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  • Fore Info March 2019

    Management Corner

    By the time you read this we will have concluded the first-phase consultation of members regarding clubhouse development, capturing your thoughts and ideas.

    The level of response to the survey has been well above our expectations, with an extremely encouraging overall percentage of members giving us their favoured considerations for the future.

    Analysis and conclusions from the survey will be made available to the Management Committee, who meet in March, and these will then be communicated to members, along with the overall ‘direction of travel’ we feel the survey mandates us to pursue.

    Suffice to say as our plans develop, you will continue to be consulted for your comments, views and support.

    On other matters our contract with HPLS (Hampshire Police Leisure and Sport) has been renewed for a further year, giving locally serving and retired police staff planned access to our course, in return for a significant level of incremental ‘corporate’ income for the club.

    Marketing and promoting the excellence of our club to the local community is a core responsibility of the Planning and Development Committee, but does not take the form of a series of single activities, rather a continuing and on-going process.  In this regard we are always looking for new ideas and initiatives, if this helps to secure the club’s legacy going forward.  So if you have a burning idea or suggestion, or you feel there is something we are not doing, then please don’t keep it to yourself; contact any of us on the PD committee, and we will surely give it every consideration.  Many thanks

    Nick Duncan

    Chair, Planning and Development Committee

    From the Club Captain

    The good old days are yet to come – I often speak to some of our longer serving, and more experienced, members about how our fine golf club has developed. They speak of fond memories, about the days of the railway carriage as our Clubhouse. The History of Alresford Golf Club book (a good read and even better value at £10 available from the Secretary’s office) has interesting articles about those days. The railway carriage, whilst charming and quaint, was not large enough for the growing membership (it almost doubled) during the 1960’s and the Alresford by-pass was planned, although it didn’t arrive for another 20 years! it became obvious that a new clubhouse was required. If it were not for the foresight of the members who built our current clubhouse at that time we would not be in the position we are today. Many of those members knew that they were investing in their club for the benefit of future members, and this is true today as it was then. The chance to refurbish and develop our clubhouse is a once in a generation opportunity let’s seize it, embrace the change and move forward together – One Club

    The first Mens match of 2019 took place on Sunday 17th Feb against the full County Team congratulations to Grant Thorne and our Junior Captain – James Parry in winning their match and to Tony Stanton and Dave Seager who has no skin left as, according to Tony, Dave played out of it to win their match! The final score was 8-2 to the County. The match against the County Juniors took place on Sunday 3rd March in wet and windy conditions, the County winning 4 1/2 – 1/2.

    The ball in the new feature last month – WHO’S BALL IS THIS hasn’t been claimed so here’s another for you to identify, as before, you may claim your ball from the Secretary’s office, if you wish to donate a few pennies to the Captain’s Charity bottle on the bar that would be appreciated but entirely voluntary. If you recognise the ball as belonging to one of your playing partners please email me and I may embarrass them!.


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