Fore Info July 2020

Management Corner

Head Professional – Recruitment

Captains and the Management Committee, together with the Club Secretary, met with three final candidates for the position of Head Professional at Alresford, who were then interviewed by a Sub-Group who have been responsible for the recruitment process.

All three candidates are excellent PGA Professionals with impressive backgrounds and knowledge of the game. The Sub-Group will meet again shortly to consider the next steps in appointing a new Head Professional to start at the Club on November 1st.

Covid Affected Golf

Recently; the Club enabled tee bookings on consecutive days for members as patterns of play showed capacity to do so. We can now see that there is regular capacity in the afternoons on all days of the week, therefore the Club can start to accept guests introduced by members. This will be restricted to the less-busy times of the day, as proven in the tee booking data, and each member will only be able to bring one pre-booked guest and pay in the Pro shop as usual. Again; this is the start of enabling members to bring a guest to initially test capacity and then review impact.

Bar and Catering Facilities

The bar area will re-open on 4th July on a trial basis. This will be a test to see whether it is possible to run the bar and comply with the guidelines for social distancing. We all have to be totally respectful of the well-being of our staff, who may be serving a hundred people each day. There will be explicit rules for use of the bar, which can only be used AFTER you have played your pre-booked round of golf. The bar is not open for casual use and is not available to you before your round of golf.

Bar staff will have a copy of the starters’ tee sheet, and it is only those people on the tee sheet that will be permitted to use the bar for a limited amount of time.

This is an initial, first step in re-opening the facilities. In the same manner that the Club re-introduced use of the course; there will be number of well-managed steps to take. We ask that all members understand the

need for small, manageable steps in the gradual re-opening of bar and catering facilities.


The Club is indebted to Ray Panter, Chair of Finance, for his forensic management of our finances as a result of Covid-19 and during the period that the Club has furloughed staff. Ray presented a forecast to the Management Committee for the rest of the financial year through to end of September 2020. Ray’s actions on costs, coupled with David’s work with suppliers and the local council, helped to arrest any unnecessary spending. To make up for some of our lost income from green fees and golf societies; the Club recruited 93 new members since March this year, taking us back to healthy member numbers not seen since the 2012 as there was a gradual decline through to 2018.

Despite having lost £135,000 of budgeted income this year, as a result of Covid-19, Ray has been able to forecast a near ‘break-even’ year; which is a remarkable outcome for the Club. I hope that this will give all members confidence in the Club’s excellent financial health and competency of the Management Committee as a whole in bringing agile decisions to safeguard and improve our wonderful golf club.


We continue to be blessed with a very large number of volunteer starters who are managing golfers at the first tee for nearly 12 hours every day, seven days each week. How lucky we are to have so many committed members motivated to help the rest of us play some golf? Without the volunteer starters we would have great difficulty in keeping the course open. If you have a few hours; do volunteer yourself by contacting the Club Secretary, or even swap one of your intended golfing sessions to join the amazing rank of volunteers. My thanks and respect go out to all volunteers helping the rest of us to get some golf in.

Enjoy the course, and ‘play nicely’ in the bar when it opens, so that we can expand facilities when possible.

Robert White

Chairman of the Management Committee

From the Club Captain

A month on, we are still playing and have moved on from just friendly golf.  Several Medals & Stablefords have been run albeit with an amended signing in and score entry system.  From all accounts, while many have found the ‘entry and exit’ experience simple and straightforward, some have found it a challenge.  No doubt it will become second nature under our new ‘normal’.

Golf has patently not been too much of a struggle for some this past month as I am aware of several Holes in One.  Congratulations to Bob Moore (16th), Barry Young (10th), Nigel Pascoe (6th) and Nick Duncan (also 6th).  If I’ve missed anyone else off this roll of honour please let me know via the club office.

CAPCOM met in early June and agreed that club matches, summer

Knockouts, Invitations and our remaining Open events are cancelled for the year.  However, Covid 19 permitting, we are hoping to run the Club Championship over the weekend of 5/6 September.  We also hope we can run both the Vets and the Junior Championships in August.  Equally we hope we will be able to hold the Club Pro-Am in September and the Ladies Pro-Am in October.  Watch this space!

Due to the times we are in, meeting new members and new members meeting the rest of us is not easy.  The ladies are having a ‘bonding’ session early this month.  For the rest of the club I am hoping that later this month, or early August, we will be able to run a couple of sessions, weekend and weekday, for our new(er) members to meet and play golf with other club members.  Again watch this space!   

No cartoons or video this month – my sister has failed me, but maybe this means Canada is returning to its normal! 

Continue to keep safe!

Mary Rook

Ladies Section

I was so amused to hear two Ladies greeting each other on the first tee with   “So how was your lockdown”? … a sign of these times as is the Michael McIntyre video involving a clairvoyant with a crystal ball, if not seen yet, I highly recommend it!

We are fortunate in having over 20 new 7-day Ladies to swell our ranks & the Committee have been trying to play rounds with all of them. By the beginning of July we should have managed it. We also have 2 new Academy members, just taking up golf & taking advantage of these abnormal times to have lessons & enjoy a new sport. Without being able to enter the Clubhouse & with timed tees we are very reliant on emails for communication, however, we welcome you all & hope you’ll be happy & successful at AGC.

There have been some spectacular results for the June Medals & Stablefords.

Congratulations to all & especially to Ann Gunn for consistently winning &

reducing her handicap by 3 shots! and to Sarah Worthington on achieving 43 points in the recent Stableford.

Please note there are Competitions every Tues/Saturday in July. David Maskery has sent very comprehensive instructions as to how to proceed using HowDidiDo. Simple!

Praise must go to Gill Freemantle who has taken on the role of organising our Tee bookings on top of her handicap & competition duties. Thanks Gill.

Before we were able to play Qualifying competitions, I held a couple of unofficial Stablefords again with some spectacular scores recorded:

Rox Dhand 39

Elaine Sutherland 38

Jane MaCrae 37

Sandra Hooker 40 (Birthday Girl !)

Liz Thorne 39

Gill Fremantle 38

They will receive prizes in due course “When we meet again”

Mal H-M 

Match Committee Report

Mobile Sign-in & Score Entry

Apart from Sunday 14th June and to a lesser extent Tuesday 16th, the Mobile Sign-in and Score Entry features have been working reasonably well, and we’re pleased that so many of you have adapted to this new system. The problems we experienced were the result of something going wrong with the back-end processing in the Club Systems cloud on which the Mobile Sign-in and Score Entry is dependent and affected clubs all across the country.

Club Systems have announced that future enhancements, which will be available within the next few weeks, will allow marker score input with auto-conformation, and Supplementary Scores. We will let you know when these additional functions are available.


The current advice from England Golf is that scorecards should not be exchanged between player and marker and vice-versa which is why you’re not required to have your card signed by your marker. However, the Match & Handicap Committee are still checking that your scorecard is completed correctly apart from the marker’s signature. As we can’t handle the cards for at least 24 hours, there can be a bit of a delay before the competition is closed and the results published to HowDidiDo.

Just so everyone is aware of what we expect on the scorecard during the period of the COVID-19 restrictions …

  • Name of the Competition
  • Player’s Name (printed please)
  • Handicap (DQ if missing, or too high)
  • Date
  • Marker’s Name (printed please)
  • Players signature (DQ if missing)
  • Gross Scores of Player and the player’s Marker

Handicap Changes

A question I’ve been asked recently is “I played really well in the last competition, but the result isn’t out yet, what handicap should I play off and put on my card?”  In order avoid a possible disqualification for playing off too high a handicap, the player must make a reduction to his/her playing handicap using the CSS if known, otherwise the SSS to calculate the reduction. If you don’t know your exact handicap the reduction should be made from your playing handicap less 0.5. Alternatively, you can find out your exact handicap using the ClubV1 Members App.

Unfortunately, you might say, this doesn’t work the other way round. You are not allowed to self-adjust your handicap upwards. If your handicap is likely to go up, you must wait until the results are published before playing with a higher handicap.

Course Etiquette

As currently there are no visitors or Golf Societies, the only players who are not repairing pitch marks on the greens must be members. If you want to play on well maintained, smooth greens then you have to do your bit and repair any pitch marks you see on the greens – even professionals repair their own pitch marks. If you’ve just flighted a ball onto the green, go looking for the pitch mark!

In a similar vein, the players who are making no attempt to smooth out their footprints in bunkers are members. As there are currently no rakes in the bunkers it would be a courtesy to other players, if as you exit from the bunker, to smooth the sand over where you have been with your club or your foot.

George Clelland

A Look at the Rules


A ball when lifted under the rules may always be cleaned

… … … … with four exceptions.


Can you state the four exceptions?

Vets Section

Still not a lot to report I’m sorry to say. With all Vets inter-club matches cancelled and the usual Vets competitions and Roll-Ups on hold, at least for now, there is a distinct lack of golfing-related material around.

However, we are back playing regular Club Qualifying Competitions and it is gratifying to see many Vets participating in these. So I’m delighted to record the success of David Forrest in coming first in Division 2 of June’s Men’s Mid-week Stableford with 38 points, and of Brian Wright in winning June’s Over 60’s Medal Competition with a very impressive net 62. Well done to both!

I feel sure you will agree that the course looks fantastic at the moment and continues to play superbly well. It definitely benefitted from the spell of rain we had mid-month. Every month I seem to offer thanks to our greens staff for the terrific job they do week in, week out. This month is no exception. So thanks again to Simon and all the Team!

A bit of a moan though, aimed at the members. I played recently and was disappointed by the state in which a number of bunkers had been left. Shoe prints all over.

I urge all members to take greater responsibility during these “no rake” times for ensuring that the bunkers are left in a reasonable condition after they have been played out of.

Well, that’s about it for this month. I very much look forward to the bar and kitchen being allowed to re-open shortly … … and to having a thirst-quenching pint after a round in the summer sunshine!

Ed Tinley

…from the Secretary


A huge welcome to all the following new members who have joined us in May and June.

Gary Oswald, Brian Shand, David Mitchell, Mark Langley, Penny Lamonby, Maggie Jones, Gordon Dennis, Anthony Briggs, Jon Ryan, Tony Hastings, Tom Floyd, Kristian Govia, Jackie Sanger, Chris Fuller, Liz Clarkson, Barry Scott, Sarah Scott, Sigrun Hill, Douglas Threatt, Peter Bailey, Anne Lain, Andy Buckle, David Sinclair, Lesley Morffew, Barbara Hadfield, Jenny Fothergill, Lee Rennison, Aimee Fisher, Peter Davidson, Richard Earl, Tracey Earl, David Adams, Clare Adams.

James Forrest and Brendan Baird (Intermediate), Michael Kearns (Student), Nicholas Scarr, Jane Rowley and Margaret Welling (Academy).

Thank you.

We look forward to seeing you all participating in all the golfing events and opportunities we have at the club – whenever they are able to resume and, above all, we hope you will all enjoy your time with us for many years to come.

As existing members, it is now incumbent upon us all to make that extra effort to welcome our new members and make them feel part of the club as quickly as possible. So, please ‘sign up’ to partner with people you may not be familiar with and similarly welcome any ‘newbies’ who may ‘sign up’ with you. If any member is willing to pair up with a new member(s) for a game – please let me know and I will facilitate.

Self Protection

Please note that the water fountains are currently ‘not in use’ due to the COVID19 guidelines.

It is therefore essential that you take your own water or drinks on to the course, especially during periods of hot weather. Take regular sips on every tee – if you wait until you become thirsty its too late and you may already be becoming dehydrated. Stay hydrated when on the course – take water with you

Remember, choose a SPF 30+ sunscreen, you can still burn when its cloudy. Don’t forget to add sunscreen to you non-gloved hand. Protect your ears. Tell others if you see them burning. Seek shade, or use a brolley to keep out of the sun.


Course Protection

Please let us all look after our course – Repair your ball marks (and any others you see) on the greens. If you are unclear how to repair marks properly, read and watch this youtube video.–5-things-every-golfer-should-know-.html


Bar and Catering Resumption


Bar and catering services will be resuming shortly – look out for the Member’s Update which will give details on when and how we will be able to serve you. Once again, we will be reliant upon your assistance in following the protocols. These may well be different to your local pub or restaurant, but will have been put in place to suit our location and staffing operations. Please bear with us…

Safety First !

We have been back on the golf course for 7 weeks now and since re-opening we have seen nearly 500 members play 5903 rounds of golf played (up to 25/06/20). 

Thank you to all members for your compliance and patience with the ever-changing guidelines and protocols. These are carefully considered and are there to ensure that we comply with the latest Government and governing body guidelines for a safe return to golf. Our aim is to demonstrate that we are trying our best to keep you and all our staff safe.

As things begin to open up a little more, members are reminded that these protocols are NOT optional and are applicable to all members. We review these regularly and Members will be notified via email of any changes to the booking protocol and clubhouse use.

If any member is part of the ‘shielding group’ or prefers to play on their own – please contact the office or tee-sheet helper who can make the booking for you and prevent others from joining you.

Tee-Sheet Helpers are;

Secretary (Office hours) 01962 733746

Richard Calton 07770 486965

Gill Freemantle 07798 805983

Have you downloaded the Club V1 App onto your smartphone?

To download the app please visit the App Store (Apple) or Play Store (Android) and search for ClubV1 Members Hub. The app is completely free. If you wish to download the Club app to your laptop or home computer use the web link below, creating a HDIDO registration as above and saving onto your desktop.

One of the key benefits of the app is that it will provide a secure access to members contact information. However, members must edit / confirm their details and privacy settings to enable other members to be able to access their contact details.

Within the Members area you will also be able to view:

  • Course Status
  • Live Competition Leaderboard
  • Club News
  • Competition Results
  • Bar Balance and Receipts
  • Members List
  • Edit your personal details and privacy settings (You must ‘opt in’ for other members to be able to view your contact details)
  • Club Diary

Please inform the club if you wish your name to be not visible to other members.

We fully expect changes and guidelines to playing access. It is therefore important that members are able to keep up to date with course availability and any notifications. The App is an easy way for us to send out information. 

David Maskery

FACEBOOK – check out our Facebook page

Make sure you ‘like’ our Facebook page and you will link to it and get the regular pictures and updates on what’s happening ! Share with your friends to help us boost our online and social media profiles


Follow us at

Green News

At last we have had some rain! This is really going to help bring back some colour and definition around the Course.

The attached picture shows the 13th Tees being watered. The irrigation system is programmed each night depending on readings taken during the day and the forecast.

The new Academy hole 1a is taking shape for the approach and green.

Some way to go yet for the Tee and Fairway!

We had a Greens Meeting recently via Zoom with the Minutes being in the Members Section of the Club Website.

As currently only Members can play we have two specific “moans” for you:

  • Firstly the approaches to the Greens are an integral part of the course as is the grass between the Green and a Greenside Bunker. We have the grass at its summer height so WHY OH WHY are Members still taking their trolleys through these area’s?
  • Secondly why are Members not taking their own rubbish home with them? Somebody completely emptied their golf bag of all rubbish in the Range the other day! Nice.

The Greens Committee was also exasperated at the lack of effort made by Members on ‘exiting’ a bunker, therefore proposed to Mancom that all Members MUST carry a rake. This was endorsed so you have until 14th July to be suitably equipped. Other Clubs have implemented similar policies as we have no indications on the horizon of being able to put back the normal rakes. Amazon and E-Bay have stocks and children’s rakes also work very well.

We have not caught any chafer beetles yet! The traps will stay in place for a little while before being removed.  Our staff have been doing very well with not needing to apply fungicide. This is achieved by using alternative treatments with a fairly significant financial saving also being achieved. HOWEVER, we now have had some anthracnose showing its ugly head on 12; 13; 15 & 16. This is a summer disease which thrives on dry weather with constant warmth which we have had through May and June. It’s just about to be treated with fungicide and then feed to try to grow out the problem!

The Greens are down to the summer height of 3.5mm and the target green speeds are regularly being hit. Do read our website for more information about green speeds.

Now all the trees are fully in leaf we can more clearly see the extent of Ash Dieback.

As you look at the top of the tree you can clearly see bare spikey branches lacking in leaves.

Look on the right hand side of the 7th fairway; at the back of the 12th tee and at the end of the copse between the 15th tee and 14th green.

The trees are being tagged and recorded and, so far, can all be dealt with by our staff in Winter. Generally speaking other trees are close by so should thrive and fill in the gaps.

The new bunkers on the 4th and 13th are “on trial” as they are of a different construction to others, which means they should last much longer. Whereas the 5th fairway bunker is more traditional and will therefore only last around 5 years before the membrane in the floor needs replacing.

The trial ones look very pretty, but we are in the process of rethinking them in terms of depth, especially for access by golfers who might be a little bit wobbly on their pins!

So, for Greenside bunkers, it’s an ongoing exercise, but the picture of the 13th greenside bunker back in 2003 reveals how far we have progressed already.

Numerous attempts have been made to germinate grass, particularly where stumps were ground out in the Winter. Where they are very much “in play”, they will be marked as GUR with white paint. This is to help them recover, not make your shot easier!

If you remember we cut the grass lower in the swale on the right hand side of the 16th green. This was slightly more work, plus then became more vulnerable to damage and certainly needed more water.

Disappointingly, as we received zero feedback from Members that was either positive or negative, the grass height will revert to the same as the other swales.



Bob Moore
Chair of Greens Committee

A Look at the Rules


1. To see if the ball is damaged (cut or cracked).                                Rule 4.2c
2. To Identify it. (Can be cleaned only as needed to identify it.)         Rule 7.3
3. Because it interferes with play.                                                       Rule 15.3b
4. To see if it lies in a condition where relief is allowed.                    Rule 16.4

100 Club

The winners of the 100 Club prize draw for July were:

£100 Mary Rook

£50 David Nightingale

£32 David Robertson

£32 Chris Thompson

£32 Patricia Frearson

£32 Ken Richmond

 Congratulations to our winners this month – the first drawn without being done remotely.  It’s good to see the Office open again and of course the Pro Shop.

100 Club Snippets

A 100 Club Snippet for this month – with thanks to memories from Robin Good.

The 100 Club was set up in 1987 to raise funds towards the cost of

celebrating the Golf Club Centenary during the year 1990.  One of our members involved in setting up and running the 100 Club from the very beginning was Robin Good. Over time he became a Trustee overseeing what items the fund purchased right through until recently in October 2018 when he stood down along with fellow long-serving Trustee David Farr – so over 30 years involvement with the 100 Club.  A remarkable achievement.  

Robin also played a part in the centenary celebrations as a member of the Centenary Committee. Having joined Alresford Golf Club in 1976 he served as Club Captain in 1983.

The Ladies’ Captain in the year of the Centenary was Robin’s wife Jennifer who is still a regular visitor in the Clubhouse on Tuesdays even though we no longer see her on the course.

If anyone is interested in knowing a little about the origins of the 100 Club then check out this section in the June 2019 FORE Info on the members section of the club website.  Alternatively contact me – details below.

Pat Wallis – 01420 564417 or

Pat Wallis


Men’s & Mixed Competitions
13th June - Men’s Stableford
Division 1
1stScot Johnson39 points
2ndGraham Marshallsay38
3rdPaul Wager 37
4thKevin Lane37
Division 2
1stGeorge Peaston42 points
2ndDan Pulling40
3rdTaz Taylor36
4thMark Pyne35
14th June - Mixed Stableford
Division 1
1stDave Fox40 points
2ndWill Pakenham-Walsh37
3rdTim O’Connor37
Division 2
1stLiz Thorne40 points
2ndAndrew Thorne40
3rdSally Reid39
17th June - Mid-Week Stableford
Division 1
1stNeil Gandy39 points
2ndKevin Lane 38
3rdBrian Overton38
4thTorquil Jack38
Division 2
1stStuart Binfield45
2ndAndrew Axton42
3rdOscar Vaughan41
4thLee Feast41
20th June – Mixed Medal
Division 1
1stKevin Lane66 nett
2ndSteve Drake66
3rdMick Grant67
4thDave Seager67
Division 2
1stKathryn McLaughlin65 nett
2ndDi Peisley69
3rdDavid Nightingale69
4thRichard Tompkins69
21st June – Men’s Medal
1stMark Simpson64 nett
2ndSimon Wills65
3rdMark Langley67
4thStuart Smith68
22nd June – Over 60’s Medal
1stBrian Wright62 nett
2ndAndy Morffew62
3rdCharlie McLaughlin64
4thPete Dowse65
27th June – Men’s Stableford
Division 1
1stRichard White41 points
2ndSimon Wills41
3rdJim White39
4thIan Jones38
Division 2
1stDavid Forrest38 points
2ndRichard Tompkins37
3rdDavid Buckland37
4thPeter Morgan36
28th June – Mixed Stableford
Division 1
1stJosh Evans43 points
2ndSarah Farthing40
3rdRobert Gwilliam40
4thMatthew Ball39
Division 2
1stHennie Muller41 points
2ndMark Pyne40
3rdRosie Rooney38
4thAndy Sibbald38
Ladies’ Results
13th June Stableford (one day only)
Div 1Jan Harring38 pts
Div 2Di Peisley37 pts
Div 3Ann Gunn33 pts
16th & 21st June Medal
Div 1Sarah Stainesnett 69
Div 2Liz Hessenett 68
Div 3Ann Gunnnett 65
23rd & 27th June Stableford
Div 1Rox Dhand36 pts
Div 2Mal Hope-Mason37 pts
Div 3Sarah Worthington43 pts

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