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Saturday 2nd February

See Social Noticeboard for details and ‘sign up’ sheet

Management Corner

The first Management Committee meeting of the year took place earlier in January, and with a number of new members to the committee in place, under the chairmanship of Rob White, there was excellent consensus on two considerations: the need to start planning for clubhouse development, but also the absolute requirement to consult our membership every step of the way.

It is likely by now that members will have received an initial ‘ideas / blue sky thinking’ questionnaire, but despite this it is worth repeating a little of why this project needs to advance.

Like most Golf Clubs we have an ageing membership, across all playing categories.

To illustrate the point we have just 5% of members (men and ladies) who are currently less than 50 years old!  And just 1% in the 30 – 40 year group.

There is no guarantee that we will be able maintain membership at current levels without appealing to future membership, across all ages. In short older member resignations are likely to rise at a faster rate than newer members joining.

This is the very beginning of a planned programme of consultation with the membership, and there will be plenty of future opportunities for members to consider and comment further as our plans develop. Most importantly this is about the specifics of what members would like to see changed, NOT about changing the clubhouse for its own sake.

Exciting times ahead ….

From the Club Captain

The year started with the New Years Day roll up of course! Sue provides the details about this in her report below. The Tree Walk on 10th was well attended and gave members a chance to ask questions of the Greens staff and committee members, this was an excellent initiative in providing more transparency about the management of our course. The 4 presentations on the new Rules were attended by over 100 members and is another demonstration of the time and commitment that committee members are prepared to offer on your behalf, thanks to George Clelland and his team for arranging the sessions.

The Fun Pub Quiz was well supported on the 18th January with 60+ participants. My thanks go to Trevor & Sue Pearce for setting the questions and for the arrangements on the night. Look for details of another Fun Pub Quiz on 22nd February, David Maskery will be setting the questions and food will be available if ordered in advance. The draw tickets for the Charity Parking Space Raffle are now on sale in both the Pro Shop and the Bar. The draw will be held at the Quiz evening, the monies raised will be split with 75% going to the Captains’ Charity, the UK Sepsis Trust and 25% to the Clubhouse Improvement Fund.

The Burns Supper on the 26th, arranged by George Clelland (he’s been a busy boy this month!), saw a full dining room with members being entertained by Iain Laird on the bagpipes and all the theatre of the Address to the Haggis.

Various light hearted speeches followed with members and guests enjoying another fine meal prepared by Chris and Kelly. A full report can be found below.

Looking ahead there will be a Chinese New Year Buffet and Quiz on the 2nd February and you can reserve your place by signing up on the sheet in the club foyer.

The men’s matches commence on the 17th February when we will take on the County Team in a scratch competition. This is followed two weeks later by a match against the County Juniors.  Please come along to watch as you will see some very good golf.

A new feature this year will be WHO’S BALL IS THIS? If I find ball on the course and it has an identifying mark it will be published in Fore Info, the owner can collect it from the Secretary’s Office, if they wish to donate a few pennies to the Captain’s Charity bottle on the bar that would be appreciated but entirely voluntary. If you recognise the ball as belonging to one of your playing partners and they don’t fess up please email me and I may embarrass them! I have a number of “found” balls for future issues of Fore Info.

I am often asked how many rounds of golf I will be playing during my year as Captain, I have no idea but I thought that guessing the number could be a bit of fun, so you will find a sheet on the noticeboard in the Clubhouse where you can enter your guess. The person who is the closest to the final number will win a bottle of wine. It is FREE TO ENTER, the competition is open to all members, playing or non-playing – ONE CLUB, but you may enter only once. Each entry must be a unique number so no copying your mates! I will be keeping a record of all of the rounds I play (social or competitive except foresomes and singles matchplay), on any course during the year and they will all count towards the final total which will be announced at the AGM.

Other free to enter competitions will be announced in future issues of Fore Info.

Graham Marshallsay

Ladies Section

Happy New Year!

I know it’s a bit late but 2019 has happened since I last wrote.  The New Year was heralded in by an excellent New Years Eve Dinner and Disco at the club – thank you to all involved in making it a memorable night and a fantastically supported New Years Day Roll Up – with 53 people playing.  It seems strange to say we were victims of the weather but it was a beautiful mild day which brought everyone out and I can only apologise for the queues on the tee but I hope all those who played enjoyed themselves and there were some great scores from the winners Tony Hutt for the men and Linda Wager for the ladies.

I must say we have been extremely lucky with the weather through January with very few frosts and almost no rain.  The Maple Leaf ladies had a great home win against Dummer with most matches going to the 18th and one (mine gulp!) going to the 20th – well done everyone.

January has seen the new rules come into force and I think we have embraced at least some of them immediately – people can be seen putting with the pin still in the hole and playing ready golf – all of which we hope will bring about a speedier game ultimately. We had an excellent rules session from George Clelland with many ladies attending after the roll up on the 15th January.  I don’t know if George is going to run any more but it was well worthwhile and I would commend anyone to attend a session if possible.

We tried to play the second leg of the Winter Triple at Corhampton on the 21st however whilst it was clear in many places, the fog stubbornly refused to lift there even after a couple of hours so we will have to go back there in March and try again.  Four of us who should have been playing came back and played nine holes at Alresford – another reminder of how lucky we are to be members at Alresford.

Our Ladies handicap Committee will carry out its annual review on the 1st February after which any ladies with handicap changes will be notified as soon as possible.  I asked George Clelland to explain the 2020 handicapping changes to the ladies present at the Tuesday afternoon rules session.  From some point in 2020 you will be allocated a revised handicap based on the average of your eight best cards from your last twenty submitted in qualifying competitions and be warned – the data goes back seven years.   It is therefore in your interests to submit as many qualifying cards as possible this year so that your 2020 handicap is truly based on your playing ability.  It also means that one bad round may not mean you automatically go up 0.1!

By the time you read this I will have attended Burns Night and – as is apparently customary – given the response on behalf of the Lassies.  I’m sure it will be a great evening even with my speech!

Finally, if you haven’t already done so, do fill in the Friendly Matches form – the closing date for the March and April matches is the 1st February so be quick!   The Esme Norris knockout sheet is also up with a closing date of the 15th February and the Annodata Team sheet (maximum handicap 24) is on the Captains Board with a closing date of 28th February.

Best wishes


Match Committee Report

Winter Leagues

The last day for playing league matches for the Winter Leagues is Sunday 24th February. On Monday 25th the winners of each group together with the relevant runners up will be calculated and the draw for the knock-out sections will be posted on the notice boards. In addition, the draws will be published on the website. Please remember that both parties in the draw are equally responsible for arranging the match and make sure you take noteof the closing date for each round.

Summer Knock-outs

The entry sheets for all the Summer Knock-Outs are in the Pro’s Shop. The closing date for entry to the Wessex (Men’s singles), Ross Over 50’s(Men’s singles), Cooper (Men’s Foursomes),  Rotherham (Mixedfoursomes) and Company Cup (Mixed singles) competitions is Sunday 3rd March. The draw for all the competitions will be done on Monday 4th March in the Clubhouse.

Annual Review

The Annual Review of handicaps has been completed and those whose handicaps have been adjusted have all been notified. The main objective of the Annual Review is to try and ensure that a player’s handicap is a reasonable reflection of their current playing ability so that they can compete equitably with everyone else. The assessment of playing ability is primarily based on the player’s qualifying scores over the past year, but other factors such as performance in match-play and other events are also considered.

This year we have also been conscious of the new World Handicapping System to be introduced in 2020. When WHS is implemented all players will have their handicaps re-calculated by England Golf based on the average of their best 8 qualifying scores from their last 20.Thus it is important that your current handicap reflects your actual playing performance.

We will be monitoring members’ performance throughout the year, particularly those who a struggling to play to handicap.

Supplementary Scores

To be valid, a round for a Supplementary Score must be played over a qualifying course. So, if there are more than 2 temporary greens and/or the length of the course has been reduced by more than 100 yards, you cannot submit a Supplementary Score. While it’s fairly obvious when there are temporary greens in operation, it is difficult to gauge the adjusted length of the course when the tee markers are often being moved forward some distance and if 11th forward tee is in operation. To compensate for this situation, between now and the beginning of March, if, and only if, you are playing a round for a Supplementary Score, you should play off the distance plates for the course you are playing.

A reminder of the procedure for registering intent to submit a Supplementary Score. You must sign-in using the computer terminal in the Entrance Hall, and on completion of your round you should enter your score on the terminal. Failure to follow this procedure will result in your submitted score being null and void.


George Clelland

A Look at the Rules


When ground under repair is defined by a painted line on the ground, the line itself is in the ground under repair? True or False

ball on line

Vets Section

The Vets’ golfing calendar has been rather empty for the past couple of months but this will soon be about to change with a step-up in pace from the beginning of March and running through to early December. Two of our winter league matches remain to be played with us currently just clinging to second spot; but the games have been fun and mostly played in benign conditions. We have a busy schedule of 39 friendly matches starting in mid March with the first calling lists for volunteers being posted in mid February. These matches are open to ALL Vets with a competition handicap and who have paid their annual £10 Vets subscription(!); so please put your name down to play –they are not just for the select few.

Our season tees off with the Vets captain versus vice captain match (two tees) on 6 March and it would be great to see a really good turn-out – all Vets are eligible to play; watch out for the list going on the Vets’ notice board early in February and book early to avoid missing out. The mid-week Vets roll-ups continue throughout the year with a variety of team and individual events; when possible the latter are linked to club mid-week competitions, particularly stablefords, to enable us to keep current handicaps when the new system kicks-in next year; but team games will continue to feature predominantly.  Ed Tinley manages the roll-ups, but does rely on volunteers for the Bagman role – please put your name down on the roster if you are able to help; this also qualifies you to play in the Bagman Trophy later in the year.

The bane of every golfer’s life is slow play. The Club Captains’ Committee is currently reviewing how we can help improve the pace of play by following some simple common sense guidelines such as “ready golf”; linking these to the new rules of golf should enable all of us to play that little bit quicker. Revisions to the Alresford scorecard are being made to reflect some of these changes and should soon be available – worth reading them to ensure you are compliant.

If you know of others in the club who are 60+ but not members of the Vets Section please encourage them to join.

Finally some dates for your diary:

Wednesday 6 March         Vets Captain vs Vice Captain

Thursday 4 April                Vets and Ladies Breeze up

Thursday 8 August            Vets Invitation – invite a fellow senior golfer from another club to AGC


Happy golfing

Drew Fielden

…from the Secretary


Whilst temperatures have returned to a more balmy level, winter is still here and will no doubt disrupt our golf with rain, frost , fog , snow and ice on numerous occasions before the clocks return to summertime.

Please bear the following in mind when playing.

  • If it is frosty or icy, the chance is that the car park will be slippery too ! Take care when driving around the car park. SLOWLY PLEASE. We will endeavour to grit the main walking areas around the clubhouse and car park but can not guarantee that every surface will be slip free!
  • The fact that the course has not been officially closed does not warrant that it is entirely fit for play.
  • Players have a duty of care not to behave in a manner that may be dangerous or cause harm to other players. DO NOT tee off the 1st tee until you have heard the bell or if you arrive on the tee and can not see a group ahead of you – wait a couple of minutes before teeing off JUST IN CASE …
  • They also have a duty of care not to injure themselves by paying particular care and attention to the conditions.
  • Please take extra care with regards to slipping on the wet, muddy or frozen ground – golf shoes will collect the mud and ice on the soles rendering your spikes useless.
  • Avoid walking up or down slopes and banks wherever possible especially if with a trolley – use the proper paths.
  • Do not walk across any slope or bank with your trolley, your golf shoes are not skis and you will not be able to traverse safely along a slope. Holding weight of the trolley will cause you to loose footing!
  • Please obey all course signage and avoid area’s roped off – there is a reason for this!
  • Wooden sleeper edges will stay slippery and so do not walk on them.

Playing in such conditions can be dangerous – Players do so at their own risk!

If the roads are icy in the morning on your way to the club – it is fair to assume that the car park and the paths around the club will be icy too! We do our best to grit and salt these areas but please take care.

Fancy a game in the week?

Fancy a game in the week? All members are welcome to come along to the ‘club roll-up’ on Wednesday mornings. The usual start time is 11am all year round but may change subject to any advanced tee reservations. Everyone welcome.


Wednesday 6th ~ 11.00am
Wednesday 13th ~ 11.00am
Wednesday 20th  ~ 11.00am
Wednesday 27th ~ 11.00am


Wednesday 6th   ~ 11.00am TBC (Vets Capt.v Vets V-Capt)
Wednesday 13th ~ 11.00am (mid-week stableford)
Wednesday 20th  ~ 11.00am


Over the Winter / Spring period the Clubhouse (and Bar) will close on Fridays as per the normal weekday times, unless there is an event or pre-booked function. Below is the current list of dates when the bar will be closed earlier.

Friday 15th February
Friday 1st March
Friday 8th March

Please check the club website and main noticeboard for changes to these dates.


Saturday 2nd February
Chinese New Year Buffet & Quiz
Sunday 10th February
Sunday Lunch Carvery
Friday 22nd February
Fun Pub Quiz
Saturday 2nd March
St David’s Day Dinner
Saturday 9th March
Club Quiz Night (Kit’s Quiz)
Sunday 17th March
St Patrick’s Day Lunch
Sunday 31st March
Mothering Sunday Lunch

Twitter follow the green staff and see what’s happening on and around the course. @GreenstaffAGC

Sheep on the course (2019 Rule update)

All members are reminded that entry into the sheep enclosure is NOT permitted.

Members with pace makers must stay away from the electric fence.

Any part of the general area of the course which is being used as a sheep enclosure is defined as an abnormal ground condition all of which is a no play zone. Rule 16.1f applies and free relief must be taken under Rule 16.1b. The nearest point of complete relief should be identified and a substitute ball must be dropped and come to rest in the relief area.

If it is known or virtually certain that a ball that has not been found is in the sheep enclosure, then Rule 16.1e applies. The player may take free relief under Rule 16.1b using the estimated point where the ball crossed the edge of the sheep enclosure as the spot of the ball for the purposes of finding the nearest point of compete relief.  If, however, it is not known or virtually certain that the ball came to rest in the sheep enclosure, the ball is lost and the player must take stroke-and-distance relief under Rule 18.2.

This local rule is not optional – all players must take note.

Special Member Referral Offer

Refer a new 5 or 7 day playing member* and receive an EXTRA  £50 credit on your bar card

Speak to the Secretary for more information.

* not applicable to Winter membership applicants


Despite our pleas there are still members who have not paid their subscriptions yet. You are not entitled to play until such time as we receive payment. Contrary to some popular belief  – January is not a free month on us !

If you intend not to rejoin – a telephone call or email to let us know is greatly appreciated. Simply to ignore your invoice and subsequent reminders just causes us extra work.

Looking for a way to ease the burden of subscription renewal each year ?

Why not join the ADVANCE SUBSCRIPTIONS SCHEME in 2019 ? Choose any amount to pay over 10 months towards your subscription bill in 2020. Build up a credit on your account which is offset against your renewal bill due 1st January 2020. Pay as much or as little as you wish. Speak to the Office for more details and to receive an ADVANCE SUBS mandate form


  • Drop from knee height NOT shoulder height
  • Spike marks and other shoe damage on the putting green can be repaired even if its on your putting line. Good to know: But this is not free licence to smooth out the entire line of putt, as natural imperfections are part of the game.
  • Ball accidentally moved on putting green = NO penalty and replace
  • A double hit is almost always accidental, and the outcome so random as to hardly be beneficial. So golfers are now spared the ignominy of adding a penalty for hitting a ball twice with one swing. It counts as only one stroke.
  • Time to search for a ‘lost’ ball is now only 3 minutes – unless you are going to run towards your wayward shot you might as well play a provisional ball straight away !


Or visit

SLOW PLAY? It’s not me, it’s everyone else!

Slow play. It’s the topic of conversation that just won’t go away. Tap in to the post-round chat in virtually any clubhouse, and someone, somewhere will be moaning about how long it’s just taken to play a round of golf. The irony is that in an era when most us of us are facing more time pressure than ever, a round of golf is taking longer than ever.

In a comprehensive survey last year from The Golf Club Secretary Newsletter, most of the ‘Top 10 reasons for slow play’ from a shortlist of 26 were deemed to be down to the player, and many of those factors have made it onto the playlist of videos (listed below) that have been produced to draw closer attention to the issue…


Read and view the Golf Monthly video

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Green News

As usual this report begins with a weather update!  Only a handful of frosts have been recorded.We have had very little rainfall over the past month and while this won’t help with water levels and impending restrictions, it has helped with lots of play.These mild conditions are perfect for fusarium and this shows on some greens.  The team are treating as necessary and plugging the greens most affected.  Notwithstanding this, with current aeration and nutrition programmes the greens are rolling as well as can be expected for this time of year.

Fairways and outfield areas are performing well, and the rook damage has subsided given the cooler conditions as the bugs burrow down to the warmer soils. Some fresh damage noted on some fairways.

Winter projects so far include the new 5th fairway bunker installed and turfed,

14th greenside bunker renovated, reshaped and turfed.

8th and 16th bunkers have had sand-splash faces removed, reconstructed and turfed.   The teeing area on the range has been enlarged and improved.  Course furniture (yardage posts and 150 posts) are being brought in for treatment or painting.

Tee tops are holding up well with regular divot filling and markers being moved daily.

Tree work has started in-house with some base pruning on the 1st and Academy and ivy removal on the 1st tee area and the 8th. As we are all aware over the coming month, considerable tree work will be undertaken on site.  Thanks to all the members who attended the ‘tree walk’ to take on the understanding of the programme of work.  The ‘Tree Management’ report can be found in the Greens area on the website as well as on the display board in the foyer.  There will be plenty of logs on the range please speak to the green keepers if you would like to take some.


Mark Tiplady

A Look at the Rules


True. When defined by a painted line on the ground, the edge of the ground under repair is the outside edge of the line, and the line itself is in the ground under repair.

R and A

100 Club

The winners of the 100 Club prize draw for February were:

£100    Philip Cartwright

£50      Ray Grainger

£32      Richard Tallon

£32      Mike Hooker

£32      Carol Clark

£32      TinnekeRibbink


Congratulations to this month’s winners. The next draw will take place in the week beginning 25th February 2019.

For those of you who like to mark significant dates in your diary at the beginning of the year then the important one this year is Friday 2 August which is the annual 100 Club Salver competition and Evening Meal.  Put it in your diary now as this is one not to be missed!

Not a member of the 100 Club?

The objective of the Alresford Golf Club 100 Club is to raise funds for projects and items requiring capital expenditure that will enhance the Golf Course and/or the Clubhouse.  Such projects would generally be considered ‘extras’ and not necessarily be within the Club budget.  The 100 Club was launched in 1987 to raise funds to augment the Centenary celebrations of the Golf Club in 1990, but at the request of the members, the 100 Club has continued to raise funds for items such as the Information Board and Clock on the 1st tee and the Automatic External Defibrillator in the Entrance Hall.

If you’re not a member of the 100 Club, you can become one for as little as £1 per month.  Shares in the 100 Club are purchased for £1 per month and there is no limit on the number of shares which can be held.  In general, most members have between 1 and 5 shares and pay by monthly direct debit, though it’s also possible to pay quarterly or annually.  Each share is allocated a number which is entered in the monthly draw.  The top prize is £100, with a second prize of £50 and four other prizes of £32.  For more information contact Pat Wallis on 01420 564417 or, or call in to the Secretary’s Office.

Pat Wallis


Men’s & Mixed Competitions
29th December – Pro's Stableford
1st Jo Youngs38 points
2nd Josh Evans38
3rd Karl Evans37
4th Taz Taylor37
30th December – Pro's Stableford
1st Ashley Gregory36 points
2nd Paul Goodhew34
3rd Graham Faulkes34
12th January – Pro's Stableford
1st Kevin Stride43 Points
2nd Andrew Thorne40
3rd Brian Overton40
13th January – Pro's Stableford
1st Brian Overton38 Points
2nd Mandy Overton36
3rd Simon Freemantle33
26th January – Pro's Stableford
1st Ian Jones41 Points
2nd Roy Partridge41
3rd Alan Powell40
4th David Derrick38
27th January – Pro's Stableford
1st Josh Evans41 Points
2nd Kevin Stride37
3rd Mike Mead35
Ladies’ Competitions

January Stableford - 5th & 8th January
Div 1Jean Dalton34 Points
Div 2Jo Youngs38
Div 3Catherine Carberry30
Maple Leaf
Alresford v Dummer (Home)Win 3-2

Burns Supper 2019

A full house of members and guests sat down to our traditional Burns Supper on Saturday 26thJanuary.

As always, the guests were greeted by the skirl of the bagpipes played by Iain Laird which set the scene for the evening. A supper of traditional Scottish dishes of smoked haddock pate, haggis, neeps and tatties, followed by Scotch Trifle infused with whisky, was expertly prepared and served by Chris and Kelly Pullinger and their staff.

As is traditional, the haggis was piped in by Iain Laird,carried by chef Chris and attended by John Murray bearing drams for the ceremonial party. The haggis was addressed, toasted and then returned to the kitchen for serving.

The main speech and toast,The Immortal Memory of Robert Burns, was proposed by George Clelland who reminded the audience of how many well-known phrases and sayings come from Burns’ work. Graham Marshallsay gave the Toast to the Lassies which was very complimentary, and then his final flourish of distributing red roses to the ladies around him gained him a lot of ‘brownie’ points! Sue Masser, in her Reply frae the Lassies, more than held her own for the ladies with a very witty Reply frae the Lassies which rounded off with a plea to be left not more than 9 inches from the hole in mixed foursomes.The evening concluded with everyone giving a hearty rendition of Auld Lang Syne.Keith Monkhouse did a splendid job as Chairman and Master of Ceremonies and kept everyone informed as to what was happening and keeping the evening flowing.

I would like to give my personal thanks to all those who contributed to the success of the evening. The dining room was prepared, and the tables dressed by Jennifer Clelland, Annie and Ron Beal and David Roberston. During the Supper itself, my thanks go to Carol Roe for delivering the Selkirk Grace; Drew Fielden for proposing the Loyal Toast; Chris and Kelly and all the kitchen and serving staff; John and Tracy at the bar; our piper Iain Lairdand of course, the principal speakers, Graham Marshallsay and Sue Masser


George Clelland

Editor: Newsletter Editor


The Editorial Team take no responsibility for incorrect information received from Contributors.