In this month’s Fore Info there is a report about a major incident regarding flooding from the drains recently which the Chairman said was unconnected with the Clubhouse refurbishment. He did not state what had caused it or whether it was foul water or surface water drainage which overflowed.
As a result of this report, I took it upon myself to survey the drainage grilles in the car park today. I was appalled to discover that most are completely blocked to such an extent that grass has started to grow in them. It is obvious that no maintenance has been taking place for many months, if not years, Thus, surface water has nowhere to go except on the surface towards the Clubhouse.
Will you please let me know what arrangements, if any, exist for these grilles, and the sub-surface gullies and pipe work to be cleaned? What frequency should this be taking place and what was the date it was last done?
A major investment in the car park was undertaken only a few years ago but regular maintenance has not been taking place even though it is surely a responsibility of the Management Committee to ensure that it is done.

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August 25, 2022 at 08:51

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