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Happy New Year


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Let me firstly wish all readers a very Happy New Year. As we all think about new years resolutions, take time to think how you can make it better for other AGC members this year. Replacing divots and repairing pitch marks makes the experience for golfers following you so much better. If you have not done so before consider giving back to the club by helping out. Everything from committee work to raking bunkers can help.

I have had a few comments that the Fore Info is very long and hard to find your way around for specific interests. So this month I inserted new jump links which jump you from the Content to a specific section. Return links after each section get you back to the Contents page. Let me know if it suits you. With such a varied set of articles from Social to Team Matches and from Pro to 100 Club, I hope there is something for everyone. Make reading Fore Info your new years resolution and find out more about YOUR club.

Lots to read about all sections this month. Also an interview with our new chair, Alan Farrell.

Let me know what topics you would like covered in future editions. Oh and let me know what you think…

Finally you can always access this Newsletter directly from the AGC website/About section. It is usually there from the 3rd of every month. So you don’t need to hunt David Maskery’s email each month!! No excuse for not reading it…

I take this opportunity to wish you a fun golfing 2024!. Enjoy the read.

David Marshall


Interview with Alan Farrell: who is our new chair?

At the recent AGM with the captain’s year coming to an end, there were a few new faces elected in leadership at AGC. The Captains and some Committee chairs have changed and over the coming months I will interview to find out more about them. This month I sat down with our new chairman, Alan Farrell to find out about his back story and his ideas for the role.

Editor: Alan, firstly congratulations on being elected as our new Chairman. I know you could not be at the AGM but you must be pleased?

Alan Farrell: I was extremely happy that the vote went my way but must thank Nick Duncan for putting his hat in the ring too.

Editor: Many of us would like to find out more about you. Tell us more.

Alan Farrell: I am married to Clare with 1 daughter Emma who is studying Music Performance and Production at Alton College. I took up golf and first started playing at Paultons Park in the mid 90’s whilst at University. Due to work and family commitments, I gave up golf for a few year’s starting again in 2011 at our local neighbour Avington Park and joined AGC in 2014. I am an avid cook, especially outside using the BBQ. I have a busy job as Chief Commercial & Operating Officer for an IT company but fortunately do much less travelling than I did earlier in my career. I live in Alresford so joining AGC was a natural choice.

Editor: I see you are a proficient golfer with 15 handicap. Have you been playing long?

Alan Farrell: I played for a number of years and got my handicap down to 7. I have struggled in recent years with lower back and pelvic issues but after fusion surgery last year I am hoping to get back down in 2024.

Editor: You are a busy working chairman now? What made you want to serve?

Alan Farrell: I have always wanted to give something back to the club. I have been on the House Committee serving as Chair, post the club house renovation led by Sue Masser. I took some advice from the past Chairs (for me it should not be gender specific) and decided to stand.

Editor: Every new chairman brings a new perspective and aspiration. What is yours?

Alan Farrell: The Club already has a 3-year plan with which we are already part way through and I see my primary role is to ensure we assess these goals and measure how far we have come in that time period and work with the Sub Committee’s to look forward to the next 3 years with what needs to actioned, ensuring that AGC remains a well-run members club. I act on behalf of all members and I am always open to ideas from members, either directly or through the relevant sub-committee.

Primarily my role is to ensure all the Club Committees and staff are well supported as well as providing clear direction and mentoring support and coaching when needed. Ensuring that we take the club forward for the membership.

Editor: what are the major challenges you see facing the club for the future and how will you approach them?

Alan Farrell: The R & A 2030 strategy to address climate change will affect all clubs. As a user of borehole water and limited mains water we must find new ways to manage our water usage to ensure sustainability of the club. David Maskery is using his excellent network of golf course managers alongside the newly appointed head of Planning and Development Committee David Fox to investigate options and we will hear more about this in 2024.

Editor: there have been some concerns about the catering offer. Are you worried?

Alan Farrell: Not at all, since Trevor Pearce led the excellent recruitment process to obtain the new franchise, since Ben and his team have been at the club, I feel they have worked hard and been very approachable to deliver a top class bar and catering service. With this being a new partnership, I was extremely impressed that Ben put out the survey to gauge members views earlier this year so that he and his team along with the club could assess the views of the membership and seek to adjust the offering as deemed appropriate. That feedback was taken on board and members will have seen changes in 2023 to the bar and catering offer throughout the weeks and more will be coming in 2024.

The retail catering sector has suffered through COVID and we are not the only ones experiencing the turbulence as staff shortages hit. We are no doubt in a better situation with Ben managing this through the The Kitchen@ business rather than us continually having to.

So personally, on behalf of AGC I would like to thank Ben and his excellent team for looking after the member’s, guests and visitors to AGC so well!

Editor: many clubs have waiting lists but at present we don’t. As we always lose about 8% members each year do you see membership as a challenge going forward?

Alan Farrell: you are right David, membership is key. The best way we can keep a full membership is by offering a first-class course, excellent clubhouse and attractive social club life. I think we do very well in all these areas. I joined AGC because of all of this and believe we remain a very competitive offer. Nevertheless, we are looking at ways to attract new members including the recently announced ‘winter membership’. This will have a positive pull and as we limit to weekdays/restricted times which will be far less of a drain on tee times than the past system.

Its early days so let’s speak again mid-year when I have more of a perspective of what we can achieve and my personal objectives.

Editor: thanks for the time today. I am sure all members would join me in wishing you a successful chairship…

How many members can honestly say they know what our 3-year Plan says? I must fess up that I didn’t. Go to the club website/members section and check it out.

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Message from the Chair

Well, it has certainly been a busy first few weeks as I start to find my feet as the new Chair of MANCOM. I’d like to express my thanks to Rob White and Mary Rook for spending time with me and providing the support to initial questions I had whilst settling into office.

The newly formed MANCOM met Mid December, so everyone had a chance to meet in an informal setting before we get down to the serious business at our first MANCOM meeting on 22nd January.

Having the opportunity to spend some more time in and around the club these past few weeks; I have been taken aback by how many members have taken the time to congratulate me and wish me well for the coming year; something I will work hard on behalf of the members to do.

Having played golf throughout December; me, my playing partners and guests have all been astounded to how well the course has faired given the weather challenges thrown at Simon Justice and his excellent team; the greens for this time of year being such fantastic surfaces. I know from other members this is a very positive talking point in the clubhouse.

Winter Membership 2024

You will have hopefully seen in the clubhouse and in the local press and social media that we are offering a Winter Membership program again for 2024 between January and March. This scheme was a great success when it was last run attracting many new permanent members at the end of the program. This time the Winter Membership is being run over a shorter period with also restrictions in place to avoid play at our current peak times; if you know of any friends who are struggling with conditions at their own course; point them in the direction of Jamie or David in the office who will delighted to talk to them!

Play from January 1st 2024

A reminder that no members should commence play from 1st January if they have not paid their fees. The first tee and course will be monitored at various times for the purpose of checking bag tags; If you are unable to show your bag tag you may be asked to provide proof that monies have been paid or asked to leave the course.

If you haven’t got your bag tag sticker yet, please ensure you pop into see Jamie or David in the office as soon as possible.

Please remember this is being done for everyone’s benefit to ensure only those who should be on the course are those that are playing.

Lastly, I would like to wish you all a fantastic 2024 ahead both on and off the golf course.

Alan Farrell

Chair of the Management Committee

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From the Club Captain

Hopefully you had and enjoyable Christmas and New Year with family and friends.

Winter golf at its best!  84 members and guests joined Gary Mugford and I for the annual Boxing Day Captain versus Vice Captain match, with the captain’s team won 12-11. Well done to John White who was 89 a few days ago made a brilliant score of 22 pts!  And thank you to the Social Committee for providing sausage rolls, mince pies and a nip of scotch back at the Clubhouse. A great start to our Captain’s Charity fundraising as well with £440 raised for Cardio Rehab.

It’s the time of year people start with New Year’s resolutions so I thought I would throw a couple in on behalf of the greenskeepers and your fellow members. I feel we can all rake bunkers including footprints, repair pitch marks, not damage the hole when flicking the ball out and be aware of people behind if you are losing ground and do our bit to make sure everyone has as an enjoyable time as possible.

What makes us stand out is the volunteering spirit we have at your club. This can range from getting involved with water projects, helping green staff in maintenance week, supporting/helping at social events or being on a committee. Without these people we would struggle to exists. If you would like to find out more on how you can help, and support please speak to the office or one of the captain’s and we can talk it through.

Our Charity for 2024 is Cardiac Rehab and a question I have been asked more than any other is where is the defibrillator?  Worth knowing in case needed could potentially make all the difference.

Moving on to golf, something I am really looking forward to is the popular Captains Trip to East Sussex National from Tuesday 7th May. This includes 3 night’s dinner, bed and breakfast and 3 rounds of golf (optional hotel facilities include: health club, spa and gym all on site) non golfer’s welcome. Currently have 85 people attending but still some places available if interested either individual, partner or group. Please contact Jamie in the office or me directly if you are interested.

Finally, our friendly matches are a wonderful opportunity to play with and meet other members and of course the chance to play other courses in the area. Handicaps have ranged from scratch to 24 so plenty of opportunity for anyone to get involved. We also have some midweek fixtures where 5-day members can add their names if they wish to play.

We also play is several competitive competitions locally and nationally- Scratch League (team of 5), County 7’s (singles knockout), Gales Hockley (9 over 50’s singles knockout), Kindred Cup (5 team foursomes team knockout) and Annodata (5 singles matches knockout)

Match Managers

Men’s Friendlies – Gary Mugford

Kindred Cup – Dave Seager

County 7s – Grant Thorne

Gales Hockley – Trevor Pearce

Scratch Matches – Grant Thorne

Annodata – Charlie Mclaughlin

Mixed Matches – Les and Liz Thorne

Team Golf- John, Jan and James White.

To access the fixture list go to:

 ClubV1> Club> Club Teams > Men’s Friendly Matches 2024> select Availability.

Enjoy your golf, give consideration to others and have some “fun”.

Richard Lane

Club Captain

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Ladies Section

I am writing this from a very sunny Spain!

As we are past the winter solstice we can look forward to longer days. December has proved to be very wet and windy, we are so lucky at Alresford not to have been closed, unlike some of our neighbouring courses.

Sadly the Turkey Trot was victim to the weather on the Saturday and not much better on the Tuesday but Lynne Cowser scored an amazing 38 points to win the Turkey, Sigi Hill winner of Div 2 and Jacqui Sanger winner of Div 3, well done everyone who played because it was not very pleasant.

The weather has played havoc with our matches, the Winter Triple to be played at Lee on Solent and the Hayling Trophy at Royal Winchester were both cancelled due to the exceptional weather conditions.

Being invited to the Vets Christmas Texas Scramble is definitely one of the perks of the “job”,  great company but sadly our team were not in the prizes.  Golf was followed by a very nice Christmas lunch. Thank you Ewan and Ed for your organization and congratulations John Coulson for the best Christmas jumper.

Attended the TV dinners quiz on Saturday 9th, what a great night and thanks to the social committee for their hard work in organizing such an event.

We played the second round of the Legg Bowl at Stoneham,  in very tough conditions and having to carry we didn’t manage a win,  thank you Jan and the team for your efforts.

80 ladies were due to play in the Christmas Texas Scramble and only 4 ladies were unable to carry, a great turn out on a miserable morning, with a further 5 ladies joining for lunch. We had a “who am I” quiz which managed to keep everyone guessing whilst we waited for our lovely Christmas lunch. I hope everyone enjoyed the first event of the season as much as I did and I would like to thank everyone for their support in the organization of the day.

The Christmas jumper roll up was on the 19th December and from an original 27 ladies signing up, only 3  managed 9 holes, again due the pouring rain. Some ladies came for coffee and lunch followed by Putts and Pies courtesy of Mandy and Mark. I hope this weather is not a sign of things to come for my year as your Captain!! We were away for Christmas and New Year and therefore unable to attend Richard and Gary’s Boxing Day Roll Up and New Year’s Eve Party I am sure everyone had a great time.

Just a little reminder we have our first Bridge Tea on Wednesday 7th February in aid of our Captain’s Charity Cardic Rehab, it is open to everyone having afternoon tea and playing bridge with your friends. If you wish to reserve a table please contact Jane Macrae or Tricia Palmer.

This only leaves me to wish everyone a Happy and Healthy 2024 and look forward to seeing you on the golf course!

Sandra Hooker

Hampshire Ladies Golf

The HLG AGM takes place at Royal Winchester GC on Friday, 12th January 2024.  All ladies are welcome;  please let Ann know if you want to attend so she can inform organisers of numbers.

After 17 years in the role, a new Finance Director will be voted in.  Congratulations to Judy Andrews from Corhampton (and formerly Botley Park) for outstanding service to the County.

Ann Younger

AGC Delegate, Hampshire Ladies Golf

Competitions and Handicap Committee Report

Turkey Trot

Congratulations to all those that took place in December’s Turkey Trots.  Vouchers supported by Evans Butchers, Alresford are available for collection from the Pro Shop for the winners.


Saturday (2nd Dec)

Place (19 entries)

1stJames Winslade39£36
2ndIan Jones38£24
3rdMichael Johnson36£12


Sunday (3rd Dec)

Place  (44 entries)

1stMark Simpson39£54
2ndMike Bryett38£42
3rd =Ray Chaffey37£24
3rd =Stuart Binfield37£24
3rd =Martin Cornforth37£24


Ladies Turkey Trot

Sat 2nd & Tue 5th

WinnerLynne Cowser38£48
Div 2Sigi Hill36£24
Div 3Jaqui Sanger31£24

Wrong Green

Now that we have temporary greens marked on the course, a reminder about wrong greens. A Wrong Green is any green on the course other than the putting green of the hole being played. This includes all marked temporary greens. You must take free relief if your ball comes to rest on a wrong green or the wrong green physically interferes with your stance – ie you must not stand on the wrong green to play your shot. The (free) relief area is 1 club length from the reference point.

Annual Review of Handicaps

The Competitions and Handicap Committee is required to annually review the Handicap Index of all players to determine whether their Handicap Index is reflective of their demonstrated ability, and their current scoring pattern is consistent with their expected scoring pattern.  A report is produced to help identify such players and those players were reviewed by the Committee at their meeting on Friday 15th December.  Any member who may have received an adjustment has been contacted by the Committee.

Winter Knockouts

The Mixed Winter Foursomes and Men’s Lombard 4BBB league matches have now concluded and the draw for the knockout stage will be posted shortly.  As a reminder each side has equal responsibility to arrange their matches and all matches must be played by the deadline.

Changes to World Handicap System

(effective 1st April 2024)

Course Rating – Par

Adjustment for the different between the Course Rating and Par of the course.

With the new Course Rating minus Par calculation ALL players from ALL sets of tees will need to get 36 points in a Stableford competition to play to handicap.  Currently Ladies only need 35 points to play to handicap which is why they receive an additional one stroke when playing a mixed competition.  New Course Handicap charts will be developed to incorporate the new calculation.

The ability for 4BBB competition scores acceptable to be acceptable for Handicapping (not most likely score)

If a team has a total pair score of 6 under par and one player has scored on a minimum of 9 holes, this player will have their score upscaled (calculation managed by software) to an 18 hole score and if that equates to 36 points or more this can be added to their handicap record as an acceptable score.

Expected Score

A more accurate (automated) calculation, which is unique to individual players based on their HI, to provide a prediction for holes not played.

Course Rating for Shorter Courses

The minimum yardage for acceptable course rating has been reduced by 50% to at least 1,500 yards over 18 holes or 750 yards for 9 holes.

Competitions over non standard number of holes

The facility for Competitions & Handicap Committees to introduce competitions over a shortened number of holes.

Un rounded Course Handicaps

Where computer precision is available (ie. competition software) Course Handicap with be unrounded.  Therefore rounding will happen at Playing Handicap stage.

Gill Freemantle

Chair Competitions & Handicap Committee, Handicap Secretary

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Mixed Matches

Happy New Year to Everyone,

We are delighted to share with you the list of mixed matches for the 2024 season.  If you have never played in one of these friendly matches before and would like to, please sign up on Club V1  (Menu/Club Teams/Mixed Friendly Matches 2024) or come and have a chat with us. If you are a single player we can find you a partner for the afternoon, couples we usually mix and match however, if you feel more comfortable playing with your own partner – we can do that, we want you to enjoy the day.

The following Mixed matches have been arranged for the 2024 season:

Tylney Park                        Away                     Sunday 21st April at 1:00pm

Petersfield                         Home                   Sunday 5th May at 12:00pm

Corhampton                      Home                   Friday 10th May at 2:30pm

Hockley                               Away                     Thursday 30th May at 1:00pm

Cowdray Park                    Home                   Monday 10th June at 12.00pm

Rowlands Castle              Home                   Sunday 14th July at 1.00pm

Bramley                             Away                     Friday 19th July at 1.00pm

Hayling                               Away                     Sunday 28th July at 12.30pm

North Hants                      Home                   Sunday 1st September at 1.00pm

RWGC                                 Away                     Friday 13th September at 2.00pm

Basingstoke                       Away                    Friday 27th September at 1.00pm

Please note that the times maybe subject to minor changes & the Hockley match is away – not home as per diary.

Best wishes for a great golfing 2024.

Liz and Les Thorne

A Look at the Rules


A player’s ball lies in the general area just outside an area marked as ground under repair (GUR). High grass growing within the GUR interferes with the player’s swing, but not with the lie of the ball, or with their stance. Is the player allowed to take free relief?


As we begin a new year, I would like to thank the green keeping team, Simon, Adam, Ben, Dom, Mark and Mick for their unstinting efforts. Looking back on 2023 I am sure you will all agree that the green keeping team have, weather & circumstances permitting, consistently presented the course to a high standard.

Having tidied up the leaves and the grass growing much more slowly the green keeping team have now turned their attention to significant to maintenance and improvement activities. The major work to repair, relay and extend the tenth tee is now complete and we expect it to be back in play for the beginning of the season. Between now and then the team will:


  • “pedestrian mow” the area once the roots are in
  •  top dress
  • overseed and add nutrition to ensure the new turf remains healthy.

The team have started the echelon of bunkers on the fourth hole. They have removed the turf from the new bunker sites. This turf was then used complete the filling of the old bunker on the right. So far, all materials used have been recycled back into the project, so no importation of materials has been needed so far. Next the team will shape the new bunkers and the surrounding area.

Some of the heavy rain challenges we face: despite this we remained open on most days, unlike other courses

Over the next three years, on the advice of the Sports Turf Research Institute, we will “Drill and fill” all greens to improve their health. This process involves drilling holes to a depth of 300 mm (12”) into the surface and then back filling each hole with a porous ceramic material coupled with kiln dried sand. The result is hundreds of drain holes which supports good for rooting and better greens in the long run. We will do the first six or so greens in good time for the beginning of the season.

In addition to the maintenance and improvement projects above the team continue with their day-to-day winter work.

  • Greens have been treated with a fungicide and they will continue to be treated monthly with an application of both nutrition and wetting agent, in the form of a penetrant to help draw water through the profile quicker.
  • Greens will have light aeration early in January.
  • Tee tops and they have sprayed the tees and aprons with both iron and seaweed, this has helped to colour them up and supports good health.
  • The team continue to cut fairways, aprons and green surrounds as necessary and conditions allow.
  • Most of the leaves are down now and they will continue to be collected.
  • General tidying including paths, the trimming of pop ups and bunker edges.
  • The sheep pen will graze their way around the course.

As it is the time for New Year resolutions can we all please do our best to support our greens team by repairing our pitch marks. This is a significant problem and will affect the standard of our green. If we do not address this, despite the best efforts of our greenkeepers, the standard of our greens will be adversely affected and the ball will not run true!

Finally, can I wish you and yours a Very happy New year!

Derek Myers

Chair Greens

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Juniors Section

Happy New Year everyone!
I hope you had a lovely Christmas and Santa brought you all your golfing goodies! A few things to mention; Mark Smith is join the coaching staff in 2024 and also the pro shop will be restarting junior coaching sessions for members and also non members in due course.
Also, we are going to try and get more juniors playing in some of the opens around the county. I’ll come back to you with dates as soon as possible.
Elaine Capp is very kindly working on adding a junior tab to our website which will be great when its up and running. Keep a look out!
Finally, do let Gareth and I know if there are any juniors which wish to be added to our group chats.
See you soon.

Rosie Rooney

Juniors Captain

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Vets Section

On Monday December the 4th we played South Winchester at home in the Winter League. The atrocious

weather of Sunday evening, which saw more than 30mm of rain registered in the Clubs rain

gauge, meant carry only. Unfortunately, our losing 2.5 to 1.5 has put a serious dent in our

overall chances of regaining the Winter League trophy.

The dent turned out to be a hammer blow as on Wednedsday 13th we also lost 3 and 1 away to Hockley. The heroics of the Graham Lumb and Bob Archer pairing were in vain as the rest of us all lost our matches.

The Vet’ Christmas Scramble saw a near record of 52 playing participants and more than 60

enjoying an excellent Christmas carvery lunch.

The competition was a Texas Scramble played over 9 holes, one group playing the front and

a second group playing the back 9. The competition was, for once in the last two

months played in fine weather, and finished off on a day of cloudless sunshine. In the Christmas spirit in which the game is played saw some interesting golfing outfits!

Winners playing the front 9 were Team 10; Graham Lumb, Steven Price, Paul Arber and

guest David Maskery. Winners playing the back 9 were Team 11; John Mucklow, Stuart Gaunt, Chris Stevens and Colin Verrall.

All received Pro shop vouchers. There were four additional prizes of a sleeve of balls for Nearest the Pin; on the 6th (Ed Tinley) and the 16th (No one !!!) and Nearest the Pin in 2 on the 9th (David Varrall) and on the 18th (guest Simon Justice)

Christmas gratuities were distributed to both the Bar & Catering and to the Greens Staff who have served us so well during the last 12 months and a contribution to the Captain’s Charity, Cardiac Rehab, was presented to Captain Richard Lane.

As is the tradition there is a special Captain’s Prize for the best dressed in a Christmas outfit at the lunch. Mandy Wood was invited to be our independent judge. Although big Bob Archer stood out like a giant Christmas tree in his vibrant Christmas suit, Mandy declared John Coulson the winner. He was also resplendent, and edged it in Mandy’s eyes, as he was judged to be the better dressed. He was wearing a collar and tie!

A Merry Christmas an a Happy new year to one and all.

Ewan McGregor 

Vets Captain

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General Manager’s Update

Welcome to those new members who have joined the club for the start of the year; Mark and Amanda Nicholls, John Alexander, Simon Gale and Paul Morgan (7 day), David Rowlands and Pamela Bundy (5 day), Connor and Jason Meadham (Intermediate). We hope that you will enjoy your time with us.


Fancy a game during the week? All members are welcome to come along to the informal ‘club roll-up’ on Wednesday mornings. There is a tee reservation between 11.00-12.00 – members wishing to take part should meet at the starters hut from approx. 10.45am for allocation of groups. As per the times highlighted for the Ladies and Vets Sections, we politely ask members to show courtesy to those who wish to play in this ‘roll up’ at this time. If you do not wish to play with this group please choose another time if possible. If there continues to be a limited use of this time , then the Captains Committee will review the tee allocation.


You should have received your annual subscription invoice via email. If you haven’t, please check your inbox or junk mail or contact the Office.

Payments can be made over the telephone with credit/debit card or even better via BACS transfer (details on the bill).

You may not play after 1st January if you do not intend to renew your membership.

We do offer an Advanced Payment Scheme for your 2025 subscriptions. You choose how much you wish to pay against your bill for 2025 and your account is credited. Speak to the Office if you would like a Standing Order form.

WINTER MEMBERSHIP 2024 (2 January 2024 – 31st March 2024)

£375 plus Affiliation Fees*

Do you know anybody who may be thinking of joining a club or looking to change clubs? Our Winter membership provides the perfect opportunity to trial our club and facilities before making the jump into full membership.

  • Play Weekdays – Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday (after 10.30am)
  • Play Weekends – Sundays only (after 11.30am)
  • Bookable tee times up to 10 days in advance
  • Initial joining fee waived (payable thereafter if joining the club at the end of the period)
  • Obtain an official WHS handicap (subject to normal terms and conditions)
  • Eligible to play in Pro-Shop and club stableford competitions and ‘roll up’s’
  • Full use of club’s practice facilities, driving range and PAR3 course
  • Bring guests (2 max.) to play on reduced members ‘guest rate’.
  • Utilise the clubhouse and catering with discount card for bar and food purchases
  • Attend club social functions

Strictly limited spaces.

Not applicable to existing AGC playing members.

Contact the Office for further information.


You will have noticed that the tee booking system now shows tee times after 12.03 (weekdays) and 14.00 (weekends). You cannot book into these tee times but they will show you any matches or golf societies that have reserved times so you do not have to refer to another calendar of events.


Following the trial suspension of the B&C Committee at the AGM, I will be operating a User Group Forum to collate feedback , suggestions etc. There will also be the opportunity to add individual comments on functions, events or casual visits  via a QR feedback form. Full details of this will be available shortly.

If you are interested in participating and contributing to the forums , please let me know.

Bad Parking

With limited parking spaces available , it is imperative that members and their guests park properly to ensure maximum use of the car par. There is mothing more frustrating than turning up for your tee time ( probably a little late – as we all have a tendanecy to do ) and then struggle to get a parking space because somebody has taken two spaces. Please be considerate.

Winter is here- Be Safe on the Golf Course

Rain/Mud/Frost/Ice = slippery golf course, especially grass banks, wooden sleepers and any untreated areas.






If roads are icy in the morning on your way to the club, it is fair to assume that the car park and the paths around the club will be icy too! We do our best to grit and salt these areas but please take care.

PLEASE HELP US – The new carpet should now be in place in the mens changing room – please CLEAN YOUR GOLF SHOES before entering the clubhouse whether you are accessing the changing rooms, office or bar from the patio or main entrance doors.

Similarly, the shoe cleaner can be used rather than just banging your golf shoes to remove grass and mud in the car park.

Wet weather golf attire should not be worn in any of the seated areas in the clubhouse – please change out of your waterproofs or wet golf wear.

Help us keep YOUR clubhouse clean and tidy

FACEBOOK – check out our Facebook page

Make sure you ‘like’ our Facebook page and you will link to it and get the regular pictures and updates on what’s happening ! Share with your friends to help us boost our online and social media profiles.


INSTAGRAM Follow our brand-new Official Instagram page.

Expect to see media content of our picturesque course, golfing competitions, fun social events, and lots more.

Make sure to follow @alresfordgolf and stay tuned for new post updates on our page.


David Maskery

General Manager

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As I write on 1 January, I am delighted to report a successful New Year’s Eve Disco Bonanza celebrated with good food and lots of chat, cheer and dazzling on the dance floor to Andy’s disco!

The inaugural and experimental Games Night also went extremely well (much to the relief of the organisers!) Creative blankety blank answers, perceptive Question of Sport observations and guesses of What Happened Next, peculiar balloon and streamlined paper aeronautical creations contributed to some exceptional scores, ultimately securing a surprise (to them!) victory by Freemantles, Mrs’ Hastings and Thorne who nominally “Haven’t got a clue”.  Lucky Five and the Birdie Bunch secured worthy prize winning 2nd and 3rd places!

So, for 2024 – we will be refreshing membership of the Committee – three new members already signed up and looking for a couple more.  Please let me know if you are interested in joining us.  The full committee will be published next month.  We are also VERY KEEN to find out what you would like to see on the social calendar –  please look out for suggestion boxes for ideas, or feel free to email me.

Dates already set for 2024 events will include popular favourites as well as new events to meet a range of tastes.  Already arranged for January include, on Friday 12 January, our Jolly January Quiz – teams of six, with members, their friends and family warmly invited along.  A great meal deal is on offer @£15 for two main meals and the bar will be open to fuel or fog the quick wit of the teams.  Burns Night,  promising its popular traditional format and delicious menu,  will be held on 27 January.  Sign up sheets for both events are on the notice board.

We look forward to your creative suggestions to help us to help you to enjoy your membership to the fullest extent!

Happy 2024 everyone!

Alicia Hardy

Chair Social


Calendar Block: Burns Supper 2024

Saturday 27th January 7.00pm for 7.30pm

Now the Christmas and New Year celebrations are over, it’s time to book for the first big event of 2024 … the Burns Supper. The list went up on Christmas Eve, and at the moment there are plenty of spaces. This is an evening which can be enjoyed by everyone.  There are many reasons for this … the uniquely Scottish experience of good company with whisky, haggis, neeps (mashed swede) and tatties, and a light-hearted appreciation of Scotland’s Bard, and of course, the skirl of the bagpipes. The sign-up list for the evening is on the Social notice-board. Please make sure you indicate your menu choices.

This year the principal speakers will be myself, George Clelland, proposing the Immortal Memory; David Marshall will be proposing the Toast tae the Lassies and will be hoping for a gracious reply the Ladies’ Captain, Sandra Hooker. As a bit of a change this year, the Address to the Haggis will be given by Vets’ Captain, Ewan McGregor

The cost of the evening will be £36 per person and includes the three-course meal with coffee and a glass of your favourite tipple for the toasts after the meal. Please make sure you make your payment to the Office before the event, and also please advise the kitchen of any particular dietary requirements well in advance. Members who have invited guests on their table are responsible for ensuring that their guests are paid for and any food allergies are notified to the kitchen as above.

Contact George Clelland for further information.

Dress: Black Tie

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Pro’s Corner

Happy New Year!

Mark, Mandy and the Pro Shop team expresses immense gratitude to all for your invaluable support this year.

Wishing you a healthy, happy and prosperous 2024!!

Exciting News for the New Year!

We are excited to have a few new things afoot in the Professional Shop so please keep your eyes peeled for a mammoth year!!


Mark Wood Golf Academy is delighted to announce the newest addition to its coaching team, Senior PGA Golf Professional – Mark Smith, who joins us at Alresford Golf Club. With an impressive 30 years in the golf industry, Mark’s commitment to coaching excellence is set to enhance players’ golf skills at all levels. He is keen to ensure that each golfer reaches their full potential and maximises their enjoyment of the game. We are keen to build on our coaching portfolio at Alresford, with the introduction of a new Junior and Academy Programme in 2024 we hope that many more people will take the opportunity to take up golf and where better than at Alresford Golf Club. The arrival of Mark is the first step to making sure this happens. For lesson enquiries please contact the Pro Shop on 01962 733746 opt 3. Mark Smith will be available to book on the online diary after the 5th January 2024.

Winter Sale Commences January 2nd 2024 in the Professional Shop. Here are just a few of the great offers for January- please do come in to see the full range of bargains!

10% off all Ladies and Gents Footjoy Clothing (Excluding team clothing)

 Callaway Chrome Soft Family Balls reduced from £48.99 to ONLY £29.99

 Massive reductions on Footjoy shoes (incl. Fuel, Tour Alpha, Traditions etc)

 All Motocaddy Club Series bags 50% off


Christmas Raffle Results

  1. Motocaddy Club Series BagMike Hooker
  2. Ping Waterproof JacketPaul Batty
  3. Titleist BrolleyBrian Overton
  4. Ping Thermal TopAlan Farrell
  5. Ping Mitts/Ping HatSarah Staines
  6. 2 Dozen Z Star Diamond BallsJohn Goddard
  7. JRB Lined JumperJane Andrews
  8. Titleist AVX Balls DzBrian Wright
  9. Alresford GC Crested BrolleyAlistair Gray
  10. Titleist Tour Speed Balls DzLen Lochrie
  11. Ping SnoodChris Hall
  12. Alresford GC Crested TowelAnnie Beale
  13. Alresford GC Crested MittsPatrick Ker
  14. Callaway Chrome soft TT Balls DzWendy Pidduck
  15. Alresford GC Crested Bobble hatNeil Pidduck
  16. Srixon Soft Feel Balls DzKeith Turner
  17. Alresford GC Crested capDennis Curling
  18. Alresford GC Crested Scorcard holderAlicia Hardy
  19. Glenmuir thermal socksRay Fisher
  20. Wilson Duo soft balls x 6Robert Doley
  21. Taylormade Tour speed balls x3David Thomas
  22. Titleist ProV1 Balls DzRichard Lane

Congratulations to the winners and thank you so much to all for supporting the Professional Shop

What’s On in January In the Pro Shop

  • 2nd January- January Sale Commences
  • 5th January- Mark Smith starts in Professional shop
  • Coming in February new Junior Sunday morning coaching sessions (More information to follow)

Discover the Secret to 30 Extra Yards on Your Golf Drives  

The secret to adding 30 Yards to your Golf Drives is right here in this video. If you are struggling with not hitting the golf ball with much distance right now then this secret will add yards to your drives too. Mark Wood Golf sees many amateur golfers struggling with this and it is so easy to correct. Here’s what you are going to learn: 1. A simple drill to get you feeling it too. 2. You can do this whilst at home. 3. Easy to follow drills that are going to add yards to your golf shots. This is a must watch video for any golfer who is serious about improving their distance. Click the link below to start the video.

Discover the Secret to 30 Extra Yards on Your Golf Drives (

Mark Wood and the Pro Shop Team

A Look at the Rules


Yes, See Definition of Abnormal Course Condition and Ground Under Repair along with Rule 16.1a Relief from abnormal course conditions.
Any defined ground under repair includes both all ground inside the edge of the defined area, and any grass, bush, tree or other growing or attached natural object rooted in the defined area, including any part of those objects that extends up above the ground outside the edge of the defined area.

Thanks to Brian Overton for all these Rules Q and A’s. If you have any rulings questions for Brian he will answer them here in future editions, just email the editor.

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Our winners for January 2024

£100  Chris Chapman

£50   Esme Goodacre

£35 Prizewinners

Laurie Clark

Richard Calton

Sandra Hooker

Drew Fielden

Carol Roe

A very Happy New Year to all 100 Club members and congratulations to our prizewinners in this first draw for 2024.  A great start to the new year for these lucky members.  Being in the priewinners list is a great way too for our new Ladies Captain to kick off her year.

If you’ve not checked out your new golf club diary then make a note for Friday 26 July which is the date for the 100 Club Summer Stableford and Evening Meal.

If you’re not already a member then why not kick off 2024 by joining the 100 Club – you may win a cash prize like those above. 

Join us for as little as £1 per month

Can I join and why should I?  What’s it all about?

Well, anyone who is a member of the golf club, either a playing or non-playing member, is eligible. You don’t have to pay £100, there isn’t a limit of 100 members or even 100 shares, you don’t even have to be 100 years old!

The original concept back in 1987 when the 100 Club was formed was probably aiming for 100 members to take up 100 shares.  However today we currently have 138 members and they have over 730 shares between them.  It works a little like a lottery.  The income from share ownership is re-distributed in two ways.  Some is given as winnings in the monthly prize draw and the rest is available to fund a contribution towards items or projects in the golf club that are not within normal budgets.  The Honours Boards are a good example of how the 100 Club can help the golf club.

Without financial assistance the golf club would not necessarily be able to do or replace these things so with help from the 100 Club we all benefit.  So for £1 per month, or more if you wish, you can help fund club ‘extras’ and at the same time maybe win a small cash prize as well.

For further information about the 100 Club or for an application form please give me a call or send me an email – Pat Wallis phone 01420 564417 or email  Or you can pick up a form from the Office.

Pat Wallis

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Editor: David Marshall


The Editorial Team take no responsibility for incorrect information received from Contributors.