Test of Member Comment Form Revisions by Ron

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Subject: Test of Member Comment Form Revisions by Ron Message: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Suspendisse faucibus justo dui, id facilisis nulla porta at. Donec porttitor mi felis, eget scelerisque eros suscipit eget. Curabitur fermentum mauris vitae … Continued


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Subject:markers Message:I love the course at Alresford ,I think it would be even better if it had 100 yard marker discs, most courses have them, best regards Gerry Collard


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Subject:Insurance Message:As part of our membership fee we pay for Insurance.How do the members know the details of the Insurance Cover provided?Providing a summary with our renewal pack and/or on the website then enables us to decide if we need … Continued

Practise Area

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Subject:Practise Area Message:As we now have several ‘swales’ around the course, can one of the underused bunkers on the practise area be changed to a swale.

Drinking water facility in Clubhouse

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Subject:Drinking water facility in Clubhouse Message:Could MANCOM please consider installing a drinking water facility in the clubhouse. On a number of recent occasions I have found it very difficult to get a drink of water. The bar staff can supply … Continued

Weekend Comps

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Subject:Weekend Comps Message:Just a thought but is there anyway we can have either more medals / stapleford comps on the weekends. Just feel it could help with a bit more money back in the pro shop. I feel it can … Continued

Speeding up play

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Subject:Speeding up play Message:If we had occasional colour markers on selected trees around the course, could it help speed up play by reducing ball search time? Similarly, colours attached to sticks in areas of rough may reduce ball finding time??

Receipt of “In Memory” Gifts

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Subject:Receipt of “In Memory” Gifts Message:I think this is for MANCOM. I understand that as a general rule we don’t like to accept gifts that require a brass plaque/carving to name somebody. I quite agree with that personally. However should … Continued


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Subject:Recycling Message:I think the club should do more recycling. Especially paper generated from all the results sheets and postings.