Fore Info April 2021

Let golf begin…

Never before has there been such excitement to get back to golf. The ‘divot parties’ have once again been popular, testament to many dedicated members using any excuse to get on the course. Due to the lack of play I guess it was more like ‘Spot the Divot’.

I hope you were lucky or skilful enough to master ClubV1 and get your favourite 4 ball booked. I expect many of you have played already. How was the first round? Please send me any funny restart stories and photos that I may publish next month. As always the best/funniest will be rewarded by a free drink in the bar when we get back to drinking.

Not only was March 29th our first day of golf after lockdown 3, but also the inauguration of the improved first hole, as part of what was the ‘first impressions project’. The project, kicked off in 2018, has successfully met its objectives of both improving the first hole as well as making the arrival at the first tee more attractive and welcoming.

The new starter hut, nicknamed ‘Bobs Billet’ or ‘Gezebob’ after Bob Moore (Greens Chair) was duly opened with a ribbon cutting by Pat Willis on behalf of the 100 Club, which kindly funded its purchase.  We must thank all the members that helped erect, paint, wire and prepare the hut which is a vast improvement in itself and as part of the new welcome at Alresford. Our Club Captain Tip, reminded everybody assembled as part of the honorary drive in group, of the initial drawing coming from Malcolm Scott for the new hole with bunkering and dogleg adaption. The greenstaff and Greens Committee has done an excellent job bringing these ideas to reality. A special thanks to Mal Hope-Mason for redesigning the flowerbeds and several members that sponsored the new plantings. A cleaned and repainted John Jacobs plaque now stands ideally positioned at the entrance to the hole. It was moved from behind the putting green where nobody saw it. This is a fitting addition as Malcolm was a disciple and friend of the great coach who opened the 18 hole course in 1993.

The new first hole was officially renamed Scotts in recognition of Malcolm and his family that gave so much to the club over so many years. It was great to watch the opening drives from the family. Given their golfing pedigree it is no surprise that neither Malcolm, Jane, Becky or Tom tested out the bunker. That honour was left to Graham Marshallsay as 1st (but not last as Mel Exton followed Graham) in to the new bunker.

It was fitting that Mary our most regular starter and recent Club Captain and former Chairman (amongst other roles- sorry Mary not enough space here to mention them all!) should be the Honorary Starter for the opening of Scotts.

Well done to the whole First Impressions Team and Greenstaff  for all the excellent hard graft, making starting at Alresford something of which we can all be very proud.

Given the easing of lockdown we are all hoping to restart our wonderful Social Scene, which over the years has been a hallmark of this great club. In order to give more Social space we will now have a dedicated regular column so nobody misses out on the next events. Make sure you read this section well every month so you don’t miss out on the signup.

This month my ‘hot seat’ Interview is with Mark and Mandy Wood our new Pro Team. Find out more about them and their ambitions for the Club.

I am personally keen to raise funds for the Captains Charity. Given the pandemic, charities have suffered reduced income so they need our help even more. So what can we do? Well I have decided to do a sponsored ‘Handicap Chase to Single Figures’. Mark Wood will be coaching me and I will personally add a £ donation for every member that sponsors me. (Sponsorship sign up on noticeboard & payment in office when club reopens). I will be reporting back on my progress during 2021 and beyond if necessary. I hope you will consider supporting me and the Captains Charity.

Finally I would like to thank those members who contacted me with ideas for Fore Info. Although we cannot include them all, they are very welcome and have contributed to some of the changes you will see here and in the coming months.

If you have ideas to further improve Fore Info, please email me at or look me up on the club directory for a chat.

David Marshall, Editor

Finally I would like to pass the word to our Land Trustees. If you, like me are uncertain who the Land Trustees are and what they do, let me explain. We are not a Limited Company but rather an unincorporated members club where the members share in the Clubs Assets and Liabilities. When it comes to Land and Buildings owned or rented by the club, it is obviously not practical for these to be in the names of all members. So they are put in the names of at least two but no more than four ‘Land Trustees’. They hold them on behalf of all members and are obliged to deal with them as directed by the Management Committee. For the full story and much more I highly recommend ‘The History of Alresford Golf Club’ book, especially insightful for new members. (Copies available from the Office).



(David Harrison, Brian Young, Keith Monkhouse and Mary Rook)

Now that we are back playing golf, albeit not yet enjoying the clubhouse to the full, you will have seen how the course has changed. New tees, bunkers and buildings have all appeared since we last played. Those of you who have walked the course during the closed period will have noticed how many were involved in achieving these changes. Not only were our greens staff doing their normal excellent work but many members were helping with the new buildings and re-siting the practice nets to complete the First Impressions project.

But many more were involved with the club during the lockdown period, quietly working away to ensure that our club maintains and improves its standards during this difficult time. The Chairman, Captains and their committees have done much to prepare us for a possible club development and, with our General Manager and his staff, have kept us all well informed about the club future programme via periodic most informative emails. A lot of work has gone on behind the scenes.

We would therefore like to pass our appreciation onto all those who, in their own quiet way, have done so well to keep our club responsive and developing during the lockdown period.

Our New Pro Team

Mark and Mandy Wood in the interview hot seat

The pandemic has limited our time to engage with our new Pro, Mark Wood and his wife Mandy. What follows is the second of my editorial interviews to uncover more beyond just the obvious golfing skills and good looks! I uncover their back story and Mark shares his aspirations for the club as our new Pro.

So Mandy, tell us about your family
As some members may have seen, we have 2 children. Bella has just turned 10 and loves dancing, gymnastics, reading and computers. Our son Zach is 12 plays golf and like most boys is fanatical about computer games.
Unfortunately, we have no pets at present as we recently lost our 15 year old cat. If the children get their way, we will be having a dog soon!
I lived the majority of my life in a small village called Benenden in Kent after my parents relocated from Liverpool when I was only 4 years old.  Although I have lost my accent,  I have been told it comes back when I am with fellow Liverpudlians.
Mark is from Seaford in East Sussex and has always lived in the south.
Mark, have you always been into golf?
Yes, golf was what I always wanted to do. I have played golf since the age of 12. After my parents divorced my Dad bought a house overlooking Seaford Head golf course which gave me every opportunity to play. I used to sneak onto the golf course everyday with a set of old golf clubs that I had found in the Cellar. On one of these occasions I was caught by the Head Pro of Seaford Head, Tony Lowles and to my surprise he did not berate me but took me under his wing and employed me in the Pro shop! I really did not enjoy school, however golf caught my attention and I tuned pro at the young age of 19, passing the exams with flying colours.
I was coached by Justin Rose’s coach Nick Bradley, but decided not to follow Justin onto the tour. I was fascinated with the instructional side of golf and always will be.
What are you most proud of in your career so far?
That’s a tough question. I suppose coaching European tour pro, Steve Richardson, was a great experience. I also really enjoy writing articles in golf magazines.
I have been a pro at several clubs including Seaford Head, Wellshurst and Dale Hill. It was at Dale Hill that I met Mandy. She was helping out as a puppeteer and working in the Pro Shop. I decided to start my own Golf Academy and moved the family to join Chichester Golf Club in 2016.
Tell us something that is ‘unique about you both ’ that none of us already know?
Mark? I have been a calendar boy for Play Better Golfs yearly calendar where I was flanked either side by the rather glamourous ‘Eye Candy Caddies’!  For those who do not know, this is a company that provides attractive male or female caddies for special golf events.
I have self published two golf instructional books ‘Never Shank Again’ and ‘How to Crush it 20 Yards Further’
How about you Mandy?
Probably few members know that I am a trained Quantity Surveyor. My speciality was suspended ceilings and partitions. Exciting stuff!
So why did you decide to join Alresford Golf Club? I heard the interview process was quite brutal- tell us more…
Yes the interview process was like no other I ever experienced. Surviving it was a career highlight!
There were several interviews then a live teaching lesson with a member, where I was being observed. The thorough interviewing gave me a good impression of the club and how seriously they take the recruitment of new staff.
Mandy and I are quite superstitious and after I started at Alresford I noticed the plaque presented by John Stirling in the clubhouse. John Stirling was my tutor throughout my training and in the final coaching interview he took me to one side and told me he could see me being very successful in the future, which was a great honour , we knew it was a ‘sign’ Alresford was meant for us.
I think it is one of the top jobs in Hampshire golf. I really wanted to get back to a friendly ‘members-run’ club where we can really get to know the members both through coaching, in the shop and at club events.
How have you found Alresford Golf Club so far? It must have been terrible with lockdown affecting your start up and now Terry leaving…..
It is sad that Terry is leaving but we wish him well. He did a lot to help us in the transition, so we are very grateful. We are in talks with getting a new Pro soon and have employed Benjamin as a summer student (Business Studies at Bournemouth). We will expand as needed to meet member’s needs.
It was challenging to start on the 1st November 2020 and shut within the week for lockdown 2, followed by a wonderful December.  Alas, January brought lockdown 3 leading to us having to close the doors once again, but we have tried to remain positive throughout.  We are so thankful of the kindness, support and advice from members and committee members. We were made to feel at home right away.
Mark, there are many ways to teach golf. Tell us about your approach and why you chose it?
I believe a ‘one size’ approach does not fit all. It all starts with really understanding what the person really needs and where we can make a difference. Most important is to agree what achievement to target before getting into swing details.

Present RoleProfessional, Alresford Golf Club since 2020
Turned Pro1996
MarriedMandy (Qualified Quantity Surveyor)
Children2, Bella and Zach
QualificationsPGA Advanced Professional
HobbiesMark: Reading, Fishing, DIY, Stocks & Shares,

Mandy: History, Architecture, Reading Crime Thrillers

So what differentiates your approach to coaching from other Professionals?
The main difference is that I care about results delivered, not just ‘swing change by the hour’. It is more of a coach-coachee partnership working for sustainable improvements. I have found this approach really works, although requires commitment from both sides.
Many of us are tired of taking lessons because we don’t see sustained improvement. Why should I come to you for help?
Lessons and coaching are two different things. It should not start with a lesson but on an agreement on what you want to achieve in a given time scale, say 3, 6 or 12 months. Once we set the objectives, then we start to work TOGETHER to reach them.
A key element is to understand what you are doing, where ‘video’ makes this a lot easier. The Flightscope technology helps me understand why things are going wrong as well as track progress. I often have new people coming to me that have never seen their coach on the course, always on the range. Can you imagine a football coach not watching all his teams matches, relying only on the practice ground? I firmly believe in a playing lesson to see where and how shots are lost before agreeing an approach to meet the objectives. There are many ways to lower scores.
So can you help me get from a handicap of 15 down to single figures Mark?
I can’t promise but I have helped many golfers in the past achieve it.
Editor: OK Mark lets call it the Editor Pro Challenge ‘Handicap Chase to Single’. We can follow progress in Fore Info. I will try to raise sponsorship money for the Captains Charity. I know a lot of members who would bet you could not get me to single figures!
I am up for the challenge, David. I will book a playing lesson to spot what I am up against.
Mark, We can get unlimited free golf lessons on Youtube so why should we come to you?
There are thousands of video tips, many conflicting each other that can make it confusing. So which is right for you? Which suits my body size and swing history?
It’s easy to misunderstand the changes from watching a video. You can never see yourself so you may not be doing exactly as they suggest. Also some tips don’t work on specific swing issues. Golf swings are so personal.
Mandy, you are going to be the Shop Manager supporting Mark. Tell us about what we can expect in the shop and what services you offer?
I would like the shop to reflect the ethos of the club. Professional and knowledgeable but run with a warm and friendly feel. We want the shop to be a nice welcoming place not a place where you feel you are just being sold to! After all it is the ‘members’ shop.
We will try to get whatever members want. I know due to COVID and Brexit we could not get stock and it was tough not being able to supply what that members needed.
Suppliers delayed launches as they had lots of old stock. This meant we were stocking up at a time that new season stock was not available to us.
We will run a bespoke club service with core ranges of Callaway, Taylormade and Ping clubs. We can get others if members want it through our link to a network of other Pro’s so don’t worry- just ask.
We are making plans for the season and have a few new ideas up our sleeves. There will be a number of Demo days throughout the year for members to try clubs on the range. We aim to be ‘Your total golf solution’……. competitive and local. We hope you will make the most of our services.
There is a perception that on-course golf shops are expensive and it is better to buy on line or in a mega store. What’s the benefit of buying in the AGC golf-shop?
This is a common misperception we want to dispel. We offer a ‘Price Match’. That means if you find something at a cheaper price on line or at a golf mega store we will match that price. Two recent examples of this can make our point. On Footjoy Tradition shoes we were able to match a new Clubhouse Golf offer of £99 vs £109.
Also the Bushnell Pro rangefinder was offered on a special by American Golf so we gave a member a price match and £10 back. We can’t keep up with the ever changing offers around the UK and online but the price match is our way of proving our competitiveness.
I heard you have lots of technology in the Academy. Tell us about how this can help members?
Yes we offer swing analysis with Flightscope. It can measure many things including club head speed, angle of attack and ball speed and much more. Mostly it helps me more quickly find the fault and decide how to fix it. Everything happens in just a few seconds in the swing so its great to be able to slow it down and locate the issue.
I am also fine with the golfer that does not embrace technology. Say she or he is hitting it short and comes to me for help. I am able to show what the difference is and help her or him to understand.
Mark you follow in Malcolm’s footsteps, who was here for so many years, so it can’t be easy.
He had a great long career at Alresford!  Big shoes to fill for sure. I am so grateful for the help Malcolm gave in the transition and I hope we will continue to see him playing at the club in the coming years.
What would you like to be remembered for as our Pro?
I would like to contribute to the club development in several ways.  I want to support the club to continue to attract new members, I will use a beginners program as the centre point, and will ensure that we continue with our great work of making sure that the new members slide right in.  Some new initiatives I am proposing are to encourage them to play a round of golf with myself and recommend partners that will complement their playing ability and style.
In addition I want to make sure that all members find me accessible and available should they need advice on their golf or even just a chat.  The Captain/Pro matches will be the start of me trying to get to know all of the members and for them to become more comfortable with me.
We want to make the shop welcoming and spoil the members with offers that showcase some of the best golf equipment on the market.
I hope to contribute to enhancing the clubs’ reputation as one of the best and most friendly clubs in Hampshire.

Quickfire Q and A

Favourite golf course?
The Forest Golf Club, Florida
Dream 4 ball partners?
Tiger, Jack Nicklaus, Rory McIlroy
Your biggest golfing disaster?
6th Head at Seaford GC. Hooked it onto the road and almost hit a car.
Curry or Fish & Chips?
Mark: Curry, but Mandy: F&C
Wine or Beer?
Mandy: intravenous Sancerre. Mark: Wine and Beer, not mixed…
YouTube or Netflix?
Netflix for Mandy, You Tube for Mark
Favourite Film
Mandy: ‘Seve’
Mark: ‘CaddySack’
The Beatles or The Sex Pistols?
The Beatles (Liverpool connection)
The Queen or Madonna?
The Queen
Gym work or Driving Range Practice? 
Mark: Both
Mandy: Gin work with tonic…
Spurs or Southampton FC?
Mark: Spurs
Mandy: David Beckham for his good looks

Management Corner

Return to golf

Obviously, it is a relief for us all for golf to be legal once more; on reflection…what a very strange statement that is; but never-the-less an accurate assessment of the journey that we have all endured as golfers and members of our Club.

Mandatory Tee Times continue for as long as required as stipulated by authorities such as; England Golf. Pre-booked Tee Times will not continue at the Club for any longer than needed. Once Tee Times fall-away we will return to roll-up golf on all days, subject to traditional bookings for matches etc.


There is some difficulty for our Club in our financial forecast for this financial year through to September 2021. Currently we forecast a loss of £40,000 due to less income from the bar, visitors, guests and societies. The Management Committee has taken the view to not to chase increased income in the golf season from visitors and societies, so that Members’ golf is prioritised. We hope for a brilliant golf season making full use of our wonderful and improved course, practice facilities and bar & catering services. I am sure we will all value our club far more this season.

Proud to be a Members’ Club

Since becoming Chairman in 2018, I have sought to prioritise members who provide nearly 80% of our golf income; we are a Members’ Club. We collectively own the Club, and throughout 2020/21 we have provided a higher proportion of income than normal, and have faced very long periods of being unable to use our own Club. I am therefore really grateful to Management Committee Members, and Vice-Captain Simon Freemantle in particular, in prioritising Members’ Golf and accepting this may result in a deficit for this financial year.

The Club faces a loss of members every year at the time of annual renewals, we plan for 9% attrition each year which was accurate again this year.  In my first year as Chairman, member renewals at the end of January were 486, this year we had 536 renewals. This increase significantly improves financial forecasting and enables us to set lower income expectations from visitors and societies; thus further developing priorities for our Members. Club rules allow for a total full membership of 675 5 & 7 day members; the Management Committee are required to regulate this number based on income requirements and the capacity of the Course. Given the increased amount of golf that our Members tend to play, my Committee has decided to initially limit the number of members this year to one hundred less than permitted; 575.

At the time of writing; we have 560 members signed-up and only 15 memberships available. This success is testament to the Club’s culture in prioritising Membership which is driven by Nick Duncan and the Planning & Development Committee, implemented by our General Manager, David Maskery. All this success leads to an increased workload for our Captains who provide essential screening and ultimate welcome for our new members.

You will recall some of the congestion we suffered previously, due to; visitors, HPLS members and Winter Members bringing lots of guests and being able to play at the same times as Club Members. Again, the increase in full member numbers allows us to not seek these subsidiary membership schemes but to release course capacity for full members.

Key Members – Festival Weekend

There will be a ‘festival weekend’ at the earliest possible opportunity, once all Covid restrictions are lifted; currently this is anticipated as being after June 21st, according to current, central information. The festival weekend would be planned to include a Friday so that 5-day members and 7-day members can take part. It is likely that we will hold a competition to award the newly presented Key Member trophy won by Richard Lane last year. This year we have all been Key Members and we hope that as many members as possible can take part over a 3-day weekend. The Club are planning to provide drinks, food and a warm Club atmosphere to enable us to celebrate a full return to golf and our Club. Much more information once we have some confidence in lockdown restrictions.

Clubhouse Development

Chair of the House Committee, Sue Masser, has been working tirelessly to progress plans and planning for the agreed Clubhouse Development scheme. Our plans have been submitted to achieve planning permission, so we hope for a positive outcome. Once we have a positive outcome and final plans we can go out to tender with contractors and then finally implement the members’ loan note scheme to support the build. We will then be able to award the contract and provide members with a schedule for the build.

I hope that you enjoy your return to golf as much as I anticipate that I will on Good Friday, and that we can be ‘one club’ again as soon as all restrictions are lifted. I also need to register my immense thanks to David Marshall for not only bringing Fore Info together each month, but for the new format and content; thank you David.


Robert White

Chairman of the Management Committee

From the Club Captain

We’re back!   On a lovely sunny Spring day, the course opened on 29th March in wonderful condition considering the recent weather and those pesky rooks.  Some of our members found getting their kit together a challenge, but most got round OK.

Our editor has covered this earlier, so I add my thanks to all involved in the planning, financing and execution of the First Impressions project.  “Scotts” is a permanent legacy to mark 40 exceptional years and we look forward to a full Alresford Golf Club celebration when circumstances allow.

The Captain/Pro Challenge is open for bookings through the ProShop.   Book early, 4 of the first 8 have been taken.  The trophy will be in the shop when it reopens.

Friendly interclub matches have previously been listed on a notice board but in 2021 we are going techno – all fixtures have been entered into ClubV1 for you to review. Some fixtures have not made the list this year due to Covid restrictions and calendar clashes as we inevitability have a truncated season.

Our first match is soon upon us and is away at Hockley on Thursday April 15th at 3pm. Covid restrictions will still apply so you should look at this event as ‘golf only’ and please remember social distancing. If you wish to be considered for this match please mark your availability in ClubV1. Within the ClubV1 Members Hub menu select the Club Teams option, then select Men’s Friendly Matches 2021 followed by view team details. That should take you to our fixture list where you can, at this early stage, mark which matches you would like to be considered for.  Vice-Captain Simon organises the teams and you can contact him direct if all else fails!

George has covered other events and knockouts in his report.  My thanks to him and the Match Committee for their hard work.

You do not have to decide on your availability for all the fixtures yet, but I ask you to make it known if you wish to be considered, at least 10 days before the match date.  Simon will then notify all selected players 8 days before the match date.  I would really like to encourage all new 2020 and 2021 members to make an extra effort of availability and I already appreciate the continued support of these fixtures by our longer serving members.

Captains Charity Day preparations are underway.  Diary date, Sunday 6th June.  Format revealed soon.   Start building your teams of 4.

Onwards and upwards with high optimism and anticipation.

Mark Tiplady

Tip at Scotts Opening: dry March?

Club Matches

Alresford GC are entered into a number of regional and national competitive matches, including the EAGG (Southern Counties Scratch League) , Hampshire County 7s and the National Annodata Team Competition.
It is important that we have good squad numbers for each of these competitions. Teams are run by Jim White and Richard Lane and further information will follow with instructions for members who wish to be considered for selection
for these matches.

Ladies Section

Arriving early on Monday Morning it was so lovely to see cars parked with people unloading their clubs and trolleys. Malcolm and his family were the first to drive off the new first tees followed by others who had been paramount to the rejuvenation of the first tee area and the smooth running of the Club during lockdown. None had lost their ability to hit the ball, despite lack of play over the past months, maybe due to the bubbly, provided by Simon Freemantle.

Many members have been busy working alongside Simon and his team of Greenkeepers around the new first tee. The new starters hut which I have observed develop from a basic flat pack to fruition, has had one of our Committee members, Jan Harring, very active with a paint brush, whilst our Past Captain Mal Hope-Mason has taken responsibility for design of the new shrubbery en-route with some interesting and clever planting.

Building a sound base for the Hut

Mal with new plantings and using natural fertiliser

Members of the Ladies Committee have been active updating documents, the New Members Booklet, and in the development and creation of an extremely detailed and comprehensive explanation of the new handicapping system. These are available to all Ladies as digital copies and can also be accessed on the Club Website under the Ladies Members Section.

Booking is available for the Spring Meeting on the 20th April and I encourage all Ladies to join in. Entries close on the 4th April so if you cant manage to sign up on line please contact either Caroline Warne of Jan Harring. Unfortunately we cant run it in the usual form but at least it will give us all an opportunity to celebrate out return to golf and toast our official start of the golfing year.

Due to our recent reopening it has been decided to postpone the Flag Competition, which usually takes place on Easter Monday, to a later date.

Two new ladies have recently joined us, Rosemary Verrall and Jane Andrews and I warmly welcome them to the Club and look forward to playing with them next week.

How exhilarating and exciting to be free to enjoy our course again. I am hoping to see you all on the course in the near future and pray the weather shall be kind to us.

Di Peisley


For those that are unaware  the ladies at Alresford compete against other clubs in the County to win the Stoneham Cup.  The entrants are drawn into various groups.  All clubs in those individual groups play each other, both home and away, and the winners in each group go forward to the next round.  Each team is composed of seven ladies.
Unfortunately this competition, along with many others, had to be cancelled last year.  This year it will go ahead so long as circumstances do not change.   Alresford Ladies will be playing Basingstoke, Cams Hall, Sanford Springs and Brokenhurst.
Our first match will be at home v. Basingstoke, first tee at 1 00 pm on Thursday 29th April.
If any members would care to come out and support our ladies it would be great to see you on the course.
Jan Harring

Match Committee Report

Rather a long report this time as there’s a quite a lot of critical information you need to know for the upcoming competitive season.

, Scorecards & Score Entry

Since it’s been a while since we were able to play golf here are some reminders on what’s required when you play in a competition. These also apply if you’re going to put in a Casual Play score plus you need to identify which set tees are used and ensuring that the course is in a qualifying state. (Please note that the PSI terminal will not be in use until the Clubhouse re-opens, hopefully on 12th April.)

  • You must sign-in on the day of the competition before the start of your round.
  • Scorecards must not be exchanged, so you must record your own score.
  • The scorecard must have your name and Course Handicap (as displayed by the system at sign-in).
  • The scorecard must have the name of competition and the date so that it can be distinguished from any other competition that day.
  • The name of the player in your playing group who will verify your score must be clearly identified either on the physical or electronic scorecard.
  • You should record your own gross scores for each hole on the scorecard.
  • If you are verifying another player’s score, then those scores should be recorded on your scorecard and the player clearly identified.
  • After the round, the scores should be verbally agreed between you and verifier and you should sign the card.
  • You must enter your gross scores for each hole into the system using the Members App or HowDidiDo before 22:00 on the day of the competition.
  • While the Clubhouse is closed (before April 12th), players should retain their scorecards until the result is published. If the Committee needs to check the score entry of a player we will contact the marker/verifier of that player for clarification. If a marker/verifier isn’t identified the player may be disqualified from the competition.
  • When the Clubhouse has opened (from April 12th), players must deposit their signed scorecard in the appropriate place –
    • Men’s and Mixed competitionsbrown box in Entrance Hall.
    • Ladies’ competitionsbox in Ladies Changing Room.
    • Casual Play Scoresgreen box in the Entrance Hall.

Summer Knockouts

A reminder that the closing dates for the knockouts below is fast approaching – 18th April for the Wessex, Ross and Company Cup, and 16th April for the Vets KO Championship, Vets Over 70’s and Fred White Foursomes. The entry for the ladies’ Esme Norris Vase has already closed. The details of the main competitions can be found in last month’s Fore Info which is on the Club website.

Club Championships

The maximum number of entries will be 66 for men and 33 for ladies. Players with a Handicap Index of 12.0 and below for men and 20.0 and below for ladies at the time entry closes do not have to pre-qualify provided they book a place in the “Men’s or Ladies Club Championship” by 31st May, otherwise they will have to go through the qualifying stage. Players with higher Handicap Indexes must go through qualifying.

The number of places available through qualifying will be as many as needed to bring the total entry to 99 after entry for the lower handicap for both men and ladies players has closed. For example, if the number of entries on 1st June for men is 45 then 21 places are available for those going through qualifying. Thus, for men the best 25 net scores plus ties from the qualifying competitions will gain entry to the Men’s Championship. The same will apply for the remaining places for the Ladies’ Championship.

For Men:

  • Qualifying will consist of 2 medal rounds on 22nd May and 12th June
  • Players may play in one or other or both rounds but only the best net score will count.

For Ladies:

  • Qualifying will consist of 3 medal rounds
  1. May (EG) Medal – Saturday 1st or Tuesday 4th May
  2. Lifeboat (EG) Medal – Tuesday 19th or Saturday 22nd May
  3. Centenary Salver (EG) Medal – Saturday 5th or Tuesday 8th June
  • Players may play in one, two or three rounds, but only the best net score will count.
  • Before playing in any qualifying round the player must register their intent by booking a place in the “Men’s or Ladies Championship Qualifying Entry” so that we are aware that scores in these Championship qualifying competitions are to be considered for possible entry to the appropriate Championship.
  • Players must still sign-in for the actual competition on that day as normal.


  1. Regardless of Handicap Index all players must meet the entry requirements as detailed in the Terms of Competition.
  2. Players with a Handicap Index of 12.0 or less for men and 20.0 or less for ladies who fail to book in by 31st May must go through the qualifying process and register for and play in the Championship Qualifying round on 12th June (Laming Cup) for men or Centenary Salver on Saturday 5th or Tuesday 8th June for ladies.
  3. In the event that a player of 12.0 or 20.0 and less has booked to play in the Championship by 31st May but their handicap index increases beyond the boundary after the closing date, they still have automatic entry.
  4. In the event that a player reduces their handicap index to 12.0 for men or 20.0 for ladies or less after 31st May, entry will be assessed based on scores from the qualifying rounds.
  5. Booking for the appropriate “… Club Championship” and for the “… Championship Qualifying Entry” should be done using the Booking function of the Members App or HowDidiDo.
  6. Entries for players with handicaps 12.0 for men and 20.0 for ladies, or less will open on 19th April and close on 31st May.
  7. Entries for players with handicaps 12.1+ for men and 20.1+ for ladies will open on 12th April and close on 8th June (Ladies) and 12th June (Men). Only scores recorded after you have registered with the Qualifying Entry competition will count.

Members Survey

We’ve had some technical hitches with our proposed survey which we hope to resolve soon.

Committee Vacancy

We still have a vacancy on the Committee for anyone interested in how handicaps and competitions are managed. Send me an email if you’d like to know more. My email address is on the Members App.

George Clelland & Gill Freemantle

Mixed Matches

The mixed match season will be starting soon and it is expected that the first match will be at the end of May. The early matches have been cancelled or postponed from the original dates due to Covid restrictions. The sign up list for the first matches will be posted on the Mixed notice board in the foyer from the 12th April.

There are 11 matches planned this year with a balance of home and away games. A full list of all our mixed match fixtures will be posted on the notice board in the foyer on 12th April. Sign up lists for subsequent matches will be posted approximately 7 weeks before the match. Any club member with a CONGU handicap is welcome to sign up to play. All the matches are played in a friendly manner and everyone is welcome, no matter what their handicap. It is hoped that members who haven’t played before will join in and sign up for the opportunity to play mixed golf both at home and on some very enjoyable away courses. Playing partners are drawn as part of team selection.

The match teams will be communicated by posting the team list on the Mixed notice board and an email will be sent to all individuals involved. Team members are requested to play in team colours of white shirts and navy jumpers.
A decision has been made that Five Day members may play in the weekend matches if we are unable to field a team from the Seven Day members. There will be a section on the sheet for Five Day members to sign up. Green fees will not be required.
Specific catering arrangements are unclear at the moment but as we have rescheduled the early matches it is expected that all matches will include a meal. For home matches we expect to continue with a smart/casual dress code for our match meals.
For more information or any queries please contact Marion or Alan Bruce.

Marion Bruce

A Look at the Rules


In which of the following has the player made a “stroke” as defined in the Rules of Golf? Can be none or more than one.

A – A player starts the downswing and the clubhead then becomes entangled in a tree limb, which stops his swing.

B – A player’s clubhead separates from the shaft during his backswing and he completes his swing, missing the ball.

C – A player swipes angrily with their putter, accidently hitting their ball, which had been on the lip of the hole, and it comes to rest in a bunker.

D – During the downswing a player intentionally alters the path of his club so that it misses the ball, although the clubhead reaches and goes past the ball.

Vets Section

By the time this reaches your inbox the course will have reopened  and hopefully you have already been able to play a few holes. At the time of writing this months article, returning in 4 balls means there is a lot of tee availability.  For me, as I am sure for many of us, Spring is a favourite time of the year. Longer days, warmer sunshine and blossom on the trees for us to enjoy our course and reap the benefits of all the hard work put in by Simon and his team. I was fortunate enough to be invited to play on the reopening day and participate in the ceremony to mark the opening of the new Starters Hut and the renaming of the 1st hole. It was nice to see the Scott family together and good fun was had by all and the golf was not too bad, aided by a slower swing to protect the body from any unwanted muscle strains.

I am pleased to welcome Chris Fuller, Andy Buckle, David Thomas, Andy Gagen, Mel Exton and Mike White to the Vets Section and hope they enjoy all that the Vets have to offer, both on and off the course. This now brings our number to 89 with some regular Members still to renew. We say goodbye to David Voy who has moved to Norwich and wish him well in his new home. Anyone eligible to join us, either new to the Club or looking to play more midweek golf, will be most welcome. Annual membership fee is £10 and can be left in an envelope marked for The Vets Treasurer with your name on it. An important date for your diaries is Monday 12th April when we will be restarting  the Roll Up, amended to fit into the  current tee booking system.  To take part book your tee time between 8am and 2pm, either with your normal playing partners, or look to make up a 4 ball with other members of the Vets. The playing format will vary from week to week and be available in the Club House foyer before you play. Entry will be £2 per player and on completion of your round leave your cards in the box in the foyer. Winners will be notified by email. To oversee the Roll Up we will, once again, be looking for volunteers to be the ‘bagman’. If you can help either use the Bagman Sign Up list on the Notice Board  in the lobby of the men’s cloakroom or contact our Vice Captain Bob Archer.

We are planning on running a full programme of competitions this year and entry for the Vets Knock Out Championship, the Over 70’s Knock Out and the Fred White Foursome are now open via the Club V1 or HowDidIDo apps.  To enter go to the Knockouts in the dropdown menu of the apps where the rules of entry are outlined. The fee is £3 per competition and will be deducted from your Bar Card. Closing date is 6.00pm on the 16th April. The draw will be made shortly afterwards and posted on the Vets Notice Board.

On Wednesday 19th May when we will be playing the Vets Captain v Vice Captain match. This 4bbb is a popular event in the Vets calendar (usually won by the Vice Captains Team!) and normally played in March, it is the traditional opener of the summer season. Unfortunately this year we will not be following the match with a sit down meal.  The upside of this is that there will be no entry fee.  Ewan MacGregor has put the entry sheet on the Notice Board  with a closing date of  12.00 on  Friday 30th April after which the teams will be drawn. Some of you have already contacted Ewan to let him know you want to play and he has added your names to the sign up sheet. If you are unable to visit the Club before the 30th April and wish to play  please let Ewan know on

This year’s inter club friendlies have  been impacted by the  restrictions with us losing approximately half of our fixtures.  Clubs are coming out of lockdown at  different paces to ourselves which means we have been invited to play our away fixture  at Hockley on Monday 19th April. The closing date for selection has passed for this match and the team already chosen, thank you to all who made themselves available.  Our next match is away at Waterlooville on Wednesday 2nd June. 1st tee is at 09.00 followed by an after match meal. On the 9th June we are playing away at Corhampton. The sign up sheet for both these matches are now on the Notice Board. If all things go according to the Governments intended roadmap then from the 23rd June we are very much hoping to resume our calendar of matches which can be found on the online version of the Club diary via the Club website.



Gareth Rees

Vets Captain

General Manager’s Update


Welcome to the following new members who have all joined the club during ‘lockdown’ ; Christopher Morrogh, Nick Connell, Juan Lyall, Andrew Gagen, Derek Andrews, Jane Andrews, John Bridgen, James Murray, Robert Tilney, Paul Shaw, Michael Aggis , Phil Norman, Andy Nash, Tim Jordan, Nigel Slater, Ian Sheath, Steve Hunt, Andrew Davis, Andrew Indge, Richard Browning, Nicholas Parker, Paul Bishop, Stephen Harris, Terry Nicolls, Michael Fairbrass, Peter Cunio, Colin Verrall, Rosemary Verrall, (7 day) , Jeff Hogg, Nigel Mugford, Darryl Skinner (5 day) , Nicholas Carpenter, Michael Haines, Alfie Jones, Mark Robbins (Student), Robin Watts, Chris Bush, Robert Green, Simon Hake, Tim Miller, Christopher Patmore, Marcus Swalwell and  Tim Sinclair-Wilson (Academy).

We hope that your time at the club will be a long and enjoyable one for all of you.

If you know any friends, acquaintances or even ex-members who are thinking of joining a club or changing clubs or have new neighbours who have recently moved to the area, please do your best to sell them the benefits of Alresford Golf Club.  Don’t delay as when we reach our capacity, entry to the playing membership will be via a waiting list.


The diary is available for collection from the Office however due to the revised competitions schedules and the restrictions placed upon matches (both Home and Away) it is not entirely accurate.

The website diary is the most up to date so please check this as well.

Reminder ALL playing members must have the correct colour bag tag with 2021 sticker. Course Starters will

be checking for these when we resume playing. 


Good news …. You can now ‘top up’ your bar cards via your Club v1 app.



Have you finished all your box sets, read all your holiday books  and now looking for something to occupy your time?

Did you know that we have copies of the History of Alresford Golf Club available for purchase from the Office at a cost of £10.

This is a fascinating insight into how the club was established and its transition from 9 hole course to the 18 hole course we have today. There are stories and memories from members past and present as well as photos.  It’s a great coffee table book!


The MASTERS takes place again at Augusta National 8-11 April.

We will be running THE MASTERS CHARITY SWEEPSTAKE once again to give you all some added excitement over the four days. To enter this competition, you just need to pick one player from each of 6 selected groups. Players will score points dependent upon their finishing position on the final day.

Please enter via your Club V1 app /HDIDO as per a normal competition. It is called the Masters Sweepstake, the £3 entry will be taken from your club bar card, and winnings will be paid back on to it. You have until 11am on Thursday 8th April to pay and enter.

Full competition details and list of players has already been sent out, so if you have not entered please contact the Office.

The Captain’s Charity will receive 25% of the pot, the Winner will receive 40% of the pot, the runner-up 20%,  third place will receive 10% and fourth place 5

We had 150 entrants last year and Will Pakenham-Walsh won with a very credible 63points.

CLUB ARCHIVE – Working Group

We are fortunate to have retained (hoarded) a huge amount of historical and photographic material about the club over the years. Recent clearance of roof spaces during lockdown have revealed even more boxes containing some gems about the transition of the club from 1980’s and 1990’s into what it is today.

The House Committee would like your help in sorting the archive material and detailing exactly what we have and will keep as part of the club’s history. If you are interested in the club history and joining this ‘working group’ to sift through the documents and photographs, deciding what and what not is relevant and to keep, please contact me at

SafeGolf – Safeguarding

As part of our affiliation to England golf we are currently completing the mandatory SafeGolf accreditation. SafeGolf is a partnership of UK golf bodies committed to promoting a safe and positive environment for all those participating, working and volunteering in the sport of golf. It has been established to help golf respond to the issue of child protection in sport and its mission is to safeguard the welfare of children, young people and adults at risk, in the sport of golf. It is an updating and continuation of the processes established and followed with GolfMark and ClubMark over the past years.

As part of this we have produced 2 policies that have been reviewed and adopted by the Management Committee and which members should be aware of;

Children and Young People Safeguarding Policy

Adult Safeguarding Policy

Both of these policies can be found via the Members area of our website and should be used as a reference should any member ever have any concerns. There is also a SafeGolf area on the Junior Noticeboard where you can find details of the Club Welfare Officer (Melissa Gori) .

If any member does have any queries or concerns regarding SafeGolf policies or welfare and safeguarding, please direct them to myself or Melissa.

Thank You,

David Maskery

General Manager

FACEBOOK – check out our Facebook page

Make sure you ‘like’ our Facebook page and you will link to it and get the regular pictures and updates on what’s happening ! Share with your friends to help us boost our online and social media profiles


Follow us at


If anyone would like any of the following framed pictures, please contact me at



Despite all the restrictions imposed by the pandemic, the Social Committee has been active behind the scenes, devising a range of initiatives on behalf of our members. I am pleased to announce the new team and thank them for all their hard work:

Marion Bruce, Catherine Carberry, Tony Carroll, Garreth Duncan, Les Thorne,  Jan White, Nikki White

The two recent quiz nights proved very successful, attracting 15 teams. Despite having the challenge of running them virtually over Zoom, Quiz Master Garreth Duncan did an excellent job. Thanks go to Mark Wood who generously donated the 1st prize for the December event. Well done to all who participated and congratulations to the winners:

29th December Quiz

1st That’s Alresford Price – James, Bailly & Harriott Riche

2nd The 4H’s – Jan Harring, Tony Hutt, Sandra & Mike Hooker

3rd Princeton Putters – John Hopfield, Mary Waltham, Anne & David Jarvis (They even joined all the way from the US, enabled by the zoom link.)

6th March Quiz

1st Hook Line and Sunk – Jan Harring, Tony Hutt, Sandra Hooker and Catherine   Carberry

2nd Better take a provisional – Laurie Tucker’s team


Here are some upcoming social events for your diary:

Dawn Patrol 19th June

Captains’ Drive In (Date to be decided)

Par 3 (Date to be decided)

Soultown 4th September

We look forward to getting back to a more normal, fun social calendar and trust you will support us at all the events.

Mike Battisson

Chair of the Social Committee


Saturday 4TH SEPTEMBER 2021

Watch out for ticket information & details

TEAM GOLF 2021 – ‘The Return’

After an enforced absence, the popular weekly competition of Team Golf 2021 (TG21) returns on 20th May and will run every Thursday evening from 5pm, for 10 weeks until Finals night on 22nd July.

It is organised and run as a fun event open to all golfing members with a live handicap, who compete as pairs in team matches over 9 holes each week.

The Team Golf League consists of 10 teams of 6 players each. One pair from each team plays a Better Ball Stableford match each week against another team’s pair, until every team has played each other. All 6 team players are invited to play in the final competition on Finals night before winners and the season’s presentations are made (in line with Govt. guidelines in place on 22nd July).

This year, to assist the administration, Team Captains wishing to enter a Team should register their intention by emailing the TG21 organiser John White as soon as possible, with their name and Team Name.

Captains will receive a reply with full details and it is hoped that they fill their team asap. Once 10 teams have been registered, any further teams will be put on a waiting list.

The TG21 Teams registered on email will then be posted on the social notice board on12th April with any remaining spaces for players names (and teams, if the 10 team places are not filled).

As in previous years, Team Captains are responsible for naming and selecting their team, scheduling the weekly playing pairs and paying the team entry fee to the office.

The closing date for entries and payments is 5pm on Wednesday 6th May. Any previously registered team that has not paid, will forfeit their entry and the first reserve team offered their place.

A TG21 Team should consist of a Lady, a Gent, a Senior Male (over 50yrs) and a Junior, plus 2 more players from any category. To continue to encourage the social aspect and welcome new members to our club, we ask that this year Team Captains should make every effort to include a member who joined in 2020/21. To foster a team environment, each TG21 Team member must play in at least 2 league matches, but no more than 4 times in total.

Anyone who wishes to participate but has not found a team is welcome to add their name to the ‘available‘ list in the relevant category, which will also be posted on the social notice board.

New for 2021 is that all Rules & Regulations plus Teams, Fixtures, Results and news will posted in the member’s section of the club website under the TEAM GOLF heading.

John White
Organised and and run on behalf of the Social Committee by John White

Contact details: phone: 01962 732283

Greens News

So we are back on the course again and managed to complete the 1st Impressions and Development works on time. For those of you seeing the changes for the first time, especially the new members,  do let us know what you think. The log cabin arrived as a kit with 360 different pieces of wood and more than a 1,000 fixings, on seeing it one committee member did wonder if it was too late to ask the Supplier to also assemble it!

A core group of volunteers proceeded to then spend many hours treating every piece of wood at least twice and erecting the cabin. In some respects I think it kept us sane in LD3 being almost a “little lost” when it was finished. My sincere thanks to everyone who helped, the Club is indebted to you and saved us over £1,000. The Greens Committee has now “handed over” the facility to the Club to manage and operate and look forward to seeing it well utilised.

A total of 1,300 m2 of new turf has been laid. The new 1st and 12th tees have been cut down to 12mm and top dressed, we need to go through this process a couple more times before we open them for play but this will be before April has finished ready for the Board Competitions. The blue tees are now in place so we all need to be a little more careful watching where we are walking!

The planned tree works were completed with the stump grinding being slightly delayed due to a failure on the suppliers machine. The areas have received soil and seed so we hope for the right conditions to achieve germination. Our 6 staff are all fine and doing well. Ben is starting his Level 3 qualification and Dominic is well on track to obtaining his Level 2 qualification.

Following on from Greens Maintenance have been 2 applications of top dressing, which has firmed the surfaces up after another wet winter. The first granular base feed has gone down and another granular fertiliser will be applied the first week of April. These two applications should grow out the remaining disease scars although is very dependant on mother nature and frequency of frosty nights. Wetting agent programme will now begin along with liquid nutrition on a fortnightly basis. Solid tine aeration will also be carried out through the spring in the form of a pencil sized tine as to cause minimal disruption. Some leather jackets have been seen on the greens this week so the 9th green was covered with a tarpaulin overnight but luckily only small amounts came to the surface.

All bunkers have been edged and sand depths checked and sand added where needed.

Tees, Aprons and Fairways have all been granular fed and nicely washed in from a good shower. Tees and Aprons have also had some wetting agent and liquid feed. Thanks to the divot parties who helped complete Fairway divotting over the last couple of weeks, it really will help. Paths will be topped and tidied where needed as we go through April.

The Sheep have now been taken off site and have yet again done a grand job of managing the roughs. Cut rough is showing signs of starting to grow but still not enough for a full cutting run. Wild flower area at the back of the 12th green has been sprayed off and will be seeded again shortly.

Shrub bed on the walk to the 1st is taking shape with the John Jacobs plaque in place. On lifting the heathers by the patio it was realised they were very “leggy” so were unsuitable, a row of lavender has been planted instead.

Winter servicing of machinery has been ongoing with replacement parts ordered when needed. A new Fairway fertiliser spreader has been purchased and replaces our old one which was rusting away and difficult to calibrate to get the right output. The new spreader is cheap compared to the products being applied each year!

Rook damage is tending to get better although if it turns warm and wet again they will be back. We will trial an oil extract product on the worst areas. The pest ingests the product, so should work on both Chafer Bugs and Leathers Jackets. Fantastic if this works BUT it’s not cheap to apply everywhere.

Now if anyone found a Ben Ross Tribe putter head cover in their bag whilst polishing their weapons during lockdown I would welcome it back!

Bob Moore
Greens Committee

A Look at the Rules


A. The Player has made a stroke in “A “only (See definitions in the Rules of Golf including Interpretation Stroke/1

If you would like to find out more about the rules, there is a wonderful rules section on the R&A website  where you can also find these exceptions. Just download the R&A app (Rules of Golf) from the app store. 

100 Club

The winners of the 100 Club prize draw for April 2021 were:

£100    Carol Middleton

£50      Tony Wright

£32      Jennifer Miller

£32      Mary Panter

£32      Philip Cartwright

£32      Wynn Tufnell

Congratulations to our winners this month.  Next month’s draw will take place during week beginning 19 April so look out for the results on the Secretary’s board in the entrance hall.

You will have seen that Scott’s the new 1st tee opened on 29th March and so too did the new Starters Hut.  This was a magnificent effort by all involved to have everything ready for the day we were able to resume our golf. The 100 Club has provided the funds for the Starters Hut and I was delighted to have the opportunity to ‘open’ the hut and hand it over on behalf of 100 Club members before the first players teed off. The new hut is definitely an impressive sight for golfers walking up to the first tee and will provide an excellent facility for our golf club.

The 100 Club raises funds through membership shares and can use those funds to pay for or contribute towards items for our golf club which may prove difficult within existing budgets. The Starters Hut would not have been possible without support from the 100 Club so an excellent example of what can be achieved.

If you too would like to have the opportunity to contribute towards future enhancements to our club facilities and have the chance of winning a cash prize each month then how about making 2021 the year to join the 100 Club. 

You can win one of six cash prizes in the monthly draw: £100, £50 and four at £32.

Each share cost £1 per month paid for by monthly standing order and there is no limit to the number you can purchase.  Members generally have between 1 and 10 shares with 5 being the most common holding. There is an annual summer competition and dinner where you can meet up with fellow 100 Club members – this year on Friday 23 July. (COVID restrictions permitting)

For further information about the 100 Club and its history please refer to this section in previous editions of FORE Info.  Application forms can be obtained from the Secretary’s office or from me –  Pat Wallis phone 01420 564417 or email


Pat Wallis

Member to Member

For Sale

‘Eventer 4’ golf buggy made by Patterson Products Ltd. of Chertsey.
One year old, sparingly used, transferable warranty for buggy and lithium battery.
£ 2,700.  ono.
Please contact Victoria Mackintosh      01962 734182

If you have something golfing to offer other members why not use Fore Info.  We ask for a donation to the Captains Charity. Please contact the editor by email at

Funny Endings: Joke and Cartoon of the Month

Well done to Stuart Slater, who provided the Joke of the month for April. See you in the bar for a drink on me…

We are looking for golf related, clean, seriously funny humour suitable for all members. Send your contributions to the Editor at

If we use your joke or cartoon, I will buy you a drink in the bar when it reopens.

Peanuts © (1999) Peanuts Worldwide LLC

Two men, a priest and an aetheist, are playing golf.

At the green on the first hole, the aetheist, lines up for a short two-foot putt, taps the ball, and the ball slips around the edge of the cup and does not go in. “Dammit, I missed!” exclaims the aetheist.

The priest, then tells the aetheist that he shouldn’t curse, because God will punish the aetheist for doing so.

On the second hole, the aetheist tries a particularly aggressive chip shot to get the ball onto the green and instead lands in a sand bunker.

“Dammit I missed!” exclaimed the aetheist, to which the priest again issued a warning about God punishing those who curse.

The round continues in much the same way, with the aetheist continuing to exclaim “Dammit I missed!” every time he hits an errant ball (which is quite often), and the priest continues to admonish him about God’s wrath.

Finally, they get to the eighteenth hole and the score is tied.

The aetheist needs to make a two-foot putt in order to win. He taps the ball, and again he misses, and again, he curses his miss.

Before the priest can respond, the clouds in the sky open up, and a bolt
of lightning shoots out and hits the preist, killing him.

Then, from the cloud comes a loud voice “Dammit, I missed.”

Quote of the Month

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