Fore Info December 2019

Management Corner

Clubhouse Development

Following the end of the initial consultation period, we have been hard at work analysing the extent and depth of your comment! Almost without exception your feedback has been supportive, positive and constructive, yet with a most valuable critique.

As a result, we have incorporated positive changes to our proposed design in a number of important areas.

In particular, but not exclusively, these include the following:

  • Acoustics
  • Air conditioning
  • Bag and trolley storage
  • Bar service area
  • Dining area
  • Foyer
  • Greenkeepers’ mess
  • Management of the project
  • Men’s changing area
  • Path to 10th tee
  • Patio layout and the 18th green
  • Security

In a number of instances we found that your suggestions led on to further, perhaps unintended or ‘knock-on’ improvements, which have also been embedded into our design.

In addition to the above we are also working on a comprehensive and fully costed business case to be put to members before any final approval to proceed is achieved.

The case will set out in detail:

  • why the initiative is essential,
  • what it will deliver financially for the club over the coming ten years and beyond,
  • what it will cost, and how it can be financed.

It will also set out the construction milestones, and how we plan to minimise member disruption during the period of build.

As already notified, we have therefore decided to step back from the originally envisaged timing of a Special General Meeting (SGM) to approve the project, in order to absorb your suggestions and to prepare the business case. We believe there will be no loss of momentum, just a little more planning time, before we ask you once more for your participation in this important project for the club.

Thank you again for your support and considered comment. We will be back in touch with you again once we have completed this exercise.

Nick Duncan

Chair, Planning and Development Committee

From the Club Captain

By the time you read this we will have had the AGM and I and my fellow Captains will have ‘gone through the pain or otherwise’ of the Captains Drive-In.

I have to start with a huge thank you to Graham for a) being a superb Captain and example to all and b) inviting me to be his Vice and putting up with me during the year. 

Thanks also to the rest of the Captain’s team – Sue, Drew and James – for all their efforts during 2019.

One of the last events before the change-over of Captains is the ‘annual needle match’ between the Captain’s team and the Ladies Captain’s team.  This year, and for only the second time in the history of the match the Captains team came second!! 

I hope to see many of you on Boxing Day morning for the Captain & Pro Challenge, a gentle 9 holes to help work off the Christmas lunch/dinner.

Finally I would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a great 2020.

Mary Rook

Ladies Section

I have now taken over from Sue Masser, a seamless transition! Sue has been such a hard working Captain & I’ve thoroughly enjoyed being her Vice. She left no stone unturned & played in almost all our 23 Friendly matches, many mixed matches & everything else on offer in between with boundless vim & vigour. More than a hard act to follow!

Lady Captain Sue & Club Captain Graham celebrated their very close 60th birthdays last month. The Ladies Committee gave Sue a dinner away from the Club wonderfully catered & cooked by Chris, the two Captains hosted a fun Drinks party in the Bar to thank their camp followers whilst Chris & Kelly created & served delicious canapés. 

The Ladies AGM was a week early this year and next year it will return to the usual Saturday sandwiched between the Club AGM & the Drive in. Over 60 attended & over 20 sent apologies. 

One of my first sad duties is to attend Nina Edwards funeral, many of you will remember her, a lovely smiley lady who had time for everyone.

We have still to enjoy the Turkey Trot on December 3rd; I won the Bronze one year and was expecting to get a turkey, but instead only received a voucher!

The following Tuesday we have our Xmas Texas Scramble with almost 80 playing & 7 coming for lunch, it will be a fun day, Mandy Caldwell will lead her Niblicks into song. 

The Ladies organise a 9 hole roll up for all members on New Year’s Day, if it’s decent weather we’ll expect to see lots of you.

Next month I will have more to report & I’m looking forward to writing this e-bulletin & to see how many of you actually read it! 

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!

Mal Hope-Mason 

Match Committee Report

Trophy Presentation Evening

All the Club’s trophies on display is an impressive sight. Congratulations to Trevor Pearce on being awarded the beautiful Fred Morse Trophy for being the most consistent player in 2018.

Trophy winners and runners-up and Medal and Stableford winners who were unable to attend the Trophy Presentation Evening may collect their glassware memento from the Pro’s Shop; trophy winners who wish to take their trophy home should inquire in the Office.

World Handicapping System

The latest information from England Golf on WHS is now available in the Members’ section of the Club website. This provides an overview of how courses are rated and how the slope rating is worked out. There is also detail on how handicaps will be managed and adjusted, though this will be hidden by some very clever computer processing. What is new is the information on Playing Handicap allowances (page 62 in the presentation). The Committee has raised some concerns with how this is being implemented with England Golf, but their explanation is that a 5% reduction from the Course Handicap is required to provide equity in stroke-play competitions.

There is also a link to the Scottish Golf website which has a set of links to short videos produced by the R&A and USGA to explain various aspects of WHS which are in the main useful and informative.

Turkey Trots

Provided there is no threat of frost and consequently temporary greens over the weekend of 7th/8th December, the Turkey Trots for Men will be qualifying competitions. A decision will be made on Friday 6th December based on the forecast and if overnight frost is forecast then the Turkey Trots will be non-qualifying competitions as in previous years.

Burns Supper 2020 – Saturday 25th January 7.00pm for 7.30pm

As you start to think of what you’re going to do after New Year and are looking for something to brighten up those dreary January nights, what better than an evening out with friends to enjoy a good hearty meal at one of the highlights of the social scene.

Come and enjoy the 28th Annual Burns Supper – a uniquely Scottish experience in good company featuring whisky, haggis, neeps (mashed swede) and tatties, and a light hearted appreciation of Scotland’s Bard, and of course, the skirl of the bagpipes.

This is always a popular event in the social calendar so look out for the sign-up notice that will be posted on the Social notice-board on Christmas Eve. The cost will be £28 per person and includes a three course meal with coffee and a glass of your favourite tipple for the toasts after the meal. The main speakers have been confirmed and will be featured on the notice board.

Members and guests are all welcome; Dress: Black Tie

Contact George Clelland for further information.

Qualifying Competitions over the Winter

After 8th December, there won’t be any qualifying competitions until the end of February or beginning of March. This is to allow the Greenstaff flexibility in

completing their winter projects without having to maintain a measured course. The knock-on effect of this is that we will not be able to accept Supplementary Scores during this period. Knock-out matches do not require a measured course so are not affected by this decision. However, there will be non-qualifying competitions organised by the Pro’s Shop.

One of the winter projects is to replace the bunker at the front of the 13th green. This will require that the 13th hole is closed for a period. During this time, a temporary hole on the Academy course will be used. This will be clearly marked and should be played after the 17th hole has been played and before the 18th.

Winter Eclectic

The Winter Eclectic for this winter will run from 1st December 2019 to 22nd March 2020. The entry fee is £5 and sign-up in the Pro’s Shop. You will be given a score sheet which you should be placed in the folder in the Men’s Changing Room. You must sign your score sheet before your round; on completion of your round enter all scores that are better than any previous round and adjust the total as appropriate and then have the sheet countersigned by one of your playing partners. You may play from either white or yellow tees and all course conditions are acceptable.

Club Championships Survey

The results of the survey to find out which of several suggested formats for running the Men’s and Ladies’ Club Championships have been analysed. There were 128 respondents of which 94 were men and 34 were ladies. The demographics indicated that many respondents normally play in the championships, had been in the Club for more than 10 years and were category 2, 3 or 4 players. The table below shows the 1st preferences of the respondents for the format.

Hold the Men’s & Ladies Championships on separate days with each being played over 36 holes on one day. 17
Hold the Men’s & Ladies Championships on separate weekends with 18 holes played on each day. 12
Hold the Men’s & Ladies Championships as an integrated event with 18 holes played on consecutive days 56
Hold the Men’s & Ladies Championships as an integrated event with 36 holes played in one day 13
Indeterminate ranking30

Indeterminate ranking represents those answers where it wasn’t possible to work out the respondent’s 1st choice because there was either no 1st choice given or, indeed, several.

Given that the most popular choice was for the format used for the past three championships, we will continue with both championships on the same weekend with 18 holes on each day.

Match Committee

I’d like to thank all the members of the Match & Handicap Committee for the work they have done over what has been a very busy year.

Peter Harwood and Gary Mugford have decided to stand down, so we’re on the look-out for anyone who would be interested in joining the Committee. Please get in touch.


George Clelland

A Look at the Rules


A player searches for their ball in a pile of leaves.

The ball is kicked out of the leaves.

The player replaces the ball on the leaves left in the estimated position where the ball had been, but does not replace the leaves around and on top of the ball before playing.



What is the ruling?

Vets Section

This piece, my first contribution to Fore Info, is by all accounts a few days after the deadline, so apologies to all and sundry if it appears a little frantic. 

My first task as the incoming Vets Captain for 2020 has to be to thank and congratulate Drew Fielden for an excellent and successful year as the 38th Vets Captain. Drew handled everything thrown at him in a thoroughly professional, diplomatic and friendly manner. Well done Drew! Your military training proved invaluable – I’m not so sure about my academic training!

I thought late autumn/early winter was supposed to be a quiet period for golf.  Far from it. The last month, since I took over as Vets Captain at the Vets AGM on 6th November, has been pretty busy. Aside from the AGM itself, which was well attended and a reasonably sane affair, the Vets have been participating in the annual 5-Club Winter League (WSWL) competition. We are already half way through the matches and after a slightly low key start with 2 home draws and an away defeat we managed to beat Royal Winchester Golf Club (RWGC) away to give our table position a bit of a boost. We currently lie second in the table. 

The quality of golf in these matches tends to be governed to a significant extent by the weather. Touch wood, so far, this autumn has been reasonably banal on match days. Now, it is perhaps a little unfair of me to pick out any individual AGC performance, but I cannot let this article pass without reporting on Bob Archer’s phenomenal round at RWGC where he played 12 shots better than his handicap of 18, winning his match with partner Gareth Rees 5&4. Well done Bob – I won’t mention here the Cardiff City result!

The beauty of writing this after the deadline is that I can sneak in a line or two about the Captains’ Drive-In before the other new captains. The Drive-In took place on 1st December. To be honest, I was very apprehensive about what was likely to be in store for me and the other new captains, especially having heard some scary tales from previous Vets captains. I needn’t have worried. It was a terrific day extremely well organised by the Social Committee and delivered expertly by Les Thorne. Mary

Rook will no doubt tell you about her shot in a later edition but, I’m afraid, my “drive” didn’t find the dance floor. The event was followed by a superb 3 course lunch.

On the 6th November, Drew Fielden and I had the pleasure of playing a round of golf with the late Joe Kitchen’s son and daughter, Phil and Liz, before both presented the now retitled Joe Kitchen Trophy at the Vets AGM to the overall winner, the new Vets Vice-Captain, Gareth Rees. On the 6th hole both Phil and Liz had their photograph taken alongside the plaque and tree planted to commemorate their late sister, mother and of course Joe. A touching moment.

The AGM also saw the presentation of various other Vets trophies including to the winners of the 2019 Vets Championship.

John Claughton winning the Best Net and Brian Overton the Best Gross. Well done to both. Next up on the 4th December is the Vets Xmas Scramble and Lunch which is always good fun and well attended. More on this in the next edition.

Finally, at the Vets AGM, Wynne Tufnell stood down as the Vets Tournament Secretary after 5 years. Wynne, I know I speak for all the Vets in thanking you for your selfless and dynamic contribution to Vets golf at Alresford over these last 5 years. You will be a very hard act to follow. Which reminds me that … …

‘We still have a vacancy for a replacement for Wynne, so if any Vets fancy stepping up to the plate, please do get in touch.

In the meantime, organising and running the various Vets competitions will be shared between myself, Gareth Rees, Keith Turner and one other.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all at the AGC and the Vets Membership.

Ed Tinley

…from the Secretary

Welcome to the following new members who have joined the club starting during November and December; Laura Barrow and Liam Seager (Intermediate).

Our popular Winter Membership is available once again this coming year from 1st November 2019 to 31st March 2020 and we can now welcome the following new winter members ; Paul Hutchison, Patrick Morton, Keith Murray, Christian Rooney, Terry Waters, Jonathan Wood and Matthew Hill.

We hope that your time at the club will be a long and enjoyable one for all of you. We hope that you will enjoy using the club and its facilities and are able to participate in the many social events and competitions we have over the winter.

May I remind all members that we are welcoming new membership enquiries for all categories? If you know any friends or acquaintances who are thinking of joining a club or changing clubs, please do your best to sell them the benefits of Alresford.  


Fancy a game in the week? All members are welcome to come along to the ‘club roll-up’ on Wednesday mornings. The usual start time is 11am all year round –  timings subject to any advanced tee reservations. 

Wednesday 4th ~ 11.00am TBC
Wednesday 12th ~ 11.45am
Wednesday 18th ~ 10.00am (due to Skool Xmas luncheon)
Wednesday 25th ~ NO ROLL UP – Merry Christmas!

Wednesday 1st ~ NO CLUB ROLL UP – play in the NY Day ‘roll up’ instead at 11.00am
Wednesday 8th ~ 11.00am
Wednesday 15th  ~ 11.00am
Wednesday 22nd ~ 11.00am


Friday 13th December
by Jim White & Rob White

Sunday 15th December
Book directly with the Kitchen

Friday 10th January 2020
Quizmaster ~ Trevor Pearce
Food at 7pm / Quiz starts 7.45pm

Saturday 18th January 2020
SOCIAL EVENT – ‘All Sounds’ Disco and Karaoke
7.30pm – £10pp
To include snacks and surprises.
Dress code : Wear something ‘inappropriate’ for the golf club

Saturday 25th January 2020

Friday 7th February 2020
(Quizmaster ~ David Maskery)
Food at 7pm / Quiz starts 7.45pm

BAR CARD ‘TOP UPS’ – Your Help Please?

If you are coming to a function, please ‘top up’ your card beforehand. This helps the staff and your fellow members when it is very busy at the start of the evening and you are not taking the attention of one of the bar staff for a longer period of time than necessary and perhaps having to wait for the credit card machine as well etc etc. ‘Top Up’ the day before whenever possible.



1. BOXING DAY ~ Captain v Pro Challenge 9 -10am

Need some fresh air on Boxing Day to blow away the cobwebs and walk off the Christmas cake? All members are welcome to bring friends or family to play in the 9 holes competition FREE OF CHARGE, but please note : If you are not playing in the competition – normal green fees apply for guests and visitors.

2. NEW YEARS DAY ~ 9 hole ‘roll up’ from 11am

pastedGraphic.png pastedGraphic_1.png

See the Social noticeboard for details.


Honorary Membership Bestowed on David Farr

At the recent AGM, the Management Committee proposed that David Farr be offered Honorary Membership in recognition of his past services to the Club. Members heard that after 35 years in Alresford, David and Barbara have moved to Somerset so they can be much closer to their children and grandchildren.


From his early days as a member David has been involved in all aspects of club life.  He used his professional expertise to produce plans and working drawings for the new 18-hole golf course and later produced drawings for the clubhouse extension in 2002.  He played a major role in planning for the new car park, particularly working with the local Council Planning office. He served on various Club committees and was chairman of the Match and Handicap committee for several years.  He also enjoyed many years as a Trustee of the 100 club and in 1994 David was Club Captain.  On two occasions he ran the club office for many weeks following the sudden departure of Club Secretaries. In 2002 he became the first Chairman of the Management Committee under our new constitution and he was instrumental in developing this role during a very successful six years in office.  In 2015 he was elected a Land Trustee.

Many members have benefited over the years from golf holidays organised by David both at home and abroad and he has also assisted on many occasions in the organisation of the Captain’s Charity trips. David has been an excellent ambassador for the club through his involvement in County Golf: Working for over ten years as Secretary of the Hampshire Alliance, and as an active member of both the Hampshire Captains and the Hampshire Patrons. Having heard of his exceptional contribution to the Club over many years the meeting approved the recommendation that David be offered honorary membership.



Subscription Renewals 2020

If you are considering changing category please advise us before 13th December.

We will endeavour to send the majority of subscription renewal notices out to members via email again this year. Please ensure that we have your correct email address and pass this information on to any of your colleague’s if you think they are not receiving the FORE INFO. Any members who we do not have email addresses for will still have these details posted as normal. 

We can accept subscription payments as soon as the invoices are sent out, however they are due on 1st January and you have until 31st January to receive your ‘on time’ bonus.

Winter is on its way – be safe on the golf course

  • RAIN / MUD / FROST / ICE = slippery golf course, especially grass banks, wooden sleepers and any untreated areas
  • PLEASE TAKE CARE and keep to the paths whenever possible
  • DO NOT walk on slopes
  • DO NOT take your trolleys across the sides of slopes and banks
  • PLEASE adhere to any traffic management signage on the course
  • KEEP BUGGIES and TROLLEYS away from the edges of greens and tees

If the roads are icy in the morning on your way to the club – it is fair to assume that the car park and the paths around the club will be icy too! We do our best to grit and salt these areas but … … please take care!

Greens could deteriorate badly without your help!

It’s the time of year when the greens are becoming softer. Repairing pitchmarks and replacing divots is a basic responsibility of all golfers, so please look around the green when walking to your ball and try to repair a pitchmark on every green even if it is not yours. Grass growth will be less over the winter and so damage to greens takes longer to repair. Lets all do our bit to help ensure our greens stay in good condition for as long as possible.

If you are not quite sure how to repair a pitchmark properly please view this video by copying and pasting this link into your web browser;


Due to the continued popularity of our WINTER MEMBERSHIP programme , the Management Committee has decided to once again suspend the reciprocal arrangements with our partner clubs until the end of March 2020.

Any reciprocals currently booked will be honoured but no further bookings will be made by the Office until 1st April (or before if notified).

We appreciate that many of you enjoy the ability to visit other clubs, but historically we receive many more visits during the ‘wet months’ than our members visiting other clubs. At this stage all our partner clubs are happy to resume our arrangements as normal in the spring. 

Travelling to Spain this winter for some sunshine?

Don’t forget that we have  a ‘reciprocal agreement’ with EL PARAISO GOLF CLUB, near Estepona, Málaga, Spain. Alresford GC members can enjoy preferential rates all year round when booking online. Just ask the office for the members code.


El Paraiso is one of the most established courses on the Costa del Sol. Set out in the peaceful El Paraiso valley with the backdrop of the majestic ‘La Concha’ mountain to the north and the sparkling Mediterranean to the south, El Paraiso has a real members club feel to it and you can be sure of a warm welcome. Lush fairways are punctuated by meandering streams, flanked by palm trees and an abundance of exotic fauna, including oleander, jacaranda and mimosas. Lakes provide a home for waterbirds and the golf balls of the unwary! It is an enjoyable test of golf for both the low and high handicapper. Good practice facilities, very reasonable Pro-Shop and excellent restaurant – all come highly recommended.


Please note change to FRIDAY bar closing times

Over the Winter / Spring period the Clubhouse (and Bar) will close on Fridays as per the normal weekday times, unless there is an event or pre-booked function.

Below is the current list of dates when the bar will be closed earlier.

Friday: 6th December, Friday 20th December, Friday 27th December, Friday 3rd January, Friday 17th January

Please check the club website and main noticeboard for any changes to these dates.


Why not celebrate Christmas with your regular golfing group

Forgo the usual post-round bacon sandwich or bowl of chips. Book your lunch (festive food or otherwise) directly with Pullinger Catering at the Kitchen. Spaces available so book now to secure your places. The festive fun starts here – if you’re quick!

David Maskery

David, Melissa and Lynda would like to thank all members for their help and support during the year and to wish you all

‘A very Happy Christmas and a healthy New Year!’


FACEBOOK – check out our Facebook page

Make sure you ‘like’ our Facebook page and you will link to it and get the regular pictures and updates on what’s happening !

Twitter follow the green staff and see what’s happening on and around the course. @GreenstaffAGC

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Green News

Rain, rain, and yet more rain!! 

The 95mm of rain recorded so far (to 25th November) off the back of a wet October has given some difficult maintenance conditions.

Nevertheless, the course is holding up well and is now fully ‘winterised’ with ropes and hoops installed to manage the traffic. 

We took the decision to move more material into the 13th tee area, tracking ‘one line’ through the course.

This will necesitate some repair work as we go forward, although, as it has become too wet, the job is now ‘on hold’.

Irrigation has been installed and a good part of the yellow tee has been levelled. 

The greens that were given ‘drill and fill’ treatment are recovering slowly, given the recent cold snap, but are looking healthy and putting ok. 

All greens have received applications of ‘iron and bio stimulants’ to aid in colour and root growth.

A soil penetrant has also been applied to help move water more quickly through the profile. 

The rain keeps coming down, but the greens are draining freely and only ‘puddling up’ during very heavy bouts of rain. 

The weather has now turned milder for a time which is encouraging worms to cast on the greens (photo of 9th green). 

Sarrel rolling is being carried out every couple of weeks which lightly aerates the surface. 

The ‘new swale’ constructed to the left of the 13th green has become too wet to turf

As soon as the puddle in the base drains we will turf this area before the next rains. 

Due to the wet conditions there are lots of leaves and we are struggling to get the equipment on the course to blow and collect the leaves. So the lads are trying to keep it as playable as

possible and have been clearing some areas on foot with backpack blowers to help the situation.  One big wind and some dry days please!! 

Fairways have not been cut in a while, although, given a dry window, we managed to get out to do a perimeter cut to mark the edges. 

Tees and Aprons are performing well, although some aprons such as 10, 12 and 16 are getting muddy due to worms and surrounding trees. 

There are many traffic restrictions out there as the course has been put into ‘winter mode’.  These are for the benefit of the course and will help ‘course recovery’ in the spring.  

Please replace any hoops after playing your shot and adhere to the traffic restrictions – it is very important, for course protection, to also avoid taking trollies between bunkers and greens and also keeping away from aprons. 

Our sheep are currently grazing between 3 and 17 and tree work continues with 2 diseased Ash on the 14th felled.   

As this is my last Fore Info contribution on Greens, my sincere thanks go to all the members of Greens Committee for their hard work, enthusiasm, dedication and commitment – in Simon, Adam, Ben, Dan, Mick and Dominic we have a team to be proud of.  They just keep on improving!  Onwards and upwards.   

Finally, thanks for all the support you all have given ‘the Greenies’ during the year … … … and may 2020 be a great golfing/greenkeeping year!


Have a great Christmas and New Year


Mark Tiplady

A Look at the Rules


The player incurs no penalty.

If a ball is accidentally moved when a player is trying to find or identify it, Rule 7.4 applies, and the ball must be replaced on the estimated spot without penalty.

Loose impediments are not part of the lie and therefore do not need to be replaced unless needed to replace the ball in the correct elevation.

See Interpretation 7.4/1

100 Club

The winners of the 100 Club prize draw for December were:

£100 Sarah Thorne

£50 Ray Grainger

£32 Gill Freemantle

£32 Robin Good

£32 Gil Francis

£32 Keith Monkhouse

Congratulations to all our winners this month. 

A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all 100 Club members and thank you for your support!

To ensure we meet the deadline for the next issue of Fore Info, the next draw will take earlier than usual during week beginning 16 December 2019. 

What is the 100 Club?  

The Alresford Golf Club 100 Share Club was started in 1987 to raise extra funds to support and enhance the club Centenary celebrations which took place in 1990. Almost £5,000 was added to the Centenary Fund – a fantastic contribution. It proved so popular that members who had joined chose to continue the scheme indefinitely.  The ongoing objective of the 100 Club was then agreed as being  

“to provide funds for capital expenditure to enhance the Golf Course and/or Club House”.  This is still very much the objective and projects supported by the 100 Club would generally be considered ‘extras’ and not necessarily within the Golf Club budget.

Many items have been purchased over the years with the new rattan patio furniture being the most recent.  In recent years the 100 Club has purchased the drinking fountain on the 4th/15th holes, the finger post signage, the Information Board and Clock at the first tee and the automated Defibrillator in the Entrance Hall.

So, can I join the 100 Club?  

Yes of course. New members are always welcome and so as a Golf Club member you can actively contribute towards future enhancements to the facilities on the Golf Course or Clubhouse whilst having the opportunity to win a monthly cash prize. Or why not increase your existing shareholding for an even better chance of a prize.  Shares can be purchased for £1 per month paid for by Standing Order and there is no limit on the number which can be held – most members have between 1 and 5 shares.  Each share is allocated a number which is entered into the monthly draw with a top prize of £100, with a second prize of £50 and four other prizes of £32. For more information contact Pat Wallis on 01420 564417 or, or call in to the Secretary’s Office.

Pat Wallis


Men’s & Mixed Competitions
1st Nov – Over 60’s Stableford
1stTorquil Jack38 pts
2ndDavid Reid37
3rdDerek Lintott35
2nd Nov – Men’s Medal
1stNeil Gandy70 net
2ndMartin Cornforth70
9th Nov – Men’s Stableford
1stMartin Simmonds34 pts
2ndGary Mugford31
3rdWill Pakenham-Walsh31
10th Nov – Mixed Stableford
1stCharlie McLaughlin38 pts
2ndPeter Sly35
3rdRichard Lane35
16th Nov – Men’s Medal
Division 1
1stLee Phillips67 net
2ndBrian Overton68
3rdChris Stephens68
Division 2
1stRob White66
2ndStephen Morgan67
3rdMark Pyne67
20th Nov – Men’s Midweek Stableford
Division 1
1stFrank Blackmore38 pts
2ndBrian Overton36
3rdDave Seager33
Division 2
1stRon Markwick38 pts
2ndAndy Sibbald37
3rdChris Chapman36
24th Nov – Mixed Stableford
1stPeter Whiting38 pts
2ndJenny Torbett38
3rdMel Exton37
4thPeter Grant37
Summer Knock-outs
Cooper Men's Foursomes
WinnersMark Tiplady & Tony Stanton
Runners-upGeoff Colwill & Phil Armstrong
Rotherham Mixed Foursomes
WinnersLinda Wager & Graham Marshallsay
Runners-upMal Hope-Mason & Tony Hutt
Maurice Jack
WinnerJess Miles
Runner-upDave Seager
Ross Over 50’s
WinnerPaul Wager
Runner-upFrank Blackmore
Wessex Singles
WinnerDave Seager
Runner-upGeoff Colwill
Company Cup
WinnerJosh Evans
Runner-upDave King
Tichborne Trophy
WinnerWill Pakenham-Walsh
Runner-upJim White
Ladies’ Committee Cup
WinnerClare Monkhouse
Runner-upJenny Dillon
Ladies’ Evelyn Laming Bowl
WinnerSandra Hooker
Runner-upPat Palmer
Ladies’ Esme Norris Vase
WinnerDebbie Wills
Runner-upMal Hope-Mason
Ladies’ Competitions
October Stableford (29/10 & 2/11 – Sat not played)
Div 1Jasmine Jury35 pts
Div 2Amelia Aikenhead39 pts
Div 3Ann Gunn34 pts
November Medal (9 & 12/11 – Sat not played)
Div 1Kathryn McLaughlinNett 77
Div 2Ann YoungerNett 76
Div 3Barbara HutchesonNett 80
November 9 hole Stableford (13 entries)
1stCarol Clark13 pts
2ndPat Clark13 pts
3rdNot paid

Social Committee

A huge thanks to outgoing social chairman Carol Roe who has done a fantastic job over the last few years organising some memorable and well attended events and we hope to carry on in the same vein.

I am going to take this opportunity to flag up some new events that we will be running in 2020 so please put them in your diary now!

Diary Dates

26th December – Captain V Pro challenge – Boxing Day morning golf for everyone and then mince pies and Whisky Macs 

31st December – NYE dinner and dance – I will personally lead all the dancing that night

18th January – NEW EVENT – ‘Just say “NO” to dry January’ with a karaoke/disco with some snackettes- I promise not to lead all the singing that night ! Everyone welcome…

7th March – The one and only Club Quiz with our local egghead Kit Neilson

We as a committee are always looking for new ideas for events , so if you have attended social events at other clubs, seen a good local band or been at an unbelievable wedding disco, please let us know who, where and what.

There seems to be a core of people that use the club as their social club and, with your help, we look to build on that in the coming year!

Hopefully we will see you at one of our upcoming functions!


Les Thorne 

…the sheep’s write to reply

… … … Ha Ha bloomin’ ha!   

If I hear any golfers say “mint sauce’’ again when they walk past I promise to run out of my enclosure, grab their balls and run back behind my electric fence. Please remember that the fence is to keep you away from us not the other way round! 

The local rule is of course that you are not allowed to retrieve you ball once it ends up in our enclosure. Be aware!! One of us is a robot recording sheep, scanning constantly for any intruders. Just keep an eye out for the one with the aerial and the swivel eyes… baa!!

That said, we do like watching the golfer trying to get over the fence to get his old “off white” titleist back, the one that was new in 2007. Surely to risk electrocuting your “bits” is probably not worth it even if the ball is a family heirloom?

We do like being at Alresford Golf Club, some of our friends have been at other clubs in the area but Alresford has a certain charm and is nice and dry throughout our stay. We do love all the greens staff as well. My sister Dolly has a soft spot for the one with all the musclesbaaa!  

Anyway I will sign off now, but please do talk to us when you’re passing by – we’re very good on golf trivia and the new laws.  But if we do not reply please don’t think us rude it’s not because we’re visitors, but probably because you’re baaaring ?

Editor: Trevor Hodgkinson


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