for the work and commitment to has made over the past 3 years. Given the increasing workload of the Committee I’m pleased to say that Geoff Jenkins, Frank Blackmore and Tony Collins have joined the Committee

George Clelland

Chair of Match and Handicap Committee

Mixed Matches

[columns] [span6]

The mixed match season is well underway with a number of matches already played. The sign up sheets for the matches until the end of August are on the notice board. The matches are:

Royal Winchester  Home     Friday 2nd July at 2.00pm

Rowlands Castle    Away     Sunday 18th July at 9.30am

North Hants           Away     Sunday 25th July at 1.00pm

Hayling                  Home     Sunday 1st August at 1.00pm

Bramley                 Home     Friday 20th August at 2.00pm

If you are unable to get to the club to sign up you can ask the office to do it or contact Marion or Alan Bruce and you can be added to the list. The sign up sheets close 3 weeks before a match.

Any club member with a CONGU handicap is welcome to sign up to play. All the matches are played in a friendly manner and everyone is welcome, no matter what their handicap. It is hoped that members who haven’t played before will join in and sign up for the opportunity to play mixed golf both at home and on some very enjoyable away courses. Playing partners are drawn as part of team selection.


The match teams will be communicated by posting the team list on the Mixed notice board and an email will be sent to all individuals involved. Team members are requested to play in team colours of white shirts and navy jumpers.

A decision has been made that Five Day members may play in the weekend matches if we are unable to field a team from the Seven Day members. There will be a section on the sheet for Five Day members to sign up. Green fees will not be required.

All matches will include a meal. For home matches we expect to continue with a smart/casual dress code for our match meals.

For more information or any queries please contact Marion or Alan Bruce.


A Look at the Rules


A player finds their ball on a cart path. They decide to take a free drop and lift the ball. Then realise that the nearest point of relief is in a bush. They decide to take a penalty drop instead and drop within two club lengths of where the ball was on the cart path. Has the player proceeded within the rules and if so how many penalty shots should they add?

Vets Section

The Section continues to attract new members and we now have 127 which is fantastic.  The inter club summer friendlies carried on  during June with away fixtures at Waterlooville,  where Mike Garton and Eddie Martin recorded a very impressive 6&5 win, and Corhampton. Unfortunately both matches ended in defeat but again by very narrow margins. Due to the excellent draining properties of our course we play a lot of our home matches early on in the season which have obviously been cancelled so we very much enjoyed  entertaining Hockley  in our first home fixture of the season. This resulted in a home win 4-2 and avenging our defeat earlier in the season. We lost only one of the games and returning some large winning margins in 3 of the others. The home match against Weybrook Park was halved but could have gone either way with a couple of very close games but it felt like a win after losing the first 3 games only to rally and win the last 3. We look forward to the return fixture in August and playing over their reconfigured course which opened recently. A busy month lies ahead with 7 matches programmed and only one of them being played at home.  I am very grateful to all those who have put their names down as available for selection.

Thursday 8th July also sees the Vets Past Captains Trophy. This is an annual event and is a keenly fought competition with a singles stableford format. While not all the surviving Past Captains are able to play the 18 holes they are still keen to join us for the after competition meal using the opportunity to catch up with friends. The Vets Championship, a 36 hole medal competition, is being played this month with Round 1 on Monday 12th and Round 2 on Monday 19th. Entry is £6 and is payable through the Club V1 app. prior to playing the first round.  As with last year the first round participants will be able to play with who they wish at a tee booking to suit them. For the second round tee times have been reserved to enable those players with scores close to the leader to go out together. This proved very successful last year and  hope will do so again. I will send out the groups and times as soon as possible after the first round. The Championship has  two trophies to play for, The Best Gross Score and The Best Nett Score.

Thank you to all participants in the Knock Out competitions for playing their matches within the allotted dates, it really helps in avoiding fixture congestion, especially for those who have entered all three of the competitions. The 3rd rounds should be completed by the 23rd July.

The Vets Invitation, on the 12th August, is proving very popular and is filling up quickly with only spaces for 12 pairs left before we reach the maximum number of 40. if you haven’t already done so and are intending to enter then don’t delay in adding your name to the list, or alternatively let me know by email. Please make sure you have paid by the closing date of 12.00 on Friday 30th July. Payment can be through cash or cheque, made payable to AGC Vets Section, and left in a clearly marked envelope in the office.

Gareth Rees

Vets Captain

General Manager’s Update


Welcome to the following new members who have all joined the club during June ; Jim Baker, Richard Bennett, Mike Botterill, Richard Furby, Nigel & Charlotte Johnson, Michael Mckenna, Jennifer Steiner and Andrew Stewart (Temporary), Sam Charlton , Toby Charlton, Callum Butler, Jack Catterall ( Intermediate), Will Caplan (Student), Nicholas & Rosemary Ashford. Paul Colmer and Michael Evans (Academy), Justin May (Country).

We hope that your time at the club will be a long and enjoyable one for all of you.


Our Reciprocal clubs are gradually starting to accept reciprocals once again – however at present the booking periods (how far in advance you can book) will fall into line with any restrictions they have on their own members.

We can have a maximum of one fourball per week to play their course for no fee   (unless otherwise stated). This is always subject to availability and course conditions. Bookings can be booked through our Office and NOT directly.

  • WATERLOOVILLE G.C., HAMPSHIRE                          (Mondays-Fridays only)
  • LEE-ON-THE-SOLENT G.C., HAMPSHIRE                    (Mondays-Fridays only)
  • TIDWORTH GARRISON G.C., WILTSHIRE                    (Mondays- Fridays only)
  • BRAMLEY G.C., SURREY                                             (Mondays-Fridays only)
  • RUSHMORE G.C., WILTSHIRE                         (2 fourballs per week permitted, £10pp                 w/day or £20pp w/end)
  • SALISBURY & S. WILTS. G.C. , WILTSHIRE                 (Mondays – Fridays , only after 12.30pm on Weds. & Fri.)
  • ROWLANDS CASTLE G.C., HAMPSHIRE                     (Mondays-Fridays only)
  • HIGH POST G.C., WILTSHIRE                                      (Mondays-Fridays only , after 11am)
  • CHOBHAM G.C., SURREY                                           (Mondays-Fridays only)


No change to the current restrictions and guidelines surrounding the playing of golf and use of the clubhouse.

ALL Members are expected to have their own personal rakes for use on the course.

Controlled access to the toilets is still operational – Showers are NOT in use at present.

We will advise any changes as soon as these are relayed to us.

Additional assistance with STARTER SHIFTS is still gratefully received. Please contact the Office if you can assist.

Please note that the water fountains are currently ‘not in use’ due to the COVID19 guidelines. It is therefore essential that you take your own water or drinks on to the course, especially during periods of hot weather.

Take regular sips on every tee – if you wait until you become thirsty it’s too late and you may already be becoming dehydrated.

FACEBOOK – check out our Facebook page

Make sure you ‘like’ our Facebook page and you will link to it and get the regular pictures and updates on what’s happening ! Share with your friends to help us boost our online and social media profiles


Follow us at


Outside and Inside table service will be available for drinks /coffee from the bar. Please be patient whist we take and prepare your orders. During busy periods we are increasing our staffing levels but there is a limit to how fast we can pour drinks. Please DO NOT approach the bar for service.

The bar will now be open from 11.00am – 9.30pm. The Clubhouse will close at 9.45pm. Opening times will be continually reviewed.

Members are reminded NOT TO MOVE tables around the patio or grass area – they are placed specifically to ensure compliance to social distancing.

Maximum group size must be 6 people at the moment.

Inside seating is restricted to a total of 48 people. At busy times or when bad weather, Members are requested to limit their time at inside tables to 45min. to allow others to make use of the inside space.

Similarly, outside space is also limited so members are requested to show consideration to fellow members and not to stay longer than 45minutes following their round to permit others to make use of the tables.

Covid compliance checks have been reported in the area – please do not put your club at risk of breaking the regulations.

Opening Times;

Monday – Fridays   10.30am – 6.00pm

Saturday 9.00am – 6.00pm

Sunday 9.00am – 5.00pm

These times will be subject to review dependant on member’s support. Please welcome and support our new caterer, Stephen Richardson, during this difficult period and whilst he is ‘finding his feet’.

Remember the Sunscreen    

Choose a SPF 30+ sunscreen

You can still burn when its cloudy

Stay hydrated when on the course – take water with you

Don’t forget to add sunscreen to you non-gloved hand

Protect your ears

Tell others if you see them burning

Seek shade or use a brolly to keep out of the sun

David Maskery

General Manager



Terry Gosden wishes to kindly thank the members for the kind gesture of the M & S voucher.

It was a lovey surprise and made me feel very proud of my four years at the club.

I will miss you very much, but l will play once a month on the kind PGA membership that Malcolm kindly arranged for me.

See you all very soon,

Regards Terry


Captain’s Drive In

This was a chance for Club members to enjoy some uncomfortable moments for the Captains but also to get to know them better. Well drilled by Les Thorne, the Captains took it all in good part and played their shots to the 18th under immense pressure . It was to Gareth Rees’ great credit that he kept his bottle and was the only one to find the green and put his ball within birdie opportunity. No let up for Tip who has to ‘go again’ this Autumn.


Dawn Patrol

A hardened band of golfers ventured out on 19th June at the crack of dawn. Fortified by drinks and snacks and the promise of a full English breakfast on return they braved the elements as the weather could have been kinder. New technology was introduced to allow entrants to make their breakfast choice on line thanks to George.The eventual winner is pictured below – a shy retiring individual who some of you may know.

Well done to Catherine and  Garreth for organising the event. Next year we will be trying to get more new members to enter this unique experience.

Saturday 4TH SEPTEMBER 2021

Watch out for ticket information & details

What do we have planned for the summer?

Firstly we have the incredibly successful par 3 event on August 30th. Les is introducing some brand new holes and the Captains have been asked to nominate a special hole each. Remember from the last Fore Info there will be a minimum 18 Par 3 holes to play. Some of these will be iconic holes from Major Championship Courses. The event is the result of a tremendous effort from the green staff, David and George to design a competition, which gives everyone a fair opportunity to take part. Put quite simply this is an unmissable event !

The final ‘planned’ event is Soultown on September 4th. Nikki White is masterminding a quite brilliant event. This event is likely to be a sellout so members and their partners will have first priority. We are working to keep the costs down and controlling Covid risks by changing format. Details will be published as soon as Government guidelines are clear. Nevertheless you will have a chance to dance along to classic Motown hits and finally let your ‘hair down’. Make sure you have this date in your diary as the Soultown duo are a class act.

The Social team continues to work on a programme for the rest of the year, and we will update you as soon as plans are firmed up.

Mike Battisson

Chair of the Social Committee


We have now completed six rounds of this nine hole be7erball compe88on in mainly good weather with just two wet evenings. A>er three rounds, the White Sharks were unbeaten however they then encountered s8ff opposi8on from the Rabble without Applause and the Fore Ever Hopeful teams dropping them to third place.

Since then Massers Mates the only team with four wins, now head the league with 13 points. Followed by Rakes Progress with 10 points and 94 stableford points, so just pipping Free’n Easy also 10 points but only 86 stableford points. Fourth is White Sharks with 9 points. All very close, so all to play for in the next three weeks.

There have been more high scores this month, the best being Jackie Culson and Mark Turan on the 10th June with 24 points scoring 8 points on the last two holes! Also with 24 points was Kim Johnson and John White on the 3rd June. The next highest was Bailey Ritches and Tony Has8ngs with 22 points on the 24th June and finally Karen Fox and Peter Hilton came in with 20 points on the 17th June. Well played -all received a sleeve of golf balls.

Championship & Presentation evening Thursday 22nd July – All team members play an individual stableford with the best four scores from each team to count.

Supper is being provided, so will all those who wish to dine please select your menu from the list on the social notice board. This will be posted by 7th July and closed on the 19th July.

Good luck and enjoy your golf.

John and Jim White

Organisers on behalf of the Social Committee.


Pro- Corner

Pitching Distance Control

Controlling your wedge distances are a lot easier than you may think, all of my students will have a process that they follow that controls there pitching distances with Pro style control.Firstly if you carry 3 wedges, which is the norm these days, especially as PW lofts are getting stronger 45 degrees there is quite a large gap if your next wedge is 56 degrees. Most players will carry a wedge formation of PW, 50 degree, 54 degree and 58 degree wedges. This article is based on controlling your distances with these wedges and knowing the numbers that they go (yards) will most certainly help your short game.

If we work on the basis that each wedge will potentially have 3 yardages in them then carrying 4 wedges will give you a 12 shot yardage system.

The below box is an example of the wedges and the 3 yardages they fly with the controlled length swings.

Swing LengthPW50 degree54 degree58 degree
Hip High57 yards49 yards42 yards35 yards
Chest High97 yards81 yards64 yards51 yards
Shoulder High129 yards112 yards92 yards74 yards


If we look at the first distance (shortest distance) in each wedge, how I am controlling this is by swinging the hands to hip high in the backswing and to hip high in the forward swing, keeping the wrist’s very quiet. This gives you the first set of yardages with my wedges. You need to hit each wedge and measure out the distance with a range finder to be exact.

The second distance is by swinging the hands to chest high in the backswing and to chest high in the forward swing, again keeping the wrists quiet. This gives you the second yardages with all of your wedges.

The third distance is where you swing your hands to shoulder height in the backswing and to shoulder height in the forward swing again keeping the wrists quiet. This will give you your third set of yardages with all of your wedges.

Once you have this in place make a note of your yardages and keeping referring to them when out playing on the course as this will certainly help improve this specific area of your game.


Mark Wood

Golf Professional

Greens News

As I write the Club Championships is underway and hopefully all participants enjoyed the course presentation. Our staff make a particular effort to get the course to peak condition and some members might wonder if this is achievable all summer. Simplistically the grass couldn’t cope with that level of attention. In the week leading up to the weekend all fairways; greens and tees are double diagonally cut every day to achieve the sharp definition and patterns achieved. Long term the grass needs opportunity to recover plus our fuel bill shoots up!

Double cut greens and fairways

The rough has exploded into life with the potential for wrecking a good card! The Greens Committee will consider in the next few weeks if action should be taken to keep play moving. It’s probably as a result of the odd rainfall patterns we have been getting, the crops in the field also suddenly doubled in size. Whilst we had no rainfall in April we had 103mm in May and have already achieved 106mm in June which is the highest monthly amount this year.

However we have still used 75% of our borehole quota which feels about right for the time of year. We have got some fungal rings on the Greens which is partly caused by the higher PH of 8 of the bore hole water compared to rain water which is between 5 and 6. But it’s also caused by surface humidity following heavy rain onto a sun heated surface.

Path topped up on 7th white tee

If you look down the right hand side of the 3rd fairway at the tops of the trees you can again see some unhealthy looking Ash, also the beech on the right hand side of the 12th will be monitored as they seem to be leaving a lot of debris. Any unhealthy trees will be tagged to then be revisited in the winter. On the up side the newly planted saplings are all doing well.

We have an alarming amount of chafer beetle activity so hoping the pheromone traps will catch as many as possible before they lay their eggs. At the start of the month a band of volunteers was fitting a large tarpaulin late at night to draw leatherjackets to the surface for removal by our staff first thing in the morning. Kilo’s of the little blighters were removed but that has now stopped for the time being. Whilst the Rooks aren’t lifting turf on an industrial scale at the moment we fear the problem is still there. Unfortunately the trial of a new product on the 18th fairway to deal with leatherjackets appeared to have little impact.

The bunkers are being raked every morning including weekends, the amount of visible footprints in the afternoon is quite disappointing but we can only appeal to members to leave the bunker as you would like to find it. When England Golf allow rakes to be shared of course they will be put back.

The Greens Committee have partially agreed the winter development projects. We were unanimous though on improving the 5th white tee and Mancom have agreed with our approaching the Estate to see if we can lease a little more land to the righthand side so that we could have a larger surface area. We wouldn’t make the hole longer but need to have more options for spreading the wear on the tee.

It’s good to see the range being extensively used and we are considering cutting more of it shorter to facilitate the ball collection process. If you have not been on the Academy Course for a while do give it a go as we feel it’s coming on nicely and could help your short game.

Bob Moore

Chair, Greens Committee

Bob looking for his lost ball at 0535 on 17th…

A Look at the Rules


Yes with a two shot penalty. – Once the player has lifted under rule 16.1b, the player must continue under that rule or replace it with a one penalty shot for moving his ball under rule 9.4b. However, the player may proceed directly under a different rule such as 19.2 unplayable ball, but gets a further one shot penalty. See Interpretation 9.4b/6

If you would like to find out more about the rules, there is a wonderful rules section on the R&A website  where you can also find these exceptions. Just download the R&A app (Rules of Golf) from the app store. 

100 Club

100 Club 

The winners of the 100 Club prize draw for July 2021 were:

£100    Jane Hendry

£50      David Sault

£32      Mark Tiplady

£32      Richard Calton

£32      Charles Kydd

£32      Elizabeth Hesse

I’m pleased to report that our Club Captain has been lucky in the draw but congratulations go to all our winners this month.  Next month’s draw will take place during week beginning 19 July.

100 Club Summer Stableford  –  Friday 23 July

After much deliberation, and despite the uncertainty over restrictions, the 100 Club Summer Stableford Competition will take place as planned on Friday 23 July.

The competition will be much as usual but this year there will be no formal meal in the evening.  There will instead be an informal evening in the bar (and hopefully outside on the patio) with food available for those who would like it, so it’s hoped that 100 Club members will come along and enjoy a chat with other 100 Club members.  This may be our first chance to fully ‘gather’ if restrictions are lifted that week!

The competition is a mixed stableford and is only open to those who belong to the 100 Club. There is no entry fee, and since this is primarily a social event, the competition will not qualify for handicap purposes.  Please arrange your own playing groups and tee times but also ensure your round is finished by 7.00pm and scores entered in the computer so that the competition can be closed.

You should sign in on the Club V1 app on the day and will receive a free ball for taking part.  There are prizes for the top three scores and the winner will also receive the 100 Club Salver to hold for a year.

Although there is no formal meal to come back for all members, whether they have played or not, are invited to come along to the bar at any time from 6.00pm.  Our new caterer Stephen has agreed to put on a limited choice of food – fish and chips, scampi and chips or a selection of pies at a price of £9.50, for anyone who would like to have a meal.  In order to help him plan for the evening it would be appreciated if you could sign up on the sheet in the entrance hall.

If you need a playing partner and aren’t sure of who is in the 100 Club then please contact Pat Wallis by phone 01420 564417 or email

Please check the poster in the entrance hall for further details.


Pat Wallis

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