Curly’s Barn

Curly’s Barn

May I suggest a sign be placed on the front right corner of Curly’s Barn asking players to leave the green to the left and go around the barn?
The problems:
a) waiting to play while players walk to their clubs already parked at the 13th tee delays play
b) as above – health and safety (as per open meeting at the club – it has now been raised) as a wood or long iron is reaching the green 20 yards on, so at speed
c) security of players’ clubs – unseen from the green as you putt, if they are left by the 13th tee (we have had club stolen from an unsighted tee)
d) the tee sign on 13th tee needs to be reversed so you read it from the 12th green.

I look forward to your reply.

Many thanks


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AGC Secretary
September 30, 2015 at 17:15

James ,
Thank you for your comments.
I appreciate that it can be frustrating to wait for players slowly walking back to the 13th tee in front of the barn towards oncoming players .However I would remind you that if it is not safe to play one MUST NOT do so under any circumstances wherever one is playing from.
We can add extra safety signage requesting players access the next tee from behind the barn but this is no guarantee that behaviour and the ‘regular route’ will be changed.
The club is not responsible for personal property /clubs whilst on the course but it would seem common sense that clubs should not be left out of view at any time especially when next to a public footpath. I will publicise your concerns in the next edition of the club newsletter ( we have unfortunately missed the October issue) and hopefully members will take some note but the club can not police or enforce such a suggestion.
I will pass your request for the tee sign reversal on the 13th to the Course Manager for actioning.

Thank you,
David Maskery