Fore Info August 2020

Management Corner

The End of Subsidised Golf

You will all be aware that the furlough scheme and other financial support from Government and Local Authorities is coming to end as the impact from Covid-19 reduces. These support mechanisms have subsidised the Club which has helped to balance-the-books for the financial year ending September 2020. Since the re-opening of the course in May the Club has not been able to entertain golf societies or visitors, other than member’s guests. Members’ subscriptions and joining fees only account for 79% of golfing income at the Club, which was augmented by £140,000 of green fee income for the financial year 2018/19.

As members, I think we have all enjoyed having the course to ourselves, and many of us have been able to play much more golf than ever. However, as the subsidies are removed and we have no support from the furlough scheme we must get back to attracting normal income streams. We will start by inviting small, loyal golf societies to the Club, and to enjoy the bar and catering facilities as permitted by Covid-19 restrictions. 

Prior to Covid-19 the Management Committee had discussed access to the course at busy times for visitors, societies and member’s guests. It is appreciated that the Club has a regular pattern of busier times and the committee had established some ‘closed for members only’ slots for trial. These have not been needed due to circumstances. The committee will be re-confirming some restricted times when it will not be possible for green fee golfers to play.

I hope that you have enjoyed getting back to golf, and having the privilege of ‘Members only golf’, but we now need to balance the books by replacing Covid-19 subsidies with normal income streams. The recent increase in membership goes some way to helping with this equation, so the budget for 2020/21 does take this into account when planning for reduced green fee income over the next financial year.

Head Professional Recruitment

Since concluding the interview process for the new Head Professional, the Club entered into contract negotiations with its preferred candidate, Mark Wood. These negotiations were based on a standard contract provided by the PGA which includes provision of the Pro-Shop, exclusive rights to coaching at the Club, and front-of-house services for golfing activities. Both the Club and Mark Wood are grateful for the support of the PGA in

getting this agreed. Contracts have now been signed and Mark has now resigned his current position, so; we look forward to welcoming him to the Club on the 1st November 2020. Whilst there is obviously plenty of similarity between Malcolm’s current contract and the new contract offered by the Club; the passage of time has brought much change in contemporary relationships and financial rewards for retained Club Professionals, so the Club was delighted to work from PGA recommendations to bring us up-to-date.

The PGA has also advised that Terry has a statutory right to transfer his employment to the new Head Professional which fits in perfectly with Mark’s plans, so I am pleased to say that you will continue to see Terry at the Club in his current role.

Vice-Captain; Mark Tiplady, together with Sue Masser and David Maskery will oversee the transition from Malcolm’s team to Mark’s team in the coming months, and I look forward to confirming launch arrangements for the new Head Professional in due course.

Les Thorne is busy organising a Club event on 31st October to celebrate the many contributions by Malcolm & Jane, their family and their professional teams over so many years. More news to come soon, but the 31st October will be an important day in this year’s golfing calendar at the Club.

Pre-Booked Tee-Times

The Club needed to implement tee-times for all golfers to re-open the course following closure due to Covid-19 restrictions. The default position for the Club is to remove pre-booked tee-times once restrictions subside, as they were only put in place to deal with social distancing and risk of infection, aligned to central guidance.

Tee-times have become a ‘marmite’ subject; some people love them and some people hate them. However, upon implementation of temporary tee-times, reassurance was given that; this would not result in tee-times becoming permanent at the Club.

I am sure that discussions about pre-booked tee-times will continue beyond the Covid-19 period and it may well be that the Club consults further in the future on this subject, but there is no mandate for continuing with general tee-times once restrictions ease.

Robert White

Chairman of the Management Committee

From the Club Captain

Over the past month many rounds of golf, both competition and friendly, have been played.  We have also completed several Board competitions and all things ‘remaining equal’ more will be played over the coming months.  

The ‘In-House’ Competition Schedule for the rest of this year was finalised in mid-July.  This schedule is of course subject to there being no change to the ‘Covid golf rules’.  

‘External’ EventsClub Pro-Am, Ladies Pro-Am (for Assistant Pros) and Alresford Cup (inter county Girls event) – will not be held in 2020.

The Junior Championships were held on Monday 27 July – on possibly the worst weather we had had for weeks (wind and rain all day).  8 hardy souls played a Stableford in the morning and 6 of them went out again in

the afternoon and completed a Medal round.  The sun finally came out when we were on the patio for the trophy presentation.

Congratulations to the trophy winners. 

  • Junior Captain Jenny Myers on winning the Championship and getting a handicap-cut to single figures!  
  • Alex Pullen for the best morning round.

Golf apparently remains an ‘easy game’ for some as more Holes in One have been reported.   Congratulations to:

  • John White (10th),
  • Alistair Gray (16th) and
  • Neil Flowers (6th). 

If I’ve missed anyone else off this ‘roll of honour’ please let me know via the club office.

Continue to keep safe


Mary Rook

Ladies Section

First of all, our glamorous Vice Captain Di Peisley starting the golfers during a hot spell.

As we’ve started playing competitions in threes, some of us have been confused as to how to mark the card despite the instructions from Rosy Apples & Penelope Pittstop! I hope you have all now digested the examples you were sent.

Now that the rough has grown, it could be impossible to identify your ball, so I strongly advise marking your ball clearly on both sides, as playing the wrong ball is a two-shot penalty – and it’s surprising how often it happens!

We have had impressive turnouts all month for the Medals & Stablefords and though my Charity day in aid of Opensight was unfortunately a wash out on Saturday, on Tuesday the sun shone the wind blew and we had a marvellous day with over 70 Ladies participating. I will be writing to the Ladies to thank them all and for being so generous. 

Also, thankyou to our Ladies Opensight Charity Day StarterDavid H-M … … he stayed a marathon 7½ hours!

After a lull, a big welcome back to Gloria Harrison, a member for 50 years. Gloria, not so long ago was down to a single-figure handicap and still plays a beautiful game.

Fortunately, most of us are managing the ‘online booking system’, or have found ways of coping. Please let me know how you are finding the 7am booking time.

I hope those eligible (over 60) will sign up for the Senior Ladies Championship, scheduled to be played over two days, commencing 18th August.

Please support Chris Pullinger & do stay on the Patio if it’s a warm day for a drink from Tracey & a sandwich from Chris – it could be so disheartening for them if we all rush in and out without stopping.

The Pro’s Shop has some gorgeous clothes & pink shirts & jumpers which we will be needing next year, hopefully, and the Scotts are offering great discounts!

Have we been languishing under a misapprehension that as soon as we had our own ‘bunker rakes’, ( … … we all do, don’t we?) we are no longer able to take a free drop in the bunkers? At the moment of going to press, we are still able to do so under ‘a local rule’. This may change.

A big thankyou to George Clelland, and Gill Freemantle who have worked tirelessly with the complexity of organising Competitions & Board Competitions within available dates.

A plea: Please help out David Maskery, who always needs and welcomes volunteers to assist with the starting at the first tee – you’ll be very pleasantly surprised, it’s quite fun and the time flies by!

Ladies, don’t forget, please get in touch if you have any golfing issues I can help with.

Finally, I hope the August weather will be as good as it has been the last few months, but with rain only at night!

Mercury will be gone, how many of you actually saw it?


Mal H-M 

Match Committee Report

Club Championships

Sign in for the Men’s and Ladies’ Championships will be open from Monday 3rd August till Sunday 30th August.

  • These are 36-hole competitions which will be held over 2 days on 5th and 6th September.
  • The closing date and time for entry will be Sunday 30th August at 22:00.
  • The entry fee of £6 will be taken from your bar card account on sign-in.
  • Competitors must play on both days.
  • The total entry of both competitions will be 99, nominally split into 66 men and 33 ladies.
    • For the men, entry is restricted to a maximum handicap of 28, with priority given to category 1 and 2 players; category 3 and 4 players will be included based on date and time of sign-in.
    • For ladies, the maximum handicap is 54; if entry is oversubscribed, places will be allocated in order of exact handicap.
    • If, after the closing date, there are fewer than 66 men and more than 33 ladies, the additional ladies would be accepted up to the maximum total entry of 99, and vice-versa.
  • To be eligible for entry all players must have returned scores from at least 6 qualifying competitions in the previous 12 months which is 1st September 2019 to 30th August 2020. Unfortunately, this criteria can’t be determined by the sign-in process, so will be assessed manually after the closing date.
  • The tee-off times on both days will be from 8:00 till approximately 13:20.
    • Start times for Saturday 5th will be allocated in handicap order (high to low);
    • Start times for Sunday 6th will be allocated based on the gross scores (high to low) from Saturday.
    • The start-sheet for Saturday will be emailed to competitors by Tuesday 1st September;
    • The start-sheet for Sunday will be emailed to competitors as soon as possible on Saturday evening.
  • For the men, there are two concurrent competitions, The Men’s Club Championship, based on gross score, and The John Holmes Trophy, based on nett score.
  • For the ladies, as well as the Ladies Championship, based on gross score, there are nett competitions for both Silver (Brenda Hedges) and Bronze (Dorothy Coombes) divisions.  Prizes are also awarded for Best Nett in both rounds 1 & 2.

Championships – Strict Condition of Competition

Given the format of the Championships, players who fail to turn up for their 2nd round will cause significant disruption to the running of the competition. Consequently, and based on our experience of other 2-day competitions, we are making it a condition of competition that, unless a player has a valid medical or other significant reason for being unable to play the 2nd round, he/she will be excluded from all competitions, and knock-outs until 1st October 2020.

Supplementary Scores

The capability of registering to play a round for a Supplementary Score has now been added to the ClubV1 Members App and HowDidiDo under Today’s Golf. Since it is Greens Maintenance week from 3rd to 7th August when there will be temporary greens, we will start to accept Supplementary Scores from Monday 10th August. Using the Members App or HowDidIDo you must sign-in for a Supplementary Score before you start play and then enter your score when you’ve completed your round. Please leave your completed scorecard including the name of your marker in the green box in the entrance hall.

World Handicapping System (WHS)

The switch over to the World Handicapping System is on track for 2nd November 2020.

On that date your handicap will automatically been converted to the new system. Instead of having an exact handicap you will have a handicap index which is derived from the average of your best 8 scores from the most recent 20 scores. For the change-over if you’ve fewer than 20 scores between the end of October and the beginning of 2018 the system will do the calculation on a pro-rata basis. For example, if you only have submitted 9 or 10 qualifying scores since January 2018, the system will use the average of the best 3. 

When you play, there will be tables available which specify what your handicap will be for the set of tees you are using – depending on the value of your handicap index you may have a different course handicap when playing off the yellows rather than the whites.

You will find links to more information on WHS on the Match & Handicap Committee page in the Member’s Area of the Club Website.


George Clelland & Gill Freemantle

A Look at the Rules


A player in a stroke play event, hit a tee shot which may be out of bounds.

He teed up another ball and stated he would play a provisional. The player then hit the ball which went clearly out of bounds

The player teed up a third ball and, without stating it was a provisional, played a shot up the fairway. On going forward he found his first ball in bounds.



  1. Which ball is in play, and
  2. How many shots have been played?

Vets Section

Let me start with some good news!

Dates have been set for two important Vets competitions. The 2020 Vets Championship will take place on Monday 17th and Monday 24th August. In addition, the Joe Kitchen Trophy (formerly the Vets Secretary’s Trophy) will go ahead on Friday 25th and Monday 28th September. 

The entry fee for each competition is £6 which will be taken from the bar card of entrants, so make sure your card is topped up. Tee booking, competition entry and score recording/submission will be via the now well established procedure routinely being used for current competitions. As in previous years, the format of the Championship will be two Medal rounds with a gross and net winner. The Joe Kitchen Trophy will be a Medal followed by a Stableford. 

All Vets are welcome to enter and judging by the excellent scores recorded by Vets in recent Club competitions, this year’s competitions should both be very competitive affairs. Fingers crossed we will be blessed with decent weather for both events.

Refecting the above, my congratulations to the following Vets winners during the last month:

  • George Skayman (Over 60’s Stableford (Div1) with 37pts)
  • Richard Calton (Over 60’s Stableford (Div2) with 42 pts)
  • Charlie McLaughlin (Over 60’s Medal (Div1) with Net 69)
  • David Marshall (Over 60’s Medal (Div2) with Net 66)
  • Gareth Rees (Over 60’s Stableford with 39pts)

Acting as Starter recently, it was apparent that nearly all golfers are now carrying rakes, as a result of which the condition of bunkers has, in my opinion at least, improved over the last month. The size and design of rakes employed is fascinating, ranging from six inch plastic kiddies rakes through to full length garden rakes. Some are real ‘works of art’ whilst others are more akin to ‘instruments of torture’. Thanks to all though for making the necessary effort.

Finally, at the recent and well attended “New Members Roll-Up” organised by Mary Rook, our Club Captain, I met a number of potential new Vets. I would encourage all of them to consider joining the prestigious Vets Section (cost £10 per annum) and avail themselves of the many matches, events and competitions offered by the Vets during the year (well, perhaps not this year!). If you wish, email me,, and I will happily tell you the easiest way to join.

Play well and continue to stay safe.

Ed Tinley

…from the Secretary

Welcome A huge welcome to all the following new members who have joined us in July. Thank you and we look forward to seeing you all participating in all the golfing events and opportunities we have at the club – whenever they are able to resume. We hope you will all enjoy your time with us for many years to come.

Duncan Johnson, Helen Johnson, Martin Nettle (7 day), Richard Riall (5 day), Thomas Forrest (Intermediate), Hamish Johnson, Rory Johnson , Llewellyn Johnson and George Duncan (Students), Peta Kimber and Sally Watford (Academy), Mason Baird, Kieran Connell and Stephen Brown (Junior), Benedict Davies, Lee Grant, Matthew Staley and Josef Baird (Social Extra).

It is now incumbent upon us all to welcome new members and make them feel part of the club as quickly as possible.

Please ‘sign up’ with people you may not be familiar with and similarly welcome any ‘newbies’ who may ‘sign up’ with you.

If any member is willing to pair up with a new member(s) for a game – please let me know and I will facilitate.

‘NEW’ ~ Par 3 Tournament

Friday 14th August – £2 entry fee 

You will have seen and enjoyed the Par 3 Tournament at the Masters. Now the Social Committee is pleased to bring you the Alresford Par 3 Tournament. The main course will be set up with 18 x Par 3 holes plus some ‘target practice’ opportunities during your round. Included within the course are three of golf’s most iconic Par 3 holes:

The Postage Stamp (Royal Troon)

Golden Bell (Augusta National)
Island Green (TPC Sawgrass)

Tee times should be booked in advance as normal, all play must be from the allocated Par 3 tees on the day – the regular tees are not available for play on the day.

A separate, 9-hole Competition will be available for any late starters on the day.

Prizes will be awarded – but due to COVID restrictions there will be no prize-giving at the end of the day.

Bar and Catering Services

Services are now open and available, but with some restrictions and limited opening times.

  • The bar will stay open until 9.00pm Wednesdays – Saturdays starting from 29th July. We will monitor sales and reduce hours again if felt appropriate.
  • The Kitchen will be open for pre-golf breakfast from 10.00am on Saturday and Sunday – MUST be booked in advance to Chris Pullinger text or call 07834 199327 by before 6.00pm on a Friday.
  • Fish & Chip Takeaway – available on Friday evenings starting from 31st July. Pre-ordered only. Contact Chris Pullinger text or call 07834 199327 by before 6.00pm on a Thursday. Collection from Kitchen between 5.00 – 7.00pm.

Please support these services whenever possible


Self Protection

Please note that the water fountains are currently ‘not in use’ due to the COVID19 guidelines.

It is therefore essential that you take your own water or drinks on to the course, especially during periods of hot weather. Take regular sips on every tee – if you wait until you become thirsty its too late and you may already be becoming dehydrated. Stay hydrated when on the course – take water with you

Remember, choose a SPF 30+ sunscreen, you can still burn when its cloudy. Don’t forget to add sunscreen to you non-gloved hand. Protect your ears. Tell others if you see them burning. Seek shade, or use a brolley to keep out of the sun.

Sunscreen is available in the Changing Rooms if you forget to bring your favourite brand!

Tee Bookings

Thank you to the tee-sheet helpers who ably assisted us throughout the initial phases of re-opening for golf.

The onus is now on individual members to be responsible for arranging and booking their own golf

So, well done to everyone who is successfully negotiating the booking system and competition entry. Whilst I appreciate that it does not suit everyone, we will continue to review the various restrictions and instructions.

Instructions for downloading the Club V1 app are listed below. This can also be accessed via the Members Area of our website if you do not have a Smartphone – but you still need to register with it by following the Passport Registration process.

The aim is for our golf to return to ‘as near to normal’ as we can, subject, of course, to the Government and governing body stipulations. We must continue to demonstrate that we are doing our best to keep you and the staff safe whilst at the club.

We are very fortunate in that we have not been affected by the virus as badly as other areas of the country and it is easy to forget that the virus is still here!

Please do not show complacency around the club

  • Abide by the social distancing guidelines
  • Wash your hands frequently, and
  • DO NOT come to the club if you have any of the virus symptoms

If anyone does end up being tested and has confirmation of the virus – you must inform us for ‘track and trace’.

For Sale

A single seater Fairway Rider including foldable ramps for car loading.

The buggy was fully serviced and batteries replaced less than 12 months ago and has had very little use since.

£800 for buggy and ramps

The same package new sells for £2100 (including VAT) and the ramps are £250 extra.

Have you downloaded the Club V1 App onto your smartphone?

To download the app please visit the App Store (Apple) or Play Store (Android) and search for ClubV1 Members Hub. The app is completely free. If you wish to download the Club app to your laptop or home computer use the web link below, creating a HDIDO registration as above and saving onto your desktop.

One of the key benefits of the app is that it will provide a secure access to members contact information. However, members must edit / confirm their details and privacy settings to enable other members to be able to access their contact details. Within the Members area you will also be able to view:

  • Course Status
  • Live Competition Leaderboard
  • Club News
  • Competition Results
  • Bar Balance and Receipts
  • Members List
  • Edit your personal details and privacy settings (You must ‘opt in’ for other members to be able to view your contact details)
  • Club Diary

Please inform the club if you wish your name to be not visible to other members. We fully expect changes and guidelines to playing access. It is therefore important that members are able to keep up to date with course availability and any notifications. The App is an easy way for us to send out information. 


David Maskery

FACEBOOK – check out our Facebook page

Make sure you ‘like’ our Facebook page and you will link to it and get the regular pictures and updates on what’s happening ! Share with your friends to help us boost our online and social media profiles


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Green News

Mercifully, most members seem to be enjoying being able to get out and play golf. However I think it’s fair to say most us at times “have our moments” on the course partly influenced by the plethora of constantly changing guidelines around us for day to day life. Perhaps we all need to ‘take a deep breath’ and simply enjoy the fresh air!

The extra Academy hole 1a is taking shape with the tee mat going in such that it is becoming more identifiable. Some tree work was also accomplished, so do give the Academy Course a go if you haven’t yet.

Subject to budget constraints we hope to continue with the 1st Impressions Project which includes changes to the current Starters Hut. Planning permission will be required to even move the current hut so changes are unlikely until Autumn at the earliest.

Our Green Keepers are still hard at it on the course, but also need to take their vacation, obviously on a rotation basis.

Just prior to writing this, we have had a good dollop of rain which is bringing back some colour. We have now used up our bore hole quota so when the irrigation system is used now it will be mains water. Being treated it has different properties to bore hole water therefore some “corrections” need to be made with chemicals and nutrients applied.

Greens Maintenance starts next week so on Monday Morning the Greens on the 1st; 2nd; 7th and 8th will be “hit” before moving onto the rest of the course through the week. So yes you might be on temporary greens for a couple of days!

Simon is still not happy with the condition of the course. As mentioned last month, we are battling anthracnose (eats away at the base of the plant) and other bugs.  Rapidly changing levels of temperature and humidity are not helping.

However improvements are being seen so the battle isn’t lost. The picture shows both a chafer bug and a leather jacket when the pin was moved on the 9th. Subsequently the green was covered overnight with a tarpaulin with a large quantity of leather jackets coming to the surface again.

So you are going to continue seeing everything in Simons available arsenal from plugging; over seeding; tining and fertiliser.

On the 12th and 13th for example plugs of silver moss are removed from the centre of the green and put around the edge to then be treated.

As previously mentioned in years gone by contact fungicides would provide a “quick fix” but they are, generally speaking, no longer allowed.

We have also sent soil samples for laboratory analysis, in particular, to establish the levels of nematodes. We have three different types of construction of Greens so a sample was taken from each type.

The picture shows the volume of thatch removed from a Tee during scarification.

The rooks have also been paying a visit on the 1st fairway hence the blue greenie scarecrows are back; we think they are feeding on red ants.

I must say I’m wondering if “Ben’s Bug Hotel” is already fully booked as we have so much activity on the course!

The chafer bug traps in particular by the 9th green have been effective. 37 caught so far.

Fortunately I think the vast majority of our members appreciate they are golfers not greenkeepers or course designers.

So, on that note, please continue to enjoy your golf knowing our professional and qualified staff have the best interests of the course at heart.


Bob Moore
Chair of Greens Committee

A Look at the Rules


The first ball is in play, having played one shot.

(The third ball was played as stroke & distance to the second (provisional) ball. As this ball did not become the ball in play, The third ball does not count.)

100 Club

The winners of the 100 Club prize draw for August were:

£100 Sue Masser

£50 Carol Young

£32 Roger Corkhill

£32 Barry Norgate

£32 Peter Wallis

£32 Esme Goodacre

Congratulations to our winners this month.  This is Sue’s first time of scooping the top prize so well done and enjoy spending your winnings.

Welcome to our many new members of Alresford Golf Club – you may wonder what the 100 Club is all about. 

The club Centenary Year was back in 1990 and it was decided to launch a 100 Share Club to raise funds to help support the cost of celebrations.  Members could buy one or more £1 shares each with a randomly allocated number which was entered into a bi-monthly draw for five cash prizes. Almost £5,000 was raised for the Centenary Fund and at members request the scheme has continued indefinitely.  

The objective of the 100 Club is to raise funds for projects or items requiring capital expenditure which will enhance the Golf Course and/or Club House. These would generally be considered as extras and not necessarily within the Club budget.  

The 100 Club is managed by two Trustees, currently George Clelland and Ian Swann, who decide how the funds are to be spent and an

Administrator, Pat Wallis, who deals with the day to day administration and finance.

The share membership has grown from the original 223 shares owned by 70 members to the current 590 shares belonging to 124 members.  The draw is now carried out monthly with 6 prizes – £100, £50 and four at £32.

Over the years many items have been purchased or contributions made towards the cost – notably the shoe and trolley cleaner, the information board and clock on the 1st tee, the Starters Hut and several sets of patio furniture including the new rattan furniture last year.

There is also an annual Stableford Competition usually held in July or August with a meal in the evening and is a popular event for 100 Club members. 

How do I join?

It is very simple and new members are always welcome so as a Golf Club member you can actively contribute towards future enhancements to our facilities whilst having a chance of winning a cash prize. Each share cost £1 per month paid for by monthly standing order and there is no limit on the number you can purchase.  Members generally have between 1 and 10 shares with 5 being the most common holding.

The list of prizewinners is posted on the Secretary’s noticeboard in the entrance hall and of course in this section every month.  

Application forms can be obtained from the Secretary’s office or from me – details below.

Pat Wallis – 01420 564417 or


Pat Wallis


Junior's Competitions
27th July – John Holmes Trophy
1stAlex Pulling44 points
2ndJenny Myers43
3rdMillie Jonathan43
27th July – Junior Championships
1stJenny Myers64+66 = 130 nett
2ndBailey Riches71+63 = 134
3rdAlex Pulling63+71 = 134
Ladies’ Competitions
Tuesday 30th June – 9-hole Stableford
1stSarah Worthington18 pts
Tuesday 30th June & Sunday 5th July - Medal
Div 1Debbie WillsNett 73
Div 2Caroline WarneNett 67
Div 3Joan StoppNett 75
Tuesday 7th & Saturday 11th July - Stableford
Div 1Alena Dooley38 pts
Div 2Kathryn Fielden38 pts
Div 3Mo Brooking39 pts
Tuesday 21st July – One Day Only Stableford
Div 1Claire Sly37 pts
Div 2Jackie Coulson39 pts
Div 3Lyn DeMestre38 pts
Saturday 25th and Tuesday 28th July – Lady Captain’s Stableford (Open Sight)
Div 1Polly Church38 pts
Div 2Gill Pratt36 pts
Div 3Mo Brooking36 pts
Men’s & Mixed Competitions
3rd July – Over 60’s Stableford
Division 1
1stGeorge Skayman37 points
2ndHarry Dhand35
Division 2
1stRichard Calton42 points
2ndBob Archer41
3rdPhilip Green40
4thJohn Allen39
4th July – Mixed Medal
Division 1
1stRob Gwilliam60 nett
2ndSteve Hopkins65
3rdSean Yeates65
4thKevin Lane66
Division 2
1stTim Reid68 nett
2ndMel Exton69
3rdRoy Torbett69
4thGeorge Clelland70
5th July – Men’s Medal
Division 1
1stSteve Maxwell67 nett
2ndMark Langley67
3rdRichard White68
4thWill Pakenham-Walsh68
Division 2
1stPeter Whiting68 nett
2ndPeter Sly70
3rdPhilip Armstrong70
8th July – Mid-Week Medal
Division 1
1stLiam Seager66 nett
2ndAshley Wilmott68
3rdHarry Dhand68
Division 2
1stOscar Vaughan64 nett
2ndMike Battisson65
3rdGareth Rees65
11th July – Men’s Stableford
Division 1
1stNorman McDowall40 points
2ndMick Grant39
3rdAlan Farrell39
4thJim White39
Division 2
1stWiekus Du Toit43 points
2ndStuart Gaunt40
3rdTim Reid39
4thMike Pigott37
12th July – Mixed Stableford
Division 1
1stTim O’Connor38 points
2ndPaul Goodhew38
3rdTrevor Pearce36
Division 2
1stKathryn Fielden40 points
2ndSuzie Batty40
3rdLee Feast39
4thCaroline Warne39
13th July – Over 60’s Medal
Division 1
1stCharlie McLaughlin69 nett
2ndHarry Dhand70
Division 2
1stDean Thomas66 nett
2ndDavid Marshall66
3rdBob Archer67
4thHenk Ribbink69
18th July – Col Stratton-Bates Bogey
1stDave Derrick6 up
2ndRichard Calton4 up
3rdNick Binstead3 up
4thLiam Seager3 up
19th July – Men’s Medal
1stNeil Flowers64 nett
2ndWill Pakenham-Walsh65
3rdTomasz Prescott65
4thMatt Ball66
22nd July – Mid-week Stableford
Division 1
1stPeter Grant40 points
2ndGraham Marshallsay39
3rdRichard Prescott38
4thSteve Drake38
Division 2
1stOscar Vaughan47 points
2ndMike Pigott44
3rdTomascz Prescott42
4thPeter Gunn39
25th July – Men’s Stableford
Division 1
1stJosh Evans42 points
2ndMark Tiplady41
3rdBill Ragan39
4thTim O’Connor38
Division 2
1stAndy Sibbald38 points
2ndBill Bennett36
3rdMike Battisson36
26th July – Laming Cup
1stKevin Stride66 nett
2ndGeorge Paeston66
3rdTom O’Connor67
4thGrant Thorne67 (Lowest Gross 72)
Did not qualify - Played fewer than 6 qualifiersKristian Govia-- (Lowest Nett 63)

Editor: Trevor Hodgkinson


The Editorial Team take no responsibility for incorrect information received from Contributors.